Celebrities Who Conquered Their Wedding Dresses

A wedding day can be either the best day of your life, or the hardest day, and in most cases even both. Moreover, that’s just the wedding day! Planning a wedding is akin to planning a big production also depending on the size of the wedding. There are countless things you have to worry about. Picking a venue, choosing a caterer, finding the right photographer, getting a reasonable price on drinks, designing the invitation, and countless other details that you need to get right.

Pippa Middleton. Source: marthastewartweddings.com

One of the most important tasks of all Is finding the right wedding dress. Now imagine being a celebrity and doing the same thing! You probably have to invite more people, pick out the best food, look for the ideal venue, plan week-long accommodations for dignitaries coming from across the globe, and when your public image is on the line, the dress is the centerpiece of the whole event! We compiled some of the most exquisite works of art worn by celebs on their wedding day. Tell us which one was your favorite!


Ciara and Russel Wilson are for sure a power couple to be reckoned with. The R&B singer and Seattle Seahawks star took their matrimony across the pond to Great Britain. The wedding was held at the medieval Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England. This power couple proved themselves to be pretty good party planners, as they flew in more than 100 of their friends and family states-side.

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Ciara wore a beautiful custom gown with lovely lace accents. The dress was custom designed and fitted with Roberto Cavalli Couture. The ring bearer was no other than Ciara’s beloved son, Future Zahir. The photo op they held really captures the love that was in the air in this enchanted union.

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie had dealt with many rumors on the tabloids about her personal life. Also, when a picture was leaked of her walking down the aisle with a young usher in a white gown, she knew she would need to put a nail in the coffin, and fess up about her wedding.

Source: vogue.com

So, she posted her own photo on Instagram of her wedding day with her husband and wedding gown. She wore a simple lace top gown and held an elegant outdoor wedding. The young usher that was pictured in the tabloids ended up being her nephew. The wedding started at 4PM and celebrations lasted until around 11PM. They started by mingling surrounded by sun lounges at the pool and then they danced later on in the evening.

Gwen Stefani

Punk & Ska icon Gwen Stephani was known to have a bold and unique style throughout her career. Gwen is a strong woman on her own but had a love that she wanted to expand with British Rocker Gavin Rossdale. Gavin put some of his style at this wedding also, so he brought his dog, Winston, to stand by his side at the altar.

Source: popsugar.com

The couple had three children together whom they love very much but were not able to keep the ship afloat. She is currently dating Blake Shelton, a coach on The Voice. Despite being split, it is still awe-inspiring that the two had shared twenty years together. At least she got to wear that lovely pink dress!

Lara Stone

Lara Stone married British comedian David Walliams in 2010. The wedding was held at Claridges. Lara wore a dress designed by a good friend, designer Riccardo Tisci. During the wedding the couple had many outfit changes, here Stone is seen wearing a second Riccardo Tisci/ Givenchy dress. The couple went on to have a son, Alfred, and got a pet dog.

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Despite the money and love put into the marriage. The couple didn’t get along to well and divorced shortly after. Just goes to show you being rich is not what makes you rich with happiness. After the divorce, Lara posed topless with Justin Beiber at a Calvin Klein photoshoot which caused a lot of talk about her in the tabloids.

Britney Spears

Britney’s personal life has never been pretty. The 90’s pop icon spent years dealing with daily attacks on her character by the paparazzi and dealing with emotional, and personal life challenges that were quite unique for women of her caliber, and when the press found out whom she picked to wed, America was shocked!

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She would be marrying no other than her back-up dancer, Kevin Federline. Even more shocking is the fact that Britney was actually the one who proposed. When the couple first got together, Federlines ex-girlfriend was pregnant with his second child. At first everyone called him a gold digger. The pair had two kids together and filed for divorce in 2006. Kevin Federline is said to be receiving about $3000 a month from Spears.


Snooki is best known as the star player in the ultra-popular “Reality Show” Jersey Shore. Snooki was so popular in fact that even comedy veteran show, “South Park,” held a full episode that would parody her character on Jersey Shore, Snooki took it well as it was just a character she was playing,

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Snooki’s real name is actually Nicole Polizzi, and Nicole got married in front of 500 guests to Jionni LaVelle. They met on season 3 of Jersey Shore. The couple were also on another show where they followed the family lives of Snooki and JWow. When talking about her wedding to reporters, she said, “I had the worst anxiety. I was nervous; I had to have a little shot of vodka. Like, I was saying, ‘where’s my vodka? I need my nerves to calm down.’”

Gabrielle Union

Bad Boys II star, Gabrielle Union made looking healthy and happy in her gown look effortless! When she married NBA star Dwayne Wade in 2014, she wore a custom Dennis Basso dress under a beautiful sky, and the two could not look happier standing side by side. The couple met back in 2007 at a Super Bowl event. Union had just divorced her ex-husband, and Wade was just going through a divorce.

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The two would not be holding their first marriages, as this would be Unions second marriage, and Dwayne was already father to three children. The new bride was happy to walk down the aisle with her three future step-children! The couple now has a daughter together named Kaavia James Union Wade.

Kate Middleton

Prince William of Wales’s wedding to his college sweetheart Kate Middleton was the most emotional wedding day in modern British History. William and his brother Harry were once kept away from the Limelight until their mother, Princess Diana past away in a car accident while fleeing paparazzi.

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In the days that followed the world would watch the two young brothers sauntering behind their mothers in a royal funeral service that was televised internationally. Tears of sorrow turned into tears of joy when the young Prince turned battle-hardened war veteran walked the aisle with his elegant bride Kate Middleton in a ceremony watched by 2.5 billion people, and have since been working hard to be a beacon of hope for the British people.

