Meet the Women From Tiger Woods’ Past and Their Personal Stories

The name Tiger Woods has become a household name. But the thing is that he used to be known for his golfing skills as the pro-athlete made a name for himself in the golfing world. But, Tiger also became extremely famous for other reasons. And those reasons don’t necessarily revolve around his golfing skills.

Tiger Woods scandal
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If you can recall, 2009 was a rough year for Woods (not to mention his wife Elin). Whether he liked it or not, Woods’ and his dating life started becoming public information. After the infamous cheating scandal flooded the media, lots of women from Tiger’s past voiced their stories. Tiger Woods can golf, but he sure can’t hide!
These are the ladies of Tiger’s past and their stories.

Loredana Jolie Then

Tiger woods had his share of ladies, some of them more striking than others. And Loredana Jolie is one of those striking women. Jolie is an Italian model from Sicily, Italy. She may not have been so famous in America, but thanks to Woods, she became popular for reasons other than her modeling career.

Loredana Jolie

The world learned about her relationship with Woods when the “Hollywood madam” Michelle Braun spilled the beans to the media. Braun, who had dated woods for a short while previously, had found her form of revenge. While she did later claim that she supplied the golfer with escorts, she also told reporters that Jolie was one of the women who Tiger Woods saw most often – and more than the rest.

Loredana Jolie Now

Loredana had a full modeling career and was featured in many modeling campaigns. But she’s most popular for her Playboy Magazine shoots. While modeling may be the career that made her a recognizable name and face, Jolie has other jobs.

Loredana Jolie
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She is also a published author, having written an autobiography. In her autobiography, she detailed all the events in her life that made her into the woman she is today. One of those moments, of course, was her highly publicized relationship with famous golfer, Tiger Woods. She wrote about him and their relationship – how she had a special relationship with him and that she has no regrets about it. It takes a certain amount of courage to admit those things and also state that she’s not regretful.

Devon James Then

Devon James is another woman who dated Tiger Woods. Not only is she on the list of the women from Woods’ past, she can also be placed on another list within that list. She, like many others, comes from the adult film industry. At this rate, we can all agree that Woods has a type. But I won’t get into that right now. Not yet, at least.

Devon James and Tiger Woods
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Tiger Woods dated Devon James while he was also married to Elin Nordegren. The two were dating in secret for quite a while – about two and a half years. Devon later had told reporters that she didn’t like being a mistress, and was repulsed after she found out that Tiger’s wife was pregnant.

Devon James Now

There were hard feelings between Devon and Tiger after they ended their affair. Devon didn’t hold back, providing some strongly worded comments about him to the press when she found out that he started dating professional alpine skier, Lindsey Vonn.

Devon James
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Devon even insulted Vonn, saying that she figured Woods would pick a girl who was more “petite.” She also added a rather cruel comment that she thinks Lindsey Vonn is more muscular than Tiger.

According to the Vancouver Sun, Janette filed a paternity petition over her 9-year-old son.
She told TMZ: “I’m here to file a petition for a paternity test. The reason is because my mother is claiming that in 2002 she has a confirmed paternity test for someone who is not the father.”

Kalika Moquin Then

Kalika Moquin, the 27-year-old marketing manager for The Bank nightclub in Las Vegas, was more than just a girl on the side; she was actually Wood’s marketing manager! This relationship was one of the more complicated ones. Their romance started when they were in Vegas.

Kalika Moqui and Tiger Woods
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Vegas’ golden rule of “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” didn’t really ring true for them. Eventually, the world heard about what went down. According to Moqui, Woods said he would “leave his wife in a flash” to be with her.
She told Life & Style magazine in the US that “it’s not appropriate for me to comment one way or the other. At this time, I’m just choosing to focus on my job”.

Kalika Moquin Now

Life & Style magazine reported that Ms. Moquin met up more than once with Tiger at his Las Vegas hotel during the weekend of October 23. The golfer apparently complained to her about his marriage and about the immense pressure he was under. She was essentially his shoulder to cry on…at least in the beginning.

