The Playboy Comedian: David Spade’s Unique Life

David Spade is known for his work on Saturday Night Live and his collaborations with Chris Farley. But most people don’t know how he rose through the ranks to become the star he is today. His career has brought him great fortune and beautiful women. Surprisingly, Spade has dated some of Hollywood’s most popular stars.

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While it isn’t all about the looks, many of his former flings shared how he became a comedy Casanova over the years. From humble beginnings and tragic losses, find out how David Spade paved his path to fame, fortune, and a whole lot of love.

One of the Boys

Born in 1964 in Michigan, David Wayne Spade was the youngest of three siblings. His mother, Judith, was a writer and magazine editor, while his father, Wayne, was a sales rep. His parents got divorced after the family moved to Arizona when he was four, and his mom raised him and his brothers alone.

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Spade grew up shooting guns with his brothers, and they all had their own firearms. Because their mom was raising them alone and had to work a lot, she would drop them at one end of the desert with lunch, a first aid kit, and their guns. They would shoot anything they could find.

He Was Strange but Smart

Apart from their guns, Spade and his brothers would trap rattlesnakes so they could keep them as pets. Their mother must have been terrified when they came home with deadly animals. Although this seems like something Spade’s Joe Dirt character would do, he was actually intelligent.

A picture of Spade and one of his brothers.
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Spade was one of the most brilliant kids in school. He was a spelling bee champion, a chess club member who made it to the state finals, and a member of Mensa, a high IQ society. He even read 47 books for a contest one time. However, Spade found his funny side during high school.

Finding His Comedy Chops

According to Spade, in high school, he “stopped being smart and started having friends.” Although he stopped trying as hard, Spade still graduated from Arizona State University with a business degree. Throughout college, he started doing standup comedy at the school’s sketch comedy show, “Farce Side Comedy Hour.”

David Spade attends an event.
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By doing standup comedy during school, he was able to figure out what path he wanted to take after school. However, after he finished school, Spade had to work many odd jobs to make money. He was a busboy, a valet-parking attendant, and a skateboard shop employee. All the while, he was performing on the side whenever he could.

His Big Break

After years of struggling and performing at small standup comedy clubs, Spade finally got his big break in 1989. He was showcased on HBO’s 13th Annual Young Comedian’s Show. Dennis Miller hosted it, and the two hit it off. Miller then helped Spade get onto Saturday Night Live.

David Spade and Mike Myers during Saturday Night Live’s Anniversary.
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Spade was excited because he had grown up watching SNL as a teenager, and then it was the show that would make him a household name. He only made three appearances during his rookie season, and producers planned to fire him until he came up with the “Hollywood Minute” sketch.

The Sketch That Saved His Career

“Hollywood Minute” was the sketch that saved him from being fired from Saturday Night Live. It quickly became hugely popular with fans who enjoyed Spade’s fast-talking Hollywood reporter character roasting stars and films. His sarcastic humor and dry wit won many people over.

A still of David Spade in SNL.
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Spade’s sketches as an unpleasant flight attendant and a receptionist for Dennis Clark were just as famous as “Hollywood Minute.” Spade admitted that even though he is no longer on SNL, fans still come up to him to say “buh-bye” like his flight attendant character.

First Famous Love

During the mid-1990s, Spade was working his way up the Hollywood ladder. It was reported that he was linked to Pretty in Pink actress Kristy Swanson. Rumors started to circulate that they were hanging out as more than friends and seeing each other regularly despite busy schedules.

David Spade and Kristy Swanson attend an event.
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At the time, Spade was filming Tommy Boy with his close friend Chris Farley, and Swanson was working on Higher Learning. Paparazzi caught them holding hands on a night out, and the pictures proved the rumors true. However, their conflicting schedules didn’t allow them to take their relationship further.

He’s Made Some Comedy Enemies

Although comedy can bring people together, it can also have a polarizing effect. While some people love Spade’s dry wit, one famous person isn’t a fan at all. During his “Hollywood Minute” sketch, Spade called Eddie Murphy a “falling star,” and Murphy wasn’t happy about it.

