Celebrities Who Famously Flipped Out on Paparazzi Photographers

We all have our days when we don’t like having our picture taken. You may be having a bad hair day, not have slept well the night before, or just plain not in the mood to have a camera in your face. Believe it or not, celebrities have those days too! Yes, we know they live a life us mortals only dream of, but that doesn’t make being stalked by paparazzi less annoying. That’s why it comes as no surprise when you hear about celebrities losing their cool with members of the paparazzi.

Dustin Hoffman standing behind a tree. / Dustin Hoffman peeking out from behind a tree with a camera to photograph the photographers.
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But not everyone has violent outbursts (we’re looking at you Sean Penn), some like to have some fun with the situation. From Jude Law to Dustin Hoffman and, of course, Britney Spears, let’s take a look at the most outrageous celebrity reactions to the paparazzi!

Leonardo DiCaprio

I spy with my little eye Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, thinking he can hide from the paparazzi. We all know it’s you, Leo! When you’re that famous, no baseball cap, oversized umbrella, or puffy winter ski jacket can protect you from sneaky photographers. Lucky for him, the 45-year-old actor has some practice under his belt.

Leonardo DiCaprio hiding underneath a partially opened umbrella which covers his shoulders. / Leonardo DiCaprio with a large puffy winter coat covering his face completely and a baseball cap covering the rest of his head.
Source: Twitter / Photo by Sara Jaye, Shutterstock

Leo has been hilariously dodging stealth paparazzi for years, giving us plenty of opportunities for a giggle. Many of his disguises have famously inspired Photoshop gold with the images going viral on Reddit and Facebook. If there’s something we can all agree on, it’s that Leonardo DiCaprio hiding from paparazzi is the gift that just keeps on giving.

Adam Lambert

One year after his debut on the eighth season of American Idol, recording artist Adam Lambert took a much-needed vacation to the beach with his friends. At first, everything seemed to be going well. The then 28-year-old singer and his friends had been seen lounging on the beach, getting in some much-needed R&R. Soon after Adam and his posse arrived at the beach, paparazzi began taking their picture. But things only started to go awry when one photographer came too close for Adam’s comfort.

Adam Lambert pushing the paparazzi away while he is at the beach. / A friend intervenes and pulls Lambert away from the paparazzi.
Source: Twitter

When the photographer wouldn’t listen to Adam’s requests to leave him alone, Adam became angry to the point of physically attacking the man. The photographer accused Adam of battery, but the Miami Police Department informed reporters that they wouldn’t be pressing charges.

Brad Pitt

Back in 2009, Brad Pitt, who is known for his tumultuous relationship with the paparazzi, found himself asking photographers for help when his motorcycle broke down in a neighborhood far from his home. Dressed in a mechanic’s t-shirt and jeans, the then 45-year-old actor took his custom, Harley Davidson, for a ride. However, his joyride abruptly came to a stop when his motorcycle turned off.

Brad Pitt taking a ride from paparazzi after his motorcycle broke down, sitting in the front seat with his helmet on his lap and the shoulder of the paparazzi that drove him home.
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Frustrated, Brad got off his bike and made numerous attempts to restart his bike’s engine. After trying for what seemed like forever, the Inglorious Basterds actor was forced to catch a lift with a member of the paparazzi. They had been following him since before the incident took place, although he looked less than pleased to be at the photographer’s mercy.

Russell Brand

Things got a little too violent back in 2010 when actor and comedian Russell Brand was arrested for battery at Los Angeles’ LAX airport after attacking a member of the paparazzi. The then 35-year-old actor was traveling to Las Vegas with his then-fiancée Katy Perry when a fight erupted, resulting in Russell punching a photographer in the face. According to news reports, a different member of the paparazzi made a citizen’s arrest before the airport police arrived.

Russell Brand pushing paparazzi out of the way to make room for Katy Perry. / Russell Brand holding the photographer's camera while he has him pinned down using his knee.
Source: Twitter

Russell, who was wearing a t-shirt with the words, “God, come on, give me a break,” was taken into custody, but later released on a $15,000 bail. After his release from jail, Katy wrote on Twitter that Russell actually defended her when the paparazzi tried to get pictures from under her dress.

