Love, Friendship, and Cosmopolitans: Sex and the City Secrets

Still wondering if you are a Carrie, a Miranda, a Charlotte, or a Samantha? It has been over two decades since we first met Carrie Bradshaw and her group of fabulous friends as they navigated life in New York City while learning about themselves and adulthood. The show became a part of pop culture history.

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Post-it note breakups, Mr. Big, and Cosmos became a part of everyone’s vocabulary because of Sex and the City. It is still one of the most popular shows of all time, and HBO is bringing it back for a reboot. While things were fabulous on screen, Sex and the City had a lot of behind-the-scenes drama.

Sarah Jessica Parker Wanted to Quit After the First Episode

Although Sex and the City (SATC) became one of the most prolific TV shows, no one predicted that would happen while filming the pilot. Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw, wanted to quit after the pilot episode because she wasn’t entirely comfortable with the show’s content. It’s a good thing she stuck around.

Sarah Jessica Parker poses on a bed as Carrie Bradshaw.
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After the episode, SJP called her agent to quit, but they talked her out of the decision. She also made sure to get a no-nudity clause in her contract because she wasn’t comfortable with the sexual content. Carrie Bradshaw might have kissed a lot of men, but she was never nude nor did she ever use vulgar language.

Not Exactly Candice Bushnell

Even if you are just a casual fan of SATC, you know that Carrie Bradshaw is based on author Candice Bushnell who wrote a sex column in The New York Observer in the ‘90s. Bushnell turned her column into an essay collection known as Sex and the City.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Candace Bushnell attend an event.
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Carrie and Bushnell have many similarities, but they are different. Bushnell wrote her column under a pen name after realizing it was tricky to use her real name. Carrie found that out the hard way throughout the series. Bushnell used “Carrie” to write about her and her friends’ stories.

Carrie, Miranda, and Samantha Have Fake Addresses

Carrie’s chic, rent-controlled Upper East Side apartment might have been a dream for most, but her address was fake. The building number used in the show doesn’t even exist on 73rd Street, where she lives. Additionally, the exterior shots of her building are filmed in the West Village on Perry Street.

Kim Cattrall, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, and Cynthia Nixon in a still from Sex and the City
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The other ladies moved around, but their signature homes never existed. Samantha’s Meatpacking district loft is an entirely made-up address, while Miranda’s Upper West Side apartment is also fictional. However, Charlotte’s swanky address, 700 Park Avenue, is real and just as fancy. The cheapest apartment in the building sold for $2.29 million!

Breaking the Fourth Wall

In early episodes of Sex and the City, characters would break the fourth wall and talk directly to the camera. Miranda, Charlotte, and random supporting actors did it in the pilot episode, but eventually, Carrie was the only one who chatted with the lens. It was different from anything viewers had seen before.

The cast of SATC tilt their heads and stare directly into the camera.
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Most fans remember this as a quirk of the first season, but it lasted into the second season. The last time Carrie talked directly to the camera was in Season 2 in “The Freak Show.” It was something they decided to phase out because it didn’t fit the show anymore.

Kristin Davis Didn’t Tell Her Family About the Show

Although she played the most conservative girl of the group, Kristin Davis didn’t tell her grandmother that she was in SATC, and she told her parents not to watch the show. She thought the risqué subject matter would shock her family. But that eventually changed.

Parker, Davis, and Cattrall are whispering things to each other in a still from the show.
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Davis’ attitude changed over time, and she admitted that her parents started watching the show after her grandmother passed away. Her dad, a psychology professor, got really into the show and used it as part of his lectures on marriage and sexuality.

Kim Cattrall Was Worried About Her Character

As the oldest cast member, Kim Cattrall thought she would be cast as someone’s mom. However, she was pleasantly shocked when producers wanted her to play Samantha Jones, a sexy singleton. Cattrall never thought she would be playing that type of character at her age.

Cattrall, as Samantha Jones, gives a coy wave from her table.
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In a 2002 interview, Cattrall said, “The other girls on the show are ten years younger than I am, so I have to get enough sleep, workout, and watch what I eat. Just running around New York City is a good way to keep in shape.”

