The Magic Behind Photography: Behind the Scenes of Incredible Photos

The internet is filled with some pretty incredible pictures. Some are made for advertising and commercial purposes. But others are more for fun, featuring models who just want to share their fun photoshoots. Do you ever wonder what goes into making the perfect shot? I would think that you take a picture and it doesn’t come out how you intended, that’s what Photoshop is for. Right? Well, there is a lot more that goes into being an amazing photographer.

A stretched burger, so everything inside is separated/ How they separated a burger for a photo/taking a photo of a separated burger

In addition to talent, photographers need to be really creative in capturing some of these pictures. Sure, they can use computer editing, but it’s never the same. To make a picture realistic, there is some physical work that needs to go into it. It’s more than just pushing a button. Check out these remarkable photos and what goes on behind the scenes. Be careful not to be fooled by some optical illusions!

Toy Cars

This is a pretty simple photo. It’s just three old fashioned cars casually driving down the street, right? Wrong! Sure, this looks like cars on the road, but that’s exactly what the photographers want you to think. As soon as you see the other picture, you can see exactly how they created this illusion, and it wasn’t with Photoshop.

Three cars on the street/ three toy cars on a board

That’s right. Those are actually just toy cars. The trick behind this picture is the power of the human mind. Our brains see things based on size and distance. If you manipulate these things and take the photo at the right angle, this is the amazing result! This clever idea was used in movies way before photo-shop and CGI; back when people had to be really creative to trick our minds!

Drip Drop

This picture is a pretty funny illusion. If I just saw the first picture, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. It looks like a magazine ad of a cute girl playing in the grass with some water drops falling down. Although I wouldn’t normally think of where the water came from, I might start because this is hilarious!

A little girl with water falling off of a leaf/two girls pouring a bucket of water on a girl

In the second picture, you can see two other girls pouring a bucket of water over a pasta strainer above the model’s head. It definitely did the trick! Who needs Photoshop when this method works so beautifully? Now, if for whatever reason, I need raindrops in a photo, I’m going to try this trick! I already have a bucket and a pasta strainer.

Doorway to Your Mini Dreams

Looking at this picture, I feel like those are the doors to heaven! It looks unbelievable! The clouds, books, and fog add so much mystery and magic to this picture. I wonder where these mesmerizing doors lead to! Don’t you just want to find out where this place is and just go there? Well… not so fast! You’re not even going to fit.

a cabinet that looks like it’s in the sky/ mini cabinet on a small rock/mini cabinet and small rock being photographed

Those aren’t even real doors. As soon as you look at the other pictures, you will quickly realize that this is a doorway for your Barbie Dolls. As disappointing as it is that this isn’t real, it’s pretty cool that this photographer was able to trick my eyes like that! I never realized how much creativity goes into taking a simple picture.

Say Cheese

If you want to see a close-up picture of a fox, you came to the right place. Clearly, the photographer got extremely close to the fox but, look at that face! That fox is actually pretty cute! How does one take a picture this close to a fox, you may ask? Probably the exact same way you imagined it.

Close up picture of a fox/a man taking a close up photo of a fox

In the second picture, you can literally see the photographer holding a camera right in front of the fox’s face! I know he looks adorable and all, but this is not safe! Someone should tell that photographer that a fox isn’t a Golden Retriever. I hope he’s careful because not only are wild foxes dangerous, but they also might carry diseases such as rabies.

Wedding Dreams

This gorgeous picture literally looks like a fairy tale come to life! I mean, with that castle in the background and all that clear, beautiful water, who wouldn’t want such an incredible wedding photo? As you may have already heard, fairy tales aren’t real, and neither is this picture. Well, I’m sure the couple’s love is real, but that’s about it.

A couple in the water with a castle in the background/ How the wedding picture was actually taken

In the next picture, it’s very clear that the castle in the background is just a nice building. However, the crystal clear water is actually just a gross puddle in the grass. The photographer is taking the picture from the bottom to make it look like there is a big body of water surrounding them. The power of photography is so cool!

It’s Raining M&Ms

This picture is so simple, yet a huge optical illusion. In the first picture, it looks like M&Ms are in water drops, which are so cool! What you probably didn’t know is that you can create this illusion on your own! It’s simple, easy, and chances are you have everything need at home. Just check out the second picture.