Cameron Diaz

Many may not remember, but back in the early 2000s, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz were the “it couple” that graced every cover of every popular magazine at the time. The pair first met at the 2003 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards when the Bad Teacher star presented the former NSYNC frontman with the award for “Best Burp.” Fast forward to 2004, and the pair are some of the paparazzi’s most sought after celebrities, with each snap worth thousands of dollars.

Cameron Diaz with her arms around paparazzi trying to take his camera. / Cameron Diaz walking away with his camera while the photographer follows her.
Source: Twitter

According to multiple news sources, Cameron and Justin became visibly irritated and eventually threatened two members of the paparazzi. The two photographers, Saul Lazo and Jose Gonzales said that they were on an assignment for a publishing agency when Cameron ran at Saul, hitting him in the neck and taking his camera.

Tom Cruise

Back in 2008, actor Tom Cruise went to New York City to visit his then-wife Katie Holmes, who was performing in Broadway’s All My Sons at the time. On the last day of his trip, the then 46-year-old actor took Katie to eat at an Italian restaurant in New York’s West Village. The couple looked smitten with each other as they strolled down the street hand in hand.

Tom Cruise bending down next to an elderly photographer who had fallen, to help him up again. / Tom Cruise and the photographer shaking hands after Cruise helped him up.
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But before they arrived at the restaurant, Tom became a real-life hero. The Mission Impossible actor noticed that an elderly member of the paparazzi, who had been following them all night, fell down onto his back. Tom stopped in his tracks and helped the man to his feet. You go, Tom!

Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis proved she was a force to be reckoned with when she used a Judo move on a member of the paparazzi, flipping him over on the sidewalk. Jackie was on her way back from the showing of I am Curious Yellow, a Swedish adult film when the incident occurred. Photographer Mel Finkelstein had received news that the former First Lady was inside the theater and waited with other members of the paparazzi to snap a photograph of Jackie.

Jackie Kennedy Onassis supposedly flipping the paparazzi, Mel Finkelstein, on a Manhattan sidewalk, circa October 1969.
Jackie Kennedy Onassis supposedly flipping the paparazzi, Mel Finkelstein, on a Manhattan sidewalk, circa October 1969. Photo by Fairchild Archive / Penske Media / Shutterstock

When she came out of the film, photographers swarmed the former First Lady and followed her out to the sidewalk. Jackie, who was wearing a leather skirt and heels, grabbed Mel’s wrist and flipped him over her thigh when he came too close. Mel, who was five foot ten and 168 pounds, was stunned that Jackie had the strength to physically attack him.

Kanye West

Kanye West is no stranger to controversy. The rapper turned fashion designer has had multiple altercations with members of the paparazzi over the years, many of which have ended with complete freakouts and court dates. Kanye’s most notorious altercation was in 2013 when the rapper physically assaulted photographer Daniel Ramoz outside Los Angeles’ LAX airport.

Kanye West smiling and talking to Kim and two sisters. / Kanye West noticing paparazzi and his face looking serious.
Source: Twitter

Daniel approached Kanye, shouting, “Kanye, why can’t we talk to you?” which resulted in the rapper launching at the photographer and breaking his camera. Daniel claimed to have injured his hip during the altercation and sued Kanye for battery, assault, negligence, and interference with his civil rights. Kayne has since apologized to Daniel and even posed for a picture taken by Daniel’s lawyer, Gloria Allred.

Mark Wahlberg

It’s no secret that Mark Wahlberg is one of the paparazzi’s most sought after A-list celebrities. After spending 45 days in prison for attempted murder in 1991, Mark followed his brother Donnie’s footsteps and formed the boy band Marky Mark the Funky Bunch. Mark, who was known as Marky Mark at the time, rose to fame as the band’s frontman. The band’s success led to the former rapper appearing in the television movie The Substitute, which is where his acting career began.

Mark Wahlberg and his friends with their phones out taking photographs of the paparazzi in a “photo war.”
Source: Imgur

Mark eventually went on to star in many other movies, including in the Academy Award-winning films The Fighter and The Departed. Despite his criminal past, Mark is one of few celebrities who react to the paparazzi in a funny, yet respectful manner. The actor was spotted snapping photos of members of the paparazzi with his phone while out with friends.

Dustin Hoffman

The longtime funnyman, Dustin Hoffman is known for his incredible and somewhat distinct ways of dealing with the paparazzi. He has been snapped “hiding” behind a tree, a postbox, and even a metal signpost. During an interview on The Late Night Show with James Corden, Dustin explained that when the paparazzi arrive, they arrive in swarms out of nowhere.

