The 1000-Pound Sisters Aren’t 1000 Pounds Anymore

Another binge-worthy reality show courtesy of TLC, 1000-lb. Sisters follows the Slaton sisters, Amy and Tammy, as they try to regain control of their lives. Both suffer from a detrimental food addiction, one that has robbed them of a normal life, in particular, Tammy, who has been housebound for the past six years. She’s incapable of moving herself and relies heavily on her sister for basically everything.

 Amy and Tammy Slaton / Amy Slaton / Tammy and Amy Slaton / Tammy Slaton
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The third season of the show is right around the corner, but before we get into the details of what to expect, let’s take a closer look at this addictive docu-series. What’s real and what’s fake? Why was Tammy upset about Amy’s pregnancy? And what are Amy’s best diet tips for shedding the pounds? Scroll down for the answers.

They Became Famous Because of a YouTube Challenge

Internet challenges are fun, entertaining, and all the rage these days. Participating in one of them is exactly how these two sisters got everyone’s attention. After Tammy and Amy Slaton opened a YouTube channel in 2011, they began uploading wacky content, including the Chubby Bunny challenge, where they stuffed a bunch of marshmallows in their mouths and mumbled the words “chubby bunny.”

Tammy and Amy Slaton are interviewing as they both sit on the couch.
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The video has 2.6 million views! 2.6 million people tuned in to watch these two Kentucky sisters giggle and shove sweets into their mouths until they couldn’t any more. Some viewers found it endearing, others not so much, and some we’re assuming weren’t so sure what to make of it.

The Sisters Have to Put Up With Online Bullying

While the Slaton sisters have racked up lots of die-hard fans through their YouTube channel and other social media accounts, they’ve also had to learn that being famous comes with a price, a hurtful one. They’ve had to (and still do) endure harsh criticism from online bullies.

Amy Slaton is crying.
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In 2017, Amy uploaded a clip of herself reading out loud some disturbing and mean comments a couple of viewers left on their YouTube channel. Luckily, the sisters have each other’s backs, and they’ve grown some seriously thick skin over the years.

The Show’s Promos Exaggerate the Sisters’ Unhealthy Habits

The show’s creators love stretching the truth and creating drama when making the promos for each episode. They really play up how the Slatons got so big in the first place. They show them stuffing their faces with an ungraspable amount of food when, in reality, the girls are doing a lot of self-care behind the scenes.

Tammy and Amy are in the kitchen as Amy holds onto a large sausage
Source: TLC

Don’t believe everything they show you in the promos. The episodes themselves are quite different. They follow Amy and Tammy’s journey into a healthier lifestyle as they look into surgical intervention. Still, the show needs ratings, and making those exaggerated promos is just the way to lure in viewers.

Tammy Hasn’t Left the House in Years

Both Tammy and Amy are dangerously big, but Tammy is larger than her sister by several hundred pounds. That means that she hasn’t stepped out of the house (other than for medical appointments) in several years, and she heavily relies on Amy to take care of her.

Tammy sits on the couch drinking a can of soda.
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At about 600 lbs., Tammy needs Amy to help her move around the house. If she didn’t have her sister by her side, she would have needed to hire someone to live with her to help shift her around. Most of Tammy’s outdoor trips these past few years have been due to medical appointments.

There’s More to their Personalities Than What Is Shown

Nobody makes up a character like the production team of a reality TV show. The crew behind the scenes of the TLC’s 1000-lb. Sisters know exactly what to highlight in order to create the desired storyline. It all comes down to editing the footage accordingly.

Tammy is filming herself eating a salad in the kitchen.
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Like a lot of other reality show stars, Amy and Tammy can only do so much to try and tone down the exaggerations and drama. It doesn’t really matter what they do because producers mess around with the footage and play with it as they wish.

They’ve Battled Many Illnesses

Needless to say, being obese can really take a toll on your health. Tammy, in particular, has struggled with a bunch of health issues because of her weight. At around six hundred pounds, she’s suffered from several blood clots.

Amy pushes Tammy in her wheelchair.
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All of these health issues, and the fact that she can barely move, have motivated her to get herself together and make a change for the better. She’s sick of feeling sick and sick of not being able to live her life to the fullest. We wish both her and Amy the best of luck!

The Show Emphasizes their Fights, but Their Sisterly Bond Is Super Strong

It wouldn’t be a true reality show without some squabbles and arguments, so, obviously, the producers love to emphasize dramatic moments where the sisters don’t necessarily agree. Tense moments do happen from time to time, like in any family.

