These Fashion Trends Are Making a Comeback, Whether We Want Them to or Not

Is it just me or does walking in a mall these days make you feel like you’ve time-warped back to 1996? I swear, all the fashion trends these days are the same exact clothes we wore back in the 90s. Which makes me think that all the designers today were in their heyday in the 90s and all they want is to make nostalgic clothes right now.

The question is: do we want all these trends to come back and stare us in the face? While some are gladly embraced, like crop tops, some items, like neon heels, might better be left in that half broken box of “dress-up” clothes in the attic that your daughter can play around with and say “I look like mommy did when she was pretty.”

Anyways, here are both the welcomed and unwelcomed trends that are pretty much everywhere today, worn by models and normal folk alike. It really goes to show how cyclical fashion is – trends just bounce right back after a period of time.

Crop Tops

Source: The Mirror

There was a point when all the shirts were made long. Remember that? Now, all you see are short shirts. And you know what? They’re actually more flattering, skinny or full-figured. They make your bottom half look longer as opposed to shorter. Crop tops go perfectly with high waisted jeans. And here’s something I learned from “What Not to Wear” (remember that awesome show?): always highlight the smallest part of your body (whether it’s your waist just under your ribs, or your ankles). So there you go ladies, a crop top can do just that.

Denim Overalls

Source: DHgate

Yes, denim overalls are back, and the question remains whether they’re welcomed or unwelcomed. I’m on the fence. One the one hand, they’re kind of cool and can be worn with a cute t-shirt underneath. But on the other hand, you will always look like you’re about to go paint a house.

Next up – a welcomed blast from the past for your hair…

Mom Jeans

Source: The Lobby Observer

Can we all take a moment and remember SNL’s infamous fake commercial for Mom Jeans? They displayed the hilarious style of what only moms used to wear in those days. And guess what? They’re back! And stores even put labels on them called “mom jeans.” But this time, they’re not so much worn by moms, but young skinny girls who don’t necessarily need to cover up any tummy areas. I will never understand the lure of the mom jean – they’re simply unflattering. But hey, I’m not the fashion police.

The next fashion trend is back in style yet worn a bit differently…

Fanny Packs

Source: Valet Mag

Fanny packs were quite the fashion statement back in the 80s and 90s. But here’s the thing: they were worn around your tummy and sat on your fanny – hence the term fanny pack! Today, they’re worn by both men and women sort of like purses but still meant to be on one side to give both your arms freedom. Which is really the whole point of the thing anyways. Although they’re back in style now, I give props to anyone who wears them the original way – around their waste.

Bomber Jackets

Source: HuffPost

Ok so let’s be happy about another recurring trend – the bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are, well, the bomb. As simple or outrageous the pattern, they’re pretty much flattering on everyone. And I must say that Karamo from “Queer Eye” pulls of the bomber jacket like no one else.

Let’s take a look at a trend that might be better left in the past…

Denim Skirts

Source: Ana Style Blog

Denim skirts are back, ladies and gentlemen. And they just don’t make that much sense. They’re stiff (as denim is meant to be) and they have no flexibility to them. So you end up walking around as though your thighs are stuck together with an elastic band around them. But the people want what the people want.

Platform Sneakers

Source: shopakira

These are shoes that are back now, literally from the shelves of a shoe store in the 90s. And the fact of the matter is I had these platform sneakers when I was 12. I would have been so much cooler if it was now, though. Back then, they were just sneakers with an extra lift. Now, they’re the cool shoes to wear with anything from workout pants to jeans.

Next – a fashion trend that shouldn’t even be involved with the word fashion!

Neon Anything


Can we all agree on one thing? Neon should be used for convenience stores that are open 24-7 and massage parlors only. Back in the 90s, neon was part of our wardrobe too, from bicycle shorts to hats, to fanny packs. And now you can find neon everything, on days other than Halloween!


Source: eBay

Ladies, remember that necklace you used to wear that would literally choke you, but you thought it made you look cool? It’s funny because after they went out of fashion, the trend wet towards the complete opposite – long and dangly. And then as fashion is cyclical, they bounced right back to short and tight. Are you a fan of chokers?

Do you have two-toned jeans? They’re in style now! See the next photo…

Two-Toned Jeans

Source: onthecover

Sure, you could just buy a pair of boring jeans, all one color with the occasional fade here and there. Or, you can be part of the “in crowd” today and buy a pair of two-toned jeans that portray to everyone that you live to the beat of your own drum. You take the road less traveled. If you can’t tell, I’m being sarcastic. But who am I? Apparently, two-toned jeans are the thing right now. But my guess is they won’t last.