Dustin Hoffman hiding behind a pole. / Dustin Hoffman peeking out from behind a wall.
Source: Imgur

Instead of getting mad or defensive, Dustin prefers to have some fun with the situation and get some giggles out of the photographers. When asked why he chose a metal pole to hide behind, Dustin replied, “I saw a mailbox, but I did that already,” leaving us wondering what’s going to be next. A bench, perhaps? A random chair? Whatever it is, we can’t wait to see where Dustin is going to be photographed next!

Keanu Reeves

For years, the image of Keanu Reeves running from paparazzi with a stolen camera circled the web. The post was shared thousands of times, with the picture making its rounds on Twitter, Facebook, and Imgur. For many fans, this picture came as a surprise and seemed very out of character for the actor. But alas, fans can finally let out a sigh of relief as this photo has been debunked.

Keanu Reeves stealing a camera and running away from paparazzi. / Keanu Reeves continues to run down the street with the camera with paparazzi running after him.
Source: Imgur

Keanu, who, until this day holds the title for the nicest man in Hollywood, did not, in fact, steal a member of the paparazzi’s camera and run away with it. He was actually filming scenes for the 2012 film Generation Um in New York’s East Village. In the movie, Keanu’s character steals a camera on a basketball court and makes a run for it.

Alec Baldwin

Over the years, Alec Baldwin has formed quite a reputation for losing his temper with members of the paparazzi. In the summer of 2013, the former 30 Rock actor ended up getting into a physical altercation with a photographer who was trying to get a shot of Alec and his wife, Hilaria Baldwin. According to TMZ, the photographer chased Hilaria, who had given birth only three days before, into a tea store in New York’s Greenwich Village.

Alec Baldwin pinning the photographer on the hood of a car. / Alec Baldwin talking to a police officer.
Source: Imgur

Alec approached the photographer, and both men began pushing and shouting at one another. Although neither party decided to press charges, both claimed responsibility for “pushing and shoving each other.” Hopefully, this will be Alec’s last run-in with a member of the paparazzi.

Britney Spears

Of course, we all remember Britney’s infamous shaven head, umbrella-wielding altercation with members of the paparazzi. But what we don’t remember are all of the altercations with photographers that preceded her very public mental breakdown. During this incident, in particular, Britney went to eat at Subway with a friend.

Britney Spears pouring dark soda on paparazzi. / A photograph of Britney from the camera that had soda all over it, with her hand still mid-air holding the empty soda cup.
Source: Imgur / Twitter

News about her location got out to other photographers, and after mere minutes, swarms of paparazzi arrived at the sandwich joint, desperate to get a shot of the singer. Overwhelmed and frustrated, Britney opened her drink and began to pour it on photographers and their cameras. She then gave them the finger before getting into her car and driving off. Sadly, this was not Britney’s first (or last) run-in with the paparazzi.

Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield

Great success comes with great responsibility. Just ask Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield, who took the opportunity to use their celebrity status to help those in need. The formal couple, who met on the set of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, was eating lunch at a restaurant in Manhattan when the paparazzi started snapping their picture through a window.

Emma Stone taking advantage of paparazzi being around, holding a sign up to her face pointing out organizations that could use the attention. / Andrew Garfield holding up the second sign with a list of organizations.
Source: Imgur

Emma then walked outside of the restaurant with a sign covering her face that read, “Good morning! We were eating and saw a group of guys with cameras outside. And so we thought, let’s try this again. We don’t need the attention, but these wonderful organizations do,” with an arrow pointing to her former boyfriend’s card. Andrew’s card then listed website links to organizations, such as Autism Speaks and Worldwide Orphans. We tip our hat off to you two!

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner

Newlyweds and fan favorites, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, love having a little bit of fun trolling the paparazzi. From flipping off the camera to making goofy faces and karate chopping the air (we see you Joe), the pair always seems to leave a smile on our face. In one of their most infamous paparazzi photos, the couple is seen enjoying their lunch, minding their own business, when the paparazzi arrives.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner out on a date saying completely motionless while staring forward in hopes that the paparazzi will stop photographing them.
Source: Tumblr

The pair then looks up and begins to stare down the paparazzi, without cracking a smile or even blinking, and the Jonas Brothers frontman’s eyes bulging out of his head. Fans have called this shot a work of art, and Twitter praised the couple’s commitment to confusing the paparazzi.

