My Big Fat Fabulous Life: Whitney Way Thore’s Truth

If you’re a reality television fan and enjoy guilty pleasure shows like “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” or “The Real Housewives,” you’ve probably seen “My Big Fat Fabulous Life.” After “The Hills” gave us a glimpse of what it’s like to live in Los Angeles and all the drama that comes with it, people couldn’t get enough.

Whitney Way Thore / Whitney Way Thore / Whitney Way Thore.
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While many shows like to showcase skinny girls, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” brought a little twist to the reality genre. In 2015, when MBFFL first premiered, Whitney Way Thore took center stage. She rose to fame with a radio show, but it wasn’t until she started uploading dancing videos that the internet fell in love with her.

Here is what you may not know about the body positivity role model and star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Whitney Way Thore.

Whitney’s Health Condition

You may think you know everything about Whitney Way Thore thanks to “My Big Fat Fabulous life,” but there is still a lot you don’t know about the star. As it turns out, the reality icon always struggled with her weight, and for a reason. She was diagnosed with a health condition.

Movie still of Whitney talking about her health issues.
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She spent years battling polycystic ovarian syndrome. One of its main side effects is weight gain. It is unclear what causes a person to develop PCOS, but Whitney has been living with it since college. She was doing daily dance routines and still gained 200 pounds, so Whitney knew something was wrong.

Kids Can Be So Cruel

It’s easy to think Whitney Way Thore is one of the most confident people on reality television, but she didn’t always have such great self-esteem. In fact, it took her a long time to learn to love herself. There have been several examples of people blabbing about her size on MBFFL.

Whitney as a kid dressed up in blue feathers.
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Sadly, this wasn’t anything new for Whitney. In her memoir, the star confessed that people would call her “Baby Beluga.” The other kids at school would always make fun of her since she weighed 190 pounds before her growth spurt.

Her Secret Eating Disorder

We all know it’s better to ignore the bullies, but that is definitely easier said than done. Whitney Way Thore spent her entire life being made fun of; people would constantly talk about her weight and call her names. It’s no surprise that these hurtful words took a toll on her self-confidence.

CeCe Olisa, Loey Lane, Chante Burkett, Ashley Nell Tipton, and Whitney Way Thore are giving a lecture onstage.
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At a certain point, young Whitney tried taking control of her body and developed an eating disorder. For years, the future reality star was in an unhealthy spiral. She would restrict all her food and then eat everything in sight. In her late 20s, Whitney understood what it really meant to take control of her life and kicked the habit.

A Doctor Is Her Biggest Hater

Being in the spotlight means you have to hear everyone’s opinion on how you live your life; it comes with the territory. Whitney is absolutely no exception. Starring in “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” really gives people something to talk about. But all the years of criticism didn’t prepare Whitney for one particular letter.

Whitney is talking to the camera on one of her episodes.
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A Californian doctor wrote to Whitney about her “disgusting existence.” Yikes! Talk about harsh! But the doctor went on to tell her about how she needs to get control of her “extreme” obesity” and “get out of denial.” The star shared the mean letter on social media.

Don’t Mess With Whitney

If you have ever watched MBFFL, you know that Whitney Way Thore is one of the sweetest people on our screens. But believe it or not, she has a dark side like the rest of us. Whitney says she only lets her feelings and emotional side out when dealing with the haters.

Whitney is looking down at her phone.
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The reality star makes a constant effort to ignore the bullies and avoids reading negative comments about her online… but sometimes, it’s almost impossible not to. In order to keep herself surrounded by love and positivity, she blocks all haters on social media.

No One Knows What Her Parents Do

Just because Whitney Way Thore is a reality television star doesn’t mean everyone in her life doesn’t get their share of attention. MBFFL has welcomed several fresh faces onto our screens. You may recognize Whitney’s parents, Barbra and Glenn. They have popped up on the show plenty of times.

Whitney is sitting on stage with her parents; her mother is holding her hand.
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But have you ever wondered what they do for a living? Despite their daughter’s reality stardom, they seem to keep their personal lives private. It’s really hard to find details about them. However, according to Life and Style, Glenn used to work as a manager for Millenium Print Group.

Some Scenes Are Staged

As we know, reality shows tend to be far from reality. It’s pretty common knowledge that producers need to stage some scenes in order to stir things up and make the show more interesting, and people certainly think MBFFL is no exception. In fact, there are some specific scenes people pointed out.