Kalika Moqui
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While Kalika used to be a promoter for a nightclub, she eventually found her way to the top of the party scene’s business side. Now, she’s a woman with some serious smarts up her sleeve. Kalika founded her own company called Blackout Artists, where she manages DJs. Her company is doing well, and Kalika has been steadily making a name for herself in the industry.

Jamie Jungers Then

Jungers is one of the women who was involved with the golfer while he was still married to Elin. But unfortunately for Jungers, their fling didn’t go so well. It looks like she was very much in love with him. In the wake of the cheating scandal, Jungers became known as “Mistress Number 4,” after she herself revealed her affair with Woods to a British tabloid, Radar.


Jamie Jungers
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At the time, Radar called the then-26-year-old Jungers a “beautiful blonde Las Vegas model.” Jungers then appeared on the Today show and Dateline NBC to reveal even more details about the affair. The party girl claimed that she was “in love” with the golfer, and also told media outlets that she was with Woods the night his father died.
While it’s no surprise that their romance failed, the breakup was particularly harsh for her. Jamie told reporters that her heart was badly broken. It wasn’t an equal infatuation, that’s for sure.

Jamie Jungers Now

Jungers is now 35, but she has had a troubled past ever since news of Woods’ infidelity broke about 9 years ago, as she was battling drug addiction and legal difficulties. Jungers said she got nothing out of the relationship with Tiger other than a broken heart. She fell into a downward spiral, involving substance abuse.

Jamie Jungers
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Her troubles have come to a head recently when she became the target of one of Dog the Bounty Hunter’s fugitive hunts after skipping bail in her state of Kansas. In 2018, she was found and arrested by Dog the Bounty Hunter. According to Dog the Bounty Hunter’s news website, on one of their criminal hunts, Dog and Beth Chapman found the “troubled Jungers nearly unconscious inside a drug house.”

Jaimee Grubbs Then

Jaimee Grubs is an LA-based cocktail waitress. She met Woods when she was working in a Las Vegas nightclub. She was 21 years old at the time. Grubbs and Woods’ affair lasted 31 months. When the Tiger Woods scandal was unveiled, Grubbs was more than willing to share the texts, emails, and photos of the two of them together.

Jaimee Grubbs
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It’s not clear why the onetime reality show contestant decided to talk about her alleged 31-month affair with Woods. The Californian waitress discussed her relations with Woods in Us Weekly magazine. She labeled their relationship as “romantic” as well as sexual, and she never indicated that things ever went sour. But the evidence that she presented (text messages and a voicemail where someone sounding like Woods is asking Grubbs to help him cover up his cheating tracks) only paints a picture of a man who was aware that the heat was on.

Jaimee Grubbs Now

Grubbs wasn’t the only alleged mistress on the scene of the car accident that involved Woods. The National Enquirer reported that Tiger had had a relationship with New York club promoter Rachel Uchitel — a story she denies — while Life & Style magazine claimed that Woods had been seeing Kalika Moquin at the time.

Jaimee Grubbs and Adam Kasower
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But anyway, Grubbs felt that what they had was more than physical, with Tiger having told her that he would leave his wife for her. But it sounds like it was his line. Grubbs later released a voicemail from Tiger. The voicemail had him asking her to rid her name from her phone number in case his wife called her. Grubbs had to put the heartbreak behind her. She’s now married to Adam Kasower.

Mindy Lawton Then

Mindy Lawton was an Orlando waitress who was identified in more than 600 news stories as one of Tiger Woods’ lovers. Mindy was a waitress at a diner that was located near Woods’ residence.
Lawton, who was 34 at the time, drew international attention when the London-based tabloid, News of the World, published her very detailed account of her affair with Woods. She described it as a “torrid, two-year affair” with the professional golfer, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Mindy Lawton
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Mindy told reporters that she even served Woods and his now ex-wife Elin breakfast sometimes. Her affair with Tiger started when Woods asked her to come to a nightclub with him. Their relationship lasted almost a whole year. The two would meet at a church parking lot and even in Woods’ home.