The Cast Pushed for Diversity

When Blair Underwood joined the cast as Miranda’s love interest in 2003, it was the first time SATC showed some diversity. For the most part, only white actors played main characters, and very few people of color were cast as love interests or in secondary roles.

Blair Underwood and Cynthia Nixon in a scene from SATC.
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The cast pushed for more diversity, but nothing changed until the final season. In today’s world, that would be unacceptable. However, in the early 2000s, it wasn’t such a social issue. Blair Underwood’s character, Dr. Robert Leeds, was a big improvement for the series.

There Was a Real Mr. Big

Given the authentic events that inspired Bushnell’s columns, it shouldn’t be such a surprise that there was a real Mr. Big. In SATC, Mr. Big is a big-time financier and entrepreneur, played by Chris Noth. However, his inspiration, Ron Galotti, was a publisher.

Ron Galotti / Chris Noth as Mr. Big
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Bushnell met Galotti at a party in 1995, and they dated for a year. His presence in her columns and Carrie’s story was felt for years to come. Unfortunately, Bushnell and Galotti didn’t get married like Carrie and Mr. Big. It’s probably for the best because Mr. Big was confusing.

Toxic Behind-the-Scenes Environment

Sex and the City seems like a glamorous show to work on with the location and all the fashion. However, extra Heather Kristin revealed that the work environment was cutthroat and abusive. She was Kristin Davis’ stand-in, and one incident made her want to quit.

Miranda, Sam, Charlotte, and Carrie look shocked in a still from SATC.
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In an episode where Charlotte goes to the gynecologist, Kristin sat in the exam chair with her legs in the stirrups for over an hour. She fell asleep, and when she woke up, her feet were duct-taped to the stirrups. The crew joked and took photos of her.

Kim Cattrall’s Mysterious Feud

After the show wrapped in 2004, Cattrall revealed that money was why the show was terminated. After SJP got an executive producer role in the second season, her salary was bumped up to $300,000. People believed this was the start of the feud between Cattrall and the cast.

Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, and Kim Cattrall arrive at the premiere of 'Sex And The City 2'.
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However, over the years, Cattrall, SJP, Davis, and Nixon denied that there was a massive fight between them. The break in their relationship came when Cattrall told Piers Morgan that she was never friends with the other girls during a 2017 interview.

Cattrall vs. SJP

While they spent years denying a feud, their true feelings came out over a decade after the show ended. Many people said Cattrall wasn’t talking to anyone by the show’s end. In her 2017 interview, Cattrall said SJP could have been nicer.

Cattrall and Parker seem to be having an argument on the set of SATC.
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Their feud escalated after Cattrall’s brother was found dead in Canada. SJP commented her condolences on Cattrall’s Instagram post. In response, Cattrall made a post that SJP was exploiting her brother’s death. She wanted SJP to leave her alone because they weren’t friends or family.

The Show’s Finale Was Supposed to Be the End

Although Sex and the City spawned two movies and a soon-to-be reboot show, producer Michael Patrick King believed the show’s finale concluded everything. There were rumors of a third movie in 2016, but that was shut down when Cattrall turned down the offer.

The girls sit down for lunch in a scene from SATC.
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A few months before the series finale aired in 2004, King said, “Nothing we did in the series was altered to save something for a movie. This is exactly the way we wanted to end the series. We’re proud of what we did.” They must’ve changed their minds.

Inspiration for the Opening Credits

The iconic opening credits of SATC, with Carrie walking around NYC in her tutu, were inspired by the opening theme of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. SATC producer Darren Star said the MTMS told “a story about the character” before the show started, which is what he wanted for Carrie.

SJP in the opening credits of the show.
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Star came up with the idea that Carrie would walk around in a confident, cocky way through the streets, then a bus with her picture on it would splash water on her. The show is about someone who is always surprised by life, and the sequence encapsulated Carrie.

But What Will She Wear?

The crew was indecisive about what SJP would wear in the opening credits. They had four outfits picked out, but SJP and the costume designer (Patricia Field) were the ones who loved the tutu. SJP said it set the sequence nicely but didn’t give away the joke.