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While Murphy is not Spade’s only enemy, the comment during his sketch caused them not to speak to each other for 20 years. Although it caused him to burn some bridges, Spade didn’t stop making comments about celebrities just because they got offended by his words.

Moving On to New Love

After his breakup from Kristy Swanson, Spade got together with Lara Flynn Boyle following her divorce from her first husband in 1998. They seemed cute together, but their relationship came to a screeching halt because of an incident involving Jack Nicholson.

A photo of Lara Flynn Boyle on the red carpet.
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On July 8, 1999, Nicholson was involved in a car accident in the Hollywood Hills. While it might seem odd that this ended Spade’s relationship, it was later revealed that Boyle was the passenger in the car. The actress fled the scene, but that didn’t stop the tabloids from reporting that she was there.

Dynamic Duo

While girlfriends come and go, some friendships last forever. Spade formed many long-lasting friendships from SNL, but Chris Farley became his closest friend and collaborator. The two spent so much time working together that they joked about being like an old married couple.

David Spade and Chris Farley are goofing around.
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When SNL producer Lorne Michaels noticed their chemistry, he cast them in Tommy Boy for their on-screen debut. Although it wasn’t a critical success, it became a cult classic for those who love this dynamic duo. They created iconic moments on SNL, and nothing could beat their friendship.

An Old Gag With a New Audience

One of Spade and Farley’s most iconic sketches was called “Fat Guy in a Little Coat.” The scene originated during their SNL days when they shared an office. Farley would try to distract Spade from writing by putting on his jacket and goofing around.

Chris Farley and David Spade pose backstage at the Annual Academy Awards.
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Although the gag cost Spade quite a few coats, it became their most loved and most laughed at scene. Even though they had a great friendship, the two did argue on the set of Tommy Boy when Farley thought Spade and Rob Lowe were excluding him, but this wasn’t the main reason for their falling out.

Feuding Over a Girl

While many people thought they had a solid friendship, Spade and Farley were feuding on the set of Black Sheep. They were fighting because they both dated Lorri Bagley. She worked with them on Tommy Boy, and it caused tension between the friends.

A portrait of Lorri Bagley.
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Spade and Farley were able to move past it, but Spade was still worried. Sadly, after the release of Black Sheep, Farley tragically passed away. Spade was so heartbroken about his friend that he couldn’t bear to attend the funeral. He still thinks about Farley all the time.

Baywatch Beauty

While people might not put Spade and Clooney in the same category, they do have at least one thing in common: Krista Allen. In 2001, Spade was shockingly linked to the Baywatch beauty, and people were in awe that he could get a woman like her.

A photo of Krista Allen and David Spade during a night out.
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Although they had a short-lived romance, it seemed she had wandering eyes because she quickly jumped into a relationship with George Clooney. That relationship seemed much more realistic to fans than Spade and Allen. However, it wasn’t the last beauty he would be in a relationship with.

He Would Rather Work Collaboratively

Although it was challenging, Spade made his way back to TV after Farley’s passing. He starred in a sitcom that ran for seven years. However, he had been offered his own TV show but passed on the opportunity because he wanted to be part of the ensemble for Just Shoot Me.

A still from David Spade in Just Shoot Me.
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Spade played the role of Dennis Finch, the sarcastic and sleazy assistant of the owner of a fashion magazine. The show ran from 1997 until 2003. Spade stared alongside George Segal, Wendy Malick, and Laura San Giacomo.

He Made the Right Choice

While Spade could have had his own series, he made the right choice by taking part in Just Shoot Me. The series got excellent ratings on NBC, and in its fourth season, it was one of the top-rated shows for the Tuesday night slot.

The Just Shoot Me cast visits the Playboy Mansion.
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Spade did so well in the show that he was nominated for an Emmy and two Golden Globes. His role on the show was only added after the pilot was rejected. There was supposed to be a more flamboyant assistant, but they created Dennis Finch instead.

