Chip and Joanna Gaines: Inside Their Farmhouse

Chip and Joanna Gaines were a regular couple who lived in Texas and owned a small business. They took the most run-down houses they could find and transformed them into luxurious homes perfect for the family. Then they received HGTV fame, and now, they are pretty much doing the same thing just on T.V.

Chip and Joanna Gaines
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Chip would work with the construction aspect and focus on the structure of the home, while Joanna used her talent and creativity to design beautiful rustic interiors to give the house a cozy feel. Fans of their successful show Fixer Upper have admired their work for five seasons! Did you ever wonder how their home looks? Now you can check it out!

Love at First Sight

Chip and Joanna’s marriage is like a match made in heaven. Everyone fantasizes about meeting someone that can complement them the way Chip and Joanna do. In 2001, the two met in Waco, Texas.

Chip and Joanna Gaines and a house
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Chip was working odd jobs while Joanna was appearing in commercials and ads for her dad’s tire business. After Chip walked into the tire shop, he and Joanna hit it off really well. After two years the couple knew they were meant for each other and finally got married in 2013.

Young Couple

It’s common for couples not to have much when they first get married. Chip and Jo were just like the rest of us. Chip had a newfound interest in buying and updating homes, and his wife was always supportive.

A house
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However, this meant that the couple would live in homes that weren’t quite ready and needed a lot of work done. Nine of them to be exact! When the house was finally renovated, they sold it and did the same thing again. However, when Joanna got Pregnant, the couple decided they needed to settle into a home so that they can raise a family.

Finding the Farmhouse

Chip and Jo didn’t buy their home until they found a farmhouse that they absolutely loved in 2012. The house only had two bedrooms, and it was far from perfect. Chip and Jo knew that doing the homework would require a lot of creativity and hard work.

A pretty house
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They were running their business, Magnolia Homes, which kept them busy flipping other people’s houses. However, the couple decided it was time to flip their own house and create their dream home for their growing family.

18-Month Renovation

From the start, it was clear that the house needed a complete makeover to suit a small family, let alone the Gaines family of six (at the time). With just two bedrooms and an unfinished attic, the couple decided to add on more room, the master bedroom. Other than that, the focus was to open up and maximize the space.

The front portch of a house
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Joanna posted, “My main priority was to open up the main living, dining and kitchen area. It took several months to get all my ideas on paper because there was a lot of reconfiguring to make the newlywed space work for our family.”

Keeping It Cozy, With Character

Many families would probably add some space to make room for a family of six, which makes sense. But Chip and Jo wanted the home to feel cozy and for their family to be close together.

House Exterior
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Just like she does on Fixer Upper, Joanna was insistent about keeping and capturing the character and era of the house, which was built in 1895. Joanna stated, “As we started the demo and the renovation process, I wanted to make sure all the character of this amazing old house would not get lost.”

Joanna’s Vision for the Exterior

The land had a lot of oak trees which the family loved. “If these oak trees could talk, I would love to hear their stories!” Joanna expressed. She also planned on preserving the character of the exterior of the house.

Outside a house
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Joanna decided to go with soft colors. “I chose whites and soft neutral tones in the farmhouse so that it would be a calm place for the family when life gets full.” The white is beautifully balanced out with brick chimneys and wooden beams; which also adds warmth to the outside design.

An Inspiring Entryway

Joanna wanted to make sure that the entrance of the house was fully equipped for six children. She wanted to ensure that there was a room of all their coats, shoes, and backpacks so that they won’t just dump everything by the door.

House enterance
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She chose a beautiful rustic coat hanger and centered a frame over it. She also added an inspirational quote so that the family can see it before they leave the house.

Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

The kitchen is always the heart of the home. Joanna wanted to make sure her kitchen was no different. Joanna chose a perfect rustic island. She came across the island at an antique store and found out that it was originally a Romanesque cabinet from an old Waco church.

Farmhouse Kitchen
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Joanna told HGTV magazine that before she made a decision, “I probably stalked that thing for two years.” She painted it white and added a concrete countertop. It looks both classic and resilient.

Open Living Space

Next to the kitchen is the dining and living room. The area feels very spacious and calming due to the floor-to-ceiling white shiplap. Joanna also found the rustic antiques specifically for this space, and it complements the feel of the house perfectly.

Living space in the house
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The dining room is simple but perfectly equipped for the entire family. You can clearly tell from this photo that the family maintained the original square footage of the farmhouse. Their main focus was to utilize the space instead of expanding it.

