Easy and Useful Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know About

Let’s be honest ladies, as much as we think we know what we’re doing when it comes to our beauty routines, there’s always room for improvement. Many of us have been stuck in the same routine for many months, even years, applying the same “tricks.”

But there’s always going to be a better way to do something and if it can save you time, money, and effort, then why not give it a try? Care to make your hair look thicker and fuller? How about your eyelashes? And have you ever thought about using olive oil as a makeup remover? The beauty about beauty hacks is that you can use household items and foods in ways you never thought of before! And as you’ll see, it goes to show you that there are always more than one way to use something.

These beauty hacks are all super easy, super useful, and super effective. Just have a look and see!

Ran Out of Lip Gloss?

Use toothpaste! You’d be amazed at all the secret uses for toothpaste. That tube of Colgate has more roles than just cleaning your pearly whites. For instance, using toothpaste on your lips can leave them soft and a lot less chapped.

Source: Shutterstock

What you do: put some toothpaste on your lips for about a minute before washing it off. If you make this a somewhat routine practice, your lips will be all the happier for it. But don’t make it a daily thing – think weekly.

Want to whiten your teeth for free? See the next beauty tip!

Banana Peels Help Whiten Teeth

Did you know you can use banana peels to whiten your teeth? While some may dispute this, many women swear by it. It’s definitely cheaper than a visit to your dentist for a treatment and it’s also cheaper than whitening toothpaste. Bananas are affordable and won’t harm your teeth either!

Source: YouTube

What you do: Rub the inside of a banana peel on your teeth once a day for a full week. But make sure your bananas aren’t overripe, or there won’t be any results. So keep an eye on its ripeness.

A Makeshift Color Corrector

Ever tried using red lipstick underneath your eyes to cover your puffy eyes? It may seem strange, but the makeup staple that pretty much every woman has in her makeup drawer can also be useful for your skin. And it’s perfect for those who don’t have a color corrector.

Source: makeup.com

What you do: For its full potential, rub some red lipstick underneath your eyes, blend it, and then cover it with concealer. The results? A well-rested face.

See how using beer on your hair can make it shinier, next!

The Secret to Soft and Shiny Hair … Beer!

Going through a rough time with your hair? Literally. If your hair is more dull or dry than usual, go buy a beer – just don’t drink it. You’re going to use it on your hair! The key to benefiting from beer for hair health is to actually pour it on your hair.

Source: Shutterstock

What you do: choose any brand of beer you want (all beers will do) and rinse your hair with it. What is does is condition your hair, as well as help, make your locks shinier and softer. Something you can drink that also makes your hair look better? Yes, please!

No Beauty Blender? Use a Bra Insert

You might have seen them already – those new silicone gel makeup pads make-up artists use for foundation instead of sponges. But they’re kind of pricey and not found in every store. Here’s the thing: they’re basically the same material as a silicone bra insert!

Source: Cosmopolitan

What you do: Either use a bra insert from a bra you already have or buy a new one. And use it to apply foundation the same way you would with a sponge. This way, you won’t waste any product that would be absorbed into the sponges.

Keeping Your Shoes Fresh

Let’s face it – the summer can make us and the things we wear smellier than we like to admit. But there are ways around that. And if you can use an item from the kitchen to do so, then why not? To avoid smelly shoes in the summer months, grab some tea bags from your tea jar.

Source: The Homemade Experiment

What you do: add a tea bag to each shoe. Keep them in a dry room-temperature or cold place in your house to get the most out of it. Leaving them overnight is also the most effective. Just don’t forget to take them out in the morning!

Next – see why you should take dryer sheets with you in your purse…

Dryer Sheets to Tame Your Mane

It happens to the best of us – you blow dry your hair in the morning and you think you’re going to have a good hair day. Up until you get to work and you glimpse in the mirror to see your hair is full of fly-aways and all static-y! So annoying…

Source: Instructables

What you do: Use dryer sheets! All you do is rub a sheet over the problem areas and with a few swipes, and your hair is back to silky smooth. No need for sprays or serums. And brushing it won’t help. So pack your purse with some dryer sheets and thank us later.

Make Your Own Lip Stain

Your kids’ favorite drink can also be your new favorite beauty product! Kool-Aid both can act as a lip stain as well as a refreshing drink for the summer heat. The fun part? Choosing which color to use! Cherry will give you a nice hot red and pink lemonade will give you hot pink.

Source: rumahara

What you do: wet your lips and apply dry Kool-Aid powder evenly over your lips. Then smooth it over with a Q-tip to get rid of any clumps. If you’re feeling funky, go wild with the grape or blueberry flavors

No need to use false lashes any more ladies. See why next!