A photo of dots/someone taking a picture of M&m’s in water drops

In the second picture, you can see exactly what is going on here. There is a bowl of M&Ms under a clear (glass) surface covered in water drops. You can do this using a glass table, but as you can see in this picture, they used game boxes to hold up the bowl of M&Ms and the glass on top.

Burning Lava

In this stunning image, you can see lava pouring out of the volcano, and it looks unbelievable. Maybe because it is! This eerie picture is a little scary but only for the person taking the photo. Getting that close to an erupting volcano cannot be safe. Well, lucky for the photographer, he’s not near an erupting volcano at all.

Lava coming out of a volcano/ How they took a picture to make it look like lava coming out of a volcano

By looking at the second image, you can clearly see what a genius this photographer is. He simply lit his tripod and shoes on fire. Okay, I guess that doesn’t sound so smart. Now that I think about it, this isn’t that much safer than getting that close to real lava! On the bright side, it helped him capture a beautiful picture.

Under the Sea

This gorgeous picture was captured underwater, and this model looks like a beautiful mermaid. The stunning posture and her with hair waving in the water like that, needless to say, it took a lot of work to get this unbelievable photo to come out perfectly. As soon as you look at the other pictures, you can see the scuba diving crew making this angelic look possible.

A woman underwater/photographers taking a picture underwater/Tying a woman underwater/taking a picture underwater

No one floats with such a perfect posture; she’s not a real mermaid, you know! These guys dove down into water to pose the model. They even tied her legs to keep her in the correct position. The result is incredible. It seems to have taken a lot of effort to make her look effortlessly beautiful.

Fetch Doggy

This picture brings a smile to my face! There is nothing cuter than a dog fetching a golf ball in the pool! You can see the water splashing and that adorable face! What’s even more impressive is that this picture was taken at the perfect time. However, the picture was probably taken exactly the way you thought.

A dog catching a ball underwater/ a man taking a picture of a dog underwater

The photographer was waiting underwater, but this wasn’t as easy as it looks. As you can see, the photographer is holding his breath, which means he needs to come up for air every once in a while. Eventually, the dog fetched the ball at the right time! My question is, who took the second picture of the photographer underwater?

Wonderful View

Wedding photos are intended to capture the greatest day of the bride and groom’s life. Many times, the lacey wedding dress covering the camera lenses adds romance and elegance to these memorable photos. Well, some of them really aren’t as romantic as you’d think. This is a classic wedding picture that many couples have but, did you ever wonder how it was taken?

A couple kissing on their wedding day/How a photographer took a picture of a couple kissing

It’s pretty straight forward if you think about it. You probably just wouldn’t think about it, which is why it looks so dreamy. In reality, the photographer is forced to lay down on his back and literally take this photo from under her dress. As awkward as this may seem, it makes for a magnificent picture!

Levitated Latter

In this photo, the model looks like she is being pulled through the air by her boyfriend. The fact that they are on a farm gives me Wizard of Oz vibes and, I feel like she is being saved from a tornado. She looks like she is flying! Believe it or not, her dress does not have magical powers. If you take a look at the second picture, you can see how the illusion was created.

A man grabbing a woman in the air/ a man grabbing a woman on a ladder

While taking the picture, the model was put on a latter. That way, she is able to lay down on the latter and put up her legs, giving us the illusion that she is flying. Unlike many of these other photos, Photoshop was used here to crop out the latter.

Picture vs. Real Life

This side by side picture is hilarious! In the first picture, it looks like a beautiful couple embarking on an adventure with no one else around. This looks like it could be a movie scene! This is another perfect example of how the power of photography can create cool illusions.

A couple holding hands walking down steps/ what a couple really looks like when they are walking downstairs taking a picture

As soon as you look at the second picture, you can see what’s going on around the happy couple. First of all, this isn’t a magical journey that the first photo may have you believe. They are actually just tourists, and there are a bunch of other people around them. It’s pretty disappointing to see this photo from a different perspective. The difference between these two pictures is crazy!

Cracked Lake

This picture looks like a puzzle. The man in the picture looks just as confused as I am. As soon as he reached shore, the water cracked. What are the chances of that? To me, this is obviously Photoshopped. How else can you explain a cracked lake? Well, it turns out there are a couple of cool tricks to make this happen.