Tammy and Amy put their hands together to make a heart.
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With Tammy having to count on Amy for practically everything, it’s only reasonable that tensions will run high here and there. But for the most part, the siblings are thick as thieves. The love they have for each other is authentic and runs a lot deeper than what we see on TV.

The Reason They Began Overeating

Until Tammy and Amy were around ten years old, their weight was a little above average, but nothing too concerning. But after their grandmother passed away, everything changed. Amy has admitted that her death really threw them off and changed their lives forever.

Tammy Slaton high school photo / Amy Slaton high school photo.
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Their nanna was the most important figure in their lives. When their mom was working around the clock and barely at home to care for them, their grandma stepped in and became their parental role model. When she died, they turned to unhealthy foods for comfort.

Amy Is Married

The Slatons are actually a party of three because Amy is married to a man named Michael. Her relationship with her hubby is a significant part of her quest to lose weight. She began losing weight so she could start a family with him.

Amy and Michael on their wedding day.
Source: TLC

Incredibly, the couple welcomed a baby boy named Gage Halterman in November of 2020! And even though he was born with low blood sugar, he didn’t need any additional time in the hospital and is currently healthy and happy. “Having a baby means the world to me,” Amy told reporters, “It’s everything I’ve always wanted.”

How Much Does Amy Slaton Weigh Today?

When viewers were first introduced to the Slaton sisters, they weren’t even able to weigh themselves on a regular scale. After stepping on a larger scale, Amy found out that she weighed approximately 400 lbs. After that discovery, she freaked out.

Amy at her current weight.
Source: TLC

Amy decided it was time to get serious about her weight loss. She began swimming and tracked everything she ate. Ultimately, she shed enough pounds to have weight loss surgery.

After the birth of her son Gabe, Amy worked hard to get down to her current weight of 270 lbs.

What About Tammy Slaton?

Tammy’s weight loss journey is different than her sister’s. At the time of her first weigh-in, the scale showed a whopping 600 lbs. And sadly, when Amy decided to take on swimming, Tammy couldn’t join her because she was too heavy to walk down the stairs into the pool.

Tammy gives an interview.
Source: TLC

For that reason, things have been a lot more difficult for her. So difficult, that by the end of the show’s second season, she had actually gained several pounds. “I just wasn’t doing what I needed to do. I mean, sometimes I try to eat healthier, and then other days I’m like, ‘What the heck’s the point?’” she said on the show.

What’s Waiting for Us on Season Three?

Tammy and Amy’s weight loss is far from over. Viewers will be tuning in to see more of the Slaton sisters as the show’s Season Three is already filming. There’s a reason why fans are so hooked on these relatable sisters. “We admire their genuine, evolving journeys, and we are rooting for them as they pursue paths toward healthier lifestyles,” Alon Orstein, producer at TLC, said.

Amy and Tammy pose for a promotional photo.
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Since the shooting has begun, fans of the show have noticed that Amy is looking slimmer than ever. Tammy hasn’t changed much, yet she’s started dating someone new (according to her TikTok account). Her new man is a self-proclaimed lover of large women, a fact that worries several fans. They believe he might hinder her weight loss progress.

The Painful Reason Tammy Didn’t Attend Amy’s Wedding

During the show’s first season, Amy remarried Michael. Her first time exchanging vows with him was long before she became a reality show star, in a simple courthouse ceremony, which Tammy did not attend. According to several sources, the reason for that was due to some sketchy diet pills.

Tammy, Amy, Michael pose at the wedding.
Source: TLC

The pills caused some serious stomach pains that made it impossible for Tammy to get up and ready to go to Amy’s wedding. Thankfully, she was able to make it to the second one that aired on the show. Amy was thrilled to see Tammy in the event. It wouldn’t have been the same without her.

Fans Created a Petition for Season Three

Ratings for 1000-lb. Sisters skyrocketed during the second season, and when it ended, viewers were left hungry for more. Die-hard fans of the show created an actual petition to get the third season up and running. They sent it around the web and collected an impressive number of signatures.

Tammy and Amy throw cream pies in each other’s faces.
Source: TLC

The petition reads: “There’s an overwhelmingly huge fan base for Amy & Tammy Slaton on 1000-lb. Sisters, and we want to secure Seasons Three & Four to be renewed ASAP. We also would like to see a bigger budget for the show. This is a lot of people’s favorite show on television, and we are concerned about renewal.”

