Cartoon Doppelgängers: From Disney To The Simpson And Everything In Between!

Even some of the most creative artists get inspiration from the people around them. Therefore, it’s not very surprising that some of your favorite cartoon characters look like actual people. Some just have similar hair and outfits, but others look like they could be clones!

Will Pouter and Sid from Toy Story

Often times, people try to portray their favorite characters through costumes on Halloween. Other people, however, don’t need to try. Some people just naturally look like cartoons. Here are some of the best cartoon and Disney doppelgangers!

Carl from Up

Up is one of the best and most emotional movies created by Disney. Watching Carl Fredrickson’s story is magical and heartbreaking. Carl just feels like everyone’s grandfather that we just want to hug! Is it even possible to watch this movie without crying? Or was I the only one who left the movie theater tearing up.

A guy holding an Up DVD
Source: Pinterest

Well, this guy looks just like a real-life version of my favorite character Carl Fredrickson! It’s genuinely a crazy resemblance. Everything from his smile to his glasses looks identical! Come on. Even their lips are the same! I wonder if they designed Carl’s character after this man. Although we love Carl, I hope this guy is just a little less cranky.

Elsa from Frozen

Frozen is one of Disney’s most successful animated movies. Immediately following the film’s release, children all around the world started singing “Let it go, Let it go…” Just admit it, I know you had the song stuck in your head a couple of times! Since Frozen came out, little girls all around the world wanted to dress up as Elsa for Halloween. However, some people look like Elsa all year round.

Girl standing next to Elsa on a Frozen poster
Source: Pinterest

This girl doesn’t have to wait for a holiday because she naturally looks just like Elsa! Obviously, Elsa is blonde, but despite their different hair colors, they have the exact same face! I wonder if she has a sister that looks like Anna! Frozen fans love this one!

Gru From Despicable Me

I guess the best word to describe Gru would be supervillain! Despicable Me has been a national hit since its release in 2010. It has multiple sequels and spinoffs. I guess i can’t really blame him for trying to steal the moon. I would probably turn into a villain too if i was surrounded by an army of minions at all times!

A guy on the subway resembling Gru from Despicable Me
Source: Demilked

What makes this picture so funny is this guy is so unaware of how much he looks like Gru! I guess he either didn’t see the movie or doesn’t own a mirror! I just hope the real life version is not a villain, he looks pretty innocent sitting there reading the newspaper. Either way, the resemblance is hilarious.

Flash from Zootopia

It’s funny how the sloth has a human doppelganger. The city of Zootopia is an animal paradise where they live and flourish. Flash is a supporting character in the movie. He is the fastest Sloth working at the DMV, and Zootopia wouldn’t be the same without him. Most of the characters on this list are based on people, but we just had to add this one!

A girl making a face identical to Flash’s from Zootopia
Source: Imgur

This girl looks exactly like Flash! Zootopia got pretty good reviews, but this picture makes the movie even better! I don’t know if it’s just the face she’s making that makes the resemblance so crazy. I wonder if she still looks like him when she’s not smiling like that. Either way, its a compliment, Flash is the cutest sloth I have ever seen!

Linguini from Ratatouille

Ratatouille is a Classic Disney movie about a boy working in a kitchen with a rat under his hat to help him cook. Remy dreams of being a chef even though rats aren’t really welcome in the kitchen. He then met Linguini, who helped him pursue his dream! What’s even more unbelievable than the story is how much this guy looks like Linguini.

A boy holding up a Ratatouille DVD up to his face
Source: Pinterest

The resemblance between this kid and Linguini is undeniable! Everything from his hair, nose, and smile is remarkably similar! It looks like this kid figured it out and is embracing it! I don’t know about you, but this is making me hungry!  I wish I had a Rat under my hat to make me some food. Actually, maybe not…

Eric Cartman from South Park

South Park is a beloved TV show, and although it is a cartoon, it’s not for children. There is nothing better than adult cartoons right? Eric Cartman is a beloved and essential character in the hit adult animated series, South Park. He has an interesting sense of style.

A guy on the bus dressed like Eric Cartman from South Park

Here is a guy who knows the deal! He literally looks just like Eric Cartman! There is no way he doesn’t know that they look like clones! Especially since he left the house in that outfit! The blue and yellow hat with the red sweatshirt had to be planned! You don’t just walk out of the house dressed identically to your doppelganger cartoon by accident. This guy has got to be embracing it.

