Then and Now: The Cast of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The ’90s gave us many classic TV shows, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was one of the very best. This classic Western drama followed the story of Dr. Michaela Quinn, a physician who decides to leave Boston behind and take on a new adventure in the Old West setting of Colorado.

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The show ran on the CBS network for six seasons and 150 episodes overall. There were also two Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman TV movies. The show proved to be a huge success, both in the United States and around the world. But what are all the cast members up to these days? Let’s find out, and let’s also look at some fun facts about the show and its casting process.

Jane Seymour as Dr. Quinn

The lead role of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was given to Jane Seymour, who was already quite a well-established actress at the time. Born in the United Kingdom, Seymour’s real name is Joyce Frankenberg, but she opted to use Jane Seymour as her stage name, taking the name from one of King Henry VIII’s wives.

A portrait of Jane Seymour as Michaela Quinn.
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Prior to Dr. Quinn, Seymour appeared in a wide variety of roles. She had a leading role on the TV show The Onedin Line in the early ’70s and also became a Bond girl in Live and Let Die. Other major projects included Captains and the Kings, East of Eden, and The Richest Man in the World.

Jane Seymour Now

Jane Seymour was actually close to bankruptcy in the ’90s, so she was very grateful to be given the role of Dr. Quinn. The show’s success turned her fortunes around. It revitalized her career and led to her getting her own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and becoming an Officer of the Order of the British Empire in her UK homeland.

Jane poses for a portrait during an interview.
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In the years since the show ended, Seymour has worked on many projects for both the big and small screens. She appeared on TV shows such as Smallville, Justice, and How I Met Your Mother, as well as films such as Wedding Crashers. She’s also been enjoying life and aging gracefully. In 2018, she became the oldest woman to be photographed for Playboy magazine.

Joe Lando as Byron Sully

Joe Lando played the part of Byron Sully on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Born in 1961 in Prairie View, Illinois, Lando first tasted fame as a contestant on the TV talent show Star Search. He made his film debut a year later in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

A promotional portrait of Joe Lando as Byron Sully.
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Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was Lando’s first major role, and it was one he took very seriously. In fact, Lando was almost as tough and rugged as the mountain man he played. He refused to have a stunt double for most of his scenes and did many of the dangerous stuff solo. He even ate live worms on the set.

Joe Lando Now

Joe Lando was actually the first actor to be cast on Dr. Quinn, and it proved to be a huge turning point in his career. After the show ended, he had a lead role in the drama Higher Ground and appeared in various guest roles and made-for-TV movies over the years.

A picture of Jane Seymour and Joe Lando.
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Lando still acts and is known to have kept a close friendship with his co-star Jane Seymour. They even appeared together in the 2020 movie Friendsgiving. He’s also very open to a Dr. Quinn reboot or reunion, saying he would agree to take part “in a heartbeat.”

Chad Allen as Matthew Cooper

The part of Matthew Cooper in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman went to Chad Allen. Born in 1974 in California, Chad started acting as a child. He was just seven years old when he got his first role in Simon & Simon, later attracting a lot of positive attention for his recurring role as Tommy in St. Elsewhere.

A portrait of Chad Allen in the character of Matthew Cooper.
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Chad had many other roles as a child and teen, leading up to being cast in Dr. Quinn. Even though he was still quite young when the show was filmed, he had a lot of experience to fall back on. That helped him become a fan favorite on the show.

Chad Allen Now

So what’s Chad Allen up to these days? Well, if you feel like you haven’t seen Chad in any movies or shows for a while, it’s because he stopped acting in them. He made a few appearances after Dr. Quinn but decided to retire from acting and retrain as a clinical psychologist.

A photo of Chad Allen attending an event.
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Allen has also become an influential figure for the LGBTQ+ community. He was outed as gay in the ’90s after The Globe published photos of him kissing another man. Chad responded bravely and has appeared on various shows and been interviewed by magazines such as The Advocate to share his views on sexuality and same-sex marriage.

