All of Jennifer Lopez’s Feuds and her Notorious Diva Behavior

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most talented women alive. She can sing, dance, and act. It seems like there is nothing J-Lo can’t do. However, sometimes fame gets to your head, and you’re not Jenny from the Block anymore. The star has an incredible voice and millions in the bank, however, she may not be as sweet as she seems.

Jennifer Lopez and Rihannah Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod
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Throughout her long career (that began in the 90s), Jennifer Lopez has gotten herself in some celebrity feuds. Some are minor arguments, but others are real and personal. J-Lo also developed a reputation for being a Diva in Hollywood.

Check out these celebs who have beef with Jen and some of her diva-like behavior.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Mariah Carey

Believe it or not, the feud between Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez is still going! Back in the early 2000’s Mariah Carey accused J-Lo of stealing her music! Instead of moving on, Carey made things really awkward.

Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey
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During an interview, Mariah famously stated that she didn’t know who Jennifer Lopez was. Obviously, the two knew each other, but as soon as this interview came out, the two have not been on good terms.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Brandy

In 2017, Brandy posted a cute picture of her and her famous friend Mariah Carey on Instagram. As innocent as this seems, it was what the caption said that got rumors swirling.

Jennifer Lopez and Brandy
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Brandy captioned the photo “#SheKnowsMe.” It didn’t take long for fans to assume that this was a slam to J-Lo. The caption was clearly a playback from Carey’s iconic interview about J-Lo, and it seemed like Brandy was taking sides. Needless to say, she didn’t side with J-Lo, and rumors of a feud have been speculated ever since.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has beef with countless celebrities, and Jennifer Lopez is on that list. In 2012, Nicki showed up on the American Idol stage while J-Lo was a judge on the show. After performing, Nicki jokingly announced that she would like to join the judge’s table and told J-Lo to “scoot over.”

Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj
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A few years later, J-Lo performed at the American Music Awards. She included Nicki’s hit song “Anaconda” in the mashup, and the camera immediately panned to Nicki. Her face soon became a hilarious meme and viral sensation. Clearly, she doesn’t look very impressed.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Rihanna

Like many feuds, J-Lo and Rihanna’s beef is apparently over a boy! For years, Rihanna and Drake were dating on and off. However, in 2016, J-Lo and Drake rumors began circulating. The two recorded a song together and were seen in steamy performances together.

Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna
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Reportedly, Rihanna wasn’t happy about this new relationship, and she reportedly called J-Lo “desperate.” After these rumors received more attention, Rihanna unfollowed J-Lo on Instagram. In the world of celebrities, that’s a pretty big deal.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Marc Anthony

Since Marc Anthony used to be married to J-Lo, it may not be very surprising to see him on this list. The two were in a seemingly happy 10-year relationship and even had twins together.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony
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However, the marriage began crumbling down, and the couple knew they had to end it. Both J-Lo and Anthony chose not to comment on this. Still, there are reports that Marc cheated on the singer.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Winona Ryder

Jennifer Lopez and Winona Ryder are both big names in the entertainment industry. During an interview in 1998, Lopez stated that Winona was “revered” in Hollywood and that she didn’t get the hype around her.

Jennifer Lopez and Winona Ryder
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She explained how she never heard anyone say, “Oh, I love her.” Although this doesn’t confirm a feud, the two conveniently haven’t been seen together throughout the years.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Rosie Perez

Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez seem like they would get along. However, despite their shared interests and similar upbringing, the two aren’t exactly friends. This feud began back in the ’90s when both of these dancers appeared on the set of In Living Color.

Jennifer Lopez and Rosie Perez
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In her tell-all book, Perez expressed how Lopez was “manipulating” the wardrobe, the makeup, and the other dancers “all to her advantage.” Perez also said that J-Lo was kind of fake and would made “disparaging comments” about people behind their back, but nice to their face.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Jenna Dewan

This is a feud that should be taken a little less seriously than others. Jennifer Lopez and Jenna Dewan are both dancers who judged the dance competition show, World of Dance. On-screen, the two seemed to be friends.

Jennifer Lopez and Jenna Dewan
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However, behind the scenes, there was reportedly some tension. Sources close to the show suggested that everything about the show was “micromanaged by J-Lo.” However, it’s important to mention that representatives for Jenna denied these claims.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Cameron Diaz

Throughout the years, Jennifer Lopez worked her way up from being just a dancer to a triple threat and a successful Hollywood star. J-Lo is known to speak about other actors and actresses. However, fans were not very happy about what she said about Cameron Diaz.

Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz
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During an interview in the late ’90s, J-Lo exclaimed that Cameron Diaz was just a “lucky model” who was given opportunities. She did mention that Diaz “can be good when directed.”

