T-Shirt Fails That Make You Proud to Be an American

When I was a child, I remember going to the boardwalk with my family during summer vacations and walking past all the T-Shirt stores. Everywhere you looked it seemed there was something funnier than before. There are thousands of different simple T-shirt designs that all try to get a laugh. We gathered the ones that failed the most, but made us laugh just as much!

Defining the Person

Source: monagiza.com

When I was a young teenager, I would do countless dumb things, and at least in my family, I was believed to be the dumbest member. My mother and father would not trust me with a single thing. However, I never broke a bone, so I must not have been dumb enough to earn this T-shirt.

Believe it and it Will Happen

Source: dailyarmy.com

Sometimes to get what you want; you have to believe that ‘it’s going to happen with all of your heart! This young woman fixed herself up nice and early and decided to go out on the town with a shirt that tells everyone what they should get ready for. A diva!

Capturing the Moment

Source: hyperactivz.com

If you do not go out with a positive attitude, chances are a bad day may follow. This guy not only left the house with a negative attitude, but he also put on a shirt with a really negative attitude to come with it. Poor guy looks like he minded his own business trying to have a good day too.

Bieber Groupies

Source: pupperish.com

This shirt is supposedly saying that a real man is only a real man if he like Justine Beiber. I beg the differ. I think to be a real man, you must show everyone respect, but you can still be a real man and believe that Beiber is not to your liking. As do I.

Owning It

Source: moviepredators.com

From around age 14, I had grown up with a gut and man boobs. At first, I would get made fun of for it, and feel bad about myself for it. I found that once I learned to love myself the way I am and own it, everything around me got better. This guy seems to have gotten a head start in loving himself a long time ago.

Confidence is Key

Source: crowdyfan.com

Here is another excellent example of someone who looks different and does not mind owning his difference. You may be laughing at him for wearing a “”Chick Magnet”” shirt, but which one of you has a cute girl sitting next to him?

Ladies’ Man

Source: picachu.pw

At first glance, it seems as if this young boy is trying to say that there is enough of his smooth skills for more than one spouse. But he could be talking about anything, right? Maybe he is handing out bananas in an all-female town, and he ‘doesn’t want anyone to fight over them.

You Were Warned

Source: YouTube.com

When you are at a Wal-Mart, there are a lot of things you should be careful of. Getting your wallet stolen at the door, buying expired food, maybe a ripped shirt, or an uncomfortable pair of shoes. More than anything, you should be careful of this ‘lady’s farts.

High Standards

Source: lifebuzz.com

This middle-aged man looking to be making curry from his thrift store in the middle of who knows where wants you to know that despite his initial appearance, he only dates models. I fail to imagine any model entering his store anytime soon, but I will cross my fingers for him.

Food for Thought

Source: monagiza.com

Many young teenagers love wearing shirts that essentially say, “”unless ‘you’re not annoying, leave me alone.”” This young girl is making it clear that she would rather you think less around her and stupid more.

You Had One Job!

Source: dailyarmy.com

If I were the manager of this store, I would be super unhappy. After calling and ordering three hundred shirts and seeing such a bad mistake on them. The question is, did he want a shirt that had Africa on it or Asia? And how long did it take anyone to notice?

So Much Wrong on One T

Source: hyperactivz.com

‘I’m all for wearing a shirt that says how much I love hamburgers, but there is so much wrong with this shirt. I ‘don’t know where to start! First of all, they wrote burger wrong, two who says burgers ‘can’t be women, and three there are French fries on the shirt and no burger anywhere to be seen.

Grampa Took Yo Girl

Source: pupperish.com

I always looked up to my grandfather growing up, and I appreciated his swag and karate skills. He made it clear that he could take anyone in any situation. But could he take your girl? This grandpa can! He can take your girl faster than he can say, “where’s my pudding?”

Shameless & Fabulous

Source: moviepredators.com

‘I’m trying to figure out ‘what’s going on this ‘man’s head. The hair, the shirt, the glasses. Is there such a thing as too much swag? That Clint Eastwood looks alike behind him seems to think so. Such haters out there. Let the man have his swag in peace!

Setting an Example

Source: crowdyfan.com

Looks like this landscaping crew never read the back of their shirts before they went out on the job. The shirt says, “”Think Safety.”” I ‘don’t see any safety happening here. Just a guy bouncing around the hatchback of a Mazda. Do as I say but not as my shirt says.