Erika Flores as Colleen Cooper

Erika Flores had the role of Colleen Cooper in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman for the first three seasons of the show. Born in 1978 in Grass Valley, California, Erika got into acting quite early in life, just like her co-star Chad Allen. She landed her first TV movie role at the age of 12.

A portrait of Erika Flores as Colleen Cooper.
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After that, Erika continued to act, playing young girls and teens in the likes of Dear John, Switched at Birth, The Owl, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. All that experience helped get her a prominent role on Dr. Quinn.

Erika Flores Now

Erika decided to leave Dr. Quinn after the second season. There were quite a few rumors at the time about why she did that. Some said she wasn’t being paid enough or suggested that her family didn’t want her to continue her acting career, but none of these reasons were officially proven.

Erika and Jane take a picture together.
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After Dr. Quinn, Erika went back to appearing in a lot of made-for-TV movies such as Buried Secrets, and Lost in Oz, as well as having guest roles in shows such as CSI: Miami and The Love Boat: The Next Wave. Her last known acting appearance was a guest role in House in 2009, and it is believed that she has since retired from acting.

Jessica Bowman as Colleen Cooper

Jessica Bowman was the next young actress to step into the role of Colleen Cooper, replacing Erika Flores for the third season and remaining in the role until the show came to an end. She appeared in a total of 65 episodes, quite a few more than Flores.

A promotional portrait of Jessica Bowman as Colleen Cooper.
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Bowman was born in 1980 in California. She started acting when she was quite young, first appearing in commercials and local community theater projects before getting on-screen roles in the likes of The Road Home and Boy Meets World.

Jessica Bowman Now

So where’s Jessica nowadays? Well, after Dr. Quinn came to an end, her career also seemed to slowly fade away. She did make some appearances in the TV movies Lethal Vows, Breakfast with Einstein, Someone to Love Me, and Young Hearts Unlimited.

A movie still of Jessica Bowman.
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She also had a couple of small film roles in Joy Ride, Derailed, and 50 First Dates, appearing alongside some pretty big names such as Paul Walker, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Adam Sandler. However, Jessica doesn’t seem to have any acting credits since 2014 and appears to be living a life out of the spotlight.

Shawn Toovey as Brian Cooper

The role of Brian Cooper in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was given to the young actor Shawn Toovey. Born in Nebraska in 1983, Toovey was still just a pre-teen when Dr. Quinn first hit the airwaves. He didn’t have too much acting experience, but he had already appeared in a few productions before being cast on the show.

A photo of Shawn Toovey behind the scenes.
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His first role came in the 1991 made-for-TV thriller In Broad Daylight. He later appeared in A Seduction in Travis County, Bed of Lies, An American Story, and The Fire Next Time, which helped him develop the acting skills that were on display throughout his time on Dr. Quinn.

Shawn Toovey Now

Shawn appeared in almost every episode of Dr. Quinn throughout its run from 1993 to 1998, and he came back for the two sequel movies, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Movie and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within.

A photo of Shawn Toovey today.
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However, apart from those roles, Shawn hasn’t done much acting since the show came to a close. A lot of child actors end up retiring early and pursuing other professions later in life, and it seems like that was also the case for Shawn Toovey.

Orson Bean as Loren Bray

Orson Bean played the part of the general store owner, Loren Bray, on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He was one of the older members of the cast and also one of the most experienced, having already appeared in a wide array of shows and movies.

A portrait of Orson Bean in the character of Loren Bray.
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Born in 1928, Bean was actually a cousin of then-president of the United States, Calvin Coolidge. He served in the U.S. Army and later worked as a magician and comedian while also breaking into films and TV roles.

Orson Bean Now

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman was just one of many major shows in Orson Bean’s long and extensive filmography. After the show ended, he continued to get many more roles both in films and on TV. He was spotted in the likes of Ally McBeal, Cold Case, Two and a Half Men, How I Met Your Mother, and Modern Family, and also had a recurring role in Desperate Housewives.

A still of Orson Bean in a still from Desperate Housewives.
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Tragically, Bean is no longer with us. On February 7, 2020, while crossing the street in the Venice district of Los Angeles, Bean was struck by two vehicles and died. Some of his last roles were in the movie The Equalizer 2 and TV shows Superstore and Grace and Frankie.

