The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Pete Davidson

Lately, the name on everyone’s lips is Pete Davidson. The Saturday Night Live comedian has been a hot topic because of his latest relationship with Kim Kardashian. Many people have wondered about his appeal – because he was previously linked to Ariana Grande, Kate Beckinsale, and Emily Ratajakowski – but there’s really no mystery.

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Apparently, he can charm the pants off any woman he wants. So, step aside, men, because Davidson is the one everyone wants. Find out how he, who made his brand out of being a mess, became the human version of the pants from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for A-list women.

A True New Yorker

Born and raised in Staten Island, New York, Pete Davidson has been a true New Yorker all his life. However, in his early years, he didn’t have an easy time. His father passed away when Davidson was seven, and the loss profoundly affected him. He had trouble making friends and wanted everyone to like him.

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He started acting out in school to cope with the trauma of his father’s death. Davidson began struggling with his mental health early on, displaying behavior like pulling out his hair until he was bald. He fell into a deep depression as a young teenager but credits Kid Cudi’s music for saving his life.

How Did Pete Davidson’s Dad Die?

Davidson looked up to his father as a child. He was a New York City firefighter who gave his life to save others. On September 11, 2001, Davidson’s dad was running up the Marriot World Trade Center stairs when the building collapsed. He was a hero who helped others to safety.

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Although he didn’t understand it then, Davidson later realized how selfless his father’s actions were, but the loss changed his life. He was so young and overwhelmed by sadness. Davidson still thinks about him every day and honors his dad on the anniversary of the attacks each year.

A Dare Led Him to Comedy

Due to his struggles with mental health, Davidson’s school years were painful. Students bullied him, and he transferred to three different high schools. However, he found some happiness in comedy, but he might not have fulfilled his dreams of becoming a comedian if it weren’t for his friends.

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When he was 16, Davidson was hanging out with his friends at a bowling alley. They knew he wanted to be a professional comedian, so they dared him to take the stage. Davidson never backed down from a challenge, so he performed his first stand-up routine in the bowling alley.

Who Is Pete Davidson?

Davidson admitted that he wasn’t truly happy until he left Staten Island for college. After attending St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights for one semester, he dropped out to pursue comedy full-time. After his bowling alley routine, he realized how much he loved getting attention, even if it was for just 12 minutes.

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He landed his first on-screen appearance in an episode of MTV’s Failosophy. The following month, Davidson was featured on MTV2’s Guy Code. After guest starring in four episodes, Davidson had his first televised stand-up routine aired on Comedy Central’s Hotham Comedy Live. For someone so young, he was finding success quickly.

The Youngest Cast Member

Davidson appeared in a few episodes of Nick Cannon Presents: Wild ‘N Out and Brooklyn Nine-Nine before he got the chance of a lifetime. After working with Bill Hader, whom he met while filming the movie Trainwreck, he got an audition for Saturday Night Live.

Pete Davidson is on the stage of SNL.
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Hader told producer Lorne Michaels about Davidson, and he was impressed with the comedian. At just 21 years old, he became one of the youngest cast members in the show’s history. His debut on the show garnered positive critical notice, and he worked with important celebrities.

Carly Aquilino Was There When He Got the Call

When Davidson was on Guy Code, he met Carly Aquilino, who was on the spin-off show Girl Code. The pair briefly dated in 2015, and it was Davidson’s first “celebrity” romance. When he got the call from Lorne Michaels, Davidson had just landed in LA to visit Aquilino.

Davidson and Carly Aquilino take a picture together.
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Some people were surprised that he didn’t jump on the first plane back to New York, but he was glad he stayed. Davidson said when the show starts, you don’t have much of a life. This might have been why their short-lived romance didn’t last.

Not Afraid to Be Bold

During his first season on SNL, Davidson didn’t hold back in his skits. During that season, his most notable acts included an Indiana Jones-style sketch with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, where they were pelted with poison darts and had to suck the poison out of each other’s bodies.

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Another sketch involved Davidson being shot in the chest with an arrow by Norman Reedus. Davidson became well-liked on the show because he wasn’t afraid to push boundaries. After years of caring what everyone thought, he adopted a “whatever” attitude.

Making Time for Love

A year after his split from Aquilino, Davidson started dating Larry David’s daughter Cazzie in 2016. The two made several public appearances together, and it was entertaining to think that the comedian could be Larry David’s son-in-law. We wonder what he thought about the couple.