Meghan Markle

When Meghan Markle married beloved Prince Harry, the whole world was ready to watch as if it was the world cup! On May 19th, the world was able to get a look at Markle’s wedding dress finally! The future Duchess of Sussex chose to wear a gown by designer Care Wright Keller, who is the first female director at the “House of Givenchy.”

Source: people.com

It is said that her wedding gown cost about $135,000. It was made with a lace called Solstiss, and it included both white and ivory fabric. The former American actress and the public figure would now be joining the most powerful monarchy in the world, and she did so with swag and class! The wedding was held in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle in the UK.

Kim Kardashian

Today Kim Kardashian is living happily married to husband, Kanye West. However, this was not her first nuptials. Here she is seen in her first equally huge “Royal” style wedding to Kris Humphries. Despite the grand marriage with all the fame and swagger, there may not have been enough love. Kris gifted Kim a 20-carat, 2-million-dollar engagement ring that was moved by an armored truck! However, money doesn’t buy love, and their love was not meant to be.

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Both Kim and Kanye are very popular. When they got together, Kim was Kanye’s plus one for the Met Gala. This year, Kim got her own invitation to the event. Her and her sisters went all out dressing up for it. Kim’s dress had to be removed by someone and she wasn’t able to use the bathroom while she had it on.

Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel and superstar-trend setter Justin Timberlake had a spectacular wedding together, that broke the hearts of many hopeful Americans who loved the stars just as much as they love each other! In an interview with Elle magazine, Beil spoke of her dress saying: “I wanted the gown to be very romantic and tender and a shape that I very rarely wear. I have never been crazy about all-white wedding dresses, for me at least.

Source: usmagazine.com

Valli had imagined that same cloth in a fuchsia-and-pink combination for a dress in a past collection, and I asked him if he could design that same pattern in a white combination, and he suggested pink.” Biel and Timberlake are still going strong, and were recently talking about their sweet, humor filled, relationship on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt famously met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and their chemistry was evident in the movie itself! Their wild romance was all over tabloids with the paparazzi quickly catching wind of their relationship. So, after dating for a little while, the beautiful couple got married at Chateau Miraval in France.

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The two had dated for nine years, and raise nine children together. Their service was held in front of only 22 guests that were compiled of the couple’s closest friends and family! Angelina had a custom-made dress that showcased her children’s various illustrations from the past. It would be her family homage. In 2016 Jolie filed for divorce, and it was just finalized this year.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton and husband, Justin Verlander held a romantic Tuscan wedding ceremony on November 2017. The Sports Illustrated model looked happy and as comfortable as can be in her traditional, long-sleeved lave Valentino gown that sported a long white veil holding a bouquet of light, pink, peach, and ivory flowers. Upton was a sight to see and rightfully the star of the show on the day of her wedding.

Source: vogue.co.uk

The couple recently gave birth to a baby girl in November 2018. They named her Genevieve Upton Verlander. They even brought her to watch her dad play ball at Yankee Stadium in NY. Upton dressed her in a personalized jean jacket that had Verlander’s name and uniform number with the team’s logo.

Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard tied the knot at Beverly Hills Hotel after a four month engagement. Shepard proposed to her just one day after she celebrated her 27th birthday. To announce the engagement, both of them posted the same photo of Shepard proposing to Iman. It took the power couple only three months to plan the wedding after getting engaged. They boasted a star-studded wedding that is precisely what you would expect from a star football player and a prominent supermodel!

Source: www.brides.com

Their guests included Gabriel Union, Chrissy Teigen, Tiffany Haddish, Odell Beckham Jr, Shanina Shaik, and Eli Manning. Chanel wore a beautiful train-less dress custom made for her by Zuhair Murad. “I feel very lucky to have gotten married in one of his gorgeous creations,” she said.

Whitney Port

Whitney Port spoke of her wedding in an in an interview saying “we wrote our own vows and had members of our family marry us.” The couple chose not to join their guests for dinner because they felt it would be too stressful for them. So, they decided to relax a bit behind the scenes during the dinner portion of the wedding. The two arranged a fun tasting menu, accompanied by a bread station, and cocktails named after different nicknames they shared with one another.

Source: whitneyport.com

Whitney first got famous for being in Lauren Conrad’s reality show, which started out featuring the two of them working at Vogue and Lauren’s friends. The reality TV show has recently come back and you can see Whitney Port again, but this time with her family

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is a native Californian who rose to fame as a star on the hit reality show “Laguna Beach.” Afterwards her father created a reality TV show for her, The Hills, which recently started back up. However, Conrad isn’t showing up for the show this time around.

Conrad had a massive entourage before her wedding and had a hard time choosing her bridesmaids, so she decided to pick a whopping ten girls to stand by her on her wedding day.

Source: cosmopolitan.com

Laurens wedding was reported to be very touching, and elegant. The bridesmaid count did not seem to distract so much from the nuptials. After all the bride gets to choose their dresses, so let’s be sure that she picked dresses that would keep her in the limelight!

Serena Williams

Serena Williams is an iconic tennis champion with multiple first place podium placings in competitions across the world. She is a trending inspiration amongst female youth in America, and African American youth as well. Williams held an elegant and spectacular ceremony when she tied the knot with Reddit co-founder and successful tech entrepreneur, Alexis Ohanian.