Frank Collison as Horace Bing

Frank Collison famously brought a lot of laughs to the world of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in his role as Horace Bing, the clueless telegrapher. It was perhaps his most famous role, but he had appeared in other shows before that.

A portrait of Frank Collison as Horace Bing.
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Born in Illinois in 1950, Collison trained at the prestigious American Conservatory Theatre in San Francisco. He worked a lot in theater as a young man, progressing into movies and TV shows such as Monk, Star Trek: The Next Generation, The Blob, and Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

Frank Collison Now

What’s Frank Collison up to nowadays? Well, it’s fair to say that the part of Horace Bing will definitely remain the stand-out moment on his resume. However, he has continued to act and has had small roles in a wide range of TV shows and movies, from NYPD Blue and American Horror Story to The Village and Hitchcock.

Frank Collison attends an event.
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Frank has also gone back to his roots, doing a lot of stage acting. He helped found a theater company in California and, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he famously organized and appeared in a number of plays that were produced on the Zoom platform.

Jim Knobeloch as Jake Slicker

Jim Knobeloch played the part of Jake Slicker in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, but he nearly missed out on the role. In the show’s pilot, the part of Jake was actually played by actor Colm Meaney, but Meaney had to be replaced because he had another part in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

A still of Knobeloch in a scene from the series.
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This was a blessing for Knobeloch, with the American-Australian actor ending up with one of the most important supporting roles in the show. Born in Illinois in 1950, Knobeloch didn’t have too much acting experience before joining the Dr. Quinn team, but he proved to be a very able member of the cast.

Jim Knobeloch Now

Jim Knobeloch hasn’t done a lot of acting since Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman came to a close, but he does have quite an interesting personal life. He actually married Beth Sullivan, the creator of Dr. Quinn, and the pair had two children together, Tess and Jack.

A photo of Knobeloch.
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Unfortunately, Beth and Jim ended up separating, and Jim moved to Australia. He obtained residency and citizenship in the Land Down Under and appeared in various Aussie shows and films. He’s been seen in the likes of The BBQ, The Saddle Club, and Australia on Trial.

Larry Sellers as Cloud Dancing

Larry Sellers was another important member of the Dr. Quinn cast. He played the part of Cloud Dancing, a Native American character. Interestingly, the character’s name was originally Black Hawk, but it was changed after the pilot.

A promotional portrait of Larry Sellers as Cloud Dancing.
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Born in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, in 1949, Larry was part of the Osage Nation. He joined the U.S. Navy after high school and later got into acting and stunt work. He played various Native American actors and was known for his physical strength and sense of humor.

Larry Sellers Now

Sadly, Larry Sellers is no longer with us. He passed away at the age of 72 in December 2021. The cause of his death was not revealed, but his former co-star, Jane Seymour, mourned his passing and called him the “heart and spirit of Dr. Quinn.”

A dated picture of Larry Sellers at home.
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The part of Cloud Dancing was Sellers’ biggest role, but he did appear in other Native American roles throughout his career. One of his last appearances came in the 2013 short film Four Winds. He also worked as an Osage language instructor.

William Shockley as Hank Lawson

William Shockley played the part of the saloon owner, Hank Lawson, on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. He appeared in 120 of the show’s 150 episodes, making him one of the most important supporting characters. But he hadn’t always planned to be an actor.

A still of William Shockley as Hank Lawson.
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William Shockley actually studied political science at Texas Tech University and planned to pursue a career in that field before making the switch to movies. He had some early roles in action and horror films and TV shows such as RoboCop, Howling V: The Rebirth, and Freddy’s Nightmares before joining Dr. Quinn.

William Shockley Now

What happened to William once Dr. Quinn ended? Well, he went on to continue his prolific film and TV career with lots of roles in films and TV shows. A few highlights of his filmography include Last Will, Reaper, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Nash Bridges.