Combat Boots


Doc Martins were the brand everyone used to wear back then. They were pretty much the only acceptable brand of combat-style boots that gave you the nod from other combat boots wearers. And it was a trend that let people who aren’t in combat look tough. And who doesn’t want to look tough? Anyways, they’re back again. Go get a pair.

Next – another pair of shoes that made a comeback that many of us didn’t see coming!


Source: Twitter

Speaking of shoes, clogs are back everybody! And these are not just for girls named Heidi who have long blonde braided hair and live in the mountain tops. Clogs can always be worn by women named Carol who just want to slip on a pair of shoes and head to the supermarket. Go for it, Carol! You look great.

Corduroy Jackets

Source: Sandro

Corduroy was actually quite the popular style in the 60s and 70s. They kind of disappeared for a few decades only to come back full throttle now in the late ‘10s. Corduroy is a sturdy and durable fabric, so I think one jacket should be enough for your wardrobe. I just wouldn’t advise on both corduroy pants and jacket in the same outfit. But that’s just me…

Let’s talk sunglasses – do you go big or small?

Tiny Sunglasses

Source: hellomagazine

Tiny sunglasses are no longer only for Elton John and photos of John Lennon! Like all trends, they were huge at one point, disappeared, and came right back. While huge bug-eye sunglasses were a thing up until recently, now tiny sunglasses are more flattering the face.

Square-Toed Sandals

Source: Pinterest

Shoes always go through shifts. Sometimes it’s all about the round-toe, and then there was the pointy-toe. But now, the glamorous look is the square-toe. But while it’s a trend now, be mindful that it will inevitably change.

The grunge look is back my friends…

Jean Jackets with Patches

Source: Pinterest

Who knew this look would ever come back to be a cool thing?! The jean jacket with the patches was a real grunge look from the mid-90s that most people would never imagine would ever be considered in fashion by the non-grunge Nirvana lovers. But apparently, they’re around now. And I must say that I’ll be looking at them in wonder as opposed to wearing them with pleasure.

Slip Dresses


There’s nothing prettier than a sweet slip dress on a hot summer day. Although many of them look as though they’re actually a piece of lingerie that’s actually meant to be worn under a real dress, these are what they’re supposed to look like. Go for the cute polka dot dress, and you got yourself a fashion statement.

The next style is one that probably won’t go away again…

Adidas Slides

Source: The Hilliard

These slip-on sandals are here, and it looks like they’re going to stay. They used to be more of a cool guy look that was worn with shorts and a t-shirt. But now, anyone can wear them with pretty much anything. And keep in mind that Adidas was the trendsetter, but pretty much all brands make some form of them nowadays.

Bucket Hats

Source: Contrado UK

Sorry guys, but this is a hat that should only be worn among toddlers and young children. They only really look good on small kids and maybe Brad Pitt. Because everything looks good on Brad Pitt. So unless you’re Brad or a small child, leave this one on the store shelf.

While they’re calmer than they were originally, the next fashion trend is a throwback to the 80s…



Track is back, baby. In the 80s and 90s, they were a tad more “out there” with all the neon and the bright pink and green colors. But that’s just what the 80s did to everything. Nowadays, tracksuits are a little less crazy and a lot trendier.

Velvet Everything

Source: SHEfinds

Not only are velvet scrunchies back in style, but velvet clothes. Shirts and tights now come in the previously loved warm and fuzzy material that is velvet. It reminds us that velvet can be worn in all colors and isn’t restricted to burgundy theatre curtains only.

Please take away all of the next items of clothing so I never have to see them again!

Shoulder Pads

Source: Trending Lightly

Can someone please explain the appeal of shoulder pads? Women in the 80s were all about the high up and masculine broad shoulder look of what shoulder pads would provide. But thankfully, they went away and should have stayed away. Why – why are they back?

Mini Backpacks

Source: Price Archive

Mini backpacks were popular among teenage girls back in the 90s and then seemed strange when they came back again. But I’m telling you – once you go mini backpack, you don’t go back! They’re not only comfortable to wear, and your arms are free to use, but they’re also better for your back and keep you balanced. Try it out! You won’t regret it.

Next – sunglasses with a real reflection…

Mirrored Sunglasses

Source: Zenni Optical

Mirrored sunglasses have come back all the way from those 80s TV shows you used to watch. They’re also just as colorful as they used to be too. So if you’re looking for a way to not let anyone see your eyes or where you’re looking, this is your best shot.