Source: vogue.com.au

Ohanian posted a picture of the wedding on his Instagram page saying: “You are the greatest of all time, not just in sport – I’m talking about as a mother and as a wife. I am so excited to write so many more chapters of our fairy tale together. Moreover, my whole life I didn’t even realize it, but I was waiting for this moment.”

Amal Clooney

George Clooney was known to be one of Americas most desirable single men. That is until he met the strong, successful, and stunning Amal Alamuddin. The renowned Lebanese-born, the human rights lawyer from London, was an obvious choice for a bride in anyone’s world. The couple got married at palazzo Ca’ Farsetti in Venice on September 27th, 2014.

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Amal wore a stunning dress on her wedding day that is definitely worth the top of the list. Prestigious designer Oscar De La Renta designed the gown, which featured pearls embroidered into the dress, a lace overlay with an off-the-shoulder sleeves. She also wore a second dress designed by Dolce & Gabanna. This wedding was said to have radiated love all night long. It was a weekend that will be hard to forget.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara wore a remarkable bridal gown by designer Zuhair Murad. The Colombian-born actress is a staple of American society and known best by her incredible performance in the sitcom “Modern Family.” Her and future Husband “Magic Mike,” star Joe Manganiello had a fairy tale wedding that spared no expense.

Source: wmagazine.com

The pair met while Sofia was dating her previous boyfriend, and he made a move a few months later when she was single. There is even a photo out there of the night the two met. The total value of the marriage itself stood at a respectable 3 million dollars and was held at Breakers Palm Beach resort in Florida in 2014. So, it was fun under the sun for this Hollywood power couple.

Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton and James Rothschild began dating in 2011. The couple exchanged their nuptials at “The Orangery in Kensington Palace Gardens,” London, England, in 2015. Nicky wore a Valentino Haute Couture gown. The gown had cost a respective 77,000 dollars. A woman performed the non-denominational ceremony for the couple in front of a wall of white flowers.

Source: creaspic.pw

Nicky is the sister of Paris Hilton from the Hilton Hotel Empire. So, you can imagine this dress was not too hard on her wallet. James Rothschild is a member of the Rothschild family who has contributed to tons of philanthropic projects around the world. The pair now have two daughters, Lily Grace Victoria and Theodora Marilyn, both with the last name Hilton Rothschild.

Renee Zellweger

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney met in 2005 at NBC’s “Concert of Hope” tsunami aid telethon. In April of the same year, Zellweger came out on stage during Chesney’s concert giving him a margarita and a kiss making their relationship known to the public. The couple had a beautiful wedding together just over a week later. The two decided to hold a minimalist beach wedding together in the Virgin Islands.

Source: dhgate.com

Her gown was designed by Carolina Herrera who had designed dresses for stars such as Idina Menzel, and Jessica Simpson. The 2005 dress was elegant and minimal, and all the guests seemed to love it! Unfortunately, the couple divorced four months later with Zellweger citing “fraud” as the main reason.

Shenae Grimes

When Shenae Grimes, married her long-term boyfriend, Josh Beech, in 2013. Shenae Grimes is a Canadian actress, known for her role in Degrassi, and Josh Beech is a British Model. The couple dated for five months, and were engaged for five months before getting married on May 10th, 2013. She decided to spice things up a bit.

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The 90210 stars, chose a black Vera Wang dress as an alternative to the traditional white for her big day. A white dress may be the dream for most children for their wedding day, but for Shenae, this was not going to fly, and it seemed to have brought her great luck as the couple still stands strong today. They now have a daughter born in September, 2018 named Bowie Scarlett.

Miranda Kerr

Victoria’s Secret supermodel, Miranda Kerr, tied the knot with Snap Inc. Founder & CEO, Evan Spiegel. On May 27th. They were together since 2015 and got engaged on July 20th, 2016. Just a month before he proposed, Spiegel purchased a house for them which was oved by Harrison Ford at one point. Kerr wore an elegant and unique gown made by renowned French design company “Dior Haute Couture.”

Source: Pinterest

This would not be the first wedding for Miranda. She was previously married to Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom. Considering the first wedding being a fail, Miranda chose to hold her second wedding in her family home in Los Angeles, California, in front of 45 of the brides and grooms’ close friends and family. The couple now have an 18 month old baby boy named Hart Kerr Spiegel.

Ashley Tisdale

The big break for Ashley Tisdale began when she appeared and starred on High School Musical. The Singer/Actress has also got herself a modeling reputation, as she got a spot on the Maxim “Hot 100” most stunning women in the world. Ashley and her husband have a great cover of Paramore’s ‘Still Into You’ which is bound to make you obsessed with this couple.

Source: standard.co.uk

Ashley met musician Christopher French around 2013 through mutual friends, and she says it was love at first sight. The couple’s wedding day was star-studded from top to bottom, as her co-star Vanessa Hudgens stood tall as one of her six bridesmaids. The ceremony was held at their private home in Santa Barbara, California.

Kim Kardashian (again)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the most trending and controversial couple in America. In many respects, the two are very different from one another, but this does nothing to curb the love they share. Both couples share many friends across the globe, both famous and ordinary, and they wanted everyone to come to share their wedding day with them. Their wedding cost a whopping 10 million dollars. We can only imagine how much she paid for her wedding gown designed by Vera Wang.

Source: observer.com

Kim and Kanye have been through a lot together. When they first got married when was more known for her father and who she dated, but now Kim is more known than Kanye. She is even getting her own invitations to the Met Gala instead of Kanye’s plus one. The couple now have four kids together.