A picture of William at a film premiere.
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He’s also started doing more voice-overs work recently. He’s been the voice for campaigns and commercials for major brands such as Toyota and Sony. He also hosted his own country music radio show called The Road. In interviews, he speaks fondly of Dr. Quinn, calling the show “a true gift.”

Geoffrey Lower as Reverend Timothy Johnson

Every Old West town needs a local preacher or priest, and it was Geoffrey Lower who filled that role as Reverend Timothy Johnson in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. As with many of his co-stars, this was arguably Lower’s biggest role and the one that most people know him for.

A still of Geoffrey Lower as Reverend Timothy Johnson.
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However, it wasn’t his first on-screen performance. He studied theater as a youth and appeared in various productions. He also made a big-screen debut in the 1991 family fantasy classic Hook. He had a recurring TV role in The Trials of Rosie O’Neill before landing the part of Reverend Johnson on Dr. Quinn.

Geoffrey Lower Now

Geoffrey Lower’s life has taken some very interesting turns since Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman came to a close. Having appeared in more than 110 episodes of the show, Lower went on to make some guest appearances in the likes of NCIS and Disrupted but gradually moved away from the art of acting.

A portrait of Geoffrey today.
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So what’s he doing instead? Well, Geoffrey and his wife actually got into the business of flipping houses. They’ve shared their stories and adventures on Instagram, showing how they buy homes, improve them, and sell them for a profit.

Henry G. Sanders as Robert E.

Henry G. Sanders had one of the most interesting supporting roles on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, playing the part of Robert E., a former slave who got separated from his family. This was quite a bold plot point that the show’s writers introduced since many other shows avoided discussing slavery.

A portrait of Henry as Robert E.
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Sanders handled the role well and was already a seasoned actor, having made a name for himself in Killer of Sheep. He originally didn’t want to be an actor and first moved to Los Angeles to find a publisher for a book he’d written. He couldn’t find one and ended up in the acting world instead.

Henry G. Sanders Now

Henry G. Sanders always wanted to be a successful writer, and Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman helped him move in that direction. He made enough money on the show to live comfortably and was offered many more roles in the following years, including parts in Grey’s Anatomy and American Horror Story.

Henry attends an event.
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After Dr. Quinn ended, he had much more time to focus on his writing. He’s used that time well, writing several plays that have since been produced and writing scripts and screenplays for movies.

Jonelle Allen as Grace

Robert E. was not the only significant African American character in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. The show also gave us Grace, the local cafe owner, played to perfection by New York–born actor Jonelle Allen. The only child of a postal worker and a transit worker, Jonelle was acting at the age of four.

A still of Allen in a scene from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
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She made her Broadway debut when she was just six years old and got many more roles in the years that followed. Clearly, she was destined for a life of show biz, and she was thrilled to be able to be part of telling Black stories on Dr. Quinn when she got the part of Grace.

Jonelle Allen Now

Jonelle played the part of Grace for seven years on Dr. Quinn and was also well-known for her role as Doreen Jackson on Generations. She has since played many other roles in shows such as ER and American Crime Story but has also been doing a lot of work away from the camera for social justice.

Allen attends an event.
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Allen has taken up a teaching role at the young American College for the Performing Arts and works hard to battle racism and prejudice in the entertainment industry. She’s proud of her work on Dr. Quinn and was grateful for the opportunity to show the strength and resilience of Black people in the Old West on the show.

Nick Ramus as Chief Black Kettle

Nick Ramus was another Native American member of the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman cast. He played the recurring role of Chief Black Kettle throughout the show’s first few seasons, appearing in several episodes from 1993 to 1995.

A still of Nick Ramus and Joe Lando in a scene.
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Born in Seattle, Washington, in 1929, Ramus was a Blackfoot. He played many Native American characters throughout his life, with his first appearance in the 1974 movie Black Eye. He had notable roles in Windwalker, Born to the Wind, and Falcon Crest before joining the cast of Dr. Quinn.

Nick Ramus Now

After Dr. Quinn came to an end, Nick Ramus didn’t do much more acting. He did have a guest role in an episode of Walker: Texas Ranger in 1995 and later appeared in a couple of movies in the 2000s, with his final role in Rapturious in 2007.

