Brighten up Your Day With These Doggies Wearing Pajamas

Most people love dogs. If you meet someone who doesn’t love a friendly little pooch, it might be a red flag. Of course, some people are allergic, and others are genuinely scared, but normally, a dog is considered a man’s best friend. They love us just as much as we love them. Did you know that your dog suffers from actual separation anxiety when you leave him alone?

dog with a blanket over his head
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It’s always adorable to dress up your dog for Halloween, or maybe a sweater for the winter. But have you ever seen a dog wearing pajamas? It’s probably the most precious thing you have ever seen in your life, and we found some of the best ones for you. Get ready to laugh because some of these are hilarious. If you’re a dog lover, this one is definitely for you. Plus, we added some interesting facts you probably never knew about dogs.

Get Me Out of These Jammies

Look at this delightful little pup! This guy doesn’t look like he is quite ready to go to bed yet, though. He looks like a toddler who wants another hour of TV before going to bed. Or maybe that unamused face is because he’s stuck wearing pajamas. Either way, this dog is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

A cute tan dog in onesie pajamas
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Here is a fun little dog fact for you. Did you know that 45% of US dogs sleep in their owner’s bed? I guess it makes sense. All the dog owners I know love to snuggle up with their pooch. I’m surprised it’s not more, to be honest. If you’re a dog owner, let us know your stance on the subject.

I’m Fine… Really

Bulldogs generally have adorable, yet rather sad-looking faces, but this little guy looks grumpier than his natural self. That might be because his family decided to dress him up, and now he’s stuck wearing these striped pajamas. They do look pretty cozy, though. I just can’t get enough of that priceless face. Maybe he will fall asleep and dream he’s out of those PJ’s.

A bulldog in pajamas
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Speaking of sleeping, I got another dog fact! All dogs have dreams, but puppies and senior dogs dream way more than adult dogs. Puppies can sleep 18-20 hours a day, so that might have something to do with it. The more you sleep, the more you dream.

Don’t Make Me Cry

Oh my gosh! Why does this cute chocolate Labrador retriever look like he is about to burst into tears? The expression on this dog’s face almost appears to look “human.” The weirdest part is that I feel like I can relate to this guy. I’ve definitely made that face before. I think he just needs to get out of that onesie.

A chocolate Labrador puppy in pajamas
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Here is an interesting tidbit for you dog owners out there. There was a study done at UCSD that proves that dogs genuinely get jealous when they see you giving affection to other creatures. That’s right. If you have a dog at home, they expect all your love and attention to be on them.

Don’t Mess with the Duck Slippers

This dachshund looks like he would rather be literally anywhere else in the world right now. He looks super cute in those pajamas, but look at those duck slippers! They certainly take the cuteness to a whole new level, but imagine how uncomfortable they must be. He’s probably slipping and sliding all over that floor.

A dachshund in pajamas and duck slippers
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Did you know that dogs have a sense of time? Studies show that they know the difference between one and five hours. Dogs can even be conditioned to predict future events, including regular walk times and meal times. They also tend to know precisely when their owner comes home after work (if it’s at the same time every day).

Nice Pup

Have you ever seen anything more adorable? I haven’t. This puppy is either a Christmas present or getting into the holiday spirit. I mean, the red and grey pajamas look so comfortable. I would definitely wear a human version of those. He is so sweet cuddled up with his “Nice Pup” toy.

A Corgi puppy in a sweater lying next to a stuffed bone toy that says ‘nice pup.’
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Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not actually colorblind. They can see blue and yellow. However, all puppies are born deaf. Thankfully, their epic sense of smell trumps what they lack in some of their other senses. Their nose possesses up to 300 million olfactory receptors! To put this in perspective, humans only have about six million. Their part of the brain that process smells is 40 times greater than ours (proportionally speaking).

Chilling with Teddy

This little pooch is hanging out with his pal, Teddy. It’s actually really cute that the puppy and stuffed animal are both the same size. Unlike many of the other dogs we’ve seen, this guy doesn’t look too bothered by the onesie. He just looks like he’s ready to fall asleep as long as he is cuddling with that Teddy Bear!

A golden retriever wearing pajamas cuddling up to a teddy bear on the couch
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When your dog goes to the bathroom, you definitely notice that he kicks backward after. This movement isn’t to cover it up as you would think. It’s actually for them to mark their territory. Dogs do this by using the scent glands in their feet. Just by sniffing it, another dog can know the sex, age, and social status of the dog.

Nap Time

This guy looks like he had a rough day. Playing outside must have really exhausted him. He looks like he passed out as soon as he put on those blue paw-printed pajamas. He appears to already be deep in dreamland. He is so little, and all I want to do is squish that face, but I will not interrupt his slumber. He looks too peaceful, and that would be cruel.

A small fluffy dog in blue paw print pajamas
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We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend, but the love they share with their owner is really genuine. Petting a dog and then gazing into their eyes releases oxytocin- aka, the “love hormone.” The hormone is released in both humans and the dog.

Like My Hood?

I know I keep saying this, but look at this puppy’s face! He looks like he’s ready for Halloween with that hood and ears. I’m also pretty sure that I have a picture of myself wearing those exact same striped pajamas when I was a baby. Either that’s a human onesie, or my parents dressed me in dog clothes.

A cute dog wearing pajamas with a hood
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We already mentioned how dogs have an incredible sense of smell. As it turns out, your dog can smell your feelings. That’s right. Believe it or not, dogs can smell your emotions, including fear. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering a dog’s sense of smell is 100,000 times stronger than humans.