No More False Lashes!

If you’re looking to ramp up your eyelashes game but don’t want to use fake lashes, this is the perfect hack. False eyelashes can also be expensive and the application process is better left for the professionals. For a less intense version of the false eyelash look, use powder.

Source: Huda Beauty

What you do: to get some subtle volume on your lashes, curl them and add a layer of mascara. Afterward, coat them lightly with some baby powder by using a Q-tip. Then finish it off by adding another layer of mascara.

An Age-Old Eyeliner Trick

This age-old hack is just well-known but no less useful. You may have already done this before, but for those who haven’t, this is the best way to make your eyeliner pencil glide on your eyelid in the smoothest way possible to get the best results.

Source: Become Gorgeous

What you do: Use a lighter or match and hover your pencil eyeliner above the flame for a few seconds (without melting it too much!).

Oli skin? See the next beauty hack!

Free Face Blotter

As unappealing as it may sound, toilet seat covers work wonderfully for oil blotting. Just forget the fact that their commercial purpose is for your derriere to sit on! And it goes without saying, that you should only use brand new ones! They work better than tissues.

Source: Don’t Pin That

What you do: Wipe the paper over your face to get rid of any oil when you’re in a hurry. You can also use a more standard alternative, using wax paper baking sheets (if you don’t want the image of a toilet in your head).

Refreshing Your Mascara

Many of us think that once our mascara becomes clumpy and less smooth, it means it’s time to buy a new one. But that’s not necessarily true. Sometimes it’s just a matter of hydrating it. How? Eye drops. And since eye drops are meant for your eyes, there’s nothing dangerous about it at all.

What you do: Add a drop or two and mix it with the wand.

Source: Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog

Speaking of… sometimes a good mascara has nothing to do with the mascara itself. It’s all about the brush. So if you happen to love a brush of the mascara you have, keep it! Just clean it off and use it with any and all mascaras you buy.

Perfume That Lasts!

How frustrating is it that your perfume and body spray only lasts for about an hour after you spray them on you? If you want your perfume to last longer, find some Vaseline that you probably have in a drawer somewhere.

Photo by Flashpop/Getty Images

What you do: rub Vaseline on your wrists before you spray your perfume on. This causes the perfume to sink into the Vaseline making it last much longer!

Next – another awesome hair trick actually works!

Softer Hair with Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’re looking for more ways to make your hair softer (and maybe beer isn’t your method of choice), a good recommendation is an apple cider vinegar rinse. Although apple cider vinegar doesn’t have the nicest scent, it has lots of uses and hair is one of them.

Source: YouTube

What you do: after you shampoo your hair, instead of using conditioner, rinse it with one-part apple cider vinegar and two parts water. It will smell strong but don’t worry, the smell does go away after the wash and it’s worth it once you see the results!

The Perfect Cat Eye

Do you appreciate a good cat eye look but can’t ever seem to get it right? Do you always seem to make a crooked line and find that each eye looks different after you finish. If you don’t want to end a 30-minute eye make-up session with wiping off everything in frustration, try this tip.

Source: makeupview.co

What you do: grab a clean tablespoon and use the handle of the spoon to draw the line. Use the spoon’s curve to create the angle, and then fill it in. Voila! A flawless cat eye.

The next tip is to get some flawless beach waves…

Loose Boho Waves

Getting loose and beautiful curls that look like you just were at the beach for a few hours is a lot easier than you think! You just need a flat iron, which you most likely have anyway.

Source: Cosmopolitan

What you do: braid your hair into six sections before laying them flat, iron them with your flat iron, and then take them out and style your hair however you choose. Just be careful not to iron over your hair tie to avoid making any damage.

Adding Some Volume to Your Ponytail

Not all of us have perfect hair! Putting our hair up in a ponytail sometimes leave it limp and lifeless. But if you want a perky ponytail with extra volume, it can be as simple as using a butterfly clip!

Source: YouTube

What you do: put your hair into a high ponytail and separate it into two parts, top and bottom, and add your butterfly clip to the middle of the bottom part and drop the top for instant volume. But make sure your clips are hidden well, otherwise, anyone standing behind you will know your secret.

Tweezing Doesn’t Have to Be Painful

For those of us who have to tweeze our eyebrows but hate it due to the pain, there’s an easy solution! And it can make the whole routine a lot less painful and dreadful.