Jonny Bravo

This guy looks like he is trying to take a Tinder selfie or something. What he probably doesn’t realize is how much he looks like Jonny Bravo! Do you remember Jonny Bravo from the Cartoon Network? Bravo was a confident character who gets all the girls. I wonder if the same can be said about this guy.

A guy taking a selfie and he looks like Jonny Bravo

Just the way he’s wearing his sunglasses and the way his blonde hair is styled is enough for a clear similarity. The fact that they have the same body type makes the resemblance even better! Bravo is known for his Karate, and this guy looks like he spends a lot of time working out. The most I look at this picture, the more tempted I am to go to the gym.

Andy from Toy Story

Toy Story is an iconic childhood movie. It was the first film that was produced by Pixar, making it a Disney classic. This was such a successful movie that three sequels were created. In the first two films, Andy is young but we got to grow up with him. I personally cried in the third movie when Andy grew up and lost interest in his toys; I know every other ’90s kid out there did too!

A kid who looks like Andy from Toy Story

This young man looks very similar to the older version of Andy. He seems to be aware of this incredible resemblance. Do you think he went out to buy Buzz and Woody toys so he can pose for this picture? Someone doesn’t need to buy a Halloween costume this year.

Merida from Brave

Well, this girl looks like a model! Other than looking like she belongs in catalog, she looks like Merida from Brave. The movie was released in 2012, and just one year later Merida was the first Pixar character to become a Disney Princess. She joined classic Disney icons such as Cinderella and Snow White and became the 11th Disney princess.

A girl who looks very similar to Merida from Brave
Source: Pinterest

In addition to being the main character in the game Brave, she’s also the star of the popular game, Temple Run. This girl looks just like this Princess. They both have the same starry blue eyes and rosy red cheeks. Even their nose and lips look scarily alike. If Disney ever wants to remake the movie using actors, this girl needs to get the role of Merida!

Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer has been on the air for two decades! She took the youth of youth of America on all her adventures while teaching them to speak another language. Since the show is educational, it was popular among parents too. I mean, most of us learned Spanish from watching Dora!

A little girl dressed as Dora the explorer

I just can’t get over how cute this girl is! She looks just like Dora from her favorite cartoon, Dora the Explorer! This kid perfected her Dora outfit down to the backpack and shoes! However, this little girl isn’t just wearing Dora clothes, look at her face! Her bright brown eyes, adorable smile, and haircut look exactly like Dora’s! I bet she wants to be an explorer when she grows up!

Scruffy from Futurama

If you have ever watched Futurama, then you know Scruffy! He isn’t exactly the main character, but he works as a janitor at Planet Express. He is a strange and mysterious character, and in one hilarious episode, he got his gender-swapped! Anyways, you will be shocked when you see the similarities between this guy and Scruffy. Despite not wearing the same clothes, they still look like twins!

A man who looks like Scruffy from Futurama
Source: Pinterest

All this guy needs to do is wear blue and change the color of his hat, and he can be doppelgängers with Scruffy! Seriously, I mean, just the mustache and that perfect pose make the similarities even more striking! I wonder if this guy cleaning the ice skating ring knows he’s twins with a cartoon.

Russell From Up

Even though Up has a serious storyline, young Russel came on to the screen and brought youth and life into the Disney film. Russel was a Wilderness Explorer who captured our hearts with his adorable personality. Even though Carl was constantly irritated by the young boy throughout the film, he was beloved by the audience!

Kid standing next to a poster for Up
Source: Imgur

This kid, however, it too cute for me to handle! He looks exactly like Russel! In the movie, Russel befriends Carl so that he can earn his last badge. This kid seems to have earned more than enough! He’s not even trying, and he looks like the poster behind him. As long as his personality matches the characters, we’ve got a real-life Russel out there!

Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6

Okay, I confess, I never really watched Big Hero 6. However, even I noticed the outstanding resemblance between this kid and Hiro Hamada. They literally have the exact same face! They are also wearing the same outfit which makes it better.

Guy dressed as Hiro Hamada
Source: Demilked

Obviously, this is a costume. It’s clear that he is wearing a wig and purposely picked out that outfit. Whether it’s Halloween or not, this guy deserves an award. Everything down to the color of his cheekbones is perfectly identical! No matter how much I try, or how much make-up I put on, I can never be an exact resemblance of anyone. Maybe this kid wants to help me get ready for my next costume party!

Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Okay, so this picture needed to be taken in a particular situation to notice a similarity, and it was! After this boxer’s face got swollen during a match. He does look like he is in a lot of pain, but he also looks like Quasimodo! Do you think he knows he looks like a Disney character? Or that he’s too preoccupied ,focusing on his injuries.

A Beat up boxer next to Quasimodo

If you’ve never seen The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo is the disfigured protagonist. He’s locked in a tower all alone. With no friends, the characters longs to be other people. Honestly, you should watch it just to notice this hilarious resemblance between this guy and Quasimodo. Now that we got this picture, I wish the boxer a speedy recovery!

Patty and Selma from The Simpsons

So this picture is not an identical resemblance but still very close and hilarious! Once you put this picture next to one of Patty and Selma, you can’t deny that there are a few distinct similarities. I’m sure this wasn’t intentional, and someone just caught a perfectly timed photo of these two!

Smoking twins resembling Patty and Selma from The Simpsons

Everyone recognizes Selma and Patty from the hit cartoon, The Simpsons. On the show, the twins are both voiced by Julie Kavner, and although they don’t appear in every episode, fans love when they show up. These grown adults’ twinning is amazing. Despite wearing lavender sweaters, you got another set of smoking twins! I think it’s the facial expressions that make these two look like Simpsons cartoons.

Sid from Ice Age

Sid is another adorable sloth! Although he can be lazy and not very perspective, the character was loyal with s good heart. One thing is for sure, this optimistic sloth never fails to put a smile on audience’s faces.

A dog looking like Sid from Ice Age
Source: Pinterest

I always thought Sid from Ice age was a fictional character that I could never have as a pet. Now that I see this picture, I guess I was wrong. Do you think this is a Sloth like Sid? Or just a dog? Most Sloths don’t have the same charm to them as Sid does, so I’m going to assume this is a dog. I can’t get over the resemblance! The teeth, nose, even the coloring is identical!

Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros.

Mario and Luigi are arguably the most popular video game characters. They were developed by Alphadream and although they were introduced in 1983, Nintendo published the game for the classic Game Boy Advance making them a staple for the next generation.

Two men dressed as Mario and Luigi

These two guys are definitely working the overalls! I wonder if they are plumbers or just dress like that. Either way, I’m just enjoying the incredible resemblance they have to Mario and Luigi.What makes this picture even funnier, is that these guys are just casually walking down the street. Even the one with the mustache probably doesn’t realize how much the two of them look like Mario and Luigi!

Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians

In 1956, English author Dodie Smith created the fictional character, Cruella de Vil. She was the main antagonist for her book, The Hundred and One Dalmatians. The book was later turned into a hit Disney movie which popularized the character. Although she’s not always the nicest lady, this Disney villain is character we all love to hate.

A woman looking like Cruella de Vil
Source: Vupicso

It’s pretty funny how much this woman looks like Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. Not only the hairstyle but the facial expression on this woman give her a clear resemblance to Cruella. Cruella de Vil is a classic Disney Villain from the movie 101 Dalmatians. Thankfully, we don’t see this woman smoking a cigarette. However, that glare is still freaking me out!

Leela from Futurama

Despite being a fictional cartoon character, Turanga Leela is a pretty cool character. Maybe it’s because she is a spaceship captain and I have always dreamed of becoming an astronaut. Plus that hair, who doesn’t want purple hair! I don’t mind being her as long as I can keep my face. I like having two eyes!

Woman with big lips looking like Leela from Futurama
Source: Dailymotion

This woman seems to have either gotten a severe allergic reaction or really bad lip injections. In this picture, the woman resembles Leela from Futurama perfectly! If you are familiar with Futurama, you probably know that Leela has only one eye. Obviously,this woman has two eyes, but we can only see one. Their lips are identical, and even their pony-tales even match!

Cynthia from Rugrats

Who among us grew up not watching Rugrats! It was a hit Nickelodeon ‘90s show and I for one, obsessed! I remember running to the TV when I heard the theme song music! My school supplies and even bedspread were covered in all my favorite Rugrats characters! I’m sure my fellow ‘90s kids remember the iconic orange videotapes of the show!

Miley Cyrus in short blonde hair looking like Cynthia from Rugrats

I’m pretty confident that I saw every episode of Rugrats and all three movies. So if the show is such a classic, how did none of us notice how much Cynthia looks like Miley Cyrus? Cynthia was angelica’s “Barbie” doll that didn’t have a stereotypical Barbie look. Of course, the resemblance is much clearer when Miley was rocking the short blonde spikes, but still!

Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers

Bobs Burger is a popular animated series. Loren Bouchard created the show. The idea came to her after developing home movies. It follows Bob Belcher, his wife Linda, and their three children. Bob is a confident third-generation restaurant owner, and his wife is always supporting and encouraging his dreams.

A woman who looks like Linda from Bob’s Burgers

If you watch Bob Burgers, there is no way you are not cracking up right now! This woman looks just like America’s favorite burger-flipping cartoon! Do you think she makes up goofy songs too? The resemblance between this woman and Linda is undeniable! The hair and glasses are on point! Even the color of their shirt is the same. Do you think this was a costume? Or that Linda has a real-life Doppelgänger?

Mrs. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a classic toy made even more popular in the movie Toy Story. Before IPad, children loved playing with Mr. Potato head. He came with different face parts that you can switch around. Oh, and then he got a wife, Mrs. Potato Head!

Niki Manaj and Mrs. Potato head
Source: Pinterest

As a famous rapper and pop star, Niki Manaj loves to wear very bright and animated makeup. She enjoys showing off her purples and pinks but, sometimes she goes a little extreme with it. In this picture, Niki very much resembles Mrs. Potato head from the Pixar classic Toy Story. I don’t know if it’s the big lips or fake eyelashes, but it’s pretty funny how much they look alike!

Beavis from Beavis and Butt-Head

I literally can’t stop laughing at this picture. I feel bad because obviously, something happened to this man’s face. However, this looks like a possible mugshot, so maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad for him. It’s just that strange, yet accurate resemblance is cracking me up! Tell me he doesn’t look like Bevis from Bevis and Butt-Head.

A man resembling Beavis from Beavis and Butt-head

If for some reason, you never watched Beavis and Butt-head, it’s an adult animated series and its hilarious! You should turn it on so that you can enjoy this picture as much as I do. Their hair and abnormally large foreheads look the same! However, I’m still wondering what happened to this guy! And where are did his eyebrows go?!

Ursula from The Little Mermaid

Ursula is one of Disney’s most evil and terrifying villains. In 1989 Ursala was introduced to the world through Disney’s popular animated film, The Little Mermaid. She was originally inspired by Divine, a famous drag queen. This woman is not Devine, but she might as well be. She literally looks precisely like Ursula.

A woman who looks like Ursula from The Little Mermaid
Source: Pinterest

This lady actually reminds me of a really mean teacher I had in middle school until I saw her next to Ursula! I don’t know if it’s the intense makeup, crazy hair or evil look but, there is a scary resemblance between these two. Let’s just hope she’s not as evil as Ursula. Get ready for your heart to melt when you see this next doppelgänger!

John Smith from Pocahontas

The Hemsworth brothers are arguably the best looking actors in Hollywood. I don’t know if it’s the long blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, or Australian accent, but I can look at their faces forever. Liam Hemsworth is known for his role in The Hunger Games, and of course, his brother, Chris, is famous for playing Thor. But did you ever notice how much he resembles another historical character?

Chris Hemsworth looking like John Smith
Source: Pinterest

Chris Hemsworth looks just like John Smith from Pocahontas! Their resemblance is a little scary considering Smith is a cartoon. However, if they ever make a live-action version of Pocahontas, Chris Hemsworth would be perfect for the role of John Smith. Do you notice the resemblance? Or am I the only one…

Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars

If you didn’t live under a rock you’re whole life, you definitely heard of Star Wars. The successful franchise began in 1977 and then it turned into a pop-culture phenomenon. Even Disney bought the rights to it. Anyways, if you are a Star Wars fan, you will enjoy this one!

Pope Benedict and Emperor Palpatine

There are a lot of hilarious memes circulating the internet comparing Pope Benedict to the wicked Emperor Palpatine. Pope Benedict is meant to represent all that is good in the Catholic Church, but his resemblance to Emperor Palpatine is undeniable! Everything from their outfits to facial expressions is hysterically the same! Slightly creepy, but I definitely haven’t stopped laughing. Get ready to see your favorite Family guy character’s doppelgänger.

Peter Griffin from Family Guy

Everyone loves Family Guy! It’s a cartoon for adults, what’s not to love? The sitcom was created by Seth Macfarlane and produced by the Fox network. It follows the Griffin family is the most outrageous scenarios. Anyways if you haven’t watched Family guy, I highly recommend it.