Gisele Bundchen

There is no couple that won the game of love more than Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and superstar football quarterback, Tom Brady. The couple started dating in 2006, and got married in February 2009 after a few years of dating. Tom Brady is the ideal life partner. The six-time super winning quarterback is also known to be a champion husband, and a loving father to their two kids, Benjamin (9) and Vivian (6).

Source: nbcnews.com

Brady often speaks of Gisele as his anchor in life and says that there is nothing, he can do without her. The couple is still growing strong and working together to inspire the future of America. You can see Gisele at Brady’s games, sometimes she also shows up with their kids.

Victoria Beckham

The Victoria and David Beckham wedding was considered to be Great Britain’s true royal wedding. The couple met in 1997, were engaged for a year and got married in 1999. Today this British power couple has been married for 20 years and going! Victoria and David have actually appeared in two movies together, ‘Concert for Diana’ and ‘The Royal Wedding’.

Source: vogue.com.au

The two held a marveled star-studded wedding at Luttrellstown Castle, Ireland. The covenanted Bishop of Cork led the ceremony. Victoria and David had to bring out the big bucks for their guests of stars, dignitaries, and sports icons who would be invited, costing them millions of pounds. The couple now has four children, Brooklyn Joseph (20), Romeo James (17), Cruz David (14) and Harper Seven (8).

Heidi Montag

When you are a reality star for many years, it may not be that hard to hold your wedding with a freestyle production. That’s precisely what happened when “The Hills,” star Heidi Montag, and Spencer Pratt tied the knot in an episode of the show in 2008.

Source: luxurybrides.net

The Pasadena wedding would be aired on tv a few months later. Co-star Lauren Conrad was a big star in the episode as she was considering not coming to the wedding, in the end, she did, and there was a bit of drama that is always great for TV.
The couple is still together and recently celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary on the reboot of the show ‘The Hills’. Spencer has more recently started his own company called Pratt Daddy Crystals. Both Spencer and Heidi now wear a lot of crystals for their energies, but Spencer doesn’t seem to have been photographed without a neck full of crystals recently.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is an award-winning pop icon! When she was 24, she chose to marry her manager, Jordan Bratman. The two held a wedding ceremony at Santa Barbara, California that cost 3 million dollars. She and Bratman had a son together, Max Liron.

Source: fanpop.com

Despite the money flowing, love was no in the air, and when asked about her divorce in an interview with People Magazine, Christina stated: “I’ve grown as a woman, and he’s grown as a person. We were both seeking different things. We just weren’t right for one another. I couldn’t face living another five years together and feeling that I wasted that time being unhappy.” She is currently married to Matthew Rutler, and the two have a daughter named Summer Rain, age five.

Eva Longoria

Sometimes it can be hard to choose a dress, and who better to design one for you than a friend who knows you best! So, when Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria held her third wedding with husband Jose Antonio Baston, she had her good friend and fashion icon Victoria Beckham design the perfect dress for her. The couples wedding ceremony was reported to be elegant and beautiful!

Source: newjerseybride.com

The couple reportedly met on a blind date arranged by a mutual friend in Mexico City. Sources say that at the time Jose didn’t know who Eva was and declined because he had a busy schedule. The two got married in 2016, after dating for two years and being engaged for five months. Soon after the wedding, the couple had a baby boy named Santiago Henrique Baston.

Allison Williams

Williams, best known for her performance in the hit HBO series, “Girls,” wanted the perfect dress for her wedding and could think of no better designer than Oscar de la Renta to make her gown. According to Allison Williams, she had one major request for her dress, and it needed to have sleeves. She said in an interview, “I wanted sleeves because I’m always cold.” All power to her, any bride’s first priority is to feel comfortable in her dress.

Source: brain-sharper.com

Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen tied the knot in 2015. The couple got together in 2011, and were engaged for a year in 2015. They got married on September 19th, 2015. Although the couple is not together now, they had three strong years of marriage.

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee Simpson has been married twice; her first wedding lasted from 2008-2011 to Pete Wentz, then she spent three years single until falling in love with Hunger Games star Evan Ross who is the son of famous star Diana Ross. The couple got together in 2013, and were engaged for seven months. Simpson and Ross got married on August 31st, 2014.

Source: eonline.com

Household name singer Ashlee Simpson stayed true to her beauty picking a Houghton Bride crop top, bralette, and lace skirt. The two have had one child together named Jagger Snow Ross, born in 2015. Ross also has a stepson from Simpson’s previous marriage to Pete Wentz, who they raise together. Simpson and Ross still enjoy a happy marriage together today.

Arlenis Sosa

Arlesnis Sosa is one of the most unique and strong women in the world. She is a 30 year old Dominican Model born on May 7th. When she tied the knot with NBA star Donnie McGrath from New York, she decided to hold the ceremony in her home country the Dominican Republic at her childhood home and welcomed 150 guests to watch them say their vows on the beach.

Source: Pinterest

Sosa glistened in her Reem Acra dress that looked very comfortable, the dress had a marvelous lace top design and was finished perfectly for any bride. Her make-up was very classic and light, but showed off her natural beauty. The couple have been married for almost eight years now, and are still going happy!

Jamie Lynn Spears

The younger sister of Britney Spears, Jamie Lynn Spears, has been used to the limelight since being very young as a star in the popular Nickelodeon series, “Zoey 101.” In a very shocking turn of events, the show was canceled after Jamie had become pregnant during filming. It is said that her pregnancy isn’t really the reason for the show being canceled, but it did affect her career.

