Tall People Problems, The Struggle Is Real

Being tall is beautiful and for some it can be a bit bothersome, depending on how you accept your height. If you accept yourself for who you are, you might be able to find the humor in everything. Just for you guys and girls to know, many people prefer taller people anyway; there’s more to love!

Celebrities standing with a very tall woman
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Here is a list of funny things that happen to many tall people!

Umm, Mate, Not to Be Rude but I’m Trying to Do My Thing Here.

Well, this poor guy seems to be innocently doing his thing until this lengthy being came in and made the toilet stall walls redundant.

Two tall men taller than bathroom stalls
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Pathetic joke: Have you ever noticed that there is a piece of clothing referred to as ‘shorts?’ Because I simply can’t seem to recall ever seeing a garment being called ‘talls.’

This Seat Is Taken for My Other Butt Cheek

All this poor guy wants to do is go away on a nice trip and now he will endure many hours of numb buttocks. He would have to hold his breath in order to avoid an explosion.

Large man barely fits in an airplane seat
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Pathetic joke: Do you know why short pants were invented? So that tall people would not look like they’re constantly wearing capri pants.

Giraffe Problems

Can you imagine waking up from a lovely afternoon nap and slowly coming to your senses? You get up and stretch and BANG, fan 1 – me 0.

Tall persons head reaching the ceiling fan
Source: Reddit.com

Pathetic joke: It’s not tall people’s faults that they think they are the center of the whole universe. They simply can’t see anyone else.

I Switch Sides, It Works as A Good Stretching Mechanism

First, being a man and trying to accomplish the difficulties in regards to finding the right aim is hard enough, but trying to accomplish this with your neck squashed against the ceiling is another challenge on its own.

A tall man standing with his head touching the roof
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Pathetic joke: How many tall people would it take to screw in a light bulb? Two; because one would need to get a chair and the other one would need to call a short person for help.

The Sky is Your Limit, Just Kidding, Your Height Is

Well, that’s new. I have never ever in my life seen a person be too tall to enter parking areas! One moment you could be walking peacefully and the next, you’re unconscious.

A man is as tall as a parking lot height caution board
Source: awesomeinventions.com

Pathetic joke: Do you know what the difference is between a 5-foot person and a 6-foot person? The 6-foot guy has an extra foot of height.

Yeah Man, it’s Pretty Hot Down Here

I quite like this idea. Picture this: if you are ever angry at your boyfriend, and you can’t stand the sight of him for a moment, just look straight forward, it’s like he never existed.

An extremely short man and tall woman walking hand in hand
Source: YouTube.com

Pathetic joke: Do you know where tall people go to find boyfriends or girlfriends? Usually at the top of a step ladder.

A Deduction of 3 Feet

I had quite the chuckle looking at this picture. Let’s take a minute to discuss his great posture. I mean, how does he do that?

A man doing the splits to look through a small telescope
Source: the sun.co.uk

Pathetic joke: You’re so tall that if you had to take more than one step backward, you would probably land on the other side of the world.

A Dutchman and Chinese Reporters

I have to say well done to this guy. I wouldn’t have been able to stand there seriously and give a report with a straight face while standing like that.

Small reporters interviewing a tall dutchman
Source: winkgo.com

Pathetic joke: Inside every single short man, (very short) is a tall man doubled over in pain.

You’ve Got Me on My Knees Baby

This guy has literally one of the best cards in his pocket. Honey, get up, you have an excuse – you are too tall. Let your lady do the cooking. My man would die for this card.

A man on his knees to be short enough to cook
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Pathetic joke: I almost pulled a hamstring reaching for that joke.

When You Find Your Match

What a beautiful memory to have: all your best friends standing beside you, reminding you of how tall you are or how short they are.

The tall groom and his short groomsmen, a tall wife, and her short bridesmaids.
Source: lifebuzz.com

Pathetic Joke: How do you make tall people look more awkward? You can’t.

Luckily It Was in The Middle and Not the Bottom

Can you imagine if those drinks were on the bottom shelf? He would have to call a short person and ask for help.

A man’s head is touching the roof of the grocery store
Source: inspire.com

VERY Pathetic joke: Your mamma is so tall that she uses the actual Empire State Building as a toothpick.

The Only Way He Can Shower

This darling soul went on a family vacation. He tried to take a shower on their boat, and this is the only way he can stand up and shower.

Man taking a shower on a boat with his head coming out the roof of the boat
Source: Reddit.com

Pathetic joke: The other day I Googled ‘tall people,’ and the funny thing was, the only results Google showed was ‘broken ceiling fans.’