A Cozy Area for Lounging

If you watch the show, you probably wondered where the T.V. is. Joanna is known for not adding televisions in the fixer-upper’s living room designs. Joanna’s house is no different; that’s part of the reason they wanted to live on a farm.

Lounging area

“We want to teach our kids that life happens outside of these devices. It’s just a simple thing to go outside and connect with nature, play with your friends, and get dirty.” Joanna explained to AOL.

Finding Unique Pieces While Antique Shopping

Joanna loves to go discover new antique items. She will sometimes bring Chip with her to antique shops, and they both find gorgeous items and incorporate them into the house designs. Their own home has stunning antique pieces such as lamps, bottles, window shutters, and books.

Antique area of the house
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The antique help give the houses a more homey feel, after adding modern elements into the renovation. The items are usually one-of-a-kind, and they all have a unique story.

The Master Bedroom Is the Only Addition

Chip and Joanna’s house was originally built in 1895. However, they kept the original design of the house, adding only a master bedroom. What’s interesting is that they pulled materials from the attic and used it for the new room.

Master bedroom
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Joanna explained, “Since we added on our master bedroom I used the flooring in the attic for my floors. I also incorporated old doors so that the space felt like the rest of the house.”

A Cozy Corner for the Couple

The couple added a nice cozy space for them to relax in their master bedroom. Since the couple now has five kids in the house, they wanted a designated place to have for themselves.

couches and fireplace in the bedroom
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Joanna designed it beautifully with two large windows, two sofa chairs, and a calming white fireplace. She kept the theme of the rest of the house using soothing neutral colors. What really brings the room together is the floorboards from the attic. The add such natural warmth to a newly renovated bedroom.

Romantic Attached Master Bath

While she was designing the add-on bedroom, Joanna said, “I had the best time looking for old fixtures to use. She also expressed how adding small special touches into the bedrooms gives it a “romantic quality.”

Master bathroom
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She added things such as soft candles, and her neutral color choices balance out the grey walls. This is the gorgeous door Joanna chose for the master bathroom. The couple also incorporated a free-standing bathtub, which goes perfectly with the farmhouse theme of their home.

Classic Vintage Design

Joanna added a romantic design into the master bathroom with stunning and romantic hanging-chandelier. However, you can barely tell the room is an add-on with all the vintage elements that Joanna added into the design.

Master bathroom
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The bathtub and chandelier go beautifully with the classic white tiled floor. Joanna also felt the need to add some shiplap into the bathroom. She wanted a thinner design for the wall paneling and her favorite whiteboards the ceiling.

The Girls’ Room

With adding just one bedroom, the home now had a total of three bedrooms. This meant that the girls would share one bedroom, and the boys would share the other one. The girl’s room also features soothing neutral colors and thin shiplap on the floor.

Girl’s bedroom
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The design is beautifully simple, with white featured throughout it. The chandelier and rustic styled dollhouse keep the historical aspects of the house alive.

The Boys’ Room

While designing the children’s room, Chip and Jo didn’t know they were going to have another baby boy. Luckily, the room is equipped with bunk beds to fit all the boys and still have an extra bed.

Boy’s bedroom
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Both bedrooms feature shiplap but, unlike the girl’s bedroom, the boys have more metal accents. However, the room also keeps the home’s history with the reclaimed metal letters over the bed, spelling “adventure.”

Fun for the Kids

One of the things Joanna loves to do when she designs kid’s rooms is to add little fun surprises. For the boys, she added a cute element over the windows and attached a ladder on the wall for some extra fun!

Kid’s bedroom
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The map on the wall works well with the adventure theme, and their floor looks very similar to the wood taken from the attic. In addition, the shiplap and grey wall matches the farmhouse vibe of their home.

The Farmhouse Is About Family

The Gaines have a thriving business and a successful T.V. show. If they wanted to, they could afford a bigger house. However, Chip and Jo never wanted a big house. They always envisioned their home as a cozy space where the family can grow up close to each other.

Joanna Gaines on stairs in the house
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Up the staircase towards the children’s rooms, you can see photos of the happy family. Joanna chose the pictures and decided to print them out in black and white. It looks amazing, and the black frame matches the staircase railing.

Creativity With the Attic

Another aspect of the house was the unfinished attic. Joanna wanted to make the unoccupied space useful and fun. She created a coffee bar alongside the brick chimney. The coffee makers modernize the rustic feel of this corner.

Bar in the attic
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Joanna found this awesome retro high-top dining table, and it looks amazing against the wall. The couple has incredibly creative ideas and were able to transform a small space into something exciting.