Peter Griffin and Family Guy
Source: Pinterest

Peter Griffin is a main character on the hilarious show, and this guy looks just like him! It’s actually kind of scary. They literally have the exact same face! They have identical smiles, but I think the chin is what really brings out the uncanny similarities. Peter Griffin has a real-life Doppelganger! I wonder if the rest of the family does too. Next you’ll see another adult cartoon’s look-alike.

Ned Flanders from The Simpsons

Whether you love him or hate him, we all recognize Ned Flanders. He is a reoccurring fictional character in the hit series, The Simpsons. In this picture, we can see that actor, Bryan Cranston (Walter White from Breaking Bad) looking just like this Simpsons character. What are the chances?

Bryan Cranston and Ned Flanders
Source: Pinterest

If you’re familiar with Breaking Bad, you probably never compared Walter to Ned Flanders, but you can’t deny the resemblance. They look very similar down to the button-down shirt and glasses, but the mustache makes them look like twins! Come on. There is no way I’m the only that’s comparing Byran Cranston to Ned Flanders! Don’t you see it too? You’ll definitely get a laugh off this next one.

Sid from Toy Story

As we know, Toy Story was the first Pixar movie produced by Disney. We grew very fond of characters such as Andy, his sister, and some of the toys. Of course, Buzz and Woody were iconic, but the slinky, dinosaur, and Mr. Potato head added made the movie so much more entertaining. One character who was easily forgotten was Sid.

Will Pouter and Sid from Toy Story
Source: Pinterest

He was considered of the Villain of the movie trying to hurt to toys (to be fair, he didn’t know they have feelings). Once he learned they are alive; I can’t blame him for being scared. Anyways, doesn’t he look just like Will Poulter? Will sure does think so and even dressed as Pixar’s a first villain for Halloween.

Merida from Brave

Merida is the courageous red-headed daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor in the Disney movie Brave. We already spoke about Merida joined the Disney Princess line-up when Disney made her the 11th Disney Princess. This woman took a picture next to a poster of Merida, and the resemblance is frightening.

A woman next to a poster of Merida from Brave
Source: Pinterest

First of all, the woman is beautiful and can definitely be a princess. They have matching fiery curly hair and similar piercing blue eyes. There is an undeniable resemblance. Although this woman is much older than Merida, she can easily pass as her mother… or older sister. I wish I had some sort of resemblance to a princess. Keep going to see who looks like the handsome Prince Charming.

Prince Charming from Shrek

Can you believe it’s been almost 20 years since the release of Shrek? I feel like it was just yesterday when I saw the green ogre for the first time. However, it came out in 2001 and was considered one of the best-animated movies at the time. It was a massive success with three sequels. Shrek merchandise was all over the place!

A man looking like Prince Charming from Shrek
Source: Pinterest

So many children bought Shrek school supplies or, wanted to dress up as Shrek or Fiona for Halloween. The guy in this picture looks just like Prince Charming effortlessly! His dazzling good looks, shiny blonde hair and even his demeanor are identical to the movie’s Villainous character. It’s like this guy walked right out of a fairy tale.

Woody from Toy Story

We have seen a couple of Toy Story Doppelgängers; however this is the strangest one yet. I love Toy Story, so I don’t know how I missed this one. How did we never notice the resemblance between these two classic 90’s characters? Woody from Toy Story looks very similar to Danny Tanner from Full house (played by Bob Saget).

Bob Saget and Woody
Source: Pinterest

This resemblance is a funny one because they aren’t even wearing the same clothes. Still, their faces look the same! I know it’s not exact, but there is something there. I don’t know if it’s the eyes, smile, or nose. This would be way more accurate if he had the hat! I wonder if Bob Saget ever played a cowboy.

Granny from Loony Tunes

This picture couldn’t be any more perfect! Loony Tunes is probably one of the most classic cartoons in history. It was a children’s comedy series, produced by Warner Brothers during the golden age of animation. It ran from July of 1930, all the way through 1969. The show was so successful that it returned in 1987 and is still going strong.

A lady who looks like Granny from Loony Tunes
Source: Pinterest

Everyone has heard of the show, but only the kids who watched it will remember Granny! This lady literally looks like Granny’s clone! Everything from her hairstyle to her glasses looks identical to the cartoon character! Even their smirks match. All this woman needs is Tweety Bird and Sylvester, the cat, and she can just be Granny!