Daddy Long Legs

This picture reminds me of how my father used to call me, ‘Daddy Long Legs.’ I think he’s the ‘Save me a seat’ go-to-guy.

A tall man sitting in his chair with his legs occupying the chair in front of him too
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Pathetic joke: What do Bode Miller and tall people have in common? Both of them look like they’re wearing snow skis.

The Lady That Carried Me

When you look at smaller or short parents, you think, how on earth did you manage to make such a tall baby?

Short mom standing on the table to hug her large son
Source: YouTube.com

Pathetic joke: Tall people are who the family will first look for. If someone gets lost in a crowd, go find the tall person.

Well That’s Normal

When I see this lady, it makes me giggle. She has a laugh on her face, making the best out of her life. I’m not sure what the guy behind her is looking at though, her bank info or the situation.

Tall lady on her knees in front of an ATM Cash machine
Source: Imgur.com

Pathetic joke: Every single time a tall person happens to bump their head, somewhere out there, a short person is smiling.

One Way to Distract Yourself from The Reality of Working Out

I kind of like this idea. Remove a ceiling board and insert your head. Your body will suffer as you work out, and you’re too busy running away from mice in the attack.

A tall man standing with his head through the ceiling board
Source: Thesun.co.uk

Pathetic joke: It’s not a tall person’s fault that they think they are the center of the whole universe. They just can’t seem to see anyone else.

Shower Head or Shower Throat?

Okay, this is your time to stand up for what’s right, demand that the showerhead be attached to the ceiling. It’s not okay!

A man is too tall for the shower, the head reaches his throat
Source: lifebuzz.com

Pathetic joke: What does a very tall person do when they see an airplane, bird or superman flying over? Duck as fast as possible.

I Just Love Sharing My Kisses with Everything

I am one of the clumsiest people alive, so, I guess I am blessed that I am not that tall. I would have a broken neck by the age of 14.

A man that can’t get through any entrance without ducking
Source: winkgo.com

Pathetic jokes: What do chopsticks and tall people have in common? They’re both awkward at some of the most inopportune moments.

Tall Guy’s Problem 101

I guess this could be very therapeutic. We all know how men take two hours in the bathrooms. This guy can fill the bath with hot water and make a spa.

Tall man sitting on the toilet with his long legs in the bath
Source: YouTube.com

Pathetic joke: What do a tall elf and a tall wizard have in common? They both seem to require a short hobbit to save their butts.


I mean, you are replying, so technically you can’t sleep. I would sleep in a ball for the rest of my days.

Text messages between friends
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Pathetic joke: Tall people are like the giraffes of the human race since the beginning of time and they also look like slinkies when they are running.

I’m Not Looking on Purpose

I think it’s a bigger disappointment when everyone else can read your facial expressions and understand what you are going through.

A man to tall for bathroom stalls
Source: awesomeinventions.com

Pathetic Joke: What is the least awkward way to hug someone? If you go shoulder to shoulder or hip to the chest?

Cooking Comes from The Heart

Cooking comes from the heart, not from the brain. Who needs to see what they are cooking anyway? You’re doing a great job. That egg looks great! (I think its an egg).

A man standing over his kitchen exhaust hood
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Short person: Wow, you’re so tall, do you play basketball?

Tall person: Wow you’re so short, do you play mini-golf?

I Can See Clearly Now the Shield Is Gone

This guy spent a heck of a lot of money on this fancy car, but he forgot one thing – his height! It looks kind of dangerous to me…

A tall man driving a sports car, his head goes over the sunroof
Source: Reddit.com

Pathetic joke: Would you like to know how to make a tall person angry? You just need to pick them up in a small car.

This Looks Like a Good Step, Come, My Love

Have you ever experienced kissing someone that’s way taller than you? This man thought ahead and found a stair. He saved his neck, good for him!

A couple kissing, however, the woman as tall and he’s a miniature.
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Pathetic joke: It’s a fact: tall people sleep way, way longer in bed.

Fair Enough

Fair enough; however, you forgot one – how does the future look from there? This person has a great sense of humor.

Badges answering tall people questions
Source: lifebuzz.com

Pathetic joke: I think the most frightening thing ever is getting up, stretching and accidentally hitting the ceiling fan while it’s on.

More to Love

All I can think of here is to tell him, ‘I know you’re distracted with the picture taking right now, but please watch your head on your way out.’ He’s the same height as the door.