The Craft Room

In addition to the coffee bar, Joanna created a space for arts & crafts. As a designer, Joanna loves projects and wanted a place where the whole family can get creative together. The room follows the farmhouse theme very well with the shiplap walls as well as the wooden floors and table.

Table in the attic
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Because the ceiling in the attic is shaped as an A-frame, it’s tough to make use of it. However, Jo managed to find a four-top table that fits in perfectly. The white walls allow the small space feel less cramped and keeps the room lit even though it only has a little window.

Home Office

Chip and Jo manage to stay busy with their businesses, but, it’s always been a priority for the couple to spend as much time as they can with their kids. Although they have business offices, they wanted to make sure they are able to work from home as well.

Home office room
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Chip and Jo saved a place in their farmhouse for an office. The design is simple and organized, which probably make it easier to stay focused. Whether they need to hold a full meeting or just make a quick business call, this space is perfectly equipped to be a home office.

Farm Life Is Outside

In 2012, when the couple purchased the Texas farm, they didn’t buy it for the house, they bought the property for the land. Joanna wrote that “Living on a farm has always been a dream of ours, and we were excited when it finally became a reality.”

Outside dining room table
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For the family, one of the best parts about living on a farm is that they got to spend more time outside. Joanna made sure to have a big table outside so that the whole family can sit together for a meal.

40 Acres of Freedom

The Gaines knew that they were destined for the farm life; however, they were waiting to buy a house with a lot of lands. When the couple came across the 40-acre property that was conveniently close to their business, they knew it was theirs! The land had stunning old oak trees, a barn, and even fencing for animals.

Land outside the farmhouse
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The family has welcomed over sixty animals since moving to the farm! They have everything including cows, goats, horses, dogs, pigs and more! Chip has a reputation for “surprising” Jo with new farm animals.

Authentic Living

It can get very difficult to maintain a healthy personal life while hosting a T.V. show. Fixer Upper went on for five seasons, but the family stayed true to their roots. In addition to living in the area that they met, the couple also chose to transform a forgotten house from 1895 into a fantasy home.

Kids playing in the house on Chrismas
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Chip and Jo designed their farmhouse to represent the style of their Magnolia Homes. The designs are always a pure reflection of Joanna’s authentic personality that shines through, in her signature rustic style.

A Modern Take on Joanna’s Design Sensibilities

You can easily notice Joanna’s talent and creativity from the show. In season 4 Joanna showed off her ability to transform a run-down living room into a cozy and beautiful space for a young married couple.

Before and after living room design
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In addition to the modern element of the home, Joanna incorporated the outdoors with the rack of wood and by opening the window. Replacing the beams with lights brighten up the room, making it even more stunning.

A Kitchen For Entertaining

When Joanna isn’t busy incorporating shiplap into the homes, her goal is to open up and utilize spaces. She loves to add windows to bring in natural lighting and throw in a good amount of subway tile.

Before and after kitchen design
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In this renovation, Joanna tore out the entire kitchen and completely redesigned it. She extended the size and added a gorgeous new island. With all the natural light and additional shelf space, this is one of the best kitchen transformations on the show.

Bedroom Makeover

Joanna is famous for incorporating a farm-style element in her designs. However, don’t underestimate her other (simpler) design styles. In season two Joanna took a master suite and turned it into a dream room for a couple.

Before and after bedroom
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Joanna chose to remove the built-in cabinets and add hardwood floors. She carefully picked stunning furniture and replaced the fan into a beautiful chandelier. She turned a boring green room, into a luxury space most people dream of.

Just In Time for Baby

Joanna specialty is utilizing and repurposing small spaces. In season two, Chip and Jo had to renovate a couple’s house in a rush because a baby was on the way. They wanted a cozy home with office space for the dad.

Before and after office space
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Joanna’s creative mind transformed an old walk-in pantry into a suitable office. She simply added the carpet, window and accented the walls. This room is unrecognizable, and the calming design style is perfect for somebody who needs to focus.

A Garage Transformed

In season two, Chip and Jo were helping out a couple of empty nesters with their home makeover. They never imagined that their garage could actually be turned into a comfortable fun space for their grandchildren to enjoy.

Before and after garage renovation
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Joanna simply replaced the garage door with more natural lighting and added hardwood floors. She used steel ladders so that modern design can complement the industrial look. The simple but carefully curated furniture make it look like this room was never a garage.