The Cold Hard Proof

Source: picachu.pw

When I was just seven years old, I went on my first day camp in the middle of the woods in North Jersey. On pool day, I got really nervous. So nervous that I had to poop. For some odd reason, I held it in and went inside the pool. Until this day no one knows it was I who pooped up pool day. Good thing I ‘didn’t have a shirt like this one.

Yea ‘it’s the Girls Fault

Source: YouTube.com

His whole life, this man had thought he ‘wasn’t finding a girl to love him because of how he looked. He felt his teeth were too crooked, his nose was too big, and his body was too scrawny. Then he stumbled upon this shirt, and it dawned on him. It was all the girl’s fault that he did not have a partner. Now he wears this shirt every day to let them all he is still single, and every day for some odd reason, he is more unique than he was the day before. At least he is staying positive.

Company Uniform

Source: lifebuzz.com

In on honor of the national gas day, Chevron decided to change their company uniform to a shirt bearing their logo pointing towards your stomach suggesting you have gas. Well, not really, I made that up. But this is the perfect excuse to make it happen.

M.C. Gramps

Source: monagiza.com

“Please welcome grandpa into our gang guys, my grandmother just died, and we need to get him out of the house, sure he may be old but ‘he’s pulling off the t-shirt, and he has the walk down. He can M.C. at the local community center.” What a gangsta old man!

Wrong Band

Source: dailyarmy.com

Sometimes you can pull off messing up a shirt with a band on it. But not if that band is Nirvana! This shirt here is supposed to be showing the band when they were young with the band name at the bottom. Instead, it is showing a whole different group called Hanson. Hanson is the polar opposite of Nirvana in all ‘thing’s music.

Bad Shirt Bad Day

Source: hyperactivz.com

Here is yet another shirt that you just want to leave in the closet or use as a rag. Not because it ‘doesn’t look nice, but because it is somewhat of a bad omen. Just think about it everyone wearing a negative themed shirt, seems to have a negative day. Why not get a shirt that says, “”‘I’m not going to get arrested today.“

Perfect Travel Shirts

Source: pupperish.com

If your grandparents love going on vacation but are also starting to develop extreme dementia than no need to fret, just buy them a couple of shirts like these, and they will never lose one another so long as they wear them.

Just Be Yourself

Source: moviepredators.com

I ‘can’t tell what this guy is doing with his right hand, and ‘I’m not going to say what I think ‘he’s doing. ‘Let’s just hope he is trying to say hello to someone far away. He is making it very clear, however, that you are not going to succeed in kidnapping him.

Martigra Swag

Source: crowdyfan.com

This older adult does not seem like he has a look that matches too much with the young crew here in New Orleans. He backs that up with his “”by Felecia”” style crop top that says clarifies that we are all haters, and he is not going to pay any mind to our antiques.

Cutting off Grandma

Source: picachu.pw

Someone has an alcoholic Grandma who keeps getting lost on her way home from the bar at night. So, her sweet loving grandchildren got her a shirt that translates what she is trying to say when she is under the influence. Only this translation comes word for word.

Taking a Good Dump

Source: YouTube.com

This young Florida seems to be buying their first ever boat to take out into open water. He wore the perfect shirt for the occasion of signing for the buy. He also wants to make sure you have a bathroom prepared everywhere he goes.

Mixed Messages

Source: lifebuzz.com

This old lady (like many others) is giving me mixed messages. On one side, her shirt says that she hates everybody. However, she looks to be very cheerful and happy. Almost as if she loves everybody. Was this a gift from her children to wear as a joke, or does she just hate everybody with a smile?


Source: monagiza.com

Pigs are known to be one of the smartest if not the most intelligent land mammals on earth. They still ‘can’t form a language, though. If they could, they would tell this man to get the heck away from them if he is wearing this shirt to a pig festival.

Confidence Beats All

Source: dailyarmy.com

I may not be fifty, I am somewhat fat, for sure not a diabetic, but I bet that I would not be able to pass a man with a type of confidence in a race. ‘It’s always very encouraging to see people from all walks of life staying healthy. Keep up the excellent work!