Source: Pinterest

In 2014 she took the extra step and married Jamie Watson in a beautiful New Orleans wedding. Her daughter Maddie was her bridesmaid in the wedding, and she wore a gorgeous Liancarlo dress. Britney’s sons walked together down the aisle as ring bearers. A few years after the wedding, she gave birth to their daughter named Ivey Joan Watson.

Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung met Bryan Greenberg before they started dating. They met each other in New York a while later and went on a date, but didn’t talk for a year after that. Then when they were in LA, they started officially dating.
One-time reality TV star Jamie Chung wore a Jonathan Simkhair dress for her pre-vow photos, and then another Monique Lhuillier gown on the ceremony. She and husband Bryan Greenberg shared their vows with one another on Halloween night in front of friends and family at “El Capitan Canyon in Santa Barbara, California, on October 31st, 2015.

Source: usmagazine.com

There wedding was a fun casual, and welcoming three-day event beginning with a welcoming dinner in the forest and their guests were encouraged to wear a costume to the dinner. How fun!

Anna Camp

In 2016 Anna Camp and Skylar Astin exchanged vows together in a service held on the central coast of California, after an eight month engagement. The two had big smiles on for all the pictures and look very happy walking down the aisle together! The Pitch Perfect star created an online craze around her wedding whether she wanted to have one or not.

Source: eonline.com

The veteran couple tied the knot after dating for three years. Anna Camp wore a Reem Acra gown accompanied with a pair of Vince Camuto shoes, and Neil Lane Gems. The couple each had seven bridesmaids and groomsmen. One of them being fellow co-star, Brittany Snow. While the couple was married for two years, they just recently separated in February of 2019.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek tied the knot with renowned French banker Francois-Henri Pinault in a star-studded ceremony in no other than Hollywood California. Francois-Henri is an 83 year old born in August. Salma Hayek speaks three languages fluently, and one of them happens to be French. Guests included iconic names such as Bono. Penelope Cruz, and Woody Harrelson cheering them on from the stands!

Source: edressit.com

The couple met in 2006 and got engaged in March 2007. The wedding cost a respectable 3.5 million dollars, which is pocket change for a Billionaire like Pinault. The wedding was held in the historic Teatro La Fenice Opera House in Venice, Italy on February 14th, 2009. The couple is still going strong today after 13 years. The couple has a daughter together named Valentina Paloma, age 11.

Shanina Shaik

Shanina and DJ Ruckus dated for almost a year in 2015 before getting engaged in January of 2016. The couple got married on April 28th, 2018, but just recently separated in June of 2019. Shanina Shaik held a gorgeous wedding ceremony with husband DJ Ruckus in sunny beach service in the Bahamas with a bohemian style dress. The couple got married on Lenny Kravitz’s private island in the Bahamas, at the same place they got engaged.

Source: Pinterest

Shaninas dress was designed by Ralph & Russo, who helped her perfect dress dreams come true. The dress took eight months to get right. It’s worth the time if you’re paying what she probably did. The Victoria’s Secret model has walked down many runways, and was no stranger to the crowd at her wedding, wearing her custom gown with pride and elegance.

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is known as one of the early millenniums, iconic Hollywood trendsetters. She frequently co-starred on TV with her best friend/rival Paris Hilton, as they each went around the world shopping and talking about boys. That’s until 2010 when Richie tied the knot with boyfriend Joel Madden.

Source: weddinggownsavenue.com

Nicole Richie chose to sport a simple gown that would give elegance to the wedding and feel comfortable to her. The fashionista has her own thriving fashion line called “House of Harlow,” and demonstrates excellent taste in her dress choice. The couple met in November of 2006 and dated for three years. They got engaged in February of 2010 and got married on December 11th, 2010. They currently have two children, Harlow Winter Kate (11) and Sparrow James Midnight (10).

Khloe Kardashian

Back to the most powerful royal family in America; the Kardashians! Khloe Kardashian Is just as known as her sister Kim from the hit reality series “keeping up with the Kardashians.” The Kardashian family are master branding, and marketing talents, and spare no mercy on their wedding photos.

Source: missioncarolina.org

Only after a month of dating did Khloe and Los Angeles Lakers star Lama Odom tie the knot, with a no camera policy for guests as they would be selling the rights for their wedding pictures at the cost of 300,000 dollars, an after holding a wedding costing million, it’s not a bad idea to use your name to make some of that money back! After all, the rich are rich because they love to make deals!

Audrina Patridge

Audrina Patridge and longtime boyfriend Corey Bonahan got married in Hawaii, just a few months after giving birth to a child. Imagine that, you just had a baby and decided to plan a wedding in Hawaii! Sounds like something that can only be fun if you can afford to do it, first class.

Source: usmagazine.com

Her wedding designer from Australia was quoted saying; “It was just by luck that we were going to New York for Bridal Week that we were able to take the dress with us. We popped it on her and did a few changes. Audrina adored it. She was just delighted and over the moon.”
The couple is now separated, and you can see her developing other relationships and taking care of their baby on the reboot of The Hills.

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is an American household name for her work as an actress on the iconic series “The Big Bang Theory.” Cuoco plays “Penny” the beloved next-door neighbor to the dorky New York scientists living next-door.

Source: metro.co.uk

Cuoco started dating Karl Cooke in March of 2016, and they got engaged on November 30th, 2017. The couple tied the knot on June 30th, 2018 in San Diego, California. She loved her role in the show that took her to stardom, her performance was on Big Bang was great and it made her enough money to foot the bill for a 1920’s-inspired white gown designed by Reem Acra. She could not look any happier! The couple had a honeymoon on December 14th, 2018 in Switzerland.