Tammy’s Doctor Is Proud of Her

Season Two ended with Tammy learning that she had actually gained weight, despite all her efforts to change her habits and lifestyle. Surprisingly, her doctor wasn’t upset by the results. “I’m really proud of you for the fact that you just admitted, ‘I don’t know how to stop,’ because that’s the first step in asking somebody to try to help you learn to stop,” Dr. Smith told her.

Tammy sits down with her doctor at his office.
Source: TLC

“You could’ve blamed that you couldn’t get out of bed, you could’ve blamed that you had COVID and you could’ve blamed that you were in the hospital, and you didn’t,” he added, “And believe it or not, that’s a step forward from where you’ve been in the past. So, you just made progress even though your weight went up.”

This Star of TLC’s 1000-lb. Sisters Once Tried to Take Her Own Life

Chronic medical issues not only affected Tammy’s physical abilities but being housebound for years has caused her to develop crippling depression. She felt isolated and told People magazine that life eventually got so overwhelming she even considered taking her own life.

Tammy is on a mobile oxygen tank.
Source: Reddit

Thankfully, the show became her wake-up call, motivating her to make some big shifts in her life to ensure a long and happy life. “I had a feeling that if I didn’t make changes now, I wasn’t going to live past 35,” she confessed.

How Twitter Reacted to the Show

In late 2019, TLC announced it would be airing the docuseries 1000-lb. Sisters, unveiling the first promo clip of the show. Viewers who saw the trailer went straight to Twitter to express their thoughts. Many mocked it by writing things like: “not trying to judge these women, but when you’re in that position WHY would you make Lasagna, Chicken and Dumplings, two Desserts and a Peanut Butter and Mayo sandwich for dinner?”

Amy and Tammy sit in front of a table with multiple dishes.
Source: Twitter

But not everyone was quick to judge. One fan wrote “I was really trying not to get locked into another reality series in 2020, but this 1000-lb. Sisters from @TLC already has me hooked.” Another added, “The #1000-lb. Sisters was actually…good? I’m surprised I liked it!”

The Sisters Got Messy Promoting Their Show

Before TLC launched the show, the network uploaded a clip on to Facebook showing the girls undertaking the Dressed Banana challenge. In it, Tammy questions, “What the heck is a Dressed Banana?” Amy tells her that the challenge involves peeling a banana, dipping it in a jar of savory salad dressing, and then covering it all over with crushed peanuts.

Amy and Tammy are sitting on their front porch.
Source: TLC

The video also shows the sisters sitting on the porch giggling about people’s comments. “When people see us eating the banana, the comments… are gonna be tellin’ us we don’t need to be eatin’ it,” Tammy assumed. “We’re getting so used to it now,” Amy added.

Why They Believed That the Show Would Shed “a Different Light” on Them

In an interview with the Louisville Courier Journal, the Slaton sisters shared that it was their fans on YouTube who first approached TLC, convincing the network to make a TV docuseries about their lives. The sisters were thrilled when they heard that the network was interested and said that they hope that the series would show their fans a different side to them.

Tammy and Amy unpack a shake weight and other exercise equipment.
Source: TLC

“Doing the show is one way to give us a different light because you can only show so much on YouTube,” Amy noted. “This is actually day-to-day stuff that we deal with.” Those day-to-day things include struggling with their diet, trying to receive eligibility to undergo surgery, and raising a family.

The Stars of TLC’s 1000-lb. Sisters Are Committed to Their Weight-Loss Journey

According to People magazine, Tammy and Amy filmed the show’s first season in May of 2019. And several months later, in December of that same year, they told the magazine that they’ve been taking their weight loss goal seriously and that the show isn’t simply a way for them to get rich.

Amy is doing a dance workout.
Source: TLC

The sisters said they have removed sugar from their diets and have been eating nothing but “low-carb, high-protein” foods. Each sister has also embraced a different type of physical activity. Tammy reportedly loves swimming (although she had to stop at one point because her weight has made it impossible for her to move). And Amy said she enjoys dancing and going on long walks with Michael, her husband.

Their Weight Loss Tips

Getting on track with their eating habits has required a dramatic change for Amy and Tammy. At the start of 2020, they shared some diet tips in an interview. “Mostly, I’ll just drink water and coffee,” Amy reported, adding that giving up on sodas was terribly hard.

Amy is drinking out of a carton.
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Tammy agreed and said that giving up sweet drinks was her biggest challenge: “I mean, I’m still having trouble giving up soda and fried foods, but I think I’m doing a lot better than what I used to do.” The girls have also discovered some creative fixes for their guilty pleasures, like swapping macaroni with cauliflower for their mac and cheese dishes.