Source: YouTube

What you do: Get an ice cube and swipe it over your brow before you start plucking. If it happen to be sensitive to the coldness on your brows, you can also use an ice cube immediately after plucking instead, which will numb the pain. It’ll still be cold, but you won’t care once the relief comes.

Creaseless eye-shadow

How many times have you realized at the end of the day that your eyelids had creases in them the whole time? Sometimes you also notice creases right after you just finished applying eyeshadow too! In both cases, it’s annoying. And preventable!

Source: Pinterest

What you do: dust over your eye shadow with translucent powder to set it. It helps to get rid of moisture on your eyelid and it’ll make your eye-shadow last much longer.

If you don’t have shaving cream, use the next tip when you need to shave!

No Shaving Cream? No Worries

If you don’t have shaving cream, you can use conditioner. Using conditioner will both make your skin smoother and also make the shaving experience a lot smoother too.

Source: Twitter

What you do: do exactly what you think you should – apply conditioner on your legs or armpits and shave. But it’s not recommended for everyday use because conditioner can get expensive. This is more of an emergency-type scenario.

Makeshift Makeup Remover

Whether you bought waterproof eyeliner or mascara by accident or intentionally, it can be a nightmare to wash it off, leaving your eyes and face red from rubbing. Not to mention matte lipstick also being tough to get off. But if you don’t have actual makeup remover, there’s an equally useful product to use.

Source: Shutterstock

What you do: use olive oil to remove your makeup in a single swipe. Just try not to get any in your eyes and make sure to wipe off the oil afterward to avoid breakouts.

Another way to naturally whiten your teeth – next!

A Berry Nice Teeth Whitener

Remember how banana peels have a (disputed) teeth whitening effect? Well here’s another fruit that has a way of whitening teeth that are prone to stains: strawberries. If you have stains on your teeth, try using strawberries.

Photo by Eva-Katalin/Getty Images

What you do: wash a strawberry and rub it on your teeth before brushing them. The acid in them breaks down any stains and is a natural whitener. This method can be used semi-regularly, as it doesn’t need to be done every single day, but often enough to maintain them.

Matching Your Foundation

Changing seasons means having to deal with changing skin tones, which is a hassle when it comes to having your foundation match your skin! Losing your summer tan in the winter can make you three shades lighter than your foundation and then it looks like you’re wearing a mask. And no one wants that!

Source: Shape

What you do: keep two extra bottles of foundation, one lighter, and one darker, so when your foundation doesn’t match anymore, you can just mix them for an instant match. Just be sure that they’re the same brand to avoid formula mixing.

No One Likes Thigh Chafing

We all hate it and we all wish our thighs were thinner. But that’s not always possible! This is a hack article! So that means we have a hack for this unfortunate dilemma. Thigh chafing can be solved with deodorant.

Photo by Luis Alvarez/Getty Images

What you do: rub deodorant on your inner thighs where you usually chafe. This goes for stick and roll on deodorants only – sprays are less effective and harder to apply. Now you can wear those flowy dresses without having to find shorts to wear under!

An Alternative to Nail Polish Remover

If you ran out of nail polish remover, it’s not the end of the world. You can still take off your nail polish from two weeks ago that you can’t stand the sight of anymore. All you need is some clear nail polish. So let’s hope you at least have that! Otherwise, you’re going to need to head to the store…

Source: ThoughtCo

What you do: apply a thin layer of clear nail polish over the nail and swipe over it quickly with the cotton ball. Cotton pads also work just as well.

The next tip to avoid using expired makeup!

Mark Your Makeup

Honestly, how many women actually remember when they bought their bottle of foundation? It’s too easy to forget when we bought our makeup and it’s not so good because using expired makeup can be harmful to our skin. So mark that makeup when you open it.

Source: Insider

What you do: mark the bottle with the date you opened it. That way you’ll know for sure when it’s time to toss. You can find the date in small print on the back of the bottle, by the way. It’s not easy to see if you don’t search for it.

Dry Your Brushed Upside Down

Brushes need to be washed every once in a while, and drying them properly is half the work. You can mess up your makeup brushes if you don’t dry them right. It’s all about drying them upside down.

Source: A Clean Bee

What you do: Dry them upside down to prevent damage to the handles. You can use a cutting board and rubber bands to dry them in the right position.

See how to match foundation to your skin tone, next!

The Right Way to Match Foundation

Don’t use the old trick of testing foundation on your arm – it will only give you a false match since your arm is almost never the same color as your face! Match it to your neck instead.

Source: The Brunette Diaries

What you do: put a few marks of different colors on your neck under your jawline to see which shade matches best. You can also try taking a picture with the flash on to see how it looks in photos.

