Top Ten Vloggers You Should Watch on YouTube

The following is a top ten countdown of vloggers with the highest views and subscription on YouTube across the world. These vloggers have specialized in different areas and have proven to the best in whatever they do. This list will give a challenge to upcoming vloggers on the standards set for them as well as some of the most covered topics on YouTube.

PewDiePie- King of YouTube

The world only knows him as PewDiePie, and very little is known of him. The Swedish vlogger has many followers despite his secret personality which has made many people a little intense. Even with a secretive life, he still attracts much attention on YouTube more than any other person in the world. The 28year old from Gothenburg, Sweden has his current residence in Brighton (East Sussex) in the United Kingdom and has been active since 2010. Initially, he was known for video game streams, but that has since changed and how he rants about a variety of online things. He has the highest number of subscribers estimated to be more than 64million. Much of his videos go for less than 10-20minutes and have been known to trend for 3-5 months. His YouTube channel now offers more top ten counts on different topics than any other, and this is what makes him the undisputed king of YouTube.

Jenna Marblesv– The Surprise Success

Her YouTube success came as a surprise to many as she only used to upload weekly videos covering mundane topics. The American star currently 31years old was born in Rochester, New York but resides in Los Angeles, California. She is not specialized in any specific topic, and her YouTube channel covers a variety of topics ranging from her personal life like shaving her boyfriend to pet plays. She has been active since 2006 and had over 17.5million subscribers and over 18million views in almost all everything she uploads. Her highest view was over 2billion views back in 2017.  She is funny, and everything around her is an inspiration. Her videos go for around three minutes, and many go viral for up to six months.

Michelle Phan – Beauty Vlogger

Michelle Phan, an American beauty queen who was active from 2006 to 2017 and ever since she has not posted any new videos on her YouTube. Her last video was uploaded 2017 after 10years as a leading vlogger. She continues to dominate the industry because of the influence she had on the beauty category. The 31year old was born in Boston, Massachusetts and had over 385 uploads before her exit. She enjoys over 10million subscribers and an average of 681million views. Last year she posted a video thanking all her viewers for their support and also stated that she had opted to quit. She, however, did not give her reasons for departure but promised to be back when she has new ideas to share.

Roman Atwood – The Family Channel

Roman Atwood became famous back in 2010 after he started publishing pranks on YouTube. The 35year old American was born in Millersport, Ohio and he has been active since 2013. He specializes in family-friendly videos that are suitable for all his viewers. His YouTube channel has over 13.2 million subscribers with an average of 8million views. His videos are genuinely fun and likable, and this is what makes him join this top ten list. Much of his talks is about family issues and heavily engages his wife and children. He is married to Brittney and a father of three.

Casey Neistat- The Professional Vlog

Casey Neistat in an American star who lives in New York City and is among the most famous and likable vlogger in the United States. He enjoys overwhelming support from his followers, and he is also an entrepreneur. His YouTube channel which has been active since 2000 to date has over 9.8million subscribers and an average of 4.5million views. The 37year old was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut and mostly publishes videos touching on his adventurous life. He is among the few vloggers in the world who use drones, and his viewers enjoy quality videos. Casey has been in the production industry for the 10years and had a production studio in New York City.

Tyler Oakley – Speaks Out His Mind

Tyler Oakley is an American vlogger who is more interest in politics and a non-subscriber of conspiracy theory. He started publishing videos making fun of himself when he was in college and ever since he has been posting original videos which are loved by many of his viewers. He has his current residence in Los Angeles, California but the 29year old was born in Jackson, Michigan and has been active since 2007-present.  He is the only vlogger in this top ten list who is not afraid of speaking his mind on everything including sensitive topics touching on politicians. He is also a prolific proponent of LGBT rights. He has over 7.8million subscribers and is criticized by many because of his stand for defending gay rights.

Daniel Howell – Self-Depreciating Videos

This British You Tuber has been uploading videos from 2009 to date. Daniel Howell has done many collaborations and interviewed many celebrities than any other vlogger in this top ten list. Many of his videos are funny and self-depreciating. Daniel had his current residence in London, United Kingdom but was born in Wokingham, Berkshire in England. He is also a BBC radio presenter, and this is the reason he enjoys interviewing celebrities. Many of the videos show his silliness and awkwardness in approaching real-life situations. His YouTube channel has over 7million subscribers.

JacksGap – The Love of Adventure

His love for adventure inspired his videos. JacksGap which attracted more than 4million subscribers was meant to be a storytelling project. The British international was born in Chiswick, London in England and was active since 2011-2015. He started this YouTube channel to share his gap year, but later he realized it had become more popular than he expected. He and his friends love adventure, and many of his followers are concerned with his charity work. He also featured videos on thoughtful topics like climate change, health risks and poverty eradication in developing countries. His main aim was to inspire people.

Tanya Burr – The Fashion Queen

This British lifestyle vlogger started her online journey back in 2009 to date. Tanya Burr deals with a variety of videos ranging from beauty, fashion, books, and fashion. Currently, she is the most active fashion queens on YouTube after the exit of Michelle Phan back in 2017. She has over 3.7million subscribers and an average of 2.6millions views. The 29year old was born in Norwich, Norfolk in England and has her current residence in London, England. Her YouTube channel is now her only source of income since it has turned into a successful business. She mostly talks about what likes to eat, wear, or travel experience.

VlogBrothers – The Power of Awesome

VlogBrothers is a YouTube channel which has been active since 2007 to present and is owned by two American brothers John Green and Hank Green. The two brothers like entertaining and educating people and this are what the channel is about. The curious brothers had gone beyond limits to cover topics on death and other sensitive issues in the society. The channel has over 3million subscribers and over 748million views. Their videos cover topics on a day to day issues and natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis.