Season’s Greetings From Hollywood’s Stars: Celebrity Christmas Cards

‘Tis the season to make family holiday cards and send them to every family member, friend, coworker, distant aunt, and uncle, and pharmacist at your local drug mart (whether they like it or not). But while seeing your boss’s family in front of a Christmas tree isn’t your idea of a pick me up this holiday time, maybe these holiday cards are.

Justin Timberlake holding up a Christmas gift next to a Christmas tree
Source: Entertainment Weekly

When it comes to bringing holiday festivities in annual card form, Hollywood’s stars are just like us. Only their cards are probably a tad more extravagant. These celebs are letting us into their cozy family life, while others are likely looking to show off a little. Enjoy your favorite celebs’ season’s greetings!

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett

Ex-playmate Kendra and her footballer husband Hank Baskett love the holidays because every year, their family coordinates holiday cards. The reality stars pose for professional photographs posing with their children, Hank and Alijah. They choose a simple, fun, and casual theme and go with it. The messages on their cards send love peace and joy because you know, it’s a wonderful life, all you need is love, right?

Holiday card with Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett, and their kids
Source: Us Magazine

Kendra is a TV personality, businesswoman, model, and author. She’s known for being one of Hugh Hefner’s former girlfriends and also for her role on the E! reality series, The Girls Next Door, where her life in the Playboy Mansion was documented. Her husband, Henry Randall Baskett III, is a former football wide receiver who played for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and Indianapolis Colts. The couple finalized their divorce in 2018.

Steph and Ayesha Curry

Basketball star Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha, don’t just have the perfect family; they have the cutest Christmas cards ever. Ayesha captioned the holiday photo with: “Excited to show everyone our 2017 holiday card,” and she added that she “can’t wait to send our cards to all our family and friends.”

Holiday card with Steph and Ayesha Curry
Source: E Online

Curry, the six-time NBA All-Star player, has two daughters and now has a son with Ayesha, his wife of 8 years. They posed for the photos in front of the beautiful scenery by their northern California home. It looks like they won’t be celebrating a white Christmas this year. But I don’t see them complaining about it. I’m sure their kids are happy where they are. Their dogs, too.

Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen

Jason Biggs and fellow actor, Jenny Mollen, have been married for over a decade and the two of them have two sons together. But they never were so into sending out holiday cards. But now that they have a little family, they figured that it’s about time. “I’ve never been adult enough to create holiday cards, but now with two kids, the guilt just doubled,” Mollen shared on her social media.

Holiday card with Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen
Source: Us Magazine

“It took 4 lactation cookies, three bottles, two dog treats, and the promise of a date night to get this pic.” We all know Biggs from American Pie, but Jenny Mollen Biggs is a lesser-known actress and New York Times-bestselling author. She played Nina Ash on the series Angel, Viva Laughlin, the TV series Crash, and Girls.

Drew Barrymore and Her Daughters

The former wild child actress turned serious actress, producer, director, author, model, and entrepreneur has become part of the Hollywood holiday card community. This card really captures her essence. She is playing outside with her two daughters, Frankie and Olive, but the focus is on her because she prefers to limit any images of her kids to the public.

Holiday card with Drew Barrymore and her daughters who are not facing the camera
Source: Popsugar

Drew looks happy as can be with her daughters. The card reads: “Happy holidays, Love, Drew.” Short and sweet. The kids’ father is Will Kopelman, a fellow actor who starred in the films, Intern and Friendly Fire. The two were married for a short period and divorced after 3 years. “Our children are our universe, and we look forward to living the rest of our lives with them as the first priority,” the two have expressed.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel

Back when this couple was still together, Fergie and Josh Duhamel posed for a rather silly holiday card with their son, Axl. For this festive family, making just one Christmas card wasn’t enough. On the talk show, Ellen, Ellen proposed a photoshopped holiday card to Fergie when she was on as a guest. The card featured Axl dressed up as Santa, while Fergie was scantily clad and her then-husband in only a Santa hat and gloves!