Jennifer Lopez vs. Ojani Noa

If you have been keeping up with J-Lo’s love life, you probably know that back in the day, she was married to Ojani Noa. Unfortunately, the marriage lasted just nine months. J-Lo decided he wasn’t the man for her, and they broke up in 1998.

Jennifer Lopez and Ojani Noa
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Ever since, Ojani wanted to get back at his ex-wife. He was going to release a tell-all book and threatened to release private and intimate photos of the star. He has also publicly spoken about her negatively. Is this feud justified? Or is he just a bitter ex?

Jennifer Lopez vs. Gwyneth Paltrow

At times, celebrities seem to forget that interviews are intended for the entire world to see. In 1998, J-Lo seemed to forget this detail when she spoke about Gwyneth Paltrow during an interview.

Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow
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Instead of praising her fellow Hollywood actress, J-Lo asked: “Tell me what she’s been in?” Lopez went on stating that the only reason Paltrow is famous is because of her relationship with Brad Pitt. Since then, the two have been keeping their distance.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Casper Smart

Throughout her long career, J-Lo has been linked to multiple different men. She dated some huge names in the industry and even married some of them. However, a particularly exciting relationship was J-Lo and Casper Smart.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart
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Lopez and Smart had an on and off relationship that lasted a while. Unfortunately, the couple broke up for good after Smart cheated on her two different times. This hasn’t been confirmed, but sources have stated that she lost the spot in her heart for Casper.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Cynthia Rodriguez

This public feud wasn’t much of a shock to anyone. Cynthia Rodriguez used to be married to Alex Rodriguez, who recently proposed to Jennifer Lopez. There will almost always be feuds between ex-lovers.

Cynthia Rodriguez with A-Rod and Jennifer Lopez with A-Rod
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This strained relationship has a lot to do with Alex, who has reportedly not been paying enough child support since he started dating J-Lo. There might still be hope that these two will eventually work things out.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Leah Remini

Despite being best friends now, there was actually a time when these Jennifer and Leah were in a very public feud. In 2017, both actresses went to a restaurant to meet with producers. Apparently, Leah made it very clear to everyone there that she was one year younger than Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini
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Needless to say, Jennifer Lopez was not very happy about these comments. The two had a very tense exchange. Luckily, these two besties were able to get over the incident and move on.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Cher

Cher is probably one of the most recognized names in the music industry, and she knows it! The iconic singer has been asked countless times about her place in the spotlight, and Cher didn’t seem worried at all.

Jennifer Lopez and Cher
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In a 2002 interview, Cher was asked if she thought singers such as J-Lo and Britney spears would steal her place in the music world. Not only did she say that nobody is taking her place, but she went on to call them both bitches. Ouch!

Jennifer Lopez vs. Eva Longoria

When Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria became friends, people were pleased to see strong Latina women coming together. They had a lot on common, and the two were seemingly going out to fancy dinners and shows together until things went south.

Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria
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When a photo emerged of Eva sitting on Lopez’s then-husband Marc Anthony’s lap, this feud began. J-Lo believed that Eva Longoria crossed a line. Unfortunately, the two are no longer friends.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Alex Rodriguez

Don’t be too surprised to see Alex Rodriguez on this list. Don’t worry! He and Lopez are still happily engaged. However, there was a time when J-Lo, and the baseball star had some trouble in paradise.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
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Just a few days after the couple publicly announced their engagement, rumors started swirling that Alex Rodriguez cheated on the pop star. Apparently, these allegations led to a rift between the two.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Jose Canseco

Famous baseball star Jose Canseco started these rumors himself. During a Twitter rant, Canseco reported how he believes that his wife, Jessica Canseco was having an affair with Alex Rodriguez.

Jennifer Lopez and Jose Canseco
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Canseco called out the newly engaged couple on social media. He went after J-Lo and Rodrigues trying to overpower their big news with cheating rumors. The couple didn’t let this affect their relationship. No way, Jose!

Jennifer Lopez vs. Keith Urban

Jennifer Lopez gained an impressive reputation for judging American Idol for multiple seasons. Although it’s normal for her to argue will her fellow judges, she was always particularly annoyed by Keith Urban.

Jennifer Lopez and Keith Urban
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In 2014, the judges had a chance to save a contestant, and the majority wins. J-Lo lost when she was outnumbered by Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr. It’s been reported that J-Lo didn’t let this go and is still angry about it today.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Harry Connick Jr.

Keith Urban couldn’t fully take the blame for the American Idol situation. J-Lo was also upset with her other co-judge, Harry Connick Jr. She said in an interview that she was outraged at the other judge’s decision to send Malaya Watson home.

Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and Harry Connick Jr.
Source: Rolling Stone

Unlike many of her other feuds, J-Lo isn’t alone on this one. Many people watching the show at home actually agreed with the singer. Despite this argument on the show, J-Lo is now on good terms with her American Idol co-stars.

Jennifer Lopes vs. Eva Mendes

Since they both have Latin backgrounds, it’s no surprise that Eva Mendes used to get compared to Jennifer Lopez all the time. She quickly got annoyed and spoke out against it. While doing so, she didn’t have the nicest things to say about J-Lo.

Jennifer Lopez and Eva Mendes
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Mendes proclaimed that she is more “serious” about her career than J-Lo. She also stated that Lopez treats her career like a business, while Mendes is working hard, trying to be the best actress she can be.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Nick Cannon

One of the most infamous Hollywood rivalries is the feud between Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez. It may or may not surprise you that Mariah’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, also got into the action.

Jennifer Lopez and Nick Cannon
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When Cannon was asked about his top three celebrity crushes, Cannon obviously said Mariah Carey, then Halle Berry, and Naomi Campbell. One of the producers asked him if J-Lo was on the list, and his response was, “I don’t know her.”

Jennifer Lopez vs. Howard Stern

Howard Stern criticizes everyone! It’s what he is known for! However, apparently, J-Lo couldn’t handle it. The radio host has made numerous comments about the pop star and then wonders why she ignores him.

Howard Stern
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Stern has had countless celebrities on his show, such as Jimmy Kimmel and Jen Aniston. However, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t want to be on it. It might be because Stern has spoken about her bum, alleged sex tape, and her work on American Idol.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Chanté Moore

It’s obvious that J-Lo is way more successful than singer Chanté Moore. However, this didn’t stop Moore from trying to bring her down. She claimed that If You Had My Love (J-Lo’s first big hit) had parts taken from a song that she was working on called If I Gave Love.

Chanté Moore
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Apparently, when Jennifer Lopez was dating famous rapper P. Diddy he took the song I Gave Love and had the lyrics rewritten for his girlfriend to steal. If these allegations are true, Chanté should be upset!

Jennifer Lopez vs. Men under Age 33

Jennifer Lopez appeared on an episode of Tinder Swipe Sessions last year. She wanted to help a girl named Brooke, who was a 29-year-old country singer, find love! J-Lo had some things to say about Brookes’s matches.

J-Lo on the phone
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As she was swiping, J-Lo mentioned that most of Brookes matches were guys under the age of 33. She continued and said that men are “really useless” before the age of 33. Young men weren’t too pleased with this insulting comment.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Her Staff and Service People

It’s easy to pick up on the vibe Jennifer gives off where she believes she is ‘above’ other people. Allegedly, J-Lo won’t even talk to flight attendants. Supposedly when a flight attendant asked her if she wants something to drink, she told her assistant to tell them soda with lime.

Jennifer Lopez on stage
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If that isn’t rude enough, J-Lo is notorious for underpaying her staff. She even once fired a maid who asked for her autograph. This is a bad look for J-Lo, everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no matter what their job is.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Fiat

Jennifer Lopez has done some commercials for Fiat Car Company and has a multi-million dollar endorsement deal with them. The commercial people still can’t stop talking about is where she goes to The Bronx, where the singer grew up.

Jennifer Lopez in her car
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The biggest problem people had with the commercial is how fake it was. J-Lo didn’t even leave L.A. to film the ad! She used a body double for the shots in New York. The commercial didn’t make the company much money even though Fiat stated that it was due to scheduling. Everyone else thinks it’s because J-Lo is stuck up.

Her Lime Blossom or Grapefruit-Scented Candles

Jennifer Lopez is known for her high demands. That definitely doesn’t change when she stays at Hotels. In 2007, Lopes stayed at the Dorchester Hotel in London. She was very specific about a candle she wanted; however, it wasn’t available in stores.

Jennifer Lopez cutting a cake
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Grapefruit and Lime Blossom candles by Jo Malone, that costs about $500 each! The singer doesn’t care about that and apparently “loses her mind” if these exact scented candles aren’t waiting for her in her room.

$20 million for my presence

J-Lo may be a total diva, but she is living her best life. Judging a successful singing competition show isn’t so bad when you are Jennifer Lopez. To replace Simon Cowell as a judge, J-Lo was being paid $12 million!

Jennifer Lopez
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Apparently, J-Lo’s American Idol salaries vary between $12 million to $20 million per season. Jen was supposed to rejuvenate the show, but is the price tag worth it? I don’t know. J-Lo did say, “I judge people on how they smell.”