A picture of what looks like a cracked or ‘broken’ body of water/ Mirror cut in pieces on the grass

In the second picture, you can see how creative the photographer was. He took this sheet of what looks like mirror paper and cut it up in different shapes. All the pieces make it took like there is really a broken glass at the end of the lake because there is! This is such a cool idea.

Rock Climber

This picture is another hilarious indication of the lengths photographers will go through to capture the perfect picture. This type of picture is classically used for any type of camping or hiking advertisement. You can even see similar pictures in energy bar commercials. Well, it takes a lot of energy to make this photo happen.

A picture of a boy climbing a wall/ photographers on a ladder, taking a picture of a boy rock climbing

In the hysterical second picture, you can see how this was actually taken. A latter was tied onto the wall sideways! The photographer then climbed to the edge of the latter to snap the perfect picture! All that work for one picture? There must have been an easier way to do this. Am I the only one who sees the danger here?

Just Floating Around

I feel like I have seen this striking picture in a magazine or something. However, I never really thought about the effort that went into taking it. The girl in the photo is floating so elegantly and naturally, that it takes a few seconds of it to realize none of this is possible. She can’t float, and neither can that chair!

A girl and a chair floating/ A girl and a chair being lifted up for a picture

Well, the secret is revealed in the next photo and to be honest, it’s pretty disappointing. The girls are being elevated by some sort of stool, and a random guy is holding up the stool. Of course, the man and the stool were Photoshopped out, but seeing what went on behind the scenes, really takes the magic away from that picture.


I’ve definitely seen this type of photography before in ads and commercials for hamburgers and other sandwiches. It’s a cool idea that showcases everything you’re going to get! When I saw that each item on the burger was separated, I just assumed the entire thing was computerized. It just doesn’t seem real…or possible.

A stretched burger, so everything inside is separated/ How they separated a burger for a photo/taking a photo of a separated burger

Well, once again, I was wrong. Sometimes with a creative and talented photographer, you don’t even need Photoshop. In the next pictures, you can see what went on behind the scenes to capture this shot. This is a cool and unique way to capture such a delicious looking picture. I don’t know about you, but I never wanted a burger so bad in my life!

Farm Loving

This stunning wedding photo is of a bride and groom kissing on what looks to be a gated farm, in front of some water. The stormy night makes this picture look even more romantic. It looks like a couple of country kids in love. The best part of this picture has got to be the water that they are standing in front of that is mirroring them.

A beautiful wedding photo of a couple/someone taking a wedding photo of a couple

In the second picture, you can clearly tell that this picture isn’t as romantic as it looks. I mean, the couple is probably really happy together, but they’re not country kids on a farm. Obviously, there is a bit of Photoshop going on with the lighting and background. However, the water looks like that because of how this brilliant photographer took this picture.

Under Water Fun

In this image, you can see a girl positioned in the water for a photo shoot. She looks beautiful, and the pictures came out looking stunning, but how? At first glance, I figured that the photoshoot happened in a bedroom. I thought the girl was standing on jumping off of the chair, and the water was Photoshopped in.

A girl underwater/ a girl in an underwater room/ photographers taking a picture of a girl underwater

After seeing the other picture, I realized how wrong I am. These photographers scuba dived down there to help position the model. As amazing as the photoshoot turned out, I’m confused about how they filled this room with water. I guess the scuba divers also helped secure the furniture when they went down there. Still, why does nothing look wet?

Perfect Angel

In this first picture, you can see the most adorable baby in the world! Look at him rocking hammock, looking all cozy! It’s tough to keep kids still and positioned in order to take a picture of them, especially babies! How do you think they were able to keep this kid quiet for long enough to take this picture? Well, lucky for you, there’s a behind the scenes photo!

A cute baby wrapped in a blanket/ how the picture of the baby was really taken

This definitely took a few takes to get the perfect shot. The baby is in what seems to be sack, and the dad is holding him up. There is even a pillow under him in case he falls or something. Good thing, the baby fell asleep in there! It definitely helped speed up the process. However, I would never think so much effort went into such a simple picture.