Mindy Lawton Now

Lawton also revealed that Tiger, despite his incredible wealth, was cheap! She claimed that the only thing he ever bought her was a Subway sandwich! Lawton was actually heartbroken when she discovered that she was just another one of his mistresses. She was then paid off to keep quiet about and pretty much disappeared from the media.

Mindy Lawton
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Lawton received a year in jail for a 2009 drunk-driving crash, court records show. She ran a red light and rammed her car into another car. The other driver, Louis Ramirez Jr., suffered severe injuries, including a broken back, ribs, facial injuries, and memory loss. Lawton was sentenced to 363 days in jail, five years of probation, loss of her license for 180 days, and 50 hours of community service upon her release.

Kristin Smith Then

Kristin Smith’s relationship with Tiger is one of the later ones that started in 2015. Smith was reportedly the last person Tiger dated before his public relationship with Erica Herman, which happened to go on for a very long time. Smith and Woods broke up in 2017 when Kristin understood that Woods cheated on her (big surprise). She is trying to get a non-disclosure agreement that she signed as invalid so she can expose Woods’ behavior.

Kristin Smith
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TMZ reported that the woman from Florida accepted “hush money” to be quiet about her affair with Woods and their eventual breakup. A year after their relationship ended, she was seeking to back out of the agreement and tell her side of the story.

Kristin Smith Now

She dated woods from the year 2015 to 2017. But, now she’s trying to get a non-disclosure agreement that she signed registered as invalid so she can expose her ex’s behavior. But, backing out of the agreement isn’t going to be easy for. Woods apparently threatened to leak ‘curious’ photos of Smith if she goes further and violates their established agreement.

Kristin Smith
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Smith is 34 years old and she’s a personal stylist. She left him after catching him in the act. Kristin moved on and currently owns a styling company called The Clad Life. She lives in Dallas, Texas with her son, whose dad is retired NFL star, Gerald Sensabaugh. Kirstin was married to the former Dallas Cowboys player for a short period.

Brooke Langton Then

While most of Tiger Woods’ flings were during his marriage, not all of his romances were acts of cheating. Tiger actually dated Brooke Langton a few years before meeting Elin Nordegren. Brooke is a famous actress. You might recognize her from the 1996 TV series Melrose Place. And she was also in the sports comedy-drama The Replacements.

Brooke Langton
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Langton later got the leading role in the drama series The Net. But Brooke decided to leave her acting career behind and settle down with her husband and focus on their kids. Her relationship with Woods helped her realize that she indeed deserves better. She was quick to move on and never looked back. She’s almost 50 years old now and doing well for herself.

Brooke Langton Now

According to IMDb, Langton is a veteran of Second City and Upright Citizens Brigade, and has been working in the film industry for 30 years. She was a series regular on many shows like Extreme, Melrose Place, The Net, Life, and Fling. She was also a recurring character on Friday Night Lights, and more recently on The Last Ship.

Brooke Langton
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She later starred opposite Gene Hackman and Keanu Reeves in The Replacements, and played the character Nikki in Doug Liman’s Swingers. Langton isn’t just an actress; she also produced and starred in the period piece movie, Beautiful Dreamer. Many don’t know that she began her career as a model, working mostly in Japan. Her father, Jackson Langton, wrote the novel “All Trappers Do Not Wear Fur Hats”

Lindsey Vonn Then

Lindsey Vonn is a professional alpine skier, but her career took off way before her relationship with Tiger Woods began. When the couple started getting spotted by paparazzi, they made headlines. In 2015, after three years of dating, Vonn and Woods announced that they broke up and are no longer dating. According to Vonn, it was a mutual decision. But who knows what that even means.

Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods
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Their relationship started shortly after the world found out all of Tiger Woods’ women on the side while he was married. So it’s kind of brave (even naive) of her to try and tie him. It turns out that their breakup was rather peaceful. They said that they ended things due to their tight schedules and not due to any drama. Vonn made a statement saying that she cares for Tiger and his family.