Boo from Monster’s Inc.

Monsters Inc. is another iconic Pixar movie released in 2001. It was focused on how children imagine monsters hiding in their closet. The movie was a light-hearted way to get children to stop being frightened by giving the monster’s personalities. I mean, there is no child in history t scared of Sulley or Mike!

Boo from Monster’s Inc.
Source: Shareably

Everyone remembers Boo, the little girl who caused chaos in the monster world. Boo is adorable, but her human doppelganger might just be a tiny bit cuter. This sweet little girl has a striking resemblance to Boo, her favorite Disney character. In this picture, their hair is identical; they have matching outfits and the same innocent smile. They can definitely pass as twins.

Crazy Cat Lady from The Simpsons

We have already seen hilarious pictures of Simpsons Doppelgängers, but this one takes the cake. I cannot stop laughing, this picture just cracks me up! Here’s another real-life doppelganger to yet another character from The Simpsons. This time, the woman looks very similar to Eleanor Abernathy, the Crazy Cat Lady.

Crazy cat ladies side by side
Source: Demilked

To be honest, the only real resemblances I notice are the cats. I guess their shoes are similar, but their faces and hair are very distinguishable from one another. I think what’s funny about this picture is that it’s a real live cat lady walking down the street… with her cats! That will probably be me in a few years. Don’t worry, ill make sure to update you with a picture!

Terk from Tarzan

Tarzan is another classic Disney film about a boy raised by apes! Since Gorillas are my favorite animal, Tarzan is a movie I can watch at any time! This adorable baby doesn’t look like he was raised by monkeys. However, he has an uncanny resemblance to Terk. Okay, maybe it’s not that similar. It’s probably the full head of hair on a baby that does it.

A baby with a lot of hair and Terk from Tarzan
Source: Demilked

However, if we are honest, most babies kind of look like cute little monkeys. Their parents just don’t want to admit it, but it makes sense. We share most of our DNA with the ape family! Anyways, I think the real question we should be focused on is, how can a baby have that much hair?

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin

Aladdin is a beloved film surrounding a street urchin who falls in love with a princess. When he comes across a magic lamp, he unleashes a genie who can grant him three wishes! The two become fast friends, and the genie helps Aladdin get the girl of his dreams.

A girl dressed like Jasmine and Jasmine
Source: Buzzfeed

This stunning girl looks precisely like princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Clearly, it’s a costume, and she is trying to look like Jasmine. However, she did an excellent job bringing the Disney princess to life. These two beauties have similar features, but this girl did a fantastic job making her hair look identical to Jasmine’s. She also did her makeup so beautifully and perfectly to resemble the princess.


The Jonas Brothers were a famous Disney band from the early 2000s. Although they recently got back together, their prime was back in their Disney Channel days. All of the bothers were beloved, but Jo was a fan favorite. Did you ever notice how Joe Jonas looks a lot like Aladdin from the iconic Disney film?

Joe Jonas and Aladdin
Source: Buzzfeed

Honestly, it’s probably mostly because of their similar long shiny dark brown hair. As a former Disney star, Joe has definitely gotten this comparison before. I think with a red hat, purple vest, and white pants, he and Prince Ababwa can pass as twins, or at least another Jonas Brother. If the live version of the film was made 10 years ago, Jo would have been a shoe in.

Kristoff from Frozen

Ever since Frozen was released, it took the world by storm. Kids everywhere were listening to Frozen songs on repeat, while dressing up like Elsa and Anna. It is still one of Disney’s most successful movies. Although some people dress up to look like their favorite Frozen characters, some people don’t need to try. Just take a look at this guy!

Kristoff from Frozen and a boy that looks like him
Source: Pinterest

This man looks precisely like Kristoff, a character in the film. Even the way he is posing looks like a cartoon! He is an attractive young man and everything from his smile to his hair resembles Kristoff perfectly! He can literally impersonate the character. Talk about a real-life doppelganger.

Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty

If you have ever watched sleeping beauty, you are familiar with the character Merryweather, one of Princess Aurora’s fairy-god mothers. Well, it looks lady has a striking resemblance to the fairy.

A woman in a royal blue scarf like Merryweather

It’s like she was trying to dress like Merryweather! I don’t know if the royal blue makes the similarities even stronger. Maybe this woman really is a magical fairy godmother. You never know!