Smell Me

This first picture is a pretty classic perfume ad. I’ve seen plenty of commercials on TV and magazines that look very similar while promoting perfume and cologne. I guess there is something about the water and darkness that makes sent more appealing. Obviously, you can’t smell through ads, so it all in the photo. I bet you didn’t believe how this one was taken.

An appealing picture of perfume/ A Bottle of perfume in mud for a photo

I don’t know, by looking at this picture, I automatically assumed this was all Photoshopped. For some reason, I thought that this bottle was dragged to the water on a computer. Well, apparently, there is much more creativity and work that goes into this. They literally put the perfume on a mud puddle. At least they know what they are doing because this is a great picture!

Under The Sea

Here is another underwater photoshoot that seems to be computer-generated. In this majestic picture, you can see a girl in front of an oyster looking at a beautiful (and ginormous) pearl. If you ask me, she kind of looks like she is in space, and that’s a tiny moon, but my brain works a little bit differently than most peoples.

A girl underwater looking at a pearl/ a photo being taken of a girl underwater

She looks like she is underwater, but how can you take a picture from inside of an oyster? This is how. You can see that the table is tied with ropes to make sure it stays down. With the blue background, she really looks like she’s underwater (or outer space). The camera is placed in between the oyster and captures this beautiful picture.

Umbrella, Ella Ella Ey

This picture looks super cool and artsy. It looks like a hipster photographer must have taken it or something. The white umbrella looks so cool in contrast to the night sky! However, those perfect little raindrops have got to be my favorite part of this picture! With the dark background, the drops look like pretty stars!

raindrops pouring on an umbrella/ a man holding a hose next to an umbrella

The umbrella is slightly to the right, which makes this photo look even cooler! How do you capture such an incredible picture, you may ask. Well, if you look down to the second picture, you can get the behind the scenes secret! This guy literally just took a white umbrella, put it up against a black background, and let the hose do the work.

Snow Flake

Have you ever seen a snowflake close up? Growing up in Florida, I definitely haven’t, which is probably why I’m so in love with this picture. This picture is so perfect; it almost looks fake, but I guess nature is just flawless. Looking at this snowflake, you can see that there is a flower in the middle and pretty shapes.

A close-up picture of a snowflake/ a camera zoomed in/camera taking a picture of a snowflake

Nobody really appreciates these little details in snowflakes because you can’t really see them. You need to capture a snowflake from really close up to truly notice how beautiful it is. This is no easy task! If you look at the other pictures, you will see how much effort it took to capture the beauty of Mother Nature.

Curtain Auroras

This stunning picture must have involved a lot of computer effects. It looks like a clear curtain spreading through the sky beautifully. Obviously, the curtains aren’t attached to anything, plus they look see-through. Basically, my question is, what is happening here? There is no way this is real! Well, this is another illusion created by an incredible photographer.

A gorgeous photo of what looks like curtains in the sky/taking a picture to make it look like there are curtains in the sky

In the picture below, you can see what actually went on to capture this picture. The kids are holding up and waving some type of glow sticks that shine bright and stunningly. That’s all that was needed for the photographers to take such an amazing picture. This idea is extremely creative that it almost seems like this picture is cheating! Even though there is no actual Photoshop involved.

Good Dog

If you have a pet, you know how difficult it is to get a dog to stand still and keep a hat on! Pets are just like little kids with ADHD. At first glance, I thought this picture was a painting. That’s how perfect it came out. Well, this is, in fact, a real dog and one of the cutest I have ever seen. You’re probably wondering what made this picture so possible.

A dog with a flowered headband/How to take a picture of a dog with a flowered headband

Once you look at the second picture of what’s happening behind the scenes, this photo suddenly makes a lot more sense. There are at least two people involved in getting the dog to cooperate. First of all, he is wearing a leash which is beautifully hidden in the other picture. Plus, there is a woman bribing him with treats!

Hummingbird Love

How adorable are these cute little hummingbirds?! They look like they are playing together or falling in love, and I just can’t get enough of it. Human relationships and encounters are seen all the time in our day to day lives, and most of the time, they can be irritating. It’s always different when animals interact. There is something so special and innocent about it.

A photo of two hummingbirds/ a photo being taken of two hummingbirds using a 3D camera

These two hummingbirds are a perfect example of two birds hanging out and communicating. Still, it’s not easy to capture this wonderful moment on camera. As soon as you look at the second picture, you will realize the effort that went into this. The photographer is literally swinging on a lift in the dark hours of the night to get this adorable shot.