Meltdowns if sunflower seeds lack shells

In J-Lo’s defense, on her list of hotel room demands, she does say, “please.” However, the Diva does have high demands and actual “meltdowns” when it comes to her sunflower seeds.

Jennifer Lopez
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On her list of demands posted by the Daily Mail, J-Lo specifies, “Davis’s or planters sunflower seeds (with shells)” in addition, she needs her twelve bottles of water, honeydew melon, and soft-baked chocolate cookies.

Seven Limousines for Jenny From the Block

In 2003, Jennifer Lopez requested seven limousines to walk just three blocks. I guess Jenny From the block couldn’t walk three blocks alone. Lopez said, “I am 100% convinced that working out is part of what makes me happy.”

Jennifer Lopez outside a car
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Reportedly when Jen was staying at the metropolitan, the restaurant she was going to for lunch was 200 yards away. J-Lo had herself a “convoy” of seven limousines to escort her.

Rules for A-Rod

Jennifer and Alex Rodrigues have been inseparable since they got together in 2017, and the couple is now engaged. However, you need to follow some rules to be Jennifer’s hubby.

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod
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Before her engagement, J-Lo told In Touch Weekly that she would only consider marrying Rod if he stops speaking to women under 40. She sounds a bit controlling. When you are 50 years old and look like J-Lo, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Stay at the gym A-Rod

In addition to making sure A-Rod doesn’t speak to women under the age of 40, J-Lo has some more demands for her future husband. Apparently, she will only stay married to him if he “doesn’t let himself go.” Reportedly, J-Lo “Loves his physique.”

Alexander Rodriguez
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Okay, we get it, everyone has their body moments when it comes to men. J-Lo wants a “guarantee” from A-Rod, which is a lot to ask. She previously stated that people “shouldn’t judge people based on appearances.” It seems like that’s the case for her and A-Rod.

Construction Workers Banned From “Making Eye Contact”

Okay, when a creepy guy on the street stairs at you, it can get uncomfortable. However, if you hire someone to work on your mansion, they deserve some respect. Apparently, not if you’re J-Lo.

Jennifer Lopez walking in the street
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In 2012, J-Lo wanted to get one of her mansions renovated. None of the workers were allowed to speak to her. In 2017 J-Lo listed her penthouse in Manhattan for $27 million! Soon after, Jen bought herself a $40 million Bel Air Mansion.

Shuts Down Entire Boutiques

In 2016, Jennifer Lopes was sang to a Russian Billionaire’s son at his wedding. J-Lo cashed her $5 million paychecks like the rest of us, by shutting down stores so that she can shop.

Source: Pinterest

She wanted to make the most out of her trip to Moscow and wanted to shop at Aizel designer boutique. The shop was closed for two hours while J-Lo was in there. The same thing happened a year later when J-Lo and A-Rod went to rodeo Drive’s Brunello Cucinelli boutique.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Going from a regular celebrity to an A-lister can really change a person. For example, Kim Kardashian has specific people move to plants or objects if they are blocking the mirror. J-Lo is no different.

Jennifer Lopez looking in the mirror
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In 2010, Jennifer’s list of demands specified dressing rooms with hanging mirrors all in specific positions so that she can see her makeup at every angle. “You mirror what the world mirrors to you” is one of J-Lo’s famous quotes.

A vandalized Star

Jennifer Lopes has a very successful career and has obviously had her share of celebrity rivalries. It’s safe to say that her engagement to Alex Rodriguez gave the star even more haters.

Jennifer Lopez and her Star
Source: Mirror

Unfortunately, things escalated last year when J-Lo’s Walk of Fame star was vandalized. Someone spray-painted a huge ‘X’ over her star. We understand that she can be a diva, but this took things way too far!

Diva Ways and High Demands

For years people have claimed that the reason J-Lo doesn’t make friends in the entertainment industry is that she is a huge Diva. Numerous other celebrities have expressed that she is as fake as they come.

Jennifer Lopez
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Either way, she is still a talented performer and one of the world’s biggest superstars. Maybe her diva ways are worth it because she usually gets her high demands. It looks like she’s not Jenny from the Block anymore.

I’m Not a Diva

Private Jets, Diamond-encrusted headphones, and no less than $1.2 million to show her face. Still, Jennifer Lopez insists that she is not a diva. Jen said that “I got the moniker of being a ‘diva,’ which I never felt I deserved – which I don’t deserve.”

Jennifer Lopez
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“Because I’ve always been a hard worker, on time, doing what I’m supposed to do.” Come on, J-Lo, for those of us who have ever worked as a waitress, stacked shelves or babysat – we had to work hard too and turn up on time. That’s part of having any job. Maybe I should re-evaluate my $1 million paycheck to show up to work on time.