Amy Schumer

Actress/Comedian Amy Schumer is a household name across the United States; the New York resident held a beautiful ceremony with renowned chef Chris Fischer who was also the brother of her personal assistant. Amy and Chris got married on February 13th, 2018, and they currently have a son together. His name is not yet known.

Source: sumfashions.com

The usually hilarious Schumer chose to take things seriously on her wedding day wearing a charming and modest wedding dress in front of close friends and family. Schumer despite her comedy antiques life-style, lives a private life with her husband in a New York penthouse looking over the city, and it’s wise to think that this strong put together woman will be just fine with or without a husband!

Princess Eugenie

Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank held their Royal Wedding at Windsor Castle in St. Georges Chapel on October 2018, marking just one of the few royal weddings that took place that year alone. Brooksbank is a British wine merchant and brand ambassador, and after the marriage he was not given a title by the Queen, and there is no plan to at the moment.

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The Princess, after recovering from a scoliosis surgery when she was 12 requested a dress that would hide the scars from it and wore a low back gown. The gorgeous white dress was designed by Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. A royal wedding is no easy occasions to prepare, the guest list is very precisely planned out as well as the seating arrangements, as one mistake can insult year’s long unions between royal families and dignitaries across the globe.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Iconic actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow wore a laced Valentino dress that sported a cathedral-length veil and a custom bodice. Her wedding ceremony with Brad Falchuk was held at the couples Hamptons mansion as they hosted celebrity guests such as good friends Cameron Diaz, and Stella McCartney.

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This would be Gwyneth Paltrow’s second wedding after her 2016 divorce to Coldplay front man Chris Martin. It’s usually said that if the first wedding doesn’t work out the second has a better chance. Paltrow and Falchuk dated for three years after getting together in 2014. They were engaged for ten months and got married on September 29th, 2018. According to Paltrow, it took her husband over a year to fully move in. Paltrow has two children from her previous marriage, Apple and Moses, but does not have any children from her current marriage with Falchuk.

Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson started dating in September 2008. The couple got engaged in June of 2014 and got married on November 16th, 2014. They were married for a little over 11 years, and just recently got divorced in November 1st, 2019. The couple decided to leave many of the wedding elements aside when the long-time couple tied the knot. The ceremony would be a biker-themed New Orleans party.

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Solange entered the service wearing a Stephane Rolland jumpsuit on a bike before switching into her Humberto Leon Kenzo gown. The ceremony was a classic New Orleans celebration complete with a brass band parade, dancers, sparklers, and live music! Many may say that this is not the way to hold a wedding. I say “Rock On!”

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth and her longtime love, Michael Polish wed on August 31s, 2013, in a ceremony with only 50 close friends and family present. The couple met in 2011 and got engaged on August 4th, 2012. The Philipsburg, Montana ceremony was one for the books beginning with the arrival of the couple on a stagecoach pulled by two majestic stallions.

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Kate wore a strapless, full-skirted Oscar de la Renta gown that sported an eight-foot-long, 16-foot-wide train coupled with a full-length veil. For the dinner party, the bride switched into a floral embellished dress, with an illusion neckline, and cap sleeves also designed by Oscar de la Renta. The couple is still together today, and they don’t have any children together but Polish does have a teenage daughter, Jasper, from a previous marriage.

Margherita Missoni

Margherita Missoni and Eugenio Amos got married on June 23rd, 2012 and have been married for 7 years. Missoni is a 36 year old Italian model who was born in 1983. The couple had the wedding in the church of Santa Maria, in Margherita’s home town of Brunello. Missoni was guided down the aisle by her long-time friend Giambattista Valli.

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She wore a long-sleeved gown made with real Missoni silk and organza that was decorated with complimenting floral applications. “The dress was made by the women who saw me growing up, following my precise directions and with Giamba’s ‘couture counseling’,” she explained in an interview. The couple currently have a son named Otto Hermann, and he is six years old.

Anne Hathaway

In 2012 Dark Knight Rises and Les Mis star Adam Shulman married Anne Hathaway in an outside service in Big Sur, California. Hathaway wore a bespoke Valentino bridal dress that emphasized an intricate lace and embroidery. The gown was accompanied with a full-length veil and vintage headpiece. The couple partied for almost a whole 24 hours on their wedding day, and still stand strong today! So, for anyone who thinks Hollywood couples can’t last forever, their story begs to differ!

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The couple started dating back in October of 2008. It only took until November 2011 for Adam Shulman to get down on one knee and officially get engaged. They got married 11 months later on September 28th, 2012. They are still currently married, and they have a son named Jonathan Rosebanks. He is now 3 years old.

Nancy Shevell

Beatles front man, Sir Paul McCartney, and Nancy Shevell got married in Marylebone Town Hall in Old London. They started dating back in October 2007, and got engaged in April 2011. The wedding was held on October 9th, 2011, after a six month engagement, and the couple has been married ever since.

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The bride wore a classic dress designed by her future stepdaughter in law Stella. The entire day was full of feels with tributes to Paul’s first wife Linda who passed away in 1998. Beatrice, his daughter from another marriage, was the sole bridesmaid in the wedding party. Paul actually married Linda in the same venue as Nancy. The marriage was also held on what have been the 71st birthday of fellow Beatles icon John Lennon.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince dated back in 2007 for a few years, and got engaged in February 2011. After a 5 month engagement, the couple tied the knot on July 1st, 2011. The ceremony was held at St Peter’s church in Southrop. Moss wore a custom-designed dress made by John Galliano. The dress was actually featured in an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum in 2014 as part of a wedding dress exhibition.