Photo of Fergie and Josh Duhamel and their son
Source: Daily Mail

This funny card was designed by Ellen as a joke, and the prank definitely brought joy to everyone’s holidays. For those wondering, the Black Eyed Peas have addressed the rumors that Fergie has been replaced by Nicole Scherzinger. The hip-hop group was on an 8-year musical hiatus before they released the long-awaited album, ‘Master of the Sun…’ without Fergie.

Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards likes to do everything in style. She’s somewhat of a fashionista herself and loves dressing up and posing with her family any chance she can get. So obviously, she’s going to make holiday cards. Every year, this family comes together and creates a beautiful holiday card like this one.

Holiday card of Kyle Richards and her family
Source: Us Magazine

The ex-actress and reality TV personality is married to Mauricio Umansky, a luxury real estate agent. The two share three daughters together. Their eldest daughter, Farrah, is from Kyle’s first marriage. Each year, the festive family unit either poses outside in nature or inside in their elaborate mansion to get the best photos possible. It’s all about the glitz and the glam with this fam jam.

Jenni “J Woww” Farley and Her Hubby Roger

I think anyone alive in the past decade knows of the show Jersey Shore. Reality star J Woww, one of the show regulars, has grown up since her tanning and boozing days on the show. She poses here for her family’s annual Christmas card photoshoot with her then-husband Roger Matthews.

Holiday card of Jenni “J Woww” Farley and Her husband Roger
Source: Us Magazine

“We are the Matthews, Strong-willed, not overly bright, opinionated humanitarians, ever-changing, ever-learning, passionate parents, asshole friends but loyal and forever aspiring to be better humans,” Roger wrote on his Instagram post. It’s no surprise that her kids are friends with mom’s Jersey Shore co-star Snooki. The families spent the last Christmas together. Sadly, this couple won’t be posing again as they called finalized their divorce in 2019. Oh, well…

Kevin and Danielle Jonas

While a holiday card of the Jonas family would also be a hoot, this holiday card was done by the eldest of the Jonas brothers. Kevin loves to show off his family. He and his wife, Danielle, starred on the reality TV show, Married to Jonas, which aired from 2010 to 2013. Since then, the couple had two beautiful girls, and one was born just in time for Christmas 2016.

Holiday card of Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle
Source: Us Magazine

The Jonas brothers always make a point to celebrate the holidays together. One year, the bros rented an Airbnb in New York City for the holidays – a 5-bedroom, 5-bathroom, multi-story house in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The place typically rents for $75,000 a month. So you do the math: the brothers are rich.

Kelly Clarkson and the Blackstocks

This family is serious when it comes to Christmas and holiday cards. The singer and The Voice judge, Kelly Clarkson, and then-husband Brandon Blackstock got the whole family together for an elaborate holiday card experience. Clarkson and Blackstock share two kids and finalized their divorce in July 2021. Clarkson especially loves Christmas because she gets to sing her favorite holiday tunes.

Holiday card of Kelly Clarkson and her husband Brandon Blackstock with their children
Source: E Online

If you are wondering what Kelly Clarkson’s net worth is, it’s estimated at $28 million. It comes as no surprise, considering her decades of success after being the American Idol winner many years ago. The singer had 11 singles reach the Top Twenty and Billboard Hot 100 charts. Not too shabby, Kelly.

Chris Hardwick Switches Things Up

Leave it to a comedian to take an ordinary and normal ritual and twist it into something strange and yet still comical. Comedian and TV host, Chris Hardwick, and his model wife, Lydia Hearst-Shaw pose for a Christmas card. And as you can see, it’s no typical holiday card. This year, they opted for a scary Christmas. The couple has been married since 2016 and is expecting their first child together.

Photo of Chris Hardwick, and his wife, Lydia Hearst-Shaw in front of a Christmas tree
Source: Extra TV

That said, just the two of them are having a little fun during the holiday card photo shoot. The couple staged a professional shoot, where Hardwick gave credit to his wife for the idea. If you look closely, you’ll notice that this funny couple is surrounded by gremlins! How cute and creepy!