Davidson and Cazzie attend an event.
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During their time together, Davidson got two Cazzie-themed tattoos: one of her face and another with her name. However, everyone knows that getting a tattoo with your partner’s name is bad luck. Despite his busy SNL schedule, the pair seemed incredibly loved up, gushing about each other in interviews.

Not a Text You Want to Receive

After two years of dating, Cazzie asked Davidson for a relationship break but changed her mind shortly after. Then, two days later, Cazzie broke up with Davidson by text. Although it was a cold way to end things after two years together, Davidson didn’t hold a grudge.

Cazzie David and Larry David attend an event.
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Following their split, Davidson and Cazzie remained friends. In her book, she talked about their relationship and breakup. She also thanked him in the acknowledgments for inspiring her and being a good friend. While most people would be devastated, Davidson quickly moved on to his next relationship.

On to the Next One

Shortly after his breakup from Cazzie, Davidson began dating Ariana Grande. The two met in 2014 when Grande was the musical guest on SNL and became closer two years later when she hosted the show. But they were in relationships with other people.

Davidson and Ariana Grande attend an event.
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The pair didn’t start dating until May 2018, when things got hot and heavy quickly. Davidson covered up the tattoo of his ex-girlfriend. Shortly after they started dating, Davidson was already thinking about a future with Grande even though they had both just ended serious relationships.

Redefining the Meaning of a “Rebound Relationship”

The two started posting pictures of each other on Instagram and liked and commented on each post. After less than a month of dating, Davidson got two small tattoos in honor of Grande. She had had a crush on him for years, and they were so happy together, but people had concerns.

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It was hard to keep up with the couple because they posted things about each other so frequently. The overflow of posts was so distracting that people didn’t even realize Grande was wearing a large engagement ring just three weeks after they confirmed their relationship.

Can You Keep Up?

After confirming the engagement, fans felt like they were moving too fast. They had only been dating for a month when they started planning their future and moved in together. No one knew what was going to come next for Davidson and Grande.

A photo of Davidson and Grande during an event.
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Although their friends and family were happy for the couple, they got a lot of backlashes from everyone else. Despite the hate, Davidson and Grande moved forward with their relationship. Davidson even gave Grande the firefighter badges his father was wearing when he died.

The Breaking Point

Despite all the hate they were getting online, Davidson and Grande’s relationship was going well. They made red carpet appearances, and she named a song after him on her fourth album. However, when Grande’s ex, Mac Miller, suddenly passed away, it was a breaking point.

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After the tragedy, they took some time away from the spotlight, but the couple couldn’t work things out. After just four months together, Davidson and Grande broke off their engagement and went their separate ways. They both headed to the tattoo parlor to cover up all their matching ink.

Opening Up About His BPD Diagnosis

Throughout his career, Davidson has been candid about his mental and physical health struggles. Since his father’s death, he has battled depression and suicidal thoughts. In 2017, he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), and he felt like he finally had some answers.

A photo of Davidson walking in Manhattan.
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Davidson revealed that he had been in and out of inpatient treatment facilities for his mental health issues since age nine, before his diagnosis. However, when his symptoms started to worsen in 2016, he wanted to figure out the root of the problem.

People Bullied Him Online

At the beginning of his relationship with Grande, people online said he shouldn’t date her because of his BPD. In response, Davidson said, “Just because someone has a mental illness doesn’t mean they can’t be happy and in a relationship. Mental illness is not a joke; it’s a real thing.”

Davidson walks the street.
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After the couple split, Davidson shared that he had been bullied for months online. He had hoped that being open about his BPD and suicidal thoughts would bring awareness and help others struggling, but people took it as a chance to tear him down.

Upfront About His Struggles

At times, Davidson’s mental health has consumed him. He said he wakes up depressed all the time, but he has learned the steps necessary to get himself out of that headspace throughout his treatment. Davidson admits that he has hit rock bottom a few times.

Pete Davidson poses for the press.
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Being in the public eye hasn’t been easy with his mental health battle. Davidson said he feels insecure at times and has to plan before he goes out. Working has been a positive outlet because he loves writing and hanging out with his friends.

Dating and Mental Illness

Davidson has dated many women, and his love life has been the talk of the town. In an interview from 2020, Davidson shared that he is upfront about his mental health struggles with the people he dates, so there are no surprises.

Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson attend a tennis tournament.
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He is honest about his ongoing battle in relationships because he “doesn’t want you to be surprised if I cut myself or if I have to go away to a rehab or if I have to go to a certain therapy.” Davidson says it breaks the ice.