SJP looks surprised in the opening credits of the show.
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SJP admitted that the tutu would have been much bigger if it were up to her (like a cupcake). Although her character was known for loving designer items, the tutu was purchased from a bargain bin for just $5. It’s probably worth more now.

Baby on the Way

Viewers might have been annoyed when they learned that Season 5 would be much shorter than the rest of the seasons. It only had eight episodes because SJP became pregnant in real life. On the show, Carrie is adamant about not having children even after she marries Big.

A pregnant Sarah Jessica Parker stands on the sidewalk in New York City.
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Unlike her character, SJP has three children. They didn’t want to have to adjust shots or write a baby into the show, so the producers cut Season 5 short. It was sad for fans, but they did what they had to do to accommodate SJP.

Honoring New York

The September 11th attacks occurred between the two halves of Season 4, so the show addressed it uniquely. The opening credits were altered to remove the Twin Towers, replacing them with a shot of the Empire State Building. Carrie also showed her love for the great city.

Charlotte, Carrie, and Samantha walk in Times Square.
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In the episode “Anchors Away,” Carrie rejects a date with a marine from Kentucky after he criticizes New York. Instead, she takes herself on a “date” with the city. She goes around to all the places that make New York special to everyone who lives there.

They Didn’t Invent Cosmos

As much as we all want to believe this, Sex and the City didn’t invent the pink-hued vodka cocktail. However, the drink became famous thanks to the series. Cosmopolitans are believed to have been created in the 1930s. No one can agree exactly where or when they were created.

Carrie stands at the bar in front of three cosmos.
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The drink’s popularity in the late ‘90s and early 2000s comes from the fabulous women drinking Cosmos at different bars and parties on the show. Pair it with a Magnolia Bakery cupcake while wearing Manolos, and you’ve got yourself a Sex and the City snack.

Carrie Was Supposed to Be a Brunette

Carrie’s signature curly blonde locks became part of her iconic look, but there was a time when she was supposed to have brown hair. The producers changed her hair color because Bushnell was also a blonde. It was much easier for SJP to have blonde hair.

Carrie stares out her apartment window.
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SJP’s natural hair is a dirty, sandy blonde. Therefore, it wasn’t a challenge to maintain Carrie’s blonde color. Interestingly, Carrie appears with dark brown hair in the first Sex and the City movie. We can’t imagine Carrie with any other hair color besides her golden blonde curls.

Mikhail Baryshnikov Wrote the Music

Carrie falls in love with Aleksandr Petrovsky, the Russian artist, during the final season. He is different from any of the other men she dated because he writes music and poetry for her. Played by Mikhail Baryshnikov, Petrovsky sweeps Carrie off to Paris.

Carrie and Aleksandr Petrovsky ride a horse and carriage through central park.
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In actuality, Baryshnikov is exceptionally talented and wrote the music himself. He also happens to be a world-famous ballet dancer. While his character was a nice change in Carrie’s dating life, everyone was rooting for Big the whole time even though he broke her heart.

Love Letters of Great Men

In the first Sex and the City movie, Carrie finds a book called Love Letter from Great Men, Volume One at the library. However, the book didn’t exist prior to the film. Fans became so interested in buying the book that it was actually published in 2008.

Carrie reads the book “Love Letters of Great Men while in bed with Mr. Big.
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The book includes love letters written by Ludwig van Beethoven, Napoleon Bonaparte, Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Franz Kafka, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Woodrow Wilson, to name a few. Who wouldn’t be inspired by love letters written by history’s most famous men?

Natasha Was Only in Seven Episodes

Although her character only appeared a handful of times, Natasha played an essential role in Carrie’s story. While there have been many memorable recurring characters, none of them had the same impact as Bridget Moynahan’s Natasha Naginsky, Big’s second wife.

Natasha Naginsky and Mr. Big in a scene from SATC.
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Her introduction changed Carrie’s world because Big said he didn’t want to get married, and then he rushed into marriage with Natasha. Interestingly, Moynahan is only seen in seven episodes over Seasons 2 and 3. Her character broke our hearts more than we expected.