Tori Spelling and the Fam

Every year since Beverly Hills 90210 started airing on TV and with all the time that’s passed since it got canceled, Tori Spelling has been a popular name in Hollywood – and that’s regardless of her famous and super-rich father, Aaron Spelling. Each year, it’s fun to see holiday cards from Tori, her husband Dean McDermott, and their five kids, Liam Aaron, Stella Doreen, Hattie Margaret, Finn Davey, and Beau Dea.

Holiday card of Tori Spelling and her family
Source: Facebook / Tori Spelling

The family arranges themselves in a beautiful setting for the shoot to take place each year. Tori loves coordinating everyone and the outfits so they can pose in great holiday style. “So excited for our 2017 holiday card… I just couldn’t wait to show off our growing family!” she shared on her Instagram post.

Vanessa Lachey

Reality star Nick Lachey (and of course, former boy band member of 98 Degrees) now has three kids with his wife Vanessa (post-Jessica Simpson). The family has an annual list of traditions. One of them is family holiday cards. “We decorate the day after Thanksgiving, which is a big tradition for us that we started literally our first year of dating,” Vanessa said.

Photo of Vanessa Lachey and her children and their dog on the stairs

“I have created a tradition of breakfast every Christmas morning—the same casserole dish that I still do now with the kids. We can all sit down and look forward to it on Christmas morning after we open our presents,” she said. The children count down the days to Christmas. And apparently, the couple watches the movie, Love Actually, every year during the holidays.

Prince William and Kate

They may not be a Hollywood couple, but these two are so famous that they might as well have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The release of their royal Christmas card has become a beloved holiday tradition for these British beauties. The British royal family is showing off some Christmas cuteness.

Photo of Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their children outside
Source: Harper’s Bazaar

Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, posed last Christmas with their first card as a family of five. The 2018 holiday card gives us a laid-back look at one of the world’s most popular families. The photo was taken at the family’s country home at Anmer Hall in Norfolk, England. Christmas for these royals is an elaborate event, so it’s refreshing to see them in blue jeans and plaid!

Steve Harvey and Marjorie

The actor and comedian, Steve Harvey, has been married to his wife Marjorie since 2007. The two posed with their over-the-top decorations and their Christmas tree inside of their home. Harvey came onto The Ellen DeGeneres Show and revealed that the massive holiday decorations are credited to his wife (of course), and Mrs. Harvey likes to go all out. But believe it or not, their biggest display is outside in their backyard.

A photo of Steve Harvey and his wife, Marjorie
Source: Facebook / Steve Harvey

They have two golden reindeer standing tall, also surrounded by red and gold ornaments. After NBC canceled Harvey’s daytime talk show in 2019, Harvey moved on to host the NFL Honors in 2019, 2020, and 2021. In 2020, Harvey returned to the talk show format with Steve on Watch, a revival of his original series exclusively on Facebook Watch.

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

In 2018, it was the Warren family’s first holiday as a family of five. Jessica Alba and her husband, Cash Warren, and their daughters Haven and Honor, were joined by their new baby brother Hayes. I’m a creature of habit,” Alba commented. “We like to have the family in front of the fireplace, wearing matching pajamas. We kind of do the same thing every year, except this is our first year we’re a family of five.”

Holiday card of Jessica Alba, her husband Cash Warren, and their children
Source: Daily Mail

Every year, this adorable family hosts an 80-person dinner of family and friends! “It’s like a wedding every Christmas. It’s the one time a year that Cash’s family and my family get together and get to see each other and see the kids. It’s really nice.”

Kevin Hart Keeping it Funny

Here’s another comedian who likes to spice things up and give people a little laugh with the holiday card ritual. Kevin Hart, his wife Eniko Parrish, and their kids starred in a movie scene-themed Christmas card, giving them a taste of what daddy does for a living. Kevin and his 3 children dressed up as elves within what is supposed to be a snow globe.