Not So Modern Family

Before she was the star of Modern Family, Spade dated Julie Bowen in 2003. He won her over by getting Stevie Nicks to sing Fleetwood Mac’s “Landslide” on her voicemail for her birthday. That is something only a famous person could pull off, and anyone would fall for them.

Julie Bowen and David Spade attend an event.
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Although he made a grand gesture, Spade and Bowen didn’t last long. The pair eventually called it quits, but she still remembers his romantic gesture. This must be why he has gotten so many of Hollywood’s hottest women.

He Voiced a Classic Disney Cartoon

Besides Just Shoot Me, Spade worked with Wendie Malick more than once for Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove in 2000. Spade was the voice of the emperor-turned-llama Kuzco, and the animators drew inspiration from Spade’s look for that character when they saw him in the recording sessions.

David Spade attends The Emperor’s New Groove in 2000 Premiere.
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He also got to work with John Goodman and Eartha Kitt for the film. Spade has worked with many famous stars throughout his career, and there are some people he has teamed up with numerous times, like Adam Sandler.

Joe Dirt Love

Things might not have worked out with Julia Bowen, but it wasn’t long before Spade moved on to his next conquest. This time, it was Brittany Daniel, whom he met on the set of Joe Dirt a few years earlier. There are a few perks to being famous, like having your casting director play matchmaker.

Brittany Daniel and David Spade pose for the press.
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They brought their love to the real world after driving into the sunset together as an on-screen couple. Unfortunately, the love didn’t last that long, and they ended their relationship the following year.

Hidden Romance

In 2007, Spade confessed that he had been romantically involved with actress Heather Locklear in the past. He said, “We did date there for a while. Gorgeous girl. She was great. We’re friends, and now she’s on my show Rules of Engagement.”

David Spade and Heather Locklear Sighting at the Go-Go's Concert at The Greek Theater.
David Spade and Heather Locklear Sighting at the Go-Go’s Concert at The Greek Theater. Photo by J. Strauss/FilmMagic

On the show, Locklear plays a girl who dates Spade, but everyone says she shouldn’t be with him. Maybe it is life imitating art, but we can imagine people thought she could do better than Spade. Locklear later revealed that he is so successful with women because he is well-endowed.

An Electrifying Fling

Between 2006 and 2008, Spade and Carmen Electra were linked not once but twice. Apparently, the two got a little frisky at the 2006 Teen Choice Awards, and people thought they were an item, but it was never fully confirmed. However, that wasn’t the only time people thought they were dating.

David Spade and Carmen Electra sit together during the event.
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In 2008, Electra and Spade were spotted together again when they arrived together at two different New Year’s Eve parties. Maybe they were hoping to share a kiss when the clock struck midnight. That was the last of their fling.

A Night With Pamela Anderson

In one of his most famous flings, Spade was linked to Pamela Anderson after they showed up together at Jet Nightclub inside the Mirage Resort and Casino in Las Vegas in 2008. Everyone with a camera went wild, snapping pictures.

David Spade and Pamela Anderson during First Annual Spike TV Video Game Awards
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As soon as the paparazzi snapped a picture of them, it was in every tabloid the next day. The cameras caught them getting close inside the club. However, it is unknown if they took their relationship any further than a one-night fling in the club. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Not Afraid to Show Off His Love

After Spade publicly dated Locklear, he went on to date Aussie actress Nicky Whelan in 2007. Unlike his previous relationships, Spade wasn’t afraid to hide this romance. He was known for keeping his relationships a secret, but he was public about Whelan.

Spade and Whelan attend Elton John’s birthday.
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The cute couple took their relationship public and were spotted on the red carpet regularly. Besides celebrity events and public appearances, they were seen out and about holding hands and looking loved up until 2008. They broke things off early that year.

The Relationship That Changed his Life

After posing for test shots on The Howard Stern Show, Jillian Grace was crowned Playboy’s Miss March 2005. When she stripped down for the magazine, she caught the eye of Hollywood playboy David Spade. However, this relationship turned his world upside down.