The Show Has Affected Their Relationship

Discussing their fame, Amy said she was happy to have Tammy by her side. “It’s easier to go through the journey with somebody rather than alone,” she explained. Being on TV differed from their regular YouTube appearances, Tammy explained, in the sense that it’s “more in the day of the life.”

Amy and Tammy are laughing in bed.
Source: TLC

Fans get to see more of how their lives are and what choices they’re making to improve their health. The show has definitely brought the girls more together. “I think this has brought us closer together in a sense that we know what the other one is going through,” Tammy explained.

The Sisters Made It to the Front Page of Their Local Paper

In January 2020, Tammy Slaton tweeted and shared a brief video flaunting the front page of The Journal-Enterprise. “We made front page!” she exclaimed in the video, holding up a huge photo of the two on the newspaper’s cover.

A my and Tammy are interviewing on the couch.
Source: TLC

Her post received a string of positive responses from her fans on Twitter. One follower wrote: “Proud of you both….YOU CAN DO THIS BABE,” and another added, “You gals make me smile.” Many fans agreed that seeing the girls on TV has inspired them to make changes to their lives as well.

Why Tammy Was Mad When She Heard Amy Was Pregnant

In December 2020, news came out about Amy’s pregnancy. The promo video for the show’s second season showed Amy saying: “Having a baby means the world to me, it’s everything I’ve always wanted.” But while fans were overjoyed, Tammy wasn’t.

Amy and Michael dress all in white as the pose for pregnancy photos.
Source: Twitter

“When I first heard that Amy was pregnant, I was feeling all sorts of things,” Tammy explained, “I was mad and sad and worried about her health and safety since it was so soon after her surgery.” And when Amy told her sister she was pregnant, Tammy responded with “Really? Are you freakin’ serious?”

Amy’s Shopping List for Her Baby

Amy ordered a bunch of goods for her baby boy, including onesies, blankets, and the regular baby stuff. One of the items was a hilarious little onesie with the slogan “Breaking hearts & blasting farts” imprinted on it, with a picture of a heart passing gas.

Amy holds up her newborn son.
Source: Twitter

A different onesie had the phrase “Stephen King Rules” on it, and another horror-related one showed Chuckie, the creepy scary flick doll holding a knife. And lastly, another item on Amy’s shopping list was an electronic chair intended to aid breastfeeding.

Tammy Had Covid

In November of 2020, Tammy revealed that she, like millions of other Americans, had tested positive for COVID-19. She uploaded a video on YouTube titled “Thankful” in which she filmed herself in a hospital bed receiving oxygen to improve her breathing. Due to her weight, she faced possible death.

Tammy sits at home hooked up to oxygen.
Source: Pinterest

Tammy said she had hoped that she didn’t contract it, yet she did. “It is what it is,” she shrugged, revealing that COVID wasn’t the only thing she was battling. As it turns out, she also had pneumonia. She finished off the video by saying that her situation was improving and that she was going to get out soon.

Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

In a video that Amy and Tammy uploaded on their YouTube channel in January 2021, they talked about Amy’s “weird pregnancy cravings.” Amy grabbed a peppermint patty and placed it on top of a strawberry, then jammed the minty-fruity mix into her mouth.

Amy is eating at the kitchen table.
Source: TLC

“I dare you [to put] a peppermint patty with an eggroll,” Tammy challenged her sister. Amy took her up on the offer and grabbed an eggroll from the container nearby. She devoured the weird combo while Tammy, unable to watch, turned to face the other way.

A Heartbreaking Death

In January 2020, Tammy posted on Instagram to tell her followers that the reason she and her sister hadn’t been very active on social media was because they were going through a recent death in the family. As it turns out, their stepdad, Robert Rednour, passed away at the young age of 62.

A photo of Robert Rednour.
Source: Facebook

He had married the sisters’ mom back in 2013. His obituary read that he had been “a volunteer dispatcher, rescue, and firefighter” for several years before becoming a full-time firefighter. Written on the obituary: “He loved his dogs, enjoyed fishing, sightseeing, and bird watching,”

The Show Focuses on the Psychological Impact of Weight Loss

There have been many weight loss shows through the years, but none like 1000-lb. Sisters. The show has put a spin on the whole genre and focuses not only on the physical aspects of obesity and weight loss journeys but also on the mental aspects.

Tammy and Amy sit on their front porch.
Source: TLC

Rather than focusing on the numbers on the scale, the show centers around the hardships that Tammy and Amy have had to endure due to their condition. It looks at the psychological impact weight loss has on people’s lives. It’s a moving docuseries, one that sparks a sense of compassion and empathy from the viewer.