Check In a Bright Light

It’s happened to all of us – we put makeup on in our dim room, thinking we did the best makeup job ever, only to go outside and see in the car mirror that we’re completely uneven and streaks are everywhere.

Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images

What you do: Check your makeup outside (if you can) or in a brightly lit room to make sure it’s even and you didn’t miss any spots. If you can situate your makeup table in front of a window, even better.

Even Your Skin Tone

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an even skin tone all the time without having to use makeup? Yeah, back to reality. Here’s a tip on how to use green and orange concealers to even out an uneven skin tone.

Source: YouTube 

What you do: green concealers will tone down redness, if you have red spots or areas on your face. And if you tend to have bags under your eyes, using orange concealer can help with under eye circles.

Apply Bronzer in the Shape of 3

Bronzer shouldn’t be applied haphazardly unless you want to walk around with an orange-brown mask on all day. Bronzer should never be applied on your whole face. There’s a proper method for putting on bronzer and once you master it, you’ll be happy you did.

Source: ZoomZee

What you do: apply it in the shape of a 3 over your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline. Those are the three areas in which bronzer accents your features in the right way.

Next, see what you can do to make your eye shadow pop!

White Eyeliner Under Your Eyeshadow

Sometimes, depending on which eye shadow you use and how you apply it, eye shadow just looks dull and not at all as to how you intended it to look. But you can make it look a whole lot better without needing to watch a tutorial on eye shadow application or going out to buy fancy products.

Source: ShopLC

What you do: use white eyeliner to make your eyeshadow standout. Outline the area you want to shadow with eyeliner and fill it in. Then apply the shadow on top. Boom! Striking eye lids!

How to Apply Eye Concealer

Most of us need under-eye makeup but many of us aren’t doing it the proper way. There’s a right way and a wrong way to apply concealer under our eyes and the right way is a lot easier than you may think.

Source: Cosmopolitan

What you do: Draw a triangle with the base under your eye and the tip pointing toward your cheek. Like you’re shining a flashlight under your eye. This will bright up your face and eye area.

Out of Pore Strips?

Not everyone even buys pore strips and many women use tissue paper instead, picking at blackheads which only damages the skin. So instead of buying pore strips, dental floss can come in handy. But it needs to be done with care.

Source: The Sun

What you do: there are two options for this. The first one is to wrap your finger in dental floss and then rub it over your nose to remove any blackheads. Another method is to get two dental floss sticks and squeeze them together, and then wash your nose with a warm washcloth.

Lighten Dark Armpits with Potatoes

If you don’t like how your armpits are darker than the rest of your skin, there’s a solution that doesn’t involve bleaching your skin in any way. And it involves potatoes! Isn’t it great that food from our kitchens are good for our skin too?

Source: The Health Notes

What you do: Shred a raw potato and rub it on your armpit and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off with water.

Next – a super easy trick to make your hair look fuller!

Make Your Hair Look Fuller

Again, as much as we wish we had perfect, most of us weren’t born with the blessing of flawlessly thick locks. And it’s not something you can get by using creams or anything like that. But what we can do is make it appear fuller.

Source: A Model’s Secrets

What you do: dust an eyeshadow (in the same color as your hair) along your part to shade your scalp slightly, making your hair appear thicker. It really does the trick. Take a picture and see!

Quick-Dry Nail Polish

If you soak your nails in ice water after painting them, it can speed up the drying process by a lot. And then you don’t have to worry about touching things in the house without having to touch up every time you accidentally brush your finger against something.

Source: Pinterest

What you do: Fill a bowl with ice and water, and soak your nails for a few minutes after painting them. The cold water will set the paint and help your nails dry faster.

Heat Up Your Eyelash Curler

If you heat up your eyelash curler with a hair dryer, your lashes curl much easier and stay curled a lot longer. It works the same way as when your hair holds a curl with a curling iron; heat changes the pattern of your hair.

Source: ZoomZee

What you do: hit the lash curler with your blow dryer until it heats up, wait until it cools slightly but is still warm (make sure not to burn your eyelid!) and then clamp down on your lashes to curl them.

Want Plump Lips?

Just like hair, we were born with the way our lips are and without getting full-blown plastic surgery, our lips are here to stay. But that doesn’t mean we can’t create an illusion! Here’s how to make your lips look more plump than they really are (or aren’t).

Source: Rebel Circus

What you do: create the illusion of plumper lips by filling in the middle section with a light concealer, blending it out with the warmth from your fingertip, and finishing with a nude lip gloss.