Jillian Grace and Spade are celebrating with their daughter.
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After having a brief affair in 2008, Spade announced that he was the father of Grace’s child. She gave birth to their daughter Harper in August 2008. Spade made sure to take a paternity test to prove she was his child, and it came back positive. He accepted all his responsibility and loves his daughter a lot.

He Has Friends in High Places

One of Spade’s earliest friends in the industry was Ellen DeGeneres. He revealed that he once thought she was inviting him over for a date, but clearly, she was just inviting him over as a friend. They have joked about it many times on her show. DeGeneres also outed one of his relationships.

Spade and DeGeneres pose for the press, embracing each other.
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Spade was linked to Nicolette Sheridan, and DeGeneres asked if the rumors were true. Sheridan said, “We’re just friends, we’re just dating… Do you see us together? No!” However, Spade said, “I think it’s less dating and more her killing time.” Awkward.

He Was Almost on a Different Hit Show

Spade was almost on one of our favorite childhood shows, but he turned down the role. According to Spade, he was approached for the role of Uncle Joey on Full House. It would be hard to imagine anyone other than Dave Coulier in that role.

David Spade during an event.
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If Spade got the role of Uncle Joey, he probably would have played it with a drier sense of humor and a lot more sarcasm. We are glad he either turned down the role or didn’t end up getting the part because it wouldn’t have been the same show.

Taking a Trip Down Memory Lane

Spade has had a wild career even though it has only been a few decades, and he wrote two memoirs about his job. In the first one, titled Almost Interesting, Spade discusses his early life, Saturday Night Live, and his many girlfriends, among other things.

A photo of Spade’s memoir / Spade poses at his book launching event.
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The book was pretty successful, with readers enjoying the behind-the-scenes stories from SNL. His other book went straight to audio, and it is called A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World. This was mostly about being the older guy in the industry and trying to keep up with trends.

Celebrity Mix Up

As we mentioned before, Spade is good friends with Ellen DeGeneres. When he was invited to DeGeneres’ 60th birthday party, he happily showed up for his close friend, but he wasn’t very nice to the guest of honor throughout the night.

Spade poses for the press / DeGeneres smiles at the camera.
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Throughout the party, Spade ignored DeGeneres, but it wasn’t because he was upset with her. He hilariously revealed that he thought she was Justin Bieber, so he didn’t talk to her. She used to bear a close resemblance to him, so it makes sense. What does Spade have against Bieber?

His Guest Role Turned Into More

After the sudden death of John Ritter, Spade made a guest appearance on 8 Simple Rules playing Katey Sagal’s nephew, who comes out of the woodwork after his uncle’s passing. Although it was supposed to be a guest role just for three episodes, it turned into a regular part.

David Spade poses next to the other cast members of 8 Simple Rules.
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The channel decided to keep Spade on as a regular, and he was successful in this role. He stayed through the show’s third and final season. This was an unexpected role for Spade, and it helped him get even more TV parts.

A Birthday for the Books

On Spade’s 47th birthday, he had a date for the books. He went out with David Arquette’s post-Courtney-Cox rebound, Jasmine Waltz. Her list of Hollywood conquests rivals Spade’s because she has been linked to Ryan Seacrest, Chris Pine, Jesse McCartney, and Sean Stewart.

Jasmine Waltz poses for the press.
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Waltz also had a sex tape released on the internet, but Spade didn’t seem to mind that she had a black book that was filled. He must have had a lovely birthday, but the relationship didn’t go any further than that one special night.

He Gets Typecast

Although Spade has been quite successful, he gets pigeon-holed in his career. He is often considered for the same type of parts. Rules of Engagement was his third sitcom, and on the show, he played a womanizing, sleazy, incompetent character.

An earlier picture of David Spade.
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Unsurprisingly, he usually plays this type of character, but it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise considering the list of women he has dated is longer than his resume. Despite this, the series got good ratings and was canceled after seven seasons.