The Sisters Are Upset Over the Price Differences Between Healthy and Junk Food

It’s pretty easy to judge others, we do it all the time. And it’s even easier to believe that shedding pounds is as easy as eliminating junk food from our diets for good. Unfortunately, things never really go as planned, in particular when it comes to financing such a big shift in diet.

Tammy is taking a bite of a sandwich.
Source: Reddit

Tammy and Amy have criticized the food industry a lot, claiming that one of the reasons most people turn to junk food is because it’s way cheaper than healthy foods. “At McDonalds,” Amy stated, “you can get a cheeseburger for a dollar, but a salad costs like five.”

The Sisters’ Relationship Wasn’t the Best Before the Show

Tammy’s constant health struggles meant that she had to move away from Amy and her husband Michael a little before they all appeared on the show. For a while, it looked as though the sisters were both happy to lead their own lives apart. But unfortunately, everything changed when Tammy left the hospital and told Amy she needed her help.

Amy with a look of shock on her face.
Source: TLC

Amy quickly moved in with Tammy and helped her around the house. Understandably, living together put a serious strain on their relationship. They were fighting over everything, and neither of the girls knew how to live peacefully with the other. Thankfully, it all changed for the better when they signed with TLC.

How Much Do They Get Paid for the Show?

So far, the girls have kept quiet about their income. They’re constantly bombarded with messages from followers of the show who claim that they’re likely super rich from the show. Tammy was quick to shut one of them down on her social media account.

Tammy and Amy sit with their dog on the front porch.
Source: TLC

She argued that she’s broke and that TLC is rich, not her. Still, fans have been trying to come up with a salary price range per episode. Some assume that the girls are making anywhere between $3,000 to $10,000 per episode.

As for their net worth, it’s been reported that Amy is worth around $250,000 and Tammy around $100,000.

Tammy Feels Troubled

Tammy once said that making videos online is like writing a diary. It helps her organize her thoughts, which, according to her, are incredibly scattered. She recently said she isn’t doing too well in terms of staying on a healthy track. She finds it hard to resist temptation.

A photo of Tammy Slaton.
Source: Reddit

She’s also been slacking off with her vegetables. She says it’s a lot easier to just slip back into her old habits, because they’re “so comforting.” Sadly, when she does spiral into unhealthy habits, she feels extremely disgusted with herself. She cries a lot over it.

A Local Business Gave Tammy a New Goal

Tammy once went out to get a mani-pedi, but after taking a few steps into the beauty salon, she realized she couldn’t get the pampering treatment done. That’s because there was a flight of stairs leading to where the chairs were. She couldn’t go up.

Tammy is doing a makeup tutorial.
Source: Youtube

On the show, Tammy worked with the salon’s owners to find out if there was another way she could get her toes painted. The salon’s owner told her that if she lost enough weight, she would give her a manicure for free. Sounds like a solid deal!

The Bulge on Tammy’s Forehead

Anyone who has watched the show has probably noticed the weird lump on Tammy’s forehead. Many viewers were curious as to what might have caused the peculiar bump. The answer? It’s a lump that is medically referred to as a fat socket.

A photo of Tammy Slaton.
Source: TLC

Tammy’s body had begun storing fat in odd places, including her forehead. One doctor ensured her that if she lost weight, her forehead would slowly lose its bulge. As of now, Tammy still has the bulge. She’s, sadly, still very much overweight.

They Hope to Inspire Others to Get Better

There are many people who find Tammy and Amy to be funny, yet as much as the sisters are happy to put a smile on people’s faces, that’s not the reason they agreed to do the show. One of the main reasons was to inspire others struggling with weight loss to get better.

Tammy and Amy at a “Meet and Greet”.
Source: Twitter

The sisters have been through hell and back in their weight loss journeys. And while Amy has been more successful at it than Tammy, both sisters know what it’s like to feel incredibly down. So far, there are many viewers who have been genuinely inspired by their journey.

They Have a Rocky Relationship With Their Mom

Amy and Tammy are super tight sisters, and one of the reasons for that is because, growing up, they had to rely on each other. Their mom was at work for most of the day, and, apart from their grandma, they had no one else to care for them.

Darlene Rednour, Tammy, and Amy’s mother.
Source: TLC

After her death, they had no one but each other to rely on. To this day, their relationship with their mom isn’t the best, although both sides are working on improving it. We hope that time will be able to heal some of the family’s wounds.