A photo of Kevin Hart and his family in a winter scene
Source: E Online

This was one way to show off his beautiful family. But, this isn’t the first creative card from the funny man. Hart loves giving off movie vibes, and so he also created a poster with the group dressed in formal black wear, standing in front of a snowy backdrop. The printing on the card looks as if it could be on a movie poster.

Denise Richards and Her Family

Actress Denise Richards married Aaron Phypers in 2018, so this was actually their first holiday card with everyone together. The card features Denise’s three girls, including her daughters with ex-husband Charlie Sheen – Lola and Sam and her adopted daughter Eloise. Richards has gotten her dream of growing her family and going on with motherhood.

Holiday card of Denise Richards, her husband Aaron Phypers, and their kids
Source: E Online

The star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wanted to share her joy with everyone this holiday season. And from their smiles, they do look pretty happy. Denise Richards may not be as popular today as she was back in the day, but the actress’s net worth is $12 million in 2019. She earned most of her worth through acting, modeling, and starring on reality television.

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

Talk about going all out. Look at these two famous faces! This is one Christmas card that won’t be forgotten any time soon by this Hollywood power couple Goldie Hawn and long-time partner (not husband) Kurt Russell. In their 2018 card, they dressed as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus in their home’s den of dark leather, dark wood, and lush fur carpets.

photo of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell dressed up as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
Source: People Magazine

Russell and Hawn are also joined by their adorable dogs. These two aren’t just old St. Nick and his Misses. They also happen to be the best-looking Mr. and Mrs. Claus ever. Russell is a silver fox in his red pants, Hawn is a hot tamale in a red, fur-lined jacket. The two know how to do Christmas in style.

Paris and the Hiltons

This one isn’t as current as the others. This one goes back to the year 1990, and we can see our favorite little socialite has always loved getting dressed up and posing for the camera. In this 1990 holiday card, the Hilton family was dressed appropriately in their coordinating outfits. Let’s just remind you that red velvet was especially popular at that time.

Holiday card of the Hilton family from 1990

It looks like the Hilton sisters, Nicky and Paris, have never lost their sense of style either. The super famous family is known for having sent out family Christmas cards every year when the kids were growing up. Funnily enough, this is one of the least embarrassing photos of the popular heiress. We’ve all seen way more embarrassing photos of Paris.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Her Kids

Let’s add another Jersey Shore star to this list, and a friend of J Woww’s no less. The ex-reality star shows a sweeter side of herself, posing with her children in their 2017 Christmas card. This Jersey Shore alum was photographed in this festive setting in her own living room by their Christmas tree. Nicole is married to Jionni LaValle, who she actually met on the reality show.

photo of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Her Kids
Source: Us Magazine

She was super excited to get behind the camera for this photoshoot. And it’s no question that Snooki loves to be the center of attention, as anyone who watched the show can attest to. But with her adorable kids, she has met her competition. The couple now has three children together, so their next card will be even cuter.

Tia Mowry and Her Family

The Sister Sister actress and famous twin, Tia Mowry, showed off her family in their 2018 Christmas card. Mowry sits in the center with her baby daughter Cairo on her lap. She embraces her son Cree while husband Cory Hardrict is by their side. The two got married in 2008. “It wouldn’t be Christmas time without holiday cards,” she captioned in her post on social media for everyone to see.

holiday card of Tia Mowry, her husband, Cory Hardrict, and their kids
Source: Us Magazine

The actress said Christmas is one of her favorite holidays. She also starred in two Christmas movies last year. Her hubby Cory is also an actor. He appeared in film and TV since the late 1990s. He was the executive producer for the 2012 movie, The Watch. Cory is also a rapper.

Rob Kardashian Sr. and the Kids

Here is yet another notorious family with heiresses still relevant today. It’s also a photo that is less embarrassing than other photos of the heiresses that went viral and basically broke the internet. Anyway, the Kardashian-Jenner family releases totally elaborate Christmas cards every year, including the entire clan.