Cargo Pants

Source: Glam Radar

Yes, cargo pants are back. They used to be huge and then were thrown away by every single person who wore them. And if you’re like me, you wish you kept that pair of camo patterned cargo pants just to show people now that you had the exact same pair when you were 14 years old. In the army or not, cargo pants are trendy.

Does anyone remember JNCO jeans?

Wide-Legged Jeans

Source: Who What Wear

Who here remembers JNCO jeans? Anyone? They were at one point the best pair of jeans a teenager could wear. And then looking back on them, they looked absolutely ridiculous. And what do you know? They’re back, but not as wide as JNCO jeans were. Still, wide jeans just aren’t flattering on anybody. Think twice before you buy…

Animal Print

Source: Radisson RED

Animal print is tricky as it totally depends on who’s wearing it and what piece of clothing it is. A black dress and leopard print heels – yes. A snake print suit – no. So this one’s on you. Do you dare to wear animal print? Whether or not people stare at you will be your judgment.

Who doesn’t have some plaid in their closet? See the next recurring fashion trend…

Flannel Shirts

Source: Pinterest

Flannel and plaid patterns, in general, is something that is just always cozy no matter what you wear it with and what occasion you’re in. And it’s also great for all seasons. And whoever said that plaid and flannel was for lumberjacks only?

Baggy Clothes

Source: Crop Tops & Kale

Baggy clothes are just too comfy to give up! Once, tight was the only way to go. But screw that! Baggy clothes are sometimes all you want to wear on the weekend. And mixing and matching is more fun this way. Tight jeans and a baggy t-shirt? Yes, please!

Next – let’s take a look at some trends that need to go away again, not to come back again!

The Sneaker Wedge

Source: Jaguda

The platform sneaker is one thing, and it works, but the sneaker wedge is something else altogether. And it has to go. Something about sneakers that look like moon boots and heels just don’t go together. It’s a combination that just doesn’t sit right. If sneaker wedges were to vanish and never be seen again, I wouldn’t miss them.

Excessively Distressed Jeans

Source: Missy Empire

There’s a difference between jeans with a rip on one knee and jeans where more of your leg is exposed than not. Excessively ripped jeans are just not fashionable as they make you look homeless. The key is not to look as though you live on the streets. Everything in moderation, folks. And excessively distressed jeans are simply out of proportion.

Mullets aren’t just hairstyles…

Mullet Skirts

Source: arissa x

Business in the front – party in the back. Or is it the other way around? Either way, mullet skirts were a thing, and then they weren’t, and now they shouldn’t be a thing anymore. They’re also way too much out of proportion. Keep it simple ladies and choose a length!

Bike Shorts

Source: Edit Seven

Bike shorts have made a comeback, unfortunately. Those black thigh length tight shorts with the bright neon stripe on the sides? Yeah, those are coming back. Why? Who knows? What do we do about it? We ban together and decide to not buy them. A boycott of sorts. Yay or nay?

Back to hair – the next trend is back whether you like it or not…

Claw Clips

Source: Well+Good

Whether you use these claw clips to section your hair when styling it or to hold your hair up in the shower when you’re on a non-shampoo day or to leave the house with them in your hair, claw clips are back ladies. Back in the ’90s, these babies were the ultimate hair accessory. Are you a fan?

Chain Belts

Source: Popsugar

Here’s another example of what used to be a small niche is now a major style. Chain belts were the total grunge-era accessory, usually worn with a flannel shirt and ripped jeans. But now models like Bella Hadid are bringing the nostalgic item make a comeback.

Fishnet Stockings

Source: Rossella Migliaccio

Fishnet tights were also something from the 90s grunge era. Women in the 90s loved to wear them with their plaid high skirts. Today, you can see them under ripped jeans or with skirts and even paired with fancy high heels. I’m not a fan, but then again, I don’t make the fashion decisions.

Plaid Suits

Source: Teen Vogue

Looks like the 90s movie “Clueless” had more of an impact on the world than we originally thought. It’s a bit of a daring look for sure. But if you want to pull it off, don’t be afraid to look like a preppy school girl. Preppy is in, apparently.

Spaghetti Straps

Source: NA-KD

Spaghetti-strap tops and dresses were once quite elegant and even seen on the red carpet. Then they went out of style for a while only to come back again, of course. But spaghetti straps are just a staple of clothing that every woman has in her wardrobe.

Graphic Tees

Source: Depop

All those brand name t-shirts that you used to wear and then either gave away or ended up using as pajamas are now quite in style. So don’t wear that 90s vintage Nike t-shirt to bed anymore. Put it on with some jeans, and you have yourself a stylish outfit!