Whitney is running down the street during a workout
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Do you remember the 8-kilometer run in Season Four? A random stranger showed up and suddenly decided to help Whitney, who feels like she can’t compete in the intense race. One fan noticed that you can see the marks of a microphone if you look at his shirt, even though he’s made out to be just some guy walking by.

Looking for Plot Holes

After that, fans and sleuths started re-watching hours and hours of the show, hoping to find more examples to prove it’s fake. After all, most people don’t like feeling like they are being deceived. Sure, MBFFL shows the good, the bad, and the ugly of Whitney’s life, but were some things staged?

Whitney is taking a selfie and her friend popping up from the side.
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It didn’t take long for fans to expose a scene from Season Three. When Whitney went to the Pride Parade, someone had some rude things to say to her… at least that’s what it looked like on TV. Apparently, that guy was also wearing a mic even before he got close enough to give her that uncomfortably fake insult.

Buddy Bell’s Secret Past

Whitney wasn’t the only one to win over audiences on MBFFL. Many of the people in Whitney’s life have joined her on screen, including her best friend and former roommate, Buddy Bell. He was a huge part of her life for years… but Buddy may not even be his real name.

Friendly smiley selfie of Buddy and Whitney.
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That’s right; his actual name is Luby Bell. But that’s not all. According to Radar Online, in 2014, Buddy was arrested for a string of offenses: assaulting a government official, disorderly conduct, second-degree trespassing, and resisting a public officer. He ended up with 45 days of probation and a $380 fine.

If That’s Your Real Name

One of the things that keep audiences hooked is Whitney’s journey to find love. Sadly, it seems like Whitney has been let down over and over again. But there was a time when it looked like the star had it all when she was with Lennie Alehat. The couple showed off their romance on the reality show.

Selfie of Whitney and Lennie dressed for a night out.
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The pair was over the moon when they found out they were having a baby but was heartbroken to later discover it was a non-viable pregnancy. Fans were devastated but even more infuriated when they learned he wasn’t always telling the truth on the show. He also used a fake name which didn’t help his case; his real name is Nathaniel David Lee.

Lennie’s Criminal History

It’s not rare for reality stars to get in trouble with the law. Lennie Alehat is another one that Radar Online found dirt on. The publication knew he wasn’t entirely truthful about his past, so they went digging. They quickly discovered that back in November 2008, he got arrested.

Close up on Lennie’s face.
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He was driving in North Carolina when police stopped him for going three times above the speed limit. To make matters worse, documents claim that he got into a scuffle with the cops as he “refused to stop spitting on police equipment.” That’s one way to get yourself behind bars for the night. No wonder no one on the show speaks of Lennie’s past.

He Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

Despite his departure, Lenny Alehat left a huge impact on the show, and fans couldn’t wait for his next chapter. They didn’t need to wait long to see what he was up to — getting himself back in trouble. In February 2017, police discovered that the convicted criminal had violated his probation.

Whitney and Lennie are having a serious conversation.
Source: TLC

If things weren’t bad enough for the reality star, he soon had two warrants out for his arrest. This was also because of a charge from July 2016, where he threatened to “drag” and “kick” two people out of a store. Although he wasn’t meant to be with Whitney, he seems to be on a better path now.

Did Chase Severino Cheat on Her?

Chase Severino swept in like Whitney’s knight in shining armor. He whisked the reality star off her feet, and the happy couple seemed inseparable. That’s why it came as a huge shock when they announced their breakup. The news came shortly after their engagement.

Whitney and Chase are getting closer on their trip to France.
Source: Instagram/@whitneywaythore

At the start of the 2020 lockdown, Whitney opened up about it. She confessed on social media that “Chase reconnected with a woman” he used to know. Whitney admitted that the two of them were living apart, which already took a toll on their relationship. His affair “resulted in a pregnancy” and that “Chase will be a father in October.”

Whitney and Chase’s Fake Relationship

If there is one thing super fans love to do, it’s digging up any information they need. Everyone wanted to know who this mystery woman was. They also wanted to know how he had kept her a secret this whole time. Some folks claim that the woman in question’s name is Sara.

Selfie of Chase giving Whitney a sweet kiss on her cheek.
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That was just the beginning. Many people were left wondering if Chase and Whitney even actually dated. Sara uploaded a picture of Chase and her dog in a situation that looked like a date. The picture was uploaded when Chase was supposedly dating Whitney back in July 2019.

A Clue From Piper, the Dog

The least expected creature to crack the case was none other than Piper, the dog. This furry companion was the answer everyone was looking for as they started noticing more and more pictures of Chase, Sara, and Piper. Chase and Piper were photographed at The Flying Machine Brewing Company.