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When asked about the dress Kate said she wanted a classic Galliano, those chiffon thirties kind. I’ve lived in his dresses for years, and they just make me feel so comfortable. However, it’s so much more couture, couture, couture. Oh, my God, the work that’s going into the dress!”

Keira Knightley

“Love Actually” star Keira Knightley wore a Chane Couture spring/summer 2006 pale grey tulle dress that reached to her knee’s when she married James Righton in the south of France. The dress was accompanied by a white tweed jacket created by Karl Lagerfeld. The ceremony was modest and held in front of only 11 guests, at a town hall in Mazan France, around twelve miles from Marseille. After a part was held at a family owned home with a grand tent constructed in the garden.

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Righton and Knightley started dating in 2011, and got married on May 25th, 2012. The couple has two children together, one born very recently. Their daughter’s names are Edie, born May 2015, and Delilah, born September 2019. Unlike a lot of couples in Hollywood, Knightley and Righto are still going strong.

Cilla Black

Cilla Black and Bobby Willis got married all the way back in 1969. She was a singer, who was born Priscilla Maria Veronia White, and changed her name to Cilla Black. Willis was Black’s manager at the time. Her dress was made by iconic 1960s designer John Bates who made her a red velvet wedding dress. The dress was designed at a time when you only got one chance to make a lasting first impression, and that’s precisely what she did!

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The two were married for than 30 years with Bobby passing away in 1999, Cilla would live to be a widow for another 16 years, and passed away in 2015. Black and Willis had three children together, Robert Ben and Jack.

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton is just as loved as her sister Kate by the people of Great Britain. Despite not being the one who married William, Pippa’s union to James Matthews was just as grand! The two held a ceremony at St Marks Church in England. Pippa wore a gorgeous dress with a high neck and it was an ivory color.

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When your guests are dignitaries from around the world and some of the most prominent royals of England. It’s important to stand out, and that’s exactly what Pippa did! Pipa and James have been married now for two years. They started dating in 2015 and got married on May 20th, 2017. They now have a son together named Arthur Michael William Matthews.

Zara Phillips

Zara Phillips married rugby player Mike Tindall at Canongate Kirk church. The couple met back in March 2008, and were dating for almost three years before getting engaged on December 21st, 2010. Almost a year later, the couple got married on July 30th, 2011.

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The church is located in Edinburgh. At the ceremony, she wore an ivory silk satin gown by royal favorite Stewart Parvin. Her tiara was given to her by her mother, Princess Anne. Princess Anne being the daughter of Queen Elizabeth, wanted this wedding to be perfect not just for her daughter, but to be just as good or even better than any other royal wedding. The couple now have two children, Mia (5) and Lena Elizabeth (1).

Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres’ character came out to her therapist on her TV show, Ellen, in 1997. After this, she went on Oprah and came out to the world. When Ellen DeGeneres came out as gay in the ’90s, it was so unheard of to do something like that that even Opera was asking questions, and making comments to Ellen that today would prove very offensive.

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Ellen is one of the most inspirational women in America and has significantly contributed from the day she came out to the LGBTQ community, mothers, and children across the globe. In 2008 in the spirit of the change in American social politics, Ellen and Portia de Rossi held one of the first open celebrity gay marriages in American history. They have now been married for more than eleven years. Keep it up, girls!

Katie Holmes

Marrying Tom Cruise is not going to be an easy experience. Cruise is an adamant high-ranking member of the “church” of Scientology and is a devote Scientologist himself. Holmes and Cruise dated for two months in 2005 before getting engaged in June. The couple went on to get married on November 18th, 2006 and had a daughter named Suri.

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The church of Scientology is no humble organization, and they insisted on funding the wedding and even showering the new couple with many gifts worth millions of dollars. After all, Tom is like their Prince William. Scientology and Tom Cruise proved too much for Holmes as six years later she would sign the divorce papers needed to escape the cult church and its supreme leader.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

The Royal wedding between Prince Charles and Camilla Parker was by far the most controversial wedding in royal history. Charles was previously married to Princess Diana, mother of William and Harry. Princess Diana was killed in a car accident after the couple had already split up. She was rumored to be in the car with her new lover.

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The Charles and Diana Union was very unhappy and full of infidelity. Charles for years had been having an affair with Camilla during his marriage with Diana. Many years after Diana’s death Charles and Camilla chose to tie the knot. The 2005 bride wore a gown by Anna Valentine and accessorized it with a headdress by Philip Treacy. Camilla had to avoid wearing a grandiose dress as to avoid offending British society.

Yoko Ono

The relationship between John Lennon and Yoko Ono was for sure one for the books. The couple met back in July of 1966, and got married a few years later. Yoko was known to be a key player in the atmosphere that leads the Beatles to break up making the term “Yoko Ono” widely used for when a spouse gets in the way of friendships.

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However, the two were unarguably very much in love, and on March 20th, 1969 the two got married. Yoko wore a white minidress, along with an elegant sun hat, and her trademark sunglasses. The two lived happily together until the eventual assassination of John Lennon on December 8th, 1981. The couple were married for 11 years, and he left behind their son, Sean Taro Ono. Sean is now 43 years old.

Priscilla Presley

Elvis Presley in his prime was known as the king of Rock & Roll, so you know marrying him would be no walk in the park. Not everyone remembers this, but the couple started dating back in 1959 when Priscilla was only 14 years old. The two tied the knot on May 1st, 1967. Pricilla wore a dress she designed herself, and the two got married in Vegas exactly as they should have!