Family portrait of Rob Kardashian Sr. and the Kardashian children from the 1990s
Source: OK Magazine

Their family cards are usually displayed for the world to see, as we all know how they love to be seen. This 90’s throwback Christmas card shows us how their family photos were back in the day. As you can see, the young Kardashian kids pose with their late dad, lawyer Robert Kardashian. The photo was taken after their parents divorced, which means these kids got two photo ops for the holidays.

Another Kelly Clarkson Holiday Photo

This is the second Christmas card from singer-songwriter Kelly Clarkson where we see her posing with her husband, children, and dogs in this funnier version of their previous Christmas card. This one is from 2013. She wrote on her post: “Merry Christmas from the Blackstocks!” The photo shows Santa, who appears to have been misbehaving.

photo of Kelly Clarkson and her family with Santa Clause in front of the fireplace
Source: People Magazine

The holiday card shows Clarkson’s family being held hostage, tied up with red ribboning and Christmas lights. I guess this is their idea of a funny Christmas. This was also the same Christmas that she released her holiday album, Wrapped in Red. So I think this was no coincidence. Her husband, Brandon Blackstock, is not just her husband and life partner, but her manager as well.

Kim Kardashian’s Son

For the 2017 holidays, Kim Kardashian sent around this photo of her and Kanye’s baby. His name is Saint, and he’s standing next to Christmas presents and a bare Christmas tree. This Christmas card looks more like a moving service than it does a Christmas card, but the Kardashian-West family has their own ways of doing things.

Photo of Saint Kardashian-West with boxes next to an evergreen tree
Source: Life and Style Magazine

We’re going to assume that those boxes are unopened presents. The photo was taken by photographer Eli Russel Linnetz, and this was one of a series that the Kardashian unveiled on her social media. The photos were part of an advent calendar they produced for Christmas, and this image of little Saint was the first one she revealed. And what a name, right? Saint!

Céline Dion

Canadian singer and Las Vegas staple, Celine Dion, is a frequent presence at many of our Christmases, with her holiday hit “So This Is Christmas.” The song is a standard on any Christmas music playlist. So to get a glimpse into how she spends the holiday with her family is highly craved! For Christmas 2018, Dion shared her intimate family photo, which features her three sons (who aren’t commonly seen in public) and two Labradors sitting under their Christmas tree.

photo of Celine Dion with her kids and dogs in front of a Christmas tree
Source: The Daily Mail

It’s a heart-warming photo, and it really puts us in the mood for some Titanic and hot cocoa! Celine is one of the most powerful and iconic singers we’ve ever seen and over the years, has become one of the best-selling female artists of all time. That success is what earned her a net worth of around $800 million.

Kevin Hart and His Family, Again

This is the photo that I mentioned earlier – the holiday card that looks more like a movie poster. Kevin Hart and his wife Eniko really do show a commitment to making high-quality Christmas cards that could only put a smile on people’s faces. The couple took the chance to also show off their newborn Kenzo, with Hendrix and Heaven standing tall by their side. In contrast to their other Christmas cards, this time, the Harts opted for a less funny and more elegant theme.

holiday card poster of Kevin Hart and his family in a winter scene
Source: Metro

Hart’s reputation as a funny man started when he released his first stand-up comedy album, ‘I’m a Grown Little Man.’ As of 2019, his net worth is estimated to be $150 million.  Hart is one of the richest comedians in the world at the moment, alongside Steve Harvey, Jerry Seinfeld, and Larry David.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

The TV host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres (as if she really needs an introduction) opted for a funny holiday card from her and wife Portia de Rossi. And no one is surprised that they made something as hilarious as this. They had some fun with this card with references to pop culture in this photoshopped masterpiece, mimicking the famous Kanye West and Kim Kardashian ‘Bound 2’ music video.