Johnny Depp

For those who don’t know, actors Johnny Depp and Nicholas Cage were friends way before either of them were famous. It was actually Nicholas who helped Johnny land his first role in Hollywood in the 80s. After playing a game of Monopoly, Nicolas said that he saw acting potential in Johnny, who wanted to become a musician at the time. The National Treasure star’s agent sent him to an audition, which was for A Nightmare on Elm Street, and he got the part that same day.

Johnny Depp holding up a photograph of Nicholas Cage’s face with his middle finger up to avoid paparazzi.
Source: Imgur

Johnny almost instantly shot to fame, making him one of the most desired bachelors in Hollywood. But even at the beginning of his career, tabloids paid big bucks for a shot of the actor. Johnny would throw them off by covering his face and holding up a printed picture of his buddy, Nicholas.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio’s dedication to hiding from paparazzi really does deserve a round of applause. The actor has been photographed hiding under a large umbrella, a puffy winter jacket, and large hats. He has even gone as far as to wear the same outfit multiple days in a row, making it seem as all the photos were taken on the same day (making the photos worthless to the paparazzi).

Leonardo DiCaprio eating pizza underneath a black mask
Source: Twitter

Even with his elaborate disguises, the paparazzi always seem to find the Catch Me If You Can actor. In this picture, Leonardo was captured eating a slice of New York pizza from under a black mask and sunglasses. We see you, Leo! You’ll have to try a little harder than that to get away from sneaky paparazzi.

Karlie Kloss

You know when you think someone on the street is waving at you, so you wave back? Only to find out seconds later they were actually waving at someone behind you? Well, that’s what happened to New York native, Kara Dudley, who thought the paparazzi were taking her picture when in reality, they were trying to get a snap of Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss, who was standing right behind her.

A girl posing for the cameras thinking she was being photographed, while Karlie Kloss walks out of the building right behind her.
Source: Reddit

The now 22-year-old, who was wearing jean shorts and a black tank top, said that she didn’t know Karlie was standing right behind her. In an interview with The Mirror, Kara said, “The next day, my friend texted me your article with a photo of me in front of Karlie Kloss. Only then did I realize that the paparazzi wasn’t for me!” You go, girl!

Alec Baldwin

Earlier that day, the former 30 Rock actor got into yet another scuffle with members of the paparazzi while he was on his way to pick up his marriage license. Alec was seen punching photographer Marcus Santos outside the city Marriage License Bureau. Marcus said that Alec just came up to him and started punching him in the face out of nowhere, while Alec said that he was provoked.

Alec Baldwin hiding underneath a large white hotel blanket
Source: Imgur

Later that day, Alec, who is known for his temper, emerged again, but this time with what seemed like an extra level of protection. Alec was photographed wearing a large white sheet covering his entire body, while his assistant walked next to him carrying his suit. It looks like someone is trying to stay out of trouble.

Willow Smith

With parents like Will and Jada, singer Willow Smith is no stranger to paparazzi trying to snap her picture. Willow, who usually shows off her goofy side with the paparazzi, was a bit camera shy after touching down in Los Angeles’ LAX airport. Willow, who had been overseas performing at Afropop London 2017, was tired and not in the mood for answering questions from pestering photographers.

Willow Smith using her long hair to flow around her face to avoid paparazzi. / Willow Smith with her hair dangling down in her face.
Photos by Broadimage / Shutterstock

The singer was accompanied by her mom and remained quiet the entire way to her car. Willow rose to fame in 2010 after her hit song, “Whip My Hair,” peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The singer went on to release another three albums and currently hosts Red Table Talks with her mom and grandma Adrienne Banfield-Norris.

Benedict Cumberbatch

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is known for his dislike of the press. The actor has even gone as far as to punch a journalist in the arm for writing bad things about friend and fellow actress Kiera Knightley. Thankfully, this time the actor has a less violent message to the paparazzi. Benedict, who was filming the hit BBC series Sherlock, walked out of his trailer, donning a black hoodie, sunglasses, and a sign covering his face.

Benedict Cumberbatch holding up a sign which says, ‘Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.’
Source: Reddit

The message read, “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.” For those who don’t know, Egypt experienced a violent and bloody government takeover led by the Egyptian army less than a month prior. It looks like the Sherlock actor is using his fame for good use.