Great Way to Relate

Source: hyperactivz.com

When this young boy went on a trip to the local cow farm with his parents, he asked them how he could relate better to the cows so they can come close and get a closer look. So, his parents went and got him a T-shirt with a ‘cow’s face on it. And it sure did work!

Grandma ‘Can’t Read English

Source: pupperish.com

Just like the M.C. Grandpa, you saw earlier; this old lady has the confidence you need to run the streets of N.Y. Check out that stare she gives the camera as she rocks this “”20% Hotter Than You”” shirt. Go ahead, tell her she ‘isn’t, I dare you!

Great Holding Cell Attire

Source: moviepredators.com

A shirt that states that you are almost 100 percent naughty is a perfect shirt if you are trying to party out in a pub. Not too good though if you are trying not to be noticed in your local police holding cell. They may try to test the statistics, and you ‘don’t want that while you’re waiting for your hearing with the Judge.

How Do You Plead?

Source: crowdyfan.com

Imagine getting arrested by the police while wearing a shirt that says “Guilty,” then waiting hours for your hearing with the Judge, only to get on the stand in the courtroom wearing that shirt, and then pleading not guilty. What are the chances this guy went through a similar situation?

‘It’s a Trap

Source: picachu.pw

‘Don’t do it, no matter how tempting the offer may be, this shirt does not give enough context to proceed with the situation. Is the boyfriend in the bathroom? When exactly do you expect him back? Is there even a boyfriend. These are too many questions I ‘don’t want to the answers for.

Great Way to Get a Drink

Source: YouTube.com

If you’re getting catcalled too often at the bar, and just feel like having a good time without being hit on by random strangers. This is the perfect shirt for you! Even if you already did down a couple drinks. At least everyone will get the message that you want to be left alone. That is unless they like hitting on sober girls. In that case, the ball is in your court.

Swipe Left

Source: lifebuzz.com

Just casually flipping through Tinder when all the sudden you came across a cute picture. Then you read this on her T-Shirt. The best advice is to click next. This person is making it clear that they escalate things very quickly, and you may find yourself in muddy waters.

Rub Your Eyes

Source: monagiza.com

Go ahead and rub your eyes, I just did, for a second, I thought that was a girl in a bikini. At second glance, she is just a normal older woman wearing a shirt that makes it look like she is a young girl in a bikini. A brilliant choice of clothing!

Obviously Joking

Source: dailyarmy.com

This man seems to suggest that there is no need for life if you are on drugs. But his, wardrobe and choice of bowtie suggest otherwise. This man may be just playing a joke on us, and he never did a drug in his life. To cool for school!


Source: hyperactivz.com

“Yo, bro, ‘I’m telling you, bro, just trust me, bro, this is a new style. Just wear green on green on green on green. All the chicks love it! ‘Can’t you tell how swag I am? Should I put up the victory sign with my hands, maybe it will double down on how cool I look.”

That’s a Big Kitty

Source: pupperish.com

Now we are flipping through Tinder again when we come across a dude flaunting what seems to be a ‘child’s “”Hello Kitty”” shirt. Simultaneously he is taking you to the gun show. There are way too many red flags here I ‘don’t even know where to begin. Swipe left!

Don’t Push Her Buttons


Sure, her shirt specifically says to push her buttons and it has a keyboard printed on it, but let’s be honest fellas. She’s not giving you permission to enter her bubble and start hitting the keys. You wouldn’t want to get pepper spray in your face, would you?

Grandma’s Been Around


Pretty much the only time you’re going to see an image like this is with an old lady holding a beer in her hand standing at a BBQ. This shirt says it all “I’m a Virgin (but this is an old shirt). it was probably in the seniors section of Walmart in Key West.

A Clever Engagement

Source: Parenting.failblog.org

I’m guessing this was how daddy chose to propose to mommy. But then again, she might not even be the mommy of this baby. Or maybe she is and they got married out of wedlock. Who knows! What we do know is that this baby is tired and needs to sleep.

That Hair!

Source: partyfail.com

That hair! That shirt! Those curtains! That wallpaper! Her expression! What is going on here and when was this photo even taken? If it’s any time after 1989, then we have a bigger problem on our hands. We’ll leave her t-shirt message aside.

He’ Waiting…

A woman drinking beer next to a guy watching her

He’s well aware of his situation and that’s why he’s wearing that shirt. He’s also aware of this girl’s situation and waiting for her to get to the point of “wanting” him. But will it happen? It looks like she’s drinking with intent and so is his stare.