Lindsey Vonn Now

Vonn had married fellow 2002 Olympian and former U.S. Ski Team athlete, Thomas Vonn, in 2007. In November 2011, the couple announced they were getting a divorce after four years of marriage. And then Vonn Woods at a charity event in 2012. After their split in 2015, she started dating P.K. Subban, a defenseman in the NHL, which was after her year-long relationship with NFL assistant coach Kenan Smith ended. In August of 2019, Vonn and Subban announced their engagement.

Lindsey Vonn
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Vonn has appeared in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She came in 59th on Maxim’s Hot 100 list that same year. She then appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition once again in 2016 wearing nothing but body paint and posed for the magazine once more in 2019.

Emma Rotherham Then

Close friends of Woods said that he was really into Emma’s British accent. He said it was “classy,” but there was more about her that he was into. He clearly has a thing for blondes, too. The two met in Orlando, at the time when they were each in serious relationships. But that didn’t stop their weekly meetings which took place in Woods’ office.

Emma Rotherham
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Emma was known as the British woman – Woods’ 19th mistress – who was paid more than £300,000 as hush money. The hush money to keep her quiet about their affair.
But the 42-year-old is said to have gone “absolutely ballistic” after the details of her 18-month fling with Woods were revealed. It is claimed that the mother-of-two agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement after someone from Woods’ security team handed her a sports bag filled with half-a-million dollars in $100 bills.

Emma Rotherham Now

But Emma apparently refused to hand over her mobile phone containing all the incriminating evidence against Woods. A source told the magazine News of the World that “’Emma was his most recent mistress. They had a very, very passionate relationship and she has dozens of text messages and emails from him.”

Emma Rotherham
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Emma’s boyfriend after the fact found out about her affair with the golfer and demanded that she stops seeing him. Yet Emma still saw Tiger once a week. That is until she discovered that she was not his only mistress. Emma ended up making half a million in blackmail. She threatened to expose their racy texts to the media if she didn’t get the paycheck she was asking for.

Raychel Coudriet Then

This story is a strange one. Raychel was 14-years-old when Tiger Woods and his family moved into the house next to hers. They weren’t involved, however, until Raychel turned 21 years old. She and Tiger got romantic over time. Raychel told reporters that she wasn’t made to feel special. He actually made her feel used and very unimportant to him.


Raychel Coudriet and another woman
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RadarOnline reported that Coudriet confronted Woods “because she was furious that she was just another conquest.” According to the New York Post, Coudriet told him that she felt “extremely violated by what you did to me.” Before their relationship deteriorated, Tiger reportedly sent her inappropriate text messages. Coudriet’s Facebook and Twitter pages have been deleted, but cached versions of her profiles include some incriminating posts.

Raychel Coudriet Now

Woods had invited her to play golf, asking her to meet him at a party in Isleworth, and even joked about her “cleaning his golf balls,” according to a source. “She was infatuated with him. They exchanged phone numbers . . . then he began texting her.”
They would meet up his Escalade SUV yards from his home that he shared with wife Elin Nordegren. Woods would take her to his office for “some privacy.”

Raychel Coudriet
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Like many others from his wild past, Coudriet was upset when she discovered that she wasn’t the only one. When she confronted him about how he made her feel, he wrote back, “sorry about that.” And anyone with a head on their shoulders would probably tell Coudriet that Tiger is clearly “just not that into you.” So move on, my dear. You’re not his first and surely not his last.

Tyra Banks Then

Of all the women Tiger had affairs with, Tyra Banks is by far the most famous. But their relationship was by no means better than the others, albeit a shocking one. Rumor has it that their relationship began in the early 2000s. It was a time when she and Tiger were both very famous and popular in the media. Maybe that’s something that they bonded over.

Tyra Banks
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The paparazzi went crazy trying to get a picture of these two in public. Like most of his relationships, this one ended shortly after it started. Apparently, Tyra was really hurt by Woods. Tyra is someone who takes pride in having self-respect and urges other women to aim for the same. And because of that, when she found out that Woods was playing her, it shook her core.

Tyra Banks Now

Tyra Banks turned heads on her 2019 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. It marked the start of a new chapter for her as she is coming out of retirement, and that involves taking on a new professional modeling name.