Zoom In

This is cute… or really gross. I guess it depends on your opinion of bugs. I’m not typically a bug person, so I never really tried to take a picture of one. I would assume it might be challenging because bugs fly away rather quickly when people get to close. I guess they are scared ill step on them. They weren’t afraid of the photographer, though.

A close-up photo of a bug on a leaf/ a man taking a photo of a bug on a leaf

This picture was taken exactly how id imagine… sort of. If you notice, there is another camera, other than the one that the photographer is holding. It must have some intense zoom features to get such a clear picture! This photo is so close up that you can see a ladybug on the bug. Unless this a bug that I have never seen or heard of.

Roses are Red

What a beautiful picture! I’m not a big flower person, but after looking at this photo, I would like someone to bring me a dozen roses. Too bad I don’t have a boyfriend or anyone to help me out with that. Anyways, this is a perfect advertisement to sell flowers! The colors and the water would make anyone want to buy flowers.

A bouquet of roses surrounded by water drops/ a man pouring water over a bouquet of flowers

You’re probably wondering how they managed to capture such a stunning picture for advertising. There must have been some Photoshop going on, right? Wrong. When you look at the second photo, you can see just how this was taken. Someone just poured water on there while the photo was being taken. The lighting in the background brightens up the whole picture.

Tornado Warning

This picture seems like some photographer put himself in a dangerous situation just to capture a gorgeous picture of a natural disaster. The grey clouds and tornados flying through the air looks like it’s about to destroy this farm! Good thing, there are no people or houses around because that huge tornado would swallow them all!

A photo of a tornado/ making clouds and a mini-tornado/a photo of the mini clouds and tornado

Well, it turns out that this tornado is not a big as I might have thought. Although it looks extremely realistic, this is just a model! That’s right; it’s a miniature version of clouds and tornados. The artist and photographer is incredible! He even added the phony field to capture the feel! It’s crazy how point of view and photography can completely change your perspective!

Running to Shore

This couple wanted a beach theme for their wedding. In that case, what better place to take engagement photos than the beach? In this photo, you can see the couple running to shore, holding hands all romantically. It almost looks like this picture was taken straight out of a movie! Plus, look at how stunning the colors are.

A couple running in the water/taking a picture of a couple running in the water

Well, when you see how this picture was actually taken, your perception completely changes. The girl looks like she is having a blast, but her boyfriend’s face tells a different story. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else as she’s grabbing him. Pretty classic and relatable. Taking the picture from a certain angle with perfect lighting is what makes it so genuine and convincing!

Flour Fight

This girl looks like she is in a typical photoshoot, and many of us have seen similar pictures. Do you ever wonder what makes people look so pale and have white streaks in their hair? I figured people just had some fun with Photoshop afterward. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. This photoshoot actually involves much more fun than I have ever thought.

Picture of a girl during a photoshoot/Spilling flour all around/photographers taking a photo of the girl with flour everywhere

This girl literally gets flour poured on her in order to capture the foggy background and pale look. Check out these photographers getting flour all over the place! I’m not exactly what one would call a model. However, this is a photoshoot I would be interested in! A flour fight is definitely my idea of fun… then again, that might be why I’m not a model.

The Runaway Kids

What an adorable picture of two kids in love who took a break from their motorcycle ride. I must say, I’m really into those bandanas, is that weird? They just look so cute! The picture basically speaks for itself; it doesn’t look like it took much to take a picture like that, right? It just looks like two kids on the run!

A boy and girl leaning against a motorcycle/ a guy taking the photo of a boy and girl leaning against a motorcycle

Well, if you look at the second picture, you can see how it was taken. Well, I didn’t really expect this! The picture looks so close up; it’s hard to believe that the photographer is so far away. Plus, he is laying down on the floor! I guess, in order to capture their shoes and helmets so wonderfully takes more effort than I would have thought.

Hot Lava

Well, this is an amazing volcano eruption if I have ever seen one (which I haven’t). All the fire coming down those streams make it look even more mesmerizing. You might be wondering how someone was able to capture a shot that is so close up to hot, dangerous lava. They probably left a camera there are ran away to get the footage without putting themselves in danger.