Photoshopped image of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi on a motorcycle
Source: NY Daily News

In the original clip, a naked Kim straddles the motorcycle that Kanye (fully dressed) is steering. The video got a whole lot of attention from the public (no surprise there), most of whom saw the humor in it. I just love the purposely bad editing job that Ellen and Portia chose. It makes for a perfect holiday card.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

German-American actress Diane Kruger, who has been in the movies Inglorious Basterds, National Treasure, and The Operative, made a holiday card, too. She poses here with Canadian actor Joshua Jackson (from Dawson’s Creek and The Affair) for this cute as can be Christmas card selfie. Both of them are donning a Santa hat, and they tied themselves together with some tinsel. And everyone knows how uncomfortable tinsel can be, so their commitment to the cause is respectable.

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson with Santa hats and tinsel around their necks
Source: E-News

Kruger posted this photo on Instagram and admitted that they were “missing only one very important family member” in their Christmas photo. It’s probably their cat, Hobbes, but I’m sure Hobbes will forgive them. Kruger is also known for her role as Helen in the epic film, Troy.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro

I gotta admit that it’s really fun to see ex-Jersey Shore stars nowadays. And not just in any random photo, but in a Christmas card nonetheless! Jersey Shore fans will remember Ronnie as part of the Ronnie and Sammi duo. The two were inseparable. But times have changed, and now Ronnie has a baby girl named Ariana Sky Magro. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and his baby mama, Jen Harley, are also an on again-off again couple.

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, his baby, and her mother Jen Harley in Christmas garb
Source: Us Magazine

They were all smiles during the holidays. They’re posing with their lovechild in this holiday photo. This photo was taken during a better period in their relationship when they chose to put their girl in stocking and pose beside her in matching onesies. At the time, Ariana was only 8-months-old and totally adorable!

Bruce Jenner and the Gang

Don’t you just love these photos? Bruce Jenner and his ex-wife Kris Jenner posed for this biker-themed Christmas portrait of their blended families. Jenner posed with the kids from his previous marriage and with future A-listers Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian. This photo took place before Kendall, and Kylie Jenner were even born to “momager” Kris and the ex-Olympics athlete.

Family portrait of the Jenner-Kardashian family in motorcycle garb from the 1990s
Source: InStyle Magazine

It looks like professional Christmas card photos on poorly chosen backdrops have been a tradition in this fam jam from the beginning. In case you weren’t aware, in 2015, Bruce came out as a trans woman and wanted to be called Caitlyn from then on. Caitlyn, now 70 years old, is dating his partner Sophie Hutchins, who is 23 years old.

Kelly Clarkson, Again

I think another Kelly Clarkson family holiday card wouldn’t hurt. They came back with a triumphant return in 2015 with this Game of Thrones-inspired family Christmas photo. As we can see, the fantasy world of George R. R. Martin was taken seriously in the Blackstocks’ home. This photo came after the release of the series’ 5th season.

holiday card of Kelly Clarkson and her family in the style of Game of Thrones
Source: Huffington Post

Kelly dressed as Lady of a castle, and her husband Brandon posed as a Lord. They’re standing tall with their baby daughter, River Rose, and the two kids from Brandon’s previous marriage. This was taken before Remington “Remy” Alexander was born, as he came along the following year. Clarkson was pregnant with him in this picture! Who here misses Game of Thrones? I sure do.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson, Jessica’s younger sister and singer-songwriter, was playing happy family with then-husband Pete Wentz (who is known for being the bassist for the rock band Fall Out Boy) and their son, whose name is Mowgli Bronx. Despite their rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle and busy schedules, these two made sure to keep at least some traditions in the family for their baby boy.

Ashlee Simpson, ex-husband Pete Wentz, and their son in Christmas garb
Source: Life and Style Magazine

Mom and dad wore ugly Christmas sweaters and donned playful headgear to get into that festive spirit. They also made sure to make the Christmas card a little bit quirky by putting Mowgli inside a wrapped Christmas present! Ashlee is currently married to musician and actor, Evan Ross. Ross is the son of the famous diva Diana Ross.