Cristiano Ronaldo

You know a thing or two about being hounded by members of the paparazzi when you’re one of the best soccer players in the world. But when the money-shot obsession starts affecting your loved ones, that’s when you got to take matters in your own hands. That’s exactly what Portuguese soccer heartthrob Cristiano Ronaldo did while out with Spanish model and longtime girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Christiano Ronaldo walking around with his bodyguard, who carries a green laser pointer to mess with photographs.
Source: Imgur

While walking home after dinner, Cristiano’s bodyguard pointed a green laser in the direction of members of the paparazzi, ruining their photograph by rendering them worthless. It sounds like payback for Georgina losing her job as a sales associate at Gucci and then Prada because the paparazzi wouldn’t leave her alone while she was trying to work.

Britney Spears

The image of a bald Britney Spears mid-mental breakdown was captured by over 70 members of the paparazzi. But what led Britney to shave her head and start attacking a photographer’s car with a green umbrella that fateful night in 2007? According to the documentary, Britney Spears: Breaking Point, Britney wanted to see her kids after leaving a rehabilitation center earlier that day.

Britney Spears attacking a silver car using her green umbrella. / Britney Spears walking away from the car with her broken umbrella.
Source: Pinterest

But when ex-husband Kevin Federline refused to let her see her kids, she drove to a nearby hair salon and asked hairdresser Ester Tognozz to cut off all of her hair. Ester refused, but as soon as her back was turned, Britney grabbed the clippers and began shaving her head herself. When asked why she shaved her head, Britney replied, “I just don’t want anybody touching my head. I don’t want anyone touching my hair. I’m sick of people touching my hair.”

Dustin Hoffman

82-year-old actor Dustin Hoffman is by far the funniest and most creative celebrity when it comes to trolling members of the paparazzi. Instead of ignoring or getting mad at the swarms of photographers that document his every move, Dustin prefers to have a bit of fun with the situation. He has been photographed “hiding” behind a tree, a metal gate, a mailbox, even a stop signpost.

Dustin Hoffman hiding behind a tree, very clearly visible while talking on the phone. / Dustin Hoffman peeking out from behind a blue US Mailbox on a street corner.
Source: Imgur

When you’re a Hollywood icon with two Academy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards, four British Academy Film Awards, three Drama Desk Awards, and two Emmys, you’ve earned your right to be goofy whenever you want. We tip our hat to you, Dustin. Thanks for always putting a smile on our faces!

Lamar Odom

Basketball player and former husband to Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom, was caught going crazy when he attacked two members of the paparazzi outside his home in Hollywood. The entire incident was caught on camera, where Lamar can be seen opening one of the photographer’s cars and throwing out all of his equipment into the middle of a busy street. But Lamar wasn’t done there.

Lamar Odom throwing the paparazzi’s belongings on the ground in the middle of the road. / Lamar Odom holding a long metal bar looking ready to hit the photographer’s car.
Source: Pinterest / Imgur

He then smashed a different photographer’s car with a metal pole. This incident came just one month before Lamar was pulled over for driving under the influence of alcohol and failed a sobriety test. The basketball player eventually struck a deal with the authorities, agreeing to three years of probation. That same month, Lamar and Khloe separated due to his consistent drug problem.

Jude Law

British actor Jude Law was in hot water back in 2009 after a female photographer, Harsha Gopal, said that Jude purposely hit her while leaving London’s Automat restaurant. Harsha, who claims the attack was unprovoked, was standing with several other paparazzi members waiting to take pictures of Jude leaving the restaurant. Just as the actor was walking away, he struck Harsha on the top of the head.

Jude Law pushing a female photographer away by her head. / Jude Law looking angry while the photographer walks away, holding her head.
Source: Pinterest

However, Jude’s lawyer said that the allegation that Jude purposely hit a girl was complete “nonsense.” He claimed that the actor was blinded by the camera flashes, raised his hand to shield himself, and accidentally hit someone standing very close to him. On purpose or not, it’s not a good look, Jude.

Michael Douglas

A photographer learned the hard way not to mess with Michael Douglas’s wife, actress Catherina Zeta-Jones. The pair, who have been married since 2000, were on their way back from a ceremony honoring Catherine’s films and charity work when things started to get physical. According to a video obtained by Entertainment Tonight, the couple’s car was swarmed with paparazzi after arriving at their hotel.