Transitioning to the Big Screen

Although he mainly had TV roles after Chris Farley passed away, he has returned to the big screen. His solo ventures−Joe Dirt and Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star−were both modestly successful. However, it wasn’t until years later that he made a blockbuster hit.

David Spade as Joe Dirt speaks on stage.
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When his former SNL castmate, Adam Sandler, asked him to be in the movie Grown Ups, it was a massive success. The film did so well that Sandler bought each of his four co-stars a Maserati to show his appreciation. Grown Ups 2 was also a success.

Did He Date His Co-Star?

In April 2016, Spade was spotted having a romantic dinner with Charlotte McKinney. She was his co-star in Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser, so they spent a lot of time together on set. The rumor mill went wild, mainly when they worked together for a Coachella Funny or Die satire video.

A photo of Spade and Charlotte McKinney during the romantic dinner.
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Like many of Spade’s love affairs, the pair never confirmed or denied the romance and quickly fell off the radar. He has also allegedly been linked to ladies like Padma Lakshmi, Sara Foster, and Jillian Barberie. Some girls have to be very special for him to go public.

A Taste of His Own Medicine

It’s not a secret that teenagers these days are hard to win over, and Spade learned this the hard way. When he posted a picture with Danielle Bregoli, aka Bhad Bhabie, on Instagram, the teens were not happy with his caption−which was clearly a joke.

Danielle Bregoli and Spade’s photo.
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Spade’s caption said, “Stopped being famous five minutes before this picture was taken.” Bregoli reposted the picture with his caption, saying she thought he was the waiter. It seems like the younger generation has no idea who Spade is.

He Dated Naya Rivera

In 2017, the late Glee star Naya Rivera was spotted with David Spade, and it sent everyone into a tizzy. The two were spotted heading to dinner in Malibu in April 2017, and they arrived and left together. Before that evening, they were spotted in a more romantic spot.

Naya Rivera attends an event.
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Before the Malibu dinner, Rivera and Spade were seen getting cozy in a hotel pool in Hawaii that March. The pair met when they filmed Mad Families. Their romance was short-lived, as they weren’t seen together in public after April, and they unfollowed each other on Instagram.

He Asked for Permission to Bash a Band

While Spade has never shied away from making fun of other celebrities, he once asked someone if it would be OK to bash them publicly. Spade must have been a fan of Def Leopard because he asked them permission to say something bad about the band.

A picture of the band Def Leopard.
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In the movie Joe Dirt, one of the characters says, “Def Leopard sucks!” Spade wanted to make sure the band wouldn’t get offended by this, so he asked the band if it was OK to say this. Luckily, they were OK with the insult and didn’t care that the line stayed in the movie.

Spotted on the Street, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

After his steamy pictures with Naya Rivera, Spade was later spotted kissing model and singer Ivy Levan in August 2017. The two were caught by paparazzi sharing a moment after grabbing some food. But it didn’t end after that encounter.

Ivy Levan attends an event.
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For the next few months, Spade and Levan were spotted out together, but things came to an end after the fall. It became clear that the two were no longer an item. Rest assured, this didn’t stop Spade from getting back into the dating scene quickly.

He’s Not Quiet About His Opinions

Spade has made some controversial statements in the past that have rubbed people the wrong way. When former president Barak Obama appeared on the cover of GQ, Spade said he was “too thirsty for attention” and should have “more dignity.” It was pretty critical.

David Spade speaks on stage.
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This wasn’t the first time he criticized the Obama family. Spade previously tweeted his disbelief that Obama was on Bear Grylls’ reality show, trying to brave the tundra. He was also annoyed that Michelle Obama made numerous appearances on The Ellen Show. Maybe he didn’t want to share his friend.

A Shocking New Look

Spade is known for his classic shaggy blonde hair, and even refused to let stylists touch it when he filmed Tommy Boy. However, fans were shocked when he revealed a drastically different look in the Netflix comedy The Wrong Missy.