A still of Nick Ramus in a film.
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Sadly, on May 30, 2007, Ramus passed away. He died in Benson, Arizona, at the age of 77. He was said to have lived a happy life and contributed greatly to the world of film and TV with his performances, regularly being relied on as a solid and dependable performer.

Barbara Babcock as Dorothy Jennings

Barbara Babcock was born in 1937 in Kansas, although she spent a lot of her childhood in Japan since her father was in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Tokyo. There, she learned to speak Japanese before learning English and went on to study in Italy and Switzerland.

A promotional still of Jane Seymour and Barbara Babcock.
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Babcock’s film and TV career began in the 1950s. She got started with episodes of Star Trek and later appeared in Heaven with a Gun, Bang the Drum Slowly, Chosen Survivors, and The Black Marble. She also had a recurring role in Dallas from the late ’70s through the early ’80s.

Barbara Babcock Now

Babcock became very popular through her work on Dr. Quinn and even got an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress during her time on the show. She was also voted one of the world’s most beautiful people and went on to have roles in Chicago Hope, Frasier, and Pasadena.

A dated portrait of Barbara.
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Unfortunately, Babcock’s life took a turn for the worse in 2004. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, which effectively spelled the end of her acting career. She was also told that she only had 8–10 years to live, but as of 2022, she is still alive and making the most of the time she has in Carmel, California.

Georgann Johnson as Elizabeth Quinn

Georgann Johnson was one of the recurring guest stars in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. She played the role of Elizabeth Quinn, Michaela Quinn’s mother. Interestingly, this part was originally played by Jane Wyman, but Wyman retired soon after the show began, and Johnson was brought in to replace her.

A still of Georgann Johnson in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.
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Born in 1926 in Iowa, Georgann Johnson became an actress in the early 1950s. In 1953, she was cast alongside her future husband, Stanley Prager, in a Broadway revival of Room Service. She also had roles in films such as Midnight Cowboy, Health, and The Day After, as well as TV shows such as Archie Bunker’s Place.

Georgann Johnson Now

Georgann’s role in Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman came toward the latter part of her career. She’d already had many years in the spotlight and had appeared in a lot of shows and films, so she was acting less frequently as the ’90s went on.

A still of Georgann in an episode from Dr. Quinn.
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After Dr. Quinn, she continued to have some roles in the late ’90s and into the new millennium, including The Deep End and Seven Girlfriends. However, she mostly stopped acting in her later days and then passed away in 2018 at the age of 91. She was survived by four children and several grandchildren.

Alley Mills as Marjorie Quinn

In season two of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, fans got their first glimpse of Michaela Quinn’s sister, Marjorie Quinn, who was played by Alley Mills. She is also known for her roles on shows such as The Associates and The Wonder Years where she starred as Norma.

A still of Alley Mills.
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A fun fact about Dr. Quinn and Alley Mills is that Alley appeared in a different role in the show’s first season. She had a simple background role as one of the girls in the saloon. The production team apparently liked her acting and decided to hold onto her. They called her back to take on a bigger role from the second season onward.

Alley Mills Now

Alley Mills appeared in 11 episodes of Dr. Quinn over the course of the show’s 150-episode run. Unlike some of her less successful co-stars, Alley had many other main roles and recurring guest roles on a lot of other shows both before and after her time on Dr. Quinn.

Alley Mills attends an event.
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Once Dr. Quinn ended, Alley got a recurring role on Popular, as well as another recurring role as Jenny in Yes, Dear. She has been appearing regularly throughout the years as Pam Douglas in The Bold and the Beautiful. Interestingly, she was married to another member of the Dr. Quinn cast, Orson Bean, until he passed away in 2020.

Elinor Donahue as Rebecca Quinn Dickinson

Another member of the Dr. Quinn clan was Elinor Donahue who played Rebecca Quinn Dickinson in various episodes from the second season through the show’s final season. She was one of Michaela’s sisters and generally regarded as the sweetest and most supportive of the bunch.