Michael Douglas attacks a photographer after he pushes Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Source: Imgur

As they tried to get through the crowd of photographers, Catherine can be heard yelling, “How dare you punch me! I want a police officer right now.” This ignited something within Michael, who turned around and marched right back into the crowd of paparazzi. He grabbed the photographer who had punched his wife and shoved him before hotel security came to separate the two.

Miley Cyrus

She may be an international superstar, but Miley Cyrus is sick of being followed around by photographers and isn’t scared to roll up her sleeves and defend herself. The then 18-year-old was on her way back from the gym in West Hollywood when a member of the paparazzi started taking her picture. Miley, who was dressed in a white t-shirt and black leggings, confronted the photographer about taking her picture without permission.

Miley Cyrus trying to take the camera away from the paparazzi near her car.
Source: Imgur

The singer was clearly upset, and after the photographer refused to listen, she started grabbing at his camera. This isn’t the only time Miley has had a run-in with the paparazzi. The singer has been filmed numerous times confronting the paparazzi about being disrespectful to her while following her around.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was not happy with Italian paparazzi who swarmed her car as she was leaving Milan airport in 2010. The then 23-year-old actress, who was visiting Milan for fashion week, became visibly frustrated with the attention. She rolled down her window and threw her cup of Red Bull at the aggressive photographers.

Lindsay Lohan throwing an open can of red bull out of her car window towards the paparazzi
Source: Tumblr

The incident came just a few months before the actress was sentenced to 90 days in jail for violating her probation for a DUI. She served two weeks in jail before checking into rehab and was then sent back to jail just two months later for failing yet another drug test. Like many other former child stars, Lindsay has a long track record of substance abuse and outlandish behavior.

Pete Doherty

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty likes to have his fair share of fun with pestering paparazzi. Pete, who at the time was engaged to British supermodel Kate Moss, has been known to throw water or even ketchup at photographers trying to snap his picture outside of his then-fiancée’s home in St. Johns Wood, London. The former couple had a rocky two-year relationship, breaking up multiple times before they officially called it quits in 2007.

Pete Doherty (former boyfriend of Kate Moss) throwing a bucket of water at paparazzi. / Pete Doherty throwing ketchup at paparazzi.
Source: Tumblr

The singer has shared with multiple news outlets that the breakup was far from amicable. At one point, he accused Kate of smashing a guitar over his head and burning his favorite teddy bear, Pandy. Since then, Kate has married and divorced guitarist Jamie Hince, while Pete just recently started dating bandmate Katia de Vidas.

Prince Harry

Not too long before he was happily married to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was quite the bad boy. The then 20-year-old prince was leaving a London night club when a fight broke out between him and a member of the paparazzi. The monarchy said in a statement that Harry defended himself after he was hit in the face by a camera outside of the Pangaea Club in London’s West End just after three in the morning.

Prince Harry leaving a nightclub and attacking a photographer. / Prince Harry mid-fall after he tripped trying to attack a photographer.
Source: Imgur

But the photographer, Chris Uncle, has a different memory of that night. He said that the attack was unprovoked when the prince suddenly lashed out. The royal family has a tumultuous relationship with the press. In 1997 Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, was killed in a car accident that was caused by swarms of paparazzi.

Amy Winehouse

Singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse completely lost it with paparazzi who were waiting outside of her London home in 2008. Amy, who was 24 years old at the time, was on her way back home after trying to visit her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, in prison. The now-deceased singer, wearing a colorful dress and black belt, was ultimately denied entry to the Pentonville Prison and took her frustrations out on members of the paparazzi.

Amy Winehouse trying to grab a photographer's camera.
Source: Imgur

Amy had her fair share of problems with paparazzi harassment throughout her career. In 2009, Amy fought back and won against photographers documenting every single aspect of her life. The high court ordered paparazzi to be banned from the “Back to Black” singer’s home in the London suburbs. If a photographer came within 100 meters of her property, they would face prosecution.

Hugh Grant

British actor Hugh Grant has had his fair share of scandals but always seems to keep his cool around the press. That is until one unlucky photographer got a container of baked beans thrown at his face for trying to take a picture of the actor outside of his west London home. Photographer Ian Whittaker was in the neighborhood trying to get pictures of Hugh’s ex-girlfriend, Liz Hurley, when the incident occurred.