Chase is posing as if Piper, the dog, is about to drink the beer sitting on the table.
Source: Instagram/@SaraJackson

This is interesting because the company also posted its own picture of Piper on its Instagram page. The Flying Machine wrote that Piper loves going to the brewery “with her mom and dad.” Why would they refer to Chase as Piper’s doggy daddy if he wasn’t with Sara? This was when fans started putting the pieces together.

Was That Even His House?

With the internet and social media, it takes just a few minutes for people to figure everything they want to know about you. This was certainly the case for Chase, especially when the world found out that he was apparently cheating. Some sleuths think they even found proof that Chase didn’t own the house on the show.

Whitney and Chase are having a conversation in the couch.
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Remember the house he asked Whitney to move into with him? Many people believe he lives there with his actual girlfriend, Sara. This was because of the welcome home banners with a feminine touch that didn’t fit Chase’s personality on the show. But if that were the case, could Whitney really not have known about the other woman?

The Perfect Fake Engagement

Most girls dream of the day their partner will get on one knee and pop the question. It’s such an exciting time, so there is a good chance the lovebirds can’t keep their hands off of each other once they get engaged. What if they flew you out to the City of Love for a once-in-a-lifetime proposal?

Chase is showing off the engagement ring he gave to Whitney.
Source: YouTube

Initially, that appeared to be the case with Whitney and Chase enjoying their beautiful engagement in Paris. But people on their plane said the couple sat in different rows on the way home. If that wasn’t enough, they reportedly collected their suitcases separately and pretty much ignored each other at baggage claim.

Whitney and Ryan Met on a Dating App

It’s easy to forget that Whitney Way Thore met Ryan AnrDeas on a dating app long before the show. The relationship blossomed, and the couple almost took things to the next level. It really seemed like Whitney had finally found her match, but the couple didn’t have their fairy-tale ending.

Whitney and Ryan ready for their boxing routine.
Source: Instagram/@whitneywaythore

From the moment they met, they connected more as friends than as lovers, but that didn’t mean they weren’t going to hang out. Ryan was actually the one who introduced Whitney to Chase Severino. However, their friendship went downhill when Ryan and the rest of the world found out about Chase’s affair.

No One Took Chase’s Side

Dealing with a breakup is never fun, let alone when you’re the star of your own reality show. The rest of the world thinks they have a right to get involved in your business and wants all the details of what went down. When Chase and Whitney’s relationship ended, it was all the gossip of MBFFL.

Whitney at a hotel in Paris where she was supposed to be with Chase, putting her make-up on.
Source: Instagram/@whitneywaythore

Even though it was supposedly Chase’s fault that they broke up, no one was prepared for the emotional scenes that came with the news. Chase was apparently upset that no one took his side. Things reached a telling level when Ryan Andreas said he was “Team No One” in the drama.

Whitney’s Ride or Die Friends

Many of us believe our friends will always have our back, but it takes something major to see who really sticks around when you need them. After Whitney and Chase’s breakup, the reality star really learned who her friends were based on their reactions. She had no idea how people would take the news.

Whitney and Heather 17 years ago at the beginning of their friendship.
Source: Instagram/@whitneywaythore

Luckily, it looks like all of Whitney’s friends stood by her and even unfollowed Chase on social media – which apparently proves their loyalty. Chase even claimed to be getting numerous hateful messages. Sure, he screwed up big time, but he just wants people to hear his side and know the full story.

Buddy Is Her Best Friend

As you probably know, Whitney and Buddy Bell have always been great friends. Their friendship might even be the strongest one we see on screen as the two always seem to have each other’s back. Although fans love seeing them hang out, things weren’t always easy for these two.

Whitney and Buddy on a cruise on a sunny afternoon.
Source: Instagram/@whitneywaythore

Buddy was there for his best friend when her engagement ended, and he told Life and Style that Whitney is “the toughest woman” he’s ever seen as he watched her throughout this difficult time. He gave his friend extra love and attention and was with her almost every night as she was getting over her heartbreak.

Did Buddy Get Between Whitney and Chase?

Okay, let’s face it; everyone gets a little jealous in their relationships. I mean, how would you feel if your partner was super close with their best friend? Whitney and Buddy’s friendship was a little more than two besties who tell each other everything. They are often seen holding hands and even kissing to cheer one another up.

Whitney is kissing Buddy on the cheek during their trip to Alaska.
Source: Instagram/@whitneywaythore

While some of you may think you would have no problem with that, it could bring out the worst in others. Several fans noticed their friendship was a little too close for comfort. Maybe this was part of the reason her relationship with Chase didn’t work out? Maybe it was just too much for him.