A tall guy hugging a short girl
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Pathetic joke: If short guys go for short girls, and tall guys go for short girls, who do tall girls have? Cats mostly.

Roof Scrapers

These guys took a trip and a photo of them both standing inside a kitchen in Copenhagen. Don’t know what that’s supposed to mean but I’m guessing; extra tall.

Two tall men standing in a kitchen, their heads touching the roof
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Pathetic joke: When you walk into a room full of people, the first person you see is the other long specimen hovering around. The good news is that if you do meet them, they probably won’t comment on your height for at least a few minutes.

The Faces Say Enough

This is his buddy’s house and he really hates his buddies house, and I’m sure we can understand why.

A tall man and his short friend posing for a picture
Source: Reddit.com

Pathetic joke: Our spirit animals aren’t giraffes; however, our spirit animals may be ostriches, moose, or any predatory bird.

What’s Going on Here?

I can’t tell what the object or purpose of this contest is, but from what I gather, they measure the shortest man on earth while standing next to the tallest woman on earth.

Tall women measuring a tiny man
Source: time.com

Pathetic joke: When people say, Hey, how is the air up there?’ It’s not funny. We smile and nod, while inside, you die a little more, cueing fake laughter.

Well That’s Not Going to Work

This made me laugh; how does he do it? Would he put a pillow under his butt to make him taller, so his head is out the roof or to put his head to the side?

A man was sitting in his car with his head popping out the sunroof.
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Pathetic joke: How do you make a taller person angry? Buy them a small car. (Don’t do that, that’s mean).

What Is This Supposed to Do?

I never quite understood the purpose of these darned things anyway. Is it to protect you from rain or shelter from the sun? Whatever the purpose, it seems redundant.

A man standing at an ATM with the shelter over him
Source: Reddit.com

Pathetic joke: Basements suites are almost always out of the question and in fact, head clearance is almost always an issue.

I’ve Had It Up to Here

No seriously, this happens to be a serious question. If there aren’t things to climb on and you want a serious kiss, what are creative ways to make that possible?

A short girl with her tall boyfriend
Source: inspire.com

Pathetic joke: How do you infuriate your short partner? Just pick them up, they can’t reach the floor. That would drive them insane.

Can’t Catch a Break, Even in a Hospital

There are numerous ways Murphey’s Law could try and test you – by a random bridge jumping out of nowhere or hotel beds not feeling so luxurious, but a hospital bed? Come on, people.

A tall man is too tall for the hospital bed
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Pathetic joke: You can’t just sleep anywhere. When arguments occur, one topic that somehow always seems to surface is: ‘Why do I always have to be the big spoon?’

Short vs. Tall

Wait a minute; I am not quite sure if it’s the Chinese people there that are extremely tiny or if it’s the guy? The guy looks a bit taller than average but buddy, this time it’s them, not you.

A short woman taking a tall man’s measurements
Source: lifebuzz.com

Pathetic joke: But at least you haven’t been asked to present a form of identification since the age of 11. There’s a plus side.

Good Boy, You’ve Been Eating Your Spinach

This humbled man is quite tall, look at the table compared to his knees. I thought she was a little person.

A man in a doctor’s room having his height calculated
Source: YouTube.com

Pathetic joke: Kids usually think you’re a superhero.

Superhero name: Tall Man. Height: 4 meters. Superpower: See height

Breath Freshener?

A tall person seems to be upset with the placement of the air freshener. He wrote: This spray does not taste as it smells. Can we move the dispenser? -Tall person.

A note on an air freshener
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Pathetic joke: So, I’m guessing the air isn’t quite great up there. I knew it!

Caption This?

Okay well, that’s to be expected. You joined a family of Asian people. He chose a Scandinavian wife, there is a large chance they won’t be on the same level.

A short family with a tall daughter-in-law
Source: awesomeinventions.com

Pathetic joke: Every tall person needs a short person, but do you know what is Victoria’s Secret? She likes short guys.

Warning, Duck

Well, that’s funny and someone has a ruthless sense of humor. That is quite the funny sign to have put up.

An office prank of a warning sign for tall people to duck in case of an aircraft
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Pathetic joke: What does a tall person do when they see an aircraft heading their way? Simply duck or take cover.

That’s Considerate

It took me a second to understand what’s going on, but if you look towards to ceiling of this picture, you will find the tall people stash.

A separate section in the library, touching the roof is a stash of books for tall people
Source: Imgur.com

Joke: What would you call a tall and attractive person? An evolutionary miracle, (which is true, you all are miracles)