A still of Spade in The Wrong Missy.
Source: Reddit

In the film, he sports a much shorter cut than people were used to. The haircut was supposed to make Spade look like a huge dork, which fits his uptight, corporate character. It also made him look more mature. It seemed like Spade wasn’t stuck in the past anymore.

Making a Comeback

In the mid-2000s, Spade had a show called The Showbiz Show with David Spade on Comedy Central. After three seasons, it was canceled, and the producers weren’t too happy about it. They said Spade lost interest and treated the show too casually, like he didn’t care.

David Spade speaks at the show premiere.
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for Comedy Central/Getty Images

Spade’s constant jokes and short videos kept going on social media, which put him back on the radar of Comedy Central. They ended up asking him to do another show making fun of pop culture. It began airing in 2019 and was called Lights Out with David Spade.

It Didn’t Last Long

While the producers at Comedy Central were excited about the show, Lights Out was unfortunately canceled in 2020. Comedy Central tried to shop the show to other channels, but there is an online version of it in the meantime.

A photo of David Spade during the show.
Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Spade did the show from home due to the pandemic, and it continued to air in this form for one season. He never felt like the show was something his career depended on, which is a good thing. He said, “It’s not my first job, and it’s not my last job.”

Making a Deal With the Devil

Everyone will go to great lengths to make their career work. Spade once wanted to interview Sean Penn for a sketch on SNL called “Spade in America.” Penn agreed, but with one strange condition: Spade had to get a tattoo from him. Anyone other than Spade would have said no.

Sean Penn gives Spade a tattoo.
Source: YouTube

Spade was all for it and asked for a Calvin image (from Calvin and Hobbes). He ended up going through with it, with Spade only telling Penn, in a whisper, that he was hurting him. Decades later, Penn tattooed Spade again. However, this tattoo bears the initials CF for Chris Farley.

People Blamed Spade

Spade was utterly disturbed in the aftermath of Farley’s death because he was one of his best friends, and he couldn’t help him. After his death, Spade received derisive comments from people blaming him for Farley’s death or saying he wasn’t a good friend for not attending the memorial.

A photo of Spade and Farley attending an event.
Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

Even today, Spade gets hate comments on social media with people saying things like they wish it was Spade instead of Farley, who passed away. Luckily, Spade ignores the haters and accepts that people don’t enjoy his solo work.

He Was Spotted With Caprice Bourret

Back in the day, Spade was famously spotted with a lingerie model, Caprice Bourret. She was well-known in her career, so they seemed to be the perfect pair. No one understood how he got to date all the women most men dream about.

A portrait of Caprice Bourret.
Photo by Eric CATARINA/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Spade and Bourret were often photographed together in public, but it didn’t last long, like most of his romantic partners. Maybe he is afraid of commitment or is just not the marrying type. Once Bourret met Ty Comfort, Spade was totally out of his mind.

Attacked in His Home

Just after the success of his first Disney film in 2000, Spade was the victim of a horrifying attack in his home. He was sleeping when his assistant, David Warren Malloy, attacked him with a stun gun. Spade ran to hide in the bathroom and grabbed a gun on the way.

A photo of David Warren Malloy.
Source: YouTube

Law enforcement apprehended Malloy after the incident. He eventually pled guilty, and a judge asked him to stay at least 100 yards away from Spade at all times. The judge also gave Malloy 500 hours of community service.

No Stranger to Tragedy

While everyone knows about the loss of his friend Chris Farley, most people don’t know that Spade is no stranger to tragedy. When he was 15, Spade’s stepfather took his own life. Also, his older brother’s wife, Kate Spade, also took her life recently, and it shook the entire Spade family.

An earlier photo of Spade on the red carpet.
Photo by Ron Galella/Ron Galella Collection/Getty Images

Kate Spade had been struggling with depression and anxiety, so in her honor, Spade donated $100,000 to NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness. It has only been three years since the loss of his sister-in-law, but the family continues to honor her memory.