Is Whitney to Blame?

When a relationship comes to an end, many people try to find the root of the problem. It’s not always the best idea to find something to blame, but it’s only natural to want questions answered in order to get closure and move on. Fans were wondering if Buddy was the reason their romance fizzled.

Whitney is posing for the paparazzi at a TLC event circa 2019.
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Many fans believe Whitney is always the one starting things with her bestie. One fan stated that “99% of the time, she is the instigator.” Furthermore, they accused the reality star of being “disgustingly touchy-feely” with Buddy when Season Eight started.

Fans Didn’t Like How Whitney Treated Buddy

It certainly seemed like Whitney was on top of the world when she was with Chase, had a ring on her finger, and a new chapter of her life ahead. But if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that good things have a way of crumbling down, especially in reality television.

Whitney is sitting on a white couch at an event in New York.
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During this new life transition, Whitney and her best friend Buddy Bell grew a little distant, which is totally normal. Then, the pair planned a trip away, but many fans weren’t impressed with how things went down. Many people accused Whitney of not treating Buddy kindly or fairly on the trip for no apparent reason. Buddy ended up leaving the trip early.

Nobody Knows if They Worked It Out

Although Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell are nothing more than best friends, people wonder if it will ever blossom into something more. Or will their friendship always get in the way of her romantic relationships? In one episode, the two of them sat down and discussed moving in together.

Buddy and Whitney are dancing together and laughing.
Source: Instagram/@whitneywaythore

It seemed like Whitney really wanted Buddy around, and he initially agreed… but withdrew just a few seconds later. Whitney was so excited about the move that she called all her friends to tell them the news. The problem? Buddy said he wasn’t moving anywhere, especially now that he has a new girlfriend.

She Lost a Friend – Probably…

Things haven’t been easy for the star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” lately. Other than calling off her engagement and finding out that her ex just welcomed a new baby, Whitney also lost a significant person in her life. No, not Buddy Bell. But remember Ryan Andreas?

Whitney and Ryan are standing in the fields.
Source: Instagram/@ryanandreas_

It looks like their relationship went sour as well. The two friends decided to go into business together. Ryan was working as Whitney’s personal trainer when she came up with the idea. It looked like their friendship was strong enough to get through anything. Boy, was she wrong…

Mixing Business and Friendship

“My Big Fabulous Fat Life” has always been about inspiring other people. Whitney just wants everyone to love themselves and embrace who they truly are. She took her motivation and passion for dance and embarked on a new path with a new business. She created No BS Active. The BS stands for “body shaming.”

Whitney and other women on stage at an empowering event for women against body shaming.
Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Welcoming Ryan Andreas into her life opened a lot of doors for the star and opened up a subscription company with her new friends. They performed the same workouts at different levels to encourage people to get up and get active. Whitney ended up moving so that she could be closer to Ryan and their business.

No BS Active’s Announcement

Thanks to the global pandemic, companies all over the world had to adapt. No BS Active also had to figure out a new way to share content during quarantine, especially since they had to follow the new social distancing rules under lockdown. To start, Ryan and Whitney worked with each other.

Whitney is speaking on stage in a No Body Shame event.
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

That was until a strange message was posted on the company’s page stating that they were taking “a one-month hiatus.” No BS Active went on to apologize for the inconvenience, but it needed to happen in light of the “current circumstances.”

Ryan’s Possible Replacement

Things got even more confusing when No BS Active continued to raise more questions than answers. Their fans noticed that all their previous content was suddenly deleted with no warning. All the pictures and videos were replaced with three posts that didn’t include Ryan.

Whitney is posing as she looks back towards the camera.
Source: Pinterest

But there was a new recognizable face instead: Jess. If you watch “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” you probably remember Jess, who previously worked as Whitney’s PT. Based on the little information we do have, many people believe that Jess came in to replace Ryan, who completely vanished from the company’s site.

Unfollowed: Now It’s Official

If there wasn’t enough drama-filled juice, here some more news: Whitney unfollowed Ryan on social media. Naturally, this fueled the rumors because, in 2021, unfollowing someone is a pretty big deal. Supposedly, Whitney was really hurt by Ryan and felt like he knew a lot more about what really happened with Chase.

Whitney is posing in the streets wearing a red sweater.
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She even said that Ryan made her feel uncomfortable. This obviously goes against everything Whitney tries to preach on her show, so it comes as no surprise if she axed him from her life. But people are still worried about Ryan and think he never got the support he deserved.