A Big Age Difference

In the winter after his split from Grande, Davidson was linked to Kate Beckinsale. The actress is 20 years older than Davidson, but they provided some enjoyable content in the few months they dated. She was much more mature than him, but they liked each other.

The press spots Davidson and Beckinsale inside a car.
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Davidson and Beckinsale gave everyone a show when they had a very public and intense PDA session at a hockey game. It was like they were the only two people around. Antoni from Queer Eye witnessed the make-out session and was a bit mortified.

Getting Around Town

A few months after his romance with Beckinsale, Davidson was on to his next fling. In August 2019, he was reportedly dating Maid actress Margaret Qualley. They weren’t together for a long time, but people said they looked like each other.

Anthony Mackie, Pete Davidson, and Margaret Qualley attend a screening.
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It didn’t take long for Davidson to start his next relationship. It was the fourth time he dated a beautiful brunette with famous parents. Kaia Gerber, the daughter of Cindy Crawford, and Davidson briefly went out, but his mental health got in the way, and she was too young for him.

Lady Phoebe

When Bridgerton star Phoebe Dynevor started dating Davidson, it was like an exciting crossover episode. The pair were spotted watching tennis together and wearing matching initial necklaces. Davidson must have learned his lesson about tattoos and relationships because he has had to cover up too much ink.

Phoebe Dynevor and Pete Davidson watch a tennis tournament.
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In a Zoom event for his fans, Davidson was asked who his celebrity crush was. He smiled and said he was dating his celebrity crush. Their fling lasted long enough for Dynevor to host SNL and do a Bridgerton sketch with Davidson. Sadly, their courtship fizzled out after five months.

Not Everyone Likes His Sense of Humor

Davidson has been successful in his comedy career, even though he is only 28. He uses a lot of dark humor to find the funny side of traumatic experiences. Many of his stand-up routines are inspired by his own experiences and observations of his life.

Pete Davidson in a still of SNL.
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He has talked about his father’s death in his routines and discussed his time in rehab. While many people find Davidson’s style hilarious, others think he is too offensive or depressing. He is often considered a controversial comedian for his darker jokes.

30 Under 30

While he is a huge success now, not all his work has done well. Davidson once acted in a pilot episode for Sober Companion. The episode aired, but the show didn’t continue. That bump in the road didn’t stop him from moving on to bigger and better things.

A studio portrait of Pete Davidson.
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After his second year on SNL, Davidson earned a coveted spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in 2016. It was a clear indication that Pete was a rising star. Forbes includes those people it believes are worth watching as they grow in their industries.

He Battles Health Issues

Besides his mental health struggles, Davidson has also been scrutinized for his outward appearance. Many people have rudely commented about the noticeable dark circles around his eyes without understanding Davidson’s illness. He has Crohn’s disease, which is an autoimmune disease.

A photo of Davidson on a filming set.
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Crohn’s can result in complications in and around the eyes, which might be why he has dark circles. It is treatable, and Davidson has found that weed helps him manage his symptoms better than the medicines and treatments he has tried in the past.

Bye-Bye Instagram

In the past, Davidson was an active user of social media. However, he decided to deactivate his account in 2018 due to the number of negative comments he was receiving. After his breakup from Grande, he was flooded with messages from her fans, and it became overwhelming.

A picture of Davidson.
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He started to feel like Instagram was too harmful for him and his mental health. Davidson posted a message on his account that he felt suicidal, and the platform was making things worse. Since 2018, he hasn’t reactivated his account, but his fan pages are active.

He Thought About Leaving SNL

Davidson has been on SNL since 2014. After six years, he thought about leaving the show. At the beginning of 2020, he revealed that his decision was “in the air” because he was always the punchline of the joke and didn’t know if they had his back.

A photo of Davidson with the SNL crew during an event.
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While he has enjoyed working on SNL, Davidson said the environment is very cutthroat because everyone is trying to get their work on the show. He also had the constant fear that he was going to be fired. However, he hasn’t left and will return for the new season.

Who Is Pete Davidson Dating?

It might be hard to believe, but Davidson recently confirmed that he and Kim Kardashian are dating. Yes, you read that right. Rumors have been swirling about their relationship since Kardashian hosted SNL in early October. They even shared a kiss during a sketch.

Kim Kardashian arrives at an event.
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Weeks after her appearance on the show, Davidson and Kardashian held hands on a roller coaster. They tried to play it off like they were friends, but then they were spotted on a date. There might be a big age gap between them, but they are happy, and she is moving on from her divorce. Sadly, the two ended their relationship after nine months in August 2022 because long-distance wasn’t working.