Vivienne Westwood Wrote the Note

One of the most magical moments in the first SATC movie is when Carrie receives the breathtaking Vivienne Westwood bridal gown as a gift from the designer. Not only did she get the dress, but it also came with a handwritten note from Westwood herself.

The handwritten letter to Carrie from Vivian.
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The fashion designer’s note was actually written by Westwood. It said, “Dear Carrie, I saw your photo from the Vogue shoot. The dress belongs to you. Love Vivienne Westwood.” If only life were that magical for the rest of us regular people.

Expensive Wardrobe Choices

One thing many people enjoyed about Sex and the City was the fashion. While some of the outfits were questionable, their wardrobes were enviable most of the time. Costume designer Patricia Field revealed that the clothes, shoes, jewelry, and bags cost anywhere from $1 to $20,000.

Carrie stands in the doorway of her walk-in closet.
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For example, Field found a blue cape Carrie wore in Season 4 in a thrift store for $5. Sometimes the actors dipped into their own closets to create their character’s wardrobe. Cynthia Nixon wore a lot of her own jewelry. Other times, the actresses wore real designers.

Can I Keep It?

If we got to wear the clothing from the show, we wouldn’t want to take it off at the end of the day. Field said that after they were done filming an episode, SJP, Cattrall, Davis, and Nixon could purchase anything that had been bought for the show.

The girls walk out for a night on the twon in a still from SATC.
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Cattrall didn’t buy much of Samantha’s wardrobe because it wasn’t her style. However, the women took advantage of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte’s closets. Field added that the used clothes were auctioned off, including Carrie’s sequined American flag bag and one of Mr. Big’s white shirts.

SJP Got Hurt on Set

In one hilarious scene, Carrie falls into a lake in Central Park. When SJP and Noth shot the scene, the SATC crew had to clean all the garbage out of the water before they started filming the scene.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth fall into Central Park Lake filming a scene for Sex & the City.
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When SJP talked about filming it, she said, “If you look at the scene, you see that both of us are terrified. I actually cut my foot at the bottom, and they had to give me a tetanus shot right afterward.” We think it was worth falling into dirty water.

Fan Favorite

Before John Corbett came back to Sex and the City as Aiden Shaw in Season 4, his devoted fans rallied for his return. They created a campaign by sending popsicle sticks and small wooden chairs to the SATC offices. People loved Aiden before Carrie broke his heart.

Carrie and Aiden are cooking in the kitchen.
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Executive producer Michael Patrick King said, “We had already made a decision to keep John [Aiden] on, but it was really good validation from the fans.” They knew they made the right decision to bring him back into the story, and the fans were happy.

David Eigenberg Auditioned Several Times

David Eigenberg played Miranda’s love interest turned husband, Steve Brady. Eigenberg had auditioned for a variety of characters before coming on as Steve in Season 2. Executive producer Jenny Bicks created the character with Eigenberg in mind because she wanted him on the show in some capacity.

Miranda and Steve walk through the park.
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Bicks revealed that Eigenberg was embarrassed about doing the sex scenes in the audition. There were a bunch of women sitting in front of him, and he felt so shy. However, when he got to the audition, the producers knew they wanted him to play something.

HBO Didn’t Like This Storyline

The writers and producers of SATC argued with HBO about whether Carrie should have an affair with Big in Season 3. HBO was wholly against it because it wasn’t a good look for Carrie. However, the SATC crew fought to showcase an uncomfortable topic.

Carrie and Big are looking ashamed and embarrassed.
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It was something people could relate to, and SJP agreed with the crew. She said, “It’s not like Carrie just met this man on the street and didn’t know he was married. It’s a conscious adult decision to make, and you have to deal with the consequences.”

A Long Day for Charlotte

In the episode “The Domino Effect,” Davis brought in her own acupuncturist to insert needles for Charlotte’s treatment. Those scenes were shot in one day. Her acupuncturist inserted needles into her body every 45 minutes, which seems like a lot of effort.