Hugh Grant trying to kick a photographer standing near him in the road while he was out for a run. / Hugh Grant holding up a takeaway container filled with food, ready to throw it at photographers.
Source: Pinterest

Ian said that the actor kicked him three times before picking up a family-sized container of beans and throwing it at the photographer’s face. The Four Weddings and a Funeral actor was arrested and released on bail. Moral of the story: don’t get on Hugh’s bad side.

Lily Allen

British singer-songwriter Lily Allen attacked a member of the paparazzi who just minutes before drove into the back of her car while chasing her through London. The “Smile” singer immediately got out of the car, threw her bottle of water at the photographer, and started to hit him over the head as other paparazzi filmed the entire incident.

Lily Allen pulling a photographer’s hair after kicking him in the head. / Lily Allen being pulled away from the photographer as she looks like she is about to throw a punch.
Source: Imgur

This was not Lily’s first altercation with a photographer. Just two years earlier, Lily was arrested for attacking a member of the paparazzi outside of a nightclub in London. The now 35-year-old singer rose to fame in 2006 after the success of her hit single “Smile,” which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart. Lily then went on to release 23 more singles and 4 hit albums.

Sean Penn

It’s no secret that actor Sean Penn has it out for paparazzi, or really anyone, that gets into his personal space. He has repeatedly yelled, cussed, and even pushed photographers that get too close to him. But the incident that stands out the most is when he full-on assaulted a member of the paparazzi back in 2009. The actor was walking to his car when he walked up to a photographer and started kicking him in the leg and breaking his camera.

Sean Penn walking towards paparazzi while being photographed. / Sean Penn kicking the camera out of the photographer’s hands.
Source: Tumblr

In videos from the incident, Sean can be heard yelling “get out” while he repeatedly kicks the photographer. Sean was charged but entered a plea of no contest to vandalism. The Milk actor was forced to serve 36 months of probation and 300 hours of community service.

Sam Robertson

Scottish actor Sam Robertson was feeling giddy on his way to film scenes in Manchester for the hit British soap opera, Coronation Street. Sam, who was accompanied by fellow cast member Tina O’Brian, sprayed photographers with water as they waited for the cast members to arrive. The actors were set to film the much-anticipated wedding between him and Tina, who played his soon-to-be wife, Sara.

Sam Robertson soaking the paparazzi with water as he arrives for filming.
Photo by MCPIX / Shutterstock

This wedding marked the union of the show’s two most powerful families. Fans will have to tune in later this year to find how the wedding went. The 34-year-old soap star and model rose to fame with his role in the hit comedy-drama Beaver Falls. After the show’s success, Sam landed a starring role as Adam in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street.

Matthew McConaughey

Ever since Matthew McConaughey learned to surf for the 2008 movie Surfer, Dude, friends, and family have had a hard time getting him out of the water. The actor is hooked on the sport and has been seen catching some waves on many occasions with other surfer friends in Malibu. Matthew’s new surfer friends have even gone as far as to protect him from pestering paparazzi.

Matthew McConaughey on his surfboard riding out a wave. / Locals confronting paparazzi on the beach.
Source: surfertoday.com / Flickr

On one occasion, a group of paparazzi came to the beach because they got wind that Matthew was surfing there. But before the photographers had the chance to take any pictures, a group of surfers came out of nowhere and attacked them. The two surfers who led the attack were then arrested and charged with a misdemeanor battery.

ISHU Scarf

28-year-old fashion entrepreneur Saif Siddiqui invented a reflective scarf that makes it impossible for paparazzi to take a picture with the flash on. The scarf is made with a unique fabric that is so reflective that it everything in the photo becomes blacked out, except for the scarf. The scarf, which came out in 2016, has been worn by many celebrities such as Joe Jonas, Lamorne Morris, Paris Hilton, and rapper DMX.

Lamorne Morris wearing the special scarf in red and white, photograph on the left is him with no flash, and on the right is him with flash where all you can see is the scarf.
Photos by Theishu.Com / Shutterstock

Saif said that he came up with the idea in 2009 after he took a picture of his friends, but a reflective sticker on his bike reflected his phone’s flash and ruined the picture. He realized that if this idea could be developed, he could come up with a product for celebrities seeking privacy from the paparazzi.