A still of Elinor as Rebecca Quinn Dickinson.
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Elinor Donahue was born in 1937 and started acting at a young age. As a teenager, she had a small role in Love Is Better Than Ever alongside Elizabeth Taylor. She continued to act, finding fame in Father Knows Best as Betty and in recurring roles in The Andy Griffith Show and Many Happy Returns.

Elinor Donahue Now

Elinor Donahue has had a very long and impressive film and TV career, but Dr. Quinn was one of the last big roles she took on. After the show ended, she had a few minor roles here and there and then came back for Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Heart Within.

Elinor speaks on stage.
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Elinor also got a recurring guest role in The Young and the Restless and appeared in The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement with Anne Hathaway. She has been married to her third husband, Lou, since 1992 and has four children.

Ben Murphy as Ethan Cooper

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman had plenty of cold, villainous characters over the course of its six-season run, and Ethan Cooper was most certainly one of them. Played by Ben Murphy, Cooper was famed for abandoning his family and only caring about money.

A still of Ben in a scene from Dr. Qinn, Medicine Woman.
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The esteemed actor Ben Murphy ably brought the character of Ethan Cooper to life. Murphy had appeared in countless shows and films from the 1960s onward, including The Graduate, Alias Smith and Jones, Griff, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, Trapper John, M.D., and Lottery.

Ben Murphy Now

After Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman came to an end, Murphy got another recurring role on JAG as the character Lt. Col. John Farrow. He also continued to make guest appearances in the likes of Pacific Blue, The District, The Drew Carey Show, and Navy NCIS.

A photo of Ben Murphy.
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Murphy is best known for his time on Dr. Quinn and Alias Smith and Jones. But he also had a very impressive career and established a reputation as a reliable character actor who could blend in and adapt to new roles with ease. He is also a very talented and skillful tennis player.

Charlotte Chatton as Emma

Charlotte Chatton was one of the cast members who joined the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman cast quite late on in the show’s run. She was first introduced in the fourth season, playing the part of Emma, and went on to appear in a total of 11 episodes in the fourth and fifth seasons of the show.

A still of Charlotte Chatton as Emma.
Source: Copyright: CBS

Charlotte Chatton is an English actress who was born in London. She made her TV debut in the United Kingdom, appearing in the children’s TV show Dramarama and later having guest appearances in shows such as Inspector Morse and The Chief before heading to the United States to be cast in Dr. Quinn.

Charlotte Chatton Now

After Dr. Quinn, Charlotte Chatton had a role in Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction and also a small part in the epic movie Titanic where she played the part of American socialite Madeline Astor. She also had a role in Hellraiser IV: Bloodline, the fourth sequel of the horror franchise Hellraiser.

A picture of Charlotte attending an event.
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These days, Charlotte works as a producer, screenwriter, and story analyst. She has gradually moved away from acting into a more behind-the-camera role. She recently co-wrote a documentary about Native American women called Women of the White Buffalo.

Famous Guest Stars

In addition to the main cast members we’ve mentioned from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman, it’s worth noting that the show hosted a huge array of interesting guest stars over the years, including beloved TV hosts and famous musicians.

A still from an episode.
Source: Copyright: CBS

Musician and activist Willie Nelson, for example, appeared as Marshall Elias Burch in a couple of episodes and was noted for his commitment to the role. Mister Rogers (Fred Rogers) also appeared in an episode of the show as Reverend Thomas, the main reverend’s mentor. Country music legend Kenny Rogers also appeared on the show, as did Johnny Cash.

An Iconic Show and an Incredible Cast

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman may be considered quite an old show today, but it left an incredible legacy for the world of television. Its many cast members and guest stars over the course of its six-season run played a huge part in making the show a big success.

A promotional still for the series.
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From Jane Seymour and Joe Lando to the less seen but still important roles played by the likes of Barbara Babcock, Georgann Johnson, Nick Ramus, Larry Sellers, and Jonelle Allen, every member of the team helped create this show’s amazing world, touching the hearts of fans all over the world.