Charlotte lays on a table with acupuncture needles sticking out of her face.
Source: HBO

The scenes resulted in a total of ten hours of acupuncture. We hope Davis got something out of the treatment instead of just sitting there with random needles in her face for a full day of filming. At least the crew let her use someone she trusted with the needles.

Willie Garson Knew SJP Before the Show

The late Willie Garson, who played Stanford Blatch, knew SJP for many years before they worked together on SATC. Outside of the show, Garson and SJP were good friends. When production began for the series, they confided in each other that they were both cast.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Willie Garson are filming a scene for
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Garson and SJP were supportive of each other. After a mutual friend thought they would get along, the two met at a dinner party. Sadly, Garson passed away in 2021 from pancreatic cancer. He will appear in the SATC reboot’s first season, which was filmed before his death.

These Shoes Weren’t Made for Walking

Running around New York City in sky-high heels seems like it would be pretty painful. According to SJP, her heels left her feet in severe pain. She went to her foot doctor and found out there was a bone that didn’t belong in her foot because of wearing high heels.

A studio shot of the cast of SATC.
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Davis also regrets the style standards set by SATC. She said, “It seems like we were trying to tell women they needed to wear heels like these. But we definitely weren’t.” While the shoes looked pretty, they weren’t practical for all the walking they did.

Choosing Career Over Kids

In a 2017 interview, Cattrall revealed that SATC’s packed production schedule prompted her not to have children. She considered in-vitro fertilization in 1998, but the show was taking a lot of her time, and she knew she wouldn’t have time to do both.

Samantha enjoys a couple of martinis at the bar.
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Cattrall said, “I thought to myself, Wow, I have 19-hour days on this series… My Monday morning would start at 4:45 a.m. and go to one or two in the morning. How could I possibly continue to do that, especially in my early 40s?”

It’s Still the Inspiration for a Bus Tour

In a sense, New York City is one of the characters on Sex and the City. In 2001, a bus tour began offering people to see all of the memorable New York City filming locations to honor the show. Surprisingly, the tour is still running 20 years later.

Participants ride on a 'Sex and the City' tour bus.
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Run by On Location Tours, the three-and-a-half-hour bus trip takes people around New York to places like the Magnolia Bakery and Bleeker Street. It also drives by the exterior of Carrie’s apartment on Perry Street. People are just as interested now as they were two decades ago.

Not Actually Abu Dhabi

The second SATC movie showed the girls heading to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. The ladies accompanied Samantha on a work trip, but the filming didn’t happen in Abu Dhabi or anywhere near it. The movie was filmed in Marrakech, Morocco.

Charlotte, Carrie, Samantha, and Miranda enjoy lunch in the desert in a scene from SATC2.
Source: New Line Cinema

After reading the script, the United Arab Emirates denied them the rights to film in the country. We can’t blame their decision because the movie depicts the women going against all the social rules of the UAE. It also paints the country in a negative light towards the end of the film.

Cynthia Nixon Casting Choice

After years of knowing the women who played Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, it’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the main cast. In particular, Miranda Hobbes, played by Cynthia Nixon, brings cynicism and girl boss vibes to the group while finding herself along the way.

Cynthia Nixon, as Miranda, sits on a park bench.
Source: HBO

However, Nixon almost wasn’t cast as the sarcastic lawyer because she had blonde hair and the producers pictured Miranda as a redhead. Luckily, she agreed to dye her hair, and the producers happily gave her the part. No one could have done Miranda justice like Nixon.

Symbolism Was a Key Factor

Anybody who watches SATC knows it has many layers. Producers were clever in including different symbols to hint about and foreshadow certain events. For example, Charlotte’s first wedding to Trey McDougal had many hints that would help viewers know it wasn’t going to last.

Charlotte and Trey on their wedding day.
Source: HBO

When Charlotte walks down the aisle, a Scottish funeral dirge is played, symbolizing grim times ahead. They end up having several physical and mental obstacles to overcome, which stressed Charlotte out. However, she got to keep the swanky apartment in the divorce.

The Drinks Were Fake, but Not the Food

One thing that kept Sex and the City viewers coming back every week was watching the girls chat over brunch and sip cocktails at hip clubs. It turns out, the toast, eggs, and rice pudding they routinely ordered were all real.