Tyra Banks
Source: The Blast

The supermodel also graced the cover of the magazine back in 1996, and again in 1997, becoming the first black woman to land a solo Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover. Back then (and still today) she was known as Tyra Banks. But she has a new name now, as she would now like for people to call her BanX. Well, at least when she’s modeling.
Banks is now 45, can you believe it? She said the new professional modeling name represents a “rebirth.”

Cori Rist Then

Cori Rist was one affair that Tiger had no regrets about. Rist reportedly said that their intimate life was “passionate — fireworks,” according to the New York Post. But their relationship was one of the weirder ones.

Cori Rist
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Rist said that Woods also displayed a controlling side to his personality. He was pestering her with a mass of text messages. “It was almost like high school when you call someone all the time,” she says. While she did reveal secrets about their affair, he probably wishes that she hadn’t. Cori said Tiger would make her sleep on the opposite end of his hotel suite.
But that’s not the only strange thing he did. He also had a habit of doing other things when they were together.

Cori Rist Now

Rist also divulged that Woods made a habit of watching cartoons and eating Fruit Loops after they finished being “intimate.” But anyway, Cori became famous before all that from her days as a lingerie model. That time when Tiger was arrested for a DUI in 2017, Rist actually defended him, saying she felt sad for him and would also pray for him. “I was definitely surprised and saddened when I heard the news this morning. I don’t like to see people suffer,” Rist, aged 38, told the Daily News.

Cori Rist
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“People woke up this morning and used this man’s life for their daily entertainment. I hope everyone will realize there is a human being on the other end of this story…A man who has feelings and two small children who adore him and love him very much.” She also cried on the “Today” show when she explained how Woods is “not an honest man.”

Joslyn James Then

Joslyn James is another one of the ladies from Woods’s past who works in the adult film industry. What a big surprise! She, like some of the others, had a rough relationship with the famous golfer. Reportedly, she got pregnant, not once, but twice while with him. The first time was, unfortunately, a miscarriage. The second time, however, she decided to get an abortion.

Joslyn James
Source: Page Six

Sources that were close to them say that their relationship was rocky yet at the same time passionate. Ever since Joslyn dated Woods, her life has been like a roller coaster, with major ups and downs. From all the harmful exposure in the press, James ended up changing her name. Her name is actually Veronica Siwik-Daniels.

Joslyn James Now

Joslyn James was her name in the film industry. She is trying to put her adult film days in the past and move forward. In 2011, she entered the cosmetics industry and made a nail polish line called Shameless. She uses it to help raise awareness for autism, tornado relief, and other important causes.

Joslyn James
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According to IMDb, James was born in upstate New York. After college, she became an adult entertainment star, appearing in approximately 20 movies. Her career included numerous high profile TV shows and promotional appearances, including VH1, “Celebrity Cheaters”, Vanity Fair, Allure Magazine, Playboy, Howard Stern, E! Entertainment TV, The Travel Channel, Dr. 90210, Sin City Diaries, elimiDATE, Gene Simmons: Family Jewels, Queer Eye, World Series of Poker, 944 Magazine and Las Vegas Weekly.

Laci Somers Then

The social media star and former Playboy model was seen with Tiger in the summer of 2017. It was the same year he was arrested for a DUI. It happened on his way back home after hanging out with Somers.Somers publicly denied knowing anything about his DUI arrest and even went so far as to claim that she had never even spoken to the famous athlete. Umm….

Laci Somers
Source: Famed Star

“I have never met Tiger in person, never spoke to him on the phone, and never had any interaction with him over any devices whatsoever, including social media,” Somers claimed in an interview. The pictures of the two together clearly negate any of her claims, but it’s pretty obvious why women would not want to be linked to this notorious ladies’ man of an athlete.

Laci Somers Now

The 27-year-old Californian has an impressive 10.3 million followers on Instagram page. Her infamous nude bikini shot was an instant hit. In the first 18 hours that it was featured on her page, nearly 180,000 had shown their love for it. no surprise there!