Peter Dinklage

The Game of Thrones star is a fan of comedy, as we can clearly see in this photo. While everyone is used to seeing Peter Dinklage in a costume for his part as Tyrion Lannister, this gives us a different look into the mind of the quirky actor. It’s unlikely to have seen the actor like this, who is having the time of his life in the role of Santa Claus in an old school vintage Coca Cola advertisement.

holiday card of Peter Dinklage in the style of a vintage Coca Cola advert
Source: Vorply

In this funny Christmas card image, Dinklage assumed the role of Saint Nicholas, supposedly caught before guzzling down a bottle of Coke. We’re not sure if he’s happy or scared, but we’re happy to see it either way. Did you know that Coca-Cola invented the character that we now know as Santa Claus? Yup, they created him. Look it up!

Reese Witherspoon and Her Sweet Family

Reese Witherspoon is always as cute as a button, isn’t she? It seems like she wasn’t just acting when she played Elle Woods; she really is an all-American sweetheart and girl next door! Just look at this family Christmas photo that she orchestrated. She got everyone to look perfect and well-behaved. Witherspoon is seen with her second husband and talent agent, Jim Toth, and her three kids.

holiday card of Reese Witherspoon and her family
Source: Glamour

The two eldest are from her former marriage to actor Ryan Phillippe, and the youngest son is from her current marriage to Jim. The Witherspoon-Toth household looks like a cozy one to be in, right?

The last thing I saw with Reese in it was Big Little Lies, and I gotta admit that I loved it. She was totally believable in her role, and the show was darn good!

Ashlee Simpson Ross and Evan Ross

We saw Ashlee in the earlier holiday card photo with her ex-husband, so now it’s time to see a more recent photo of her current family. It’s quite a change in atmosphere from the card with her ex-husband, Pete Wentz. This time, the Rosses opted for a classier backdrop and a more Keeping Up with the Kardashians vibe. Young Mowgli Bronx has grown up a lot, too.

holiday card of Ashlee Simpson and her husband, Evan Ross, and their kids
Source: E Online

For their Christmas card in 2018, Simpson and Ross posed in front of a fireplace with their 3-year-old girl, Jagger, and their dog, Alabama. Ashlee captioned the photo with “Kool people!” on her social media. It’s good to see that after a break-up, she can get on with her life, and the kids are in a good place.

Tamara Housley

Before we saw the other Mowry twin, so now it’s time to see Tamara. This is another Christmas wish from a Sister Sister star. The actress is now the co-host of The Real Talk Show. She is seen here with her daughter, Ariah Talea, her husband, Adam, who is holding their son Aden John Tanner.

holiday card of Tamara Housley and her family
Source: E Online

Christmas cards have always been a yearly thing for her family when she and Tia were growing up, so it’s only natural to include the tradition with her own family. The twins also grew up encouraging 12 days of reading, a cookie exchange, and the children putting out food for reindeer! They definitely know how to create awesome holiday memories. Let’s move onto a famous A-lister…

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

Before their children came into the picture, power couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively would go to Disneyland together quite often. Every year before Christmas, the theme park is fully decked out with holiday season decorations. This was the perfect way to do a first-holiday card together.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively with Mickey Mouse at Disney land
Source: JustJared

Now, the couple has 3 children together. Lively has raved about her growing family with her hubby, having told Allure in 2012, “I’ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could.”

Lively pulled an old trick recently, by deleting all but one Instagram from her profile. All that remains is her new trailer post for the film, The Rhythm Section. So, she’s clearly promoting the new movie.

Sean Combs and the Kiddos

I think everyone knows who the rapper, singer, record producer, entrepreneur, and record executive P Diddy is. But what many people maybe don’t know about Sean Combs is that he has a big blended family. Diddy has six biological children: one adopted son and 3 baby mamas. For this very formal Christmas card, he dressed the family in coordinating outfits and posed on the staircase his massive mansion.