The girls sit down for a meal at a restaurant in a still from the show.
Source: HBO

SJP and Nixon always ate the food because they hated it when actors don’t touch the meal in front of them. While the food situation was a dream come true, the girls didn’t get so lucky with the cocktails. Their signature Cosmos and martinis were water with food coloring.

John Corbett Knew What Would Happen

When Carrie and Aiden got serious about their relationship, fans thought she would be happy to end up with someone other than Big. However, Corbett, who played Aiden, knew that his character and Carrie weren’t meant to last. He was another person on Team Big.

Aiden and Carrie are at a party.
Source: HBO

Corbett said that Carrie “needed to end up with New York. Mr. Big is New York, and it always made sense to me.” He might have known that his character wasn’t going to last, but he did a superb job of playing Aiden and maximizing the chemistry he had with SJP.

The Show Wasn’t About Empowering Women

SATC and female empowerment have been two topics that people usually come up with in the same conversation. While the series might have opened chats about things women were too embarrassed to talk about, it wasn’t intended to be a vehicle for female empowerment.

Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, and Sarah Jessica Parker pose for a studio portrait.
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SJP revealed that when they wrote storylines or rehearsed scenes, their end goal was to convey messages about love rather than to stand up for and liberate women. No one ever used the word “empowerment” on set, but the show succeeded in doing that anyway.

What’s Next?

HBO Max announced that SATC would be coming back for a reboot called “And Just Like That…” which will show Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte taking on Manhattan in their 50s. Samantha will not be in the show because Cattrall has no desire to work with these women again.

Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon are seen on the set of
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Other returning cast members include Mario Cantone as Anthony (Stanford’s husband); of course, Chris Noth will rejoin the show as Mr. Big. Corbett will return as Aiden, which will be exciting even though he and Carrie won’t be a couple (as far as we know).

What Happened to Samantha?

While we don’t know how the script will explain Samantha’s absence, we know that Cattrall was against continuing SATC after the second film. Recently, Cattrall has been working on the series How I Met Your Father, which will premiere in 2022. She doesn’t need SATC.

Kim Cattral speaks during a panel.
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Besides her upcoming projects, Cattrall starred in the series Filthy Rich, Tell Me a Story, and Modus. Since the second SATC film, she has been busy, but she hasn’t looked back. Cattrall has only wanted to keep moving forward and focus on her career outside of the series.

What Will Happen to Stanford?

As many people know, Willie Garson recently passed away in September 2021. Production for the show had already been well underway, so he filmed scenes for the new series. Many people have said that there will be a storyline about his character’s death and his grieving husband.

Carrie and Stanford are out at a party.
Source: HBO

Stanford was such a loveable character in the original SATC, and it will be hard to imagine how Carrie and her friends will cope with the loss. However, we know they will do Garson justice because he was with the series since the beginning and added a different aspect to the plot.

Who Is Joining “And Just Like That…”?

According to several sources, many fresh faces will be joining HBO Max’s reboot series. Grey’s Anatomy’s Sara Ramirez will star as Che, a non-binary stand-up comedian who regularly hosts Carrie on their successful podcast. Ivan Hernandez will also appear as Franklin, their sound engineer.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Source: Indigo/Getty Images

Joining Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda’s circle are Sarita Choudhury as a formidably wealthy real estate broker named Seema Patel and Nicole Ari Parker as Lisa Todd Wexley, a Park Avenue-based mother. It will be an exciting introduction to the new cast and their dynamics.

They Have New Looks

From the already released trailers, we know that Carrie will be sporting some grey roots with more relaxed waves instead of her kinky curls. Also, Miranda has embraced a full head of grey hair. The women have clearly aged, but gracefully. However, their wardrobes are just as fabulous.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Cynthia Nixon are seen on the set of
Photo by James Devaney/GC Images/Getty Images

From what people have seen in teasers, the women will be wearing fabulous clothes that bring us back to their days as fashion icons. While they might have more mature styles than they did in the original series, we can guarantee viewers will see some designer items and unique fashion choices.