Laci Somers
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Somers had recently spent some time in the U.S. Virgin Islands, specifically on St. Thomas Island. She noted in her Instagram post that the photo was taken there. Somers seems to be juggling multiple projects, although her passion for creating music is her priority. Not long ago, she shared that she was back in the studio again. When she’s not traveling and taking racy photos of herself on beaches, she’s working out and keeping busy.

Elin Nordegren Then

We should probably mention the wife of Tiger’s who was publicly humiliated by the entire scandal. Tiger married her, okay. I mean, that’s a huge commitment for a guy like this. Swedish golfer Jesper Parnevik introduced Tiger to Elin, and the two hit it off immediately. He really did love her, but just clearly couldn’t stop cheating on her.

Elin Nordegren and Tiger Woods
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Elin’s divorce to Tiger was rough. She had to hear all the testimonies made by the mistresses about their secret lives with Tiger. The courts ended up settling on a whopping $750 Million dollars! The Swedish model definitely made bank and chose to spend her money as she, please. One of the things she did was buy herself a $12 Million home in Florida. Not a bad way to distract yourself from a nasty divorce!

Elin Nordegren Now

Elin Nordegren, now 39 years old, has recently been spotted for the first time with her baby, and her baby’s father, Jordan Cameron. News her pregnancy only emerged in June of 2019 after she was seen with a baby bump at her son Charlie and daughter Sam’s flag football game.

Elin Nordegren
Source: Observer

Elin and Cameron have been an item for the last two years, but they have yet to confirm the relationship. The Los Angeles-native is only 30 and retired from his professional football career in 2017. It was after suffering from four concussions in his six-year run. The couple lives Florida’s ritzy West Palm Beach, where Elin owns her home worth $49 million. Cameron also owns a $2.1 million home in the Los Angeles suburb of Westlake.

Elin Got Feisty and Tiger Apologized

At one point, Elin busted the windows out of Tiger’s car. His behavior started to look sketchy to her, and she knew he was hiding something. She just didn’t know the extent of it all. One night, Tiger took a sedative to sleep, and it was Elin’s chance to snoop his phone. Tiger woke up with her standing over him with a golf club in her hands. She went to his car and crashed his windows.

Tiger Woods
Source: Page Six

Tiger Woods’ once good and squeaky clean reputation was suddenly destroyed within a matter of days. One day young kids were looking up to him and the next, those same kids’ parents were telling them not to watch him on TV anymore. The public was in complete shock by the pro golf player’s extreme and incredibly irresponsible behavior. But acknowledging what he did and not denying it (at least), he decided to make a public apology.

Elin’s Commencement Speech

While the entire cheating scandal was taking place, Elin wasn’t just a mother to young kids, she was also studying. She had to go to her classes and face her peers every day while the media had her face showing up on every news story. But during Elin’s commencement speech, she joked about how she should have paid more attention in Social Media class. “I was unexpectedly thrust into the media limelight,” she announced.

Elin Nordegren’s commencement speech
Source: The Blast

“I probably should have taken more notes in that class,” she joked. Elin also wanted to inspire other women and mothers. “If I can inspire even one mom to go back and get her degree with the message that it’s never too late, then I am happy,” she declared.

Elin Sold Her Home for $49 Million

Elin ended up getting a large amount of money in her divorce settlement. So the former model bought a stunning home in Florida, destroyed it, and built a new one from scratch. Like a dream project! While she did enjoy her new home, she felt it was time to move out. Elin’s house was put on the market for an insane $49 million!

Elin and Tiger and their mansion
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After her divorce to Woods, she moved on quickly. A woman like Elin doesn’t have a hard time moving on. She easily found herself a new man. And that man is quite famous himself. Elin and Gavin Rossdale were rumored to be dating. It was after his divorce from Gwen Stefani. While people were happy that Elin found love, they were also disturbed that she would date someone who supposedly cheated in the past.

Why She Dated Tiger in the First Place

As you can imagine, Elin was interviewed endless times during and after the cheating scandal. She was asked everything you can imagine. And one of those questions was how they got together in the first place and how she felt about the young golfer. Elin has claimed that she wasn’t really into Tiger in the beginning.