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They later had a daughter named Lisa Marie. Six and a half years after getting married, the couple divorced. At the time Presley’s health was beginning to dwindle, and in 1977 Elvis passed away due to heart complications at the age of 42. Long Live the King!

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra, daughter of Deepak Chopra, married no other than Nick Jonas in 2018. The couple started dating in May of 2018, but already got married on December 1st of the same year. While they only knew each other for six months before the wedding, the two say that they are learning more about each other every day. The two held a grandiose traditional Indian style three-day-long wedding. Making a traditional Indian wedding gown is no joke either!

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Priyanka’s dress was hand beaded, and hand-embroidered as well! The dress had scalloped sleeves, 135 buttons, a high-neck collar, 2,380,000 mother-of-pearl sequins and took 1,826 hours to make! All topped off with a 75-foot-long tulle veil. Some may say that it sounds like too much, but look at her she’s glowing!

Grace Kelly

The wedding between Meghan Markle may have been the most televised intercontinental royal wedding in the world, but it was not the first. Grace Kelly and Prince Rainer III of Monaco tied the knot years earlier. The couple was together for 27 years all together, until Kelly died. She left behind three children, Caroline Louise Marguerite, Albert Alexandre Louis Pierre, and Stephanie Marie Elisabeth, all over the age of 54 now.

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Their wedding was equally as beautiful with a bit less press hype. The Royals had so much fun at the wedding that apparently Kate Middleton took some ideas from it when she married Prince William in 2011. The stress that must come with a royal wedding must be chilling to the core. Anyone who’s anyone will be there, and all the cameras are on the bride and groom. However, royals are groomed from a young age to deal with such pressures.

Chrissy Teigen

Singer Chrissy Teigen and star Hollywood singer John Legend tied the knot back in 2013. The former Sports Illustrated model wore a few dresses, three to be exact! Each dress was made by renowned designer Vera Wang. For some context on these gowns. One Vera Wang dress can cost anywhere between 8 to 23 thousand dollars. However, if you can afford to look like royalty, why not? Both these stars worked very hard to make their money, so all power to them!

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Teigen and legend started dating back in January of 2007. The couple got engaged on December 25th, 2011 and finally got married on September 14th, 2013. The couple is still married to this day, and they have two children together, Luna Simone (3) and Miles (1).

Mia Farrow

At the young age of 21, Mia Farrow decided to unionize with none other than Frank Sinatra. She held a grand wedding and dawned a lovely gown accompanied by a cropped jacket and an elegant bow wrapped around the waist. Her gown was sleeveless but came up around her neck elongating her body.

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Farrow would be Frank Sinatra’s third wedding. The tow held their ceremony in Las Vegas; they would later divorce as she then dated Woody Alan. Sinatra and Farrow dated for six months, and were married for two years before divorcing on August 16th, 1968. She and Woody Allen were dating for 12 years and had four children together, Satchel O-Sullivan (, Dylan O’Sullivan (41), Eliza (34) and Moses Amadeus (31).

Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger and Mick Jagger started dating in October 1970 for a few months before getting married on May 12th, 1971. The rolling stone front man had spent years living the single life and was ready to settle down with the newly found love of his wife. Bianca Jagger wore a slim skirt suit with a plunging neckline.

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The dress was accompanied with a veil and a wide-brim hat. At the time of the wedding, she was four months pregnant. They held the ceremony in beautiful Saint-Tropez in France. Unfortunately, they were not too happy together, and the wedding only lasted until November 2nd, 1979. The couple did have a daughter together named Jade Sheena Jezebel, who is now 47 years old.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is best known for her soundtrack performance on the album for the movie Titanic. In 1994 the Canadian singer/songwriter married her reported “lifelong crush” Rene Angelil. She wore a silk and regal dress that was decorated with hand-sewn pearls. The dress was designed by Mirella and Steve Gentile. It actually took more than 1,000 hours to make and even sported a twenty-foot train. The dress cost 25,000 dollars, and hey, anything for the real queen of Canada!

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Dion and Angelil started dating back in April of 1987. They dated for almost four years before getting engaged in 1991. The couple then took about another four years before they set a wedding date for December 17th, 1994. 21 years later, Angelil has passed on leaving Dion and their three children. Their children’s names are Rene Charles, and the twins Eddie and Nelson.

Mariah Carey

The wedding between Mariah Carey and MTV icon Nick Cannon was for sure a tabloid fiasco! Her dress does not really count as a wedding dress, but we decided for the sake of the stars to include it in any who! When the couple renewed their vows in 2012, Carey wore a mermaid themed gown that was colored off white and had a black band around it.

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The couple started dating back in February 2008, and got engaged only two months later. After eight days the couple got married and were together for almost nine years. The couple would not end up staying together, and officially got divorced on November 2nd, 2016. They had two children together, Moroccan Scott and Monroe.

Diana, Princess of Wales

The wedding between Diana Princess of Wales and Prince Charles son of the queen in 1981, was probably the most watched TV event of the 1980s. Diana wore a beautiful dress made by David and Elizabeth Emanuel that had a grad 25-foot train that would be the longest dress train in Royal Wedding History!

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The couple had divorced one year before Diana’s tragic death at the age of 36. The couple did not have a very healthy relationship prior to her death as she was not very accepted by the royal family, and was considered a nuisance by the Queen, but the people of England loved her as she did so much for the nation through nonprofit activism before her passing.

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