Not a Fan of Syracuse

If someone asked you to find Syracuse, New York on a map, most people wouldn’t know where it is. Davidson has publicly stated that he hates Syracuse. While filming Big Time Adolescence in the upstate town, Davidson realized that there was nothing to do there.

Pete Davidson in a still from Big Time Adolescence.
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Davidson dislikes Syracuse because he got pulled over there. He said the police have so little to occupy their time. Davidson passed the sobriety test, but his friend was arrested for possession of drugs.

The Top Comedian

Due to his tremendous success, many people consider Davidson one of the best comedians on TV. His talents haven’t gone unnoticed, as those in the entertainment industry have praised him. Before he became a household name, one publication predicted his triumph.

Pete Davidson performs on stage.
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When he started on Saturday Night Live in 2014, Variety magazine named Davidson one of the Top 10 Comics to Watch. People noticed how funny Davidson was then, and he hasn’t lost that humor.

Is It Too Late Now to Say Sorry?

One of the highlights of Davidson’s career was when he took part in the Comedy Central roast of Justin Bieber. It was one of the most highly publicized roasts, and Davidson did not disappoint. The young performer was calm and collected next to the other high-profile performers.

A photo of Pete Davidson performing on stage.
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Although it was still early in his career, Davidson didn’t shy away from edgy and controversial jokes at Bieber’s expense. Many people said his portion of the special was the most memorable. He also took jabs at Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart.

Taking It Too Far

Davidson is no stranger to controversy, but he has crossed the line in the past. In 2018, he made a joke about Congressman Dan Crenshaw’s appearance and his eyepatch. The joke was seen as insensitive because Crenshaw lost his eye while serving in Afghanistan.

Pete Davidson speaks on stage.
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Although it was offensive, Davidson apologized to Crenshaw. There were no hard feelings between them, and the congressman guest-starred on the following episode of SNL. It set a positive example of forgiveness and learning from mistakes in a time when people are always canceled.

Not Holier Than Thou

Just a few months after the Crenshaw controversy, Davidson ran into trouble again, but this time it was with the Catholic Church. He made a comment comparing its followers to fans of disgraced music star R. Kelly in light of the sex abuse scandals.

Davidson is in a still from the episode.
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The church was understandably offended. Unfortunately, this incident couldn’t be easily smoothed over with an apology and an invitation to appear on the SNL. Davidson might want to avoid churches for a while.

An Unusual Mutual Admiration

It’s no surprise that Davidson doesn’t take politics so seriously. However, in 2016, he was a proud supporter of Hilary Clinton. He went as far as getting a tattoo of the candidate on his leg and excitedly let the whole world know.

A photo of Davidson on a filming set.
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Shockingly, the feeling was mutual, and Clinton was delighted to hear about Davidson’s support. No one expected her response to his new ink. She jokingly said, “This makes it significantly less awkward that I’ve had a Pete Davidson tattoo for years.” That’s pretty funny coming from Clinton.

Potterhead or Not?

Davidson has been a massive Harry Potter fan for years. He even decked himself out in Harry Potter gear for his Instagram debut with Ariana Grande. He also has several Potter-themed tattoos. However, die-hard fans have called his interest into question.

A picture of Davidson driving a car.
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Many Potterheads called Davidson out for never reading past the third book and his lack of knowledge about certain aspects of the series. He can be a fan of the franchise without knowing every detail of information because there are different levels to the fandom.

Mama’s Boy

Davidson has always been close with his mother, especially since his father passed away when he was so young. She worked as a school nurse at one of the high schools Davidson attended and continues to work there to this day. But it is not so easy.

A still of Davidson and his mother on SNL.
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Having a celebrity’s mom work in your school must be cool, but it has its downsides. His mom gets questioned about her son frequently. After Grande wrote songs about him, students would taunt her by singing them. They had no respect for her.

The Secret to His Success (With the Ladies)

Davidson has been in every tabloid in recent weeks because of his new relationship with Kim Kardashian. Everyone has been wondering how he gets such beautiful women, and model Emily Ratajkowski revealed his secret, which isn’t so much of a mystery.

Emily Ratajkowski poses for the press.
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According to Ratajkowski, who worked with Davidson for an episode of Saturday Night Live, he is “super charming.” She thinks it’s funny that people have a hard time believing Davidson has a lovely personality. He attracts women with his vulnerability and professionalism. It’s never good to judge a book by its cover.