Hey, She Said It


Hey, she said it. A hot car doesn’t need those sexy girls to lean on and roll over them. That’s for the magazine shoots. These everyday hot cars don’t need those girls. They need regular everyday Sallys that wear shirts about not needing hot girls.

Technology Has Won


We are now in the digital age and that means that technology has taken over – for the good and the bad. For example, smart phones – good. But t-shirts like these – bad. You see my point? This shirt has got to go.

It’s All About Placement


Here’s a perfect example of how important placement is. Where do your eyes wander to first? Do you see “Don’t worry be happy?” or “Don’t be happy worry?” I just wonder if this was purposefully meant to be confusing or they just don’t see what they did there.

Just 3 Seconds


“This will just take 3 seconds. I promise.” Oh really? It looks like it could be a wrestling match on his shirt but I think we all know what the innuendo is. But when it comes to these t-shirt fails, I always wonder if the one wearing the shirt is in on the joke.

Typo Fail


Oh come on now. This typo was easily avoidable, but I can see that it’s likely not in America so I can understand that English isn’t the official language. But still. Today there’s Google translate. So there’s really no excuses anymore.

They Would Make a Great Couple


I think it’s safe to say that these two elderly individuals aren’t in on the joke. They are clearly wearing these tops because they see clothing as a human need and it suits the purpose. But don’t you guys agree that these two would make a great couple?

This Shirt Could Have Been Longer


“I do yoga to relieve stress. Just kidding, I drink in yoga pants. Just kidding. I’m too lazy to put on pants.” Do you think she walks around with this extra piece of paper taped on to her shirt? or it was just for the photo op?

Hello Kitty


When you see Hello Kitty stuff in the stores, do you ever see a teenage boy buying anything? Neither have I. But then again, maybe his sister grew out of her shirt and he took it. He likes tight shirts. He thinks it shows off his muscles.

Clear Message


Lady, your message is loud and clear. Men can only approach you if you have a drink in your hand. Even if you’re not drunk yet, a drink in your hand will indicate that you’re on the way there. And that means a green light.

I told You Technology Won


Oh, Facebook, how you took over the planet. Not only do people wish that they could block people in real life, but older adults are wearing shirts that say just that! And she’s on her phone, probably blocking someone.

Mother Knows Best


This is refreshing. Usually we see humor on the exterior part of the shirt. The part people actually read. But this humor is more subtle and discreet. For all those who only look at the labels if they don’t know what to do. In that case, give it mom.

He What?


This is an example of how not every “joke” needs to be printed onto a t-shirt. Just look at this shirt. It serves no purpose other than to disgust most people on the street. And this guy doesn’t look very happy, either.

That’s Unfortunate

Source: Failblog.org

When it comes to runway models and the things designers chose to put on them, you never really know what’s on purpose and what’s a mistake. This looks way too obvious to have been a mistake. But wow, that’s bad.

Don’t Pass Go

Source: Amino Apps

What are the chances this man knew he was going to jail and decided to wear this shirt? And now consider the odds of his putting this shirt on and NOT knowing that he was going to be arrested? One in a million, maybe.

Homeland Security Isn’t Doing Their Job

Source: Piximus

This is just too ironic for it to be real. Is this guy wearing the “terrorist” meant to be doing some roleplaying or something? To be wearing a shirt like this at a Homeland Security convention or whatever it is, is interesting to say the least.

She’s Sitting on the Wrong Side


If you’re going to wear a shirt as specific as this, you should at least make sure that the girl you think is hot is always sitting to your left. Otherwise, something like this happens, and now the whole world sees it.

They Didn’t Understand

Source: Watson.bild

Here we go again, a case in which someone just didn’t pay enough attention. This was probably an online order where the person stated that they didn’t want anything on the shirt. But then this happened.

It Finds Him

Source: Funnyjunk

Look, this man doesn’t look for trouble. He just happens to find himself getting arrested every few months. And he can’t explain it. Trouble just seems to follow him. His drinking on the streets has nothing to do with it.

She’s Right

Source: Releklah

There’s some truth to this shirt. And kids, listen up – don’t sniff glue! Forget the fact that it will cause brain damage and make your brain slowly melt away. But it also doesn’t keep families together.