Tiger, Elin, and their daughter
Source: Page Six

She was afraid to date celebrities but was convinced that she and Tiger were similar and would be a good match. “I wasn’t interested at first, ironically. I had my opinions about celebrities. I got convinced that we were a lot alike and agreed to a date. The biggest reason I fell for him was that we had a lot of fun together,” she told People in a 2010 interview.

Tiger and Elin Have Remained Good Friends

Elin said that it’s extremely important that she and Tiger remain good friends. Why? Because they are, in fact, co-parenting and need to work as a team to raise them. Very true! Sure, we can all sympathize with Elin and the natural reaction to want to stay away from him as much as possible. But we can’t forget the fact that they are both parents to their children! And Woods will never stop being their dad!

Elin and Tiger Woods
Source: The Blast

And what might come as a shock to those who have been following the whole story, the truth is that Elin and Tiger are actually close. Elin says that today, despite all the insanity they went through, she and Tiger are very close friends.

Their Kids

Tiger and Elin don’t want their children in the media for various reasons, and we can’t blame them for it either. Kids are not responsible for their parents’ decisions and shouldn’t have to deal with the repercussions publicly. However, Tiger does step out with them to see a tournament from time to time. The kids look up to their father, despite what they may hear in the news, and have a really good relationship with him.

Tiger Woods and his son and daughter
Source: showbizpost

At the time of the scandal, Woods had $700 million dollars to his name, which meant that everyone was going after that money. It happens to be a motive of many, especially by means of blackmailing. Several of the mistresses also asked for paternity tests. The tabloids embellished the numbers by reporting that he needed to take and fund 137 paternity tests. But that’s not true.

So How Much Did She Actually Get?

Reports say that Elin got $700 million dollars from the divorce settlement. However, people were skeptical of this amount since it’s nearly everything he’s worth. Research was done, and people figured out that Elin made $110 million instead. It makes a lot more sense and is still a huge sum of money to get out of a divorce!

Elin Nordegren
Source: Hello Magazine

According to TMZ, it’s closer to $100 million, which is considerably more than the couple’s pre-nup agreement and one-sixth of his golf fortune that is still padded by endorsements deals with Nike and other companies. It’s not clear if the $100 million stipulates that Elin has to stay quiet about details of the breakup and Tiger’s infidelities. They were married for five years, so that’s $20 million for each year of marriage.

Elin Finds Billionaire Love

After Elin ended her short-lived relationship with Gwen Stefani’s ex, Gavin Rossdale, she moved on again. She found herself a new man. Elin and Chris Cline began dating in 2016. Cline is a billionaire who owns several coal mines. And we all know how valuable coal is these days. He also owns a luxury yacht and called it “Mine Games.” How clever…

Elin Nordegren and Chris Cline
Source: The Blast

Elin and Chris Cline had fun during their romantic relationship. They were seen together skiing and cuddling. Sure, they looked really happy, but after a year passed, they broke things off. Bad news came shortly after, as Chris Cline was one of the 7 people who were tragically killed when their helicopter crashed after leaving the Bahamas on July 4, 2019.

Elin Has a Need for Speed

At one point during the scandal, Elin ran outside and took Tiger’s car, speeding off and crashed the car into a tree. In the early morning hours of November 27, 2009, Woods got into a car accident outside of his home, according to ABC News. After his Escalade bashed into a fire hydrant, he reportedly “slammed into a tree,” which caused damage to the vehicle. Police found Woods “lying in the street with his wife hovering over him,” and after treatment at a hospital, he was released.

Elin Nordegren
Source: Page Six

She’s come a long way since this outburst, but she’s still a beast on the road. Elin just seems to have a need for speed. She was recently pulled over for driving over 100 miles an hour. This time, she wasn’t angry about any cheating man; she just loves to drive fast.

Did Tiger Woods and His Lucky Red Shirt

Golf fans know what Tiger Woods won’t go to an important game wearing a shirt that’s any other color other than red. However, one day, he wore this striped shirt people freaked out. Some say it’s his signaling the end of his career while others say the shirt is technically red, but the lines are so thin that it makes the shirt look pink.