A Barn Home Built For Parties

In one of the best episodes of Fixer Upper, Chip and Jo were asked to turn a family’s two storm barn into a livable home. Their only big request was that there would be space for entertaining because they loved to host parties. Joanna managed to turn the first floor into a party room and kept upstairs for the family’s living space.

Before and after barn house
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Joanna accented the barebones space with a 17-foot long dining room table! Of course her love for shiplap was highlighted in her amazing choice in accents. She added the gorgeous French doors for some natural light.

Honoring a Family Home

Chip and Jo created numerous master bathroom designs on Fixer Upper. The best one, however, is from season three, episode eight. A small cluttered bathroom was turned into the luxurious suite bathroom that you can only dream of.

Before and after masterbathroom
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Joanna was able to turn this claustrophobic bathroom into an inviting space that looks completely different from the original. Joanna added a rainfall shower and a window for some natural lighting. She also chose perfect flooring. She also expanded the size of the room so she can add the pretty cabinetry.

A Country Living Porch

The design from season three, episode eight made this list for the second time. The home that Chip and Jo renovated held a lifetime of precious memories for the couple who bought it. You can tell from this photo how a stunning new front porch highlighted the country living style.

Before and after house porch
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Joanna redesigned the entire exterior of this home. She even moved the front entrance door to the middle of the house so that she can add a stunning front porch. The beautiful wooden pillars match the window shutters perfectly. This is easily the most notable porch from the entire series.

1950s Ranch

In the first episode of season four, Chip and Jo took on a ranch style home from the 1950s and, were redesigning it for a couple buying their first house together. The dramatic transformation was unbelievable.

Before and after kitchen and living room
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This is the living room. Joanna opened up the small kitchen an installed a large island. The living room was already pretty big but was redesigned with a new fireplace. Chip and Jo also raised the ceiling making the room look even bigger.

A Surprise for One Family

In season four, episode 8, Kelvin Beachum Jr. needed Chip and Jo’s help. The football player wanted to surprise his parents with their dream home. He secretly worked with the Gaines’s and accomplished the surprise!

Before and after kitchen tranfermation
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His parents were absolutely stunned when they saw the house. The kitchen area was opened up and got a full makeover. The bright and modern area looks brand new. The cramped up kitchen is now open and inviting, perfect for family get-togethers.

Fixer Upper Houseboat

One of Fixer Upper’s most unique transformation is featured in season four, episode fourteen. In this episode, a father of four wanted to buy a houseboat and renovate it. The owner initially called the boat “Big and pretty ugly,” but that was before Chip and Jo got their hands on it.

Before and after houseboat
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The talented couple did a beautiful job transforming the house. The owner was shocked to see the boring, outdated house become contemporary and sleek. Joanna included covered outdoor seating in the design which is perfect for when you live on the water. You can barely even tell that it’s the same boat.

The Houseboat’s Interior

Since this was such an amazing transformation, we’ll show you the interior design of the houseboat. The newly renovated houseboat has so much more space inside. This is convenient for the homeowner who has four children!

Inside the houseboat
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Chip and Jo really are miracle workers. In addition to opening up the outdated kitchen, the couple put in brand new floor-to-ceiling windows. In addition, a bunk room was created, big enough for all four kids!

A 400-Square Foot Transformation

In season three, a little house only 400-square feet, got to experience the magnolia magic. One of the only original shotgun-style houses still standing in Waco had a historic attraction that the owners did want to lose.

Before and after house transformation
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Joanna has a gift with how she utilizes and designs small spaces. She expressed that “what’s fun about smaller spaces is that it really challenges your creativity and makes you maximize the space that you’ve got. As usual, Joanna created a stunning space and took full advantage of every inch of the house.

Making the Most of The Small Space

Realistically, it could be tough to incorporate features that you will find in a “normal” house into a space this small. For this shotgun house, it was hard to include a dining room. Instead, they brilliantly decided to add a large island with plenty of seating space.

Before and after Kitchen renovation
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Just check out the before and after pictures of this kitchen. It was a complete wreck. However, Chip and Jo turned it into a bright room with a lot of space for a house this small.

Bachelor Pad

After Texas native moved to New York, he wanted to come back to his Texas roots. Chip and Jo were there to help him find the perfect bachelor pad. They located a 1969 Lakefront ranch which was pretty outdated when they found it. Leave it to Chip and Jo to work their magic.

Before and after bachelor pad
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Here’s the dramatic change in the kitchen and dining room. It’s a perfect representation of how the rest of the house turned out. Joanna made sure to add a lot of masculine elements to this one, making it for a bachelor.