A photo of a volcano/ a replica of a mini volcano

Wrong… again. When you look at the next picture, you may be a little disappointed. This isn’t a real volcano eruption at all! Similarly to the tornado photo, this is just a model. The artist who built this is unbelievably talented, and so is the photographer. It took a lot of skill to make this volcano eruption look as real as it does.

Gorgeous Landscape

What a beautiful view! Just looking at this picture, I feel like I just completed a hike in the desert! The beautiful clouds and the dusty air looks absolutely amazing, and I’m suddenly in the mood for a camping trip! Nothing better than the great outdoors, right? All-natural! Well, that may not really be the case here.

landscape photos in the mountains/taking a photo of a landscape on a projector/taking a photo of a landscape from the ground

Disappointingly, this photo is the furthest from natural you can get. The photo is obviously gorgeous, but it’s not real! However, it does show some behind the scenes magic photographers use. In addition to the screen with clouds, there are some hanging right in front of the camera lenses. It makes me wonder how many movie scenes are created this way.

Starry Night

This is such an incredible sight! Personally, I love looking out at the stars, so this is a view I’d love to see in real life. The gorgeous blue light brightens up with an amazing night sky. It’s so unbelievable that if it weren’t for those trees, I would probably think this is fake. Well, unfortunately, I won’t be able to see this view anytime soon.

A gorgeous photo of the stars and blue sky/ making a picture look like the stars and the blue sky

The trees seem to be there to throw me off, and it worked. When you look at the second picture, you can see how this photo was created. The bright blue light isn’t actually there. This was done using genius lighting and positioning. It’s crazy how the power of a camera can create such a stunning illusion.

Flower Child

This is such a stunning picture of a model who appears to be in a field full of sunflowers. There is one on her eye and all around her. She looks like she is lying peacefully in a grassy meadow. A field covered in sunflowers seems like a nice place for a romantic picnic date! Well, this picture may not be as elegant as it may seem.

A picture of a girl with a flower covering her eye/ A girl laying down on the sidewalk getting her picture taken

Once you see how this picture was taken, your perspective on it may change a little. Or a lot. In reality, this girl is laying down on a pavement outside. The only reason it looks like she’s surrounded by grass is because her head is in the bushes! This one really could have fooled me! This is definitely one talented photographer.

Clowning Around

This is such a cute photograph! This must be some sort of clown photo shoot, considering the girl is dressed like a mime and has dice in her mouth. How difficult do you think it must be to take a picture like this? I would assume that the photographer is right outside the window. As soon as you look at the second picture, you will see that I’m not wrong.

A girl with pretty clown makeup and dice in her mouth/ A guy sitting on a roof taking a picture

It’s just not exactly what I expected. I imagined him standing outside a one-story window, not sitting on a roof of a second-story window. This is obviously an extremely talented photographer because look how amazing the picture came out at the end. The girl kind of reminds me of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz but, that just might be because of her pig-tales.

Setting the World on Fire

This picture looks like a girl is smoking something, and a map of the world is burning behind her. I think it’s some sort of metaphor. It’s probably trying to portray the destruction and dangers of smoking, but what do I know? Well, believe it or not, it didn’t take Photoshop to get the fire to appear in the background.

A girl smoking with a fire in a background/ A girl getting her picture taken while a guy is setting a map on fire behind her

Instead, a man is literally standing there, holding a burning map. That’s probably why the picture is so close up. If it was any further away, you would be able to see the man and this photography secret would be revealed! Thanks to the second picture, the illusion is ruined anyway. Still, it’s a pretty cool idea and an interesting concept for a photo.

Cherry Eye

This picture is half pretty and half creepy. Cherries are a fun way to brighten up a picture, but when you appear to have a red eye, it’s a bit unsettling. Her shirt is covered in cherries too, so either she’s obsessed with cherries, or this was the concept for the photoshoot. Well, the picture came out gorgeous, but check out how it was shot.

A girl with a cherry covering her eye/ someone taking a photo of a girl with her head down on a table

It’s kind of funny to see the second photo and realize what is going on. I thought this was probably taken in a studio considering how good the quality of the picture is. Well, in reality, the model and camera crew went to take this at a table in a café. You can even see the reflection of other customers if you look at the background.