He’s Got Money in the Bank

At just 28-years-old, Davidson has amassed a net worth of about $8 million. As a cast member of Saturday Night Live, he earns between $15,000 to $25,000 per episode. Therefore, he could earn around $500,000 per year from the show alone, which is a sweet salary.

A photo of Davidson on set.
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His income is also supplemented by his film work and other entertainment endeavors outside the show. He toured with comedian John Mulaney, and his stand-up shows are very popular. As he continues to grow in the industry, his net worth will only grow.

The King of Staten Island

In 2020, Davidson starred and helped write the semi-biographical film, The King of Staten Island. Directed by Judd Apatow, the film is about a young man who has to get his life together after his mom starts dating a new man who, like his deceased father, is a firefighter.

A photo of Judd Apatow and Davidson on set.
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When the film was released in June 2020, it premiered on VOD by Universal Pictures. Critics praised Davidson’s performance and Apatow’s handling of the subject matter. However, people criticized the length of the film because it was 137 minutes. It generated $40 million in revenue.

He’s Not Married

In early 2021, news circulated that Davidson was a married man. According to his lawyers, that is far from the truth. The woman falsely claimed to be married to Davison and misrepresented an association with her business. She also illegally entered his home.

Pete Davidson walks the street.
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Michelle Mootreddy was charged with trespassing and two counts of stalking. She also published a press release about their joint venture for a production company called Bodega Cats Presents. However, her false accusations created even more legal drama, and Davidson was embarrassed.

Dating Lessons

As you have read, Davidson has dated many women. Through his experience, the comedian has learned many lessons. He said he always puts his girlfriends first and treats them like princesses, but that hasn’t always worked in his favor. Going above and beyond isn’t always the answer.

Davidson attends an event.
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Davidson has learned to have no expectations in a relationship because it can cause resentment. He used to get upset when someone didn’t match his intensity because he isn’t good at trusting what people say. Davidson also learned that his relationships are nobody else’s business even though he is in the public eye.

He Hates the Spotlight

Although his career has been a dream come true, Davidson hates that he has been thrust into the spotlight. He loves comedy and making people laugh, but he has trouble keeping his life out of the public eye.

Davidson attends a premiere event.
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Davidson’s love life has also put him under a microscope because he dates such high-profile women. People have made horrible comments about him, and his past controversies add fuel to the fire. Although he doesn’t enjoy being in the public eye, the attention will continue.

Upsetting His Fans

Many people have gotten used to Davidson’s dark sense of humor, but he has offended his fans in the past. Nobody is safe from being the punchline of his jokes, not even his hometown. In 2012 when Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, Staten Island was devastated.

A dated picture of Davidson performing on stage.
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After the hurricane resulted in the loss of life and severe damage, Davidson joked that the hurricane didn’t get the job done. Residents of Staten Island were offended by his joke, but he refused to apologize because he also lives on Staten Island.

Still Joking About Ariana Grande

Although the couple broke up in 2018, Davidson continues to joke about his ex-fiancé. Some of his jokes were a bit too personal during their relationship, which caused her to have conflicting feelings. For example, Davidson made a joke about the bombing that took place at Grande’s concert.

A still of Pete Davidson on the Howard Stern show.
Source: YouTube

After their relationship ended, Davidson went on the Howard Stern show and openly spoke about Grande. He brought up several personal topics and moments between the two, which upset her. She defended him many times, but he wasn’t always kind to her.

Using the Same Lines

Many people have noticed that Davidson likes to recycle the things he says to women. Because his relationships have been so public, fans have picked up on the lines Davidson uses with his different girlfriends. In particular, people noticed he said the same thing to two girlfriends.

A photo of Davidson walking at night.
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When Davidson would comment on Grande’s posts on Instagram, her fans realized that he wrote the same things to his ex-girlfriend Cazzie. Maybe he has a hard time thinking of new romantic lines. He has no shortage of jokes but saying loving things might not be his forte.

More to Come

Davidson might have almost a decade of experience in the industry, but his career is just beginning. He has so much coming up, and it will be exciting to see what he does in the future. He recently finished a movie with Kaley Cuoco called Meet Cute.

A photo of Davidson and Cuoco on set.
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Davidson also has three other movies in the works, and he has the talent to go all the way. Through his many awards of critically acclaimed work, the future is bright for him. Even if he upsets people along the way, no one’s career is without a few controversies.