Sean Combs and his children in formal attire on the staircase
Source: Daily Mail UK

He got all of the kiddos together in time for the holidays to snap this classy holiday card. Ciroc vodka is the main driver of Combs’ fortune. In 2019 alone, the artist made $70 million. His beverage empire includes DeLeón tequila and Aquahydrate alkaline water. But gone are the days of P. Diddy clanging milk bottles together for Biggie’s music videos.

Jesse Metcalfe and His Fiancé

Here we have the heartthrob actor Jesse Metcalfe who’s best known for his role as the teenage gardener John Rowland on the show Desperate Housewives. The actor was dating his actress and designer fiancé, Cara Santana, for 13 years now, so it’s only natural that they would send out Christmas cards to all their friends and family.

Jesse Metcalfe and His Fiancé Cara Santana with Santa Claus
Source: JustJared

The couple got themselves into the holiday spirit with their cute rescue dogs Dexter and Shepherd, whom they brought to pose with them and good ol’ Santa. As for the best present Cara’s ever been given: “My fiancé had our engagement photo blown up and framed with a really nice frame – and it’s by far one of the most special gifts I ever received,” she said.

Tyra Banks and Her Mom

Supermodel and TV host Tyra Banks always looks forward to the Christmas season, and she does her cards in style. This is the first one on this list (as low down the list as it is) with a parent of the celebrity. Tyra is really close to her photographer mother. Banks started her modeling career at age 15 and, with the help of her mom, made an impressive modeling portfolio.

Tyra Banks and Her mother in Santa hats
Source: Twitter / tyrabanks

This holiday card is from 2017, when they posed together all cheerful in matching Santa hats in Tyra’s home. Tyra enjoys decorating the tree with her mom. She loves the holiday so much that she starred in a Christmas movie last year called Life Size-2: A Christmas Eve. I haven’t seen it, but it’s gotta be entertaining.

Gordon Ramsey

Anyone else here knows of Gordon Ramsey and his cutthroat attitude? I love watching his show ‘Kitchen Nightmare,’ which always both scares me and makes me laugh. And when it comes to holiday dinners, I bet no dry turkey is being served at Gordon’s dinner table. Gordon definitely knows how to create food that the whole fam can enjoy every year.

Gordon Ramsey and his family in pajamas
Source: Vanity Fair

The Ramseys take a family photo every year in front of the tree, usually clad in their pajamas. Christmas is a nice time the Ramsey household, as Gordon and Tana’s children Megan, Jack and Holly come home from university to celebrate. Tana has said that they all get involved in the Christmas dinner preparation a day before so that they can spend more time relaxing together. Smart!

The Smiths

Is there anything Will Smith does that isn’t just the cutest thing ever? Okay, so I’m totally a Will Smith fan. Can you blame me? The guy is lovable. And he doesn’t age! Anyway, Christmas time is the real deal for Will Smith and his family. “Jada LOOOOVES Christmas, especially [as she] loves to celebrate. I think she’s finally Rubbin’ Off on the rest of us,” Smith wrote in his post, adding, “Merry Christmas Eve, Everybody!”

Will Smith and his family in full Christmas garb
Source: Instagram / Will Smith

Jada uses every opportunity she can get to do a festive photo for the holidays. She invited her mom to join them and insisted on wearing all the hats. In addition to their festive card, Will posted a bunch of videos on his Instagram of the family gathering around to get in the spirit.

Kendra Wilkinson

This is the first holiday card that Kendra sent out since her separation from Hank Baskett. The former Playmate sent out holiday wishes with her son, Hank Jr., and daughter, Alijah. The model recently finalized her divorce after about nine years and tries to stay positive despite the recent changes.

holiday card of Kendra Wilkinson with her kids
Source: E Online

“I try to just go with the flow and do what makes me happy and what makes my soul smile. I do believe in love, and I do believe I will in time, find my soul mate, but for now, mama is just having fun exploring my new life.” Wilkinson said, “I’m healthy and kids are great and for now, that still remains the top priority.”

Hope you enjoyed the holiday spirit!