Tiger Woods
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Woods began wearing red shirts in final rounds before going professional in 1996. Woods’ affiliation with red in the final-round started during his days in junior golf. It’s either a very bright and solid red shirt, or another shade of red (magenta) or red accented with another color. Red evokes strong emotions and it’s an intense (even angry) color that creates feelings of excitement for many people.

Yes, Elin and Lindsey Are Friends

Although this is hard for most people to believe, it’s actually true. Elin and professional skier Lindsey Vonn (Woods’ ex-girlfriend) have become really good buddies. They both dealt with Tiger and probably bonded over all the issues they had to deal with. Not to mention that Lindsey was already close to Elin and Tiger’s children, so getting along was important for the women.

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn
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Elin understandably went through a lot over the last decade. But her friends reportedly told tabloids that despite all that went on, Elin is really doing quite fine. After the whole cheating scandal went public, she sought professional help and started some intensive therapy. It tremendously helped get her life back on track. Listen, therapy works, people!

Elin Rules Out Modeling

Although Elin was a successful model and definitely has the looks, Elin has stated that she will never go back to the modeling world. She had her days in front of the cameras, and she feels that it’s just not for her anymore. Although Elin was a successful model and definitely has the looks, Elin has stated that she will never go back to the modeling world. She had her days in front of the cameras, and she feels that it’s just not for her anymore.

Elin Nordegren
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After graduating from Rollins College in 2014, Elin made the decision to continue on with her education. In March 2018, she was on track, getting her master’s degree in psychology, according to her spokesman. Upon graduating, it means she is one step closer to accomplishing her lifelong dream, which according to her biography, is to become a child psychologist. And with someone like Elin, with the life experience and relationship experience that she has, she might have a word of advice or two.

There’s more women on Tiger Woods’ list of women from his past. Let’s see a few more…

Holly Sampson

Tiger Woods’s affair with Holy Sampson, an adult film actress, was interesting. It was Tiger’s birthday, and his best friends threw him a wild party to celebrate. And guess who came? Holly later told reporters that she was hired as entertainment and brought a couple of her friends with her. By the end of the night, she and Woods were getting intimate.

Holly Sampson
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Holly was popular in the adult film industry, but she also managed to score roles in mainstream movies, too, and even a few TV show episodes here and there. As a teenager, she made an appearance on The Wonder Years where she played one of Kevin’s summer flings. She was also in the film “Pump Up the Volume.” Tiger Woods had a pop-up restaurant in Jupiter, Florida and Erika Herman was the manager. She also might be the reason why Woods broke up with Kristin Smith.

Erika Herman

A source close to Kristin Smith (one of Tiger’s ladies from earlier on this list) said she saw Woods with Erika Herman and immediately knew that this wasn’t the first time he has cheated on the woman he’s dating. Believe it or not, Tiger didn’t break up with Herman after Kristen Smith caught him cheating on her.

Erika Herman and Tiger Woods
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The two actually continued to date. And that must have really upset Smith. Herman came to see Woods play at many of his games. One of those times was at the Presidents Cup. Herman was wearing a “player spouse” badge – something that was reserved for player’s wives or girlfriends. So whether or not she was a fling in Tiger’s eyes, in her eyes, it was the real deal.

Rachel Uchitel Then

Rachel managed several VIP sections in NYC nightclubs. During a night’s work, she would run into Tiger Woods, and the two hit it off nicely. Her face is also familiar to surfers of the world wide web. There was a tragic photo of her holding up a photo of her missing fiancé after 9/11. The photo went viral for months at a time.

Rachel Uchitel
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Years later, we saw her in photos with Woods in different nightclubs. We also saw her name in text messages that were made public. A text argument that Tiger had with ex-wife Elin. Although Rachel claims that she only met with Woods twice, tabloids exposed that they were together in Vegas, NYC, and Australia. Rachel moved on and owns a children’s clothing store in NYC.