I Hate Stripes

Okay, this is literally the most endearing picture I have ever seen in my life. Most of the time, these dogs look quite sleepy while they are wearing their jammies. But this dog looks pretty upset. He looks like a child whose parents dress him up in ugly outfits, but he doesn’t have much choice in the matter. At least the blue stripes bring out the blue eyes.

A Husky puppy wearing blue and white striped pajamas with short grey sleeves
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Did you know that dogs experience separation anxiety? It’s true. If you ever leave your dog alone for some time, or even just a day, you should leave behind a clothing item. It’s been proven that it can help with your pet’s separation anxiety.

Bedtime Story

Look at this face! Tell me that double… or triple chin isn’t the cutest thing ever! He literally looks like a baby who is definitely not ready for bed. That face shows that this doggy needs a bedtime story or something before he falls asleep. Maybe some Dr. Seuss, it doesn’t seem like The Ugly Duckling would be very appropriate here.

A puppy lying in bed with pajamas on holding a yellow stuffed duck toy
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Do you ever wonder if there is a reason that your dog curls up in a ball when they go to sleep? Well, there is. It’s an actually instinctual way for them to keep the vital organs protected while they sleep. Plus, it helps keep them warm while they are snoozing.


These dog buds look very happy and relaxed. After a long day of holiday filled fun, these guys were ready for a nap. The cutest part, of course, is the cuddles in those adorable matching Christmas pajamas. It also looks like these Twinsies added a third member to their snuggle party.

Two French bulldogs in pajamas cuddling with each other and a small teddy bear
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Are you looking for a date? Getting a dog can probably help you with that. There was a study done that showed that the likelihood of a man getting a girl’s phone number went from 10% to 33% just by having a dog with them. And 66% of people, men, and women won’t date someone who doesn’t like pets. So, if you meet someone who doesn’t like dogs, it’s a huge red flag!

Do I Look Mad To You?

Pit bulls don’t have the best rap when it comes to pets, and they are stereotyped as aggressive and dangerous dogs (which they aren’t). Does this look like a vicious creature to you? This adorable photo can change even the most skeptical minds! Plus, there is no way you can be mad at him in those paw print PJs.

A pit bull puppy wearing hot pink pajamas with white paw prints on them
Source: Instagram

Did you know that some dogs are trained to detect diseases in humans, such as cancer? Cancerous cells in humans release waste products differently than healthy cells. Thanks to their incredible sense of smell, dogs can sniff out cancer cells just by smelling a person’s breath. Wow! Getting a pet dog can possibly save my life.

Fluff Ball

This Pomeranian fluff ball is exactly what I need in my life. How can you be around such an adorable creature and not smile 24/7? The teeny dog looks like the cuddliest stuffed animal ever. If that face wasn’t cute enough, check out those polka-dotted pajamas. I have never seen a dog that looks more comfortable than this guy.

A Pomeranian in pajamas napping on a pink and a grey fuzzy blanket
Source: Twitter

Here is a pretty interesting dog fact. In Russia, stray dogs actually figured out how to ride the complex subway system. They learned exactly which stops they needed to get off at while looking for food. Now that’s pretty impressive! I didn’t know there were that many stray dogs in Russia. I should go there and adopt one.

Sweet Dreams

There is no way you can look at this Labrador retriever puppy without smiling. He looks so fresh and cozy like he just got out of the bath and got in those adorable pink flowered jammies. Flower patterned pajamas are in style right now, so this pup has a trendy fashion sense. It looks like this pooch is about to sleep like a baby.

A tan Labrador puppy wearing pajamas with pink roses on it
Source: Pinterest

Did you know that three docs survived the Titanic? I know what you are thinking, shouldn’t they prioritize people? Apparently, the dogs were in first class, and one of them was a Pomeranian puppy. The owner wrapped her in a blanket and escaped. Everyone thought she was holding a baby!

Back to Bed

Clearly, this teeny weeny French bulldog is up way past its bedtime. He’s already in pajamas and should be asleep! Maybe he was sleepwalking? Or got up for a midnight snack? Take it from me doggy, if you stay up late, you’ll regret it in the morning. I literally go through this every day.

A French Labrador wearing black and red striped pajamas
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Here is something even the biggest dog lovers probably don’t know. Apparently, a Bloodhound’s sense of smell is so excellent (and accurate) that it can be admitted as evidence in court. Even a lie detector test isn’t accurate enough for a court of law. This further shows that their sense of smell is like a superpower.

Stripes or Spots

Something about this dog reminds me of a grandpa! You know, other than the fur and pajamas. This dog looks kind of confused. Like, he couldn’t decide on stripes on spots! I just want to join that dog on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a horror movie. Of course, I will be wearing my onesie for the occasion.

A Labrador puppy wearing pajamas that are half blue and white striped and a half with a paw print pattern
Source: Pinterest

The tallest dog in the entire world was a Great Dane named Zeus, and according to the Guinness World Record, he is currently the tallest dog in the world. On October 4th, 2011, he measured at 44 inches tall. Wow! I guess Clifford isn’t the biggest dog, after all.

Puppy Dog Eyes

Aww. Look at that face! This adorable French bulldog doesn’t look like he’s ready for bed yet. Well, he’s dressed for bed but doesn’t want to go to sleep yet. Luckily, he’s got those puppy dog eyes that nobody can resist. Plus, how can you say no to a dog wearing pajamas?! I’m sure this little guy got an extra half hour.

A French Bulldog wearing pajamas sitting on the edge of a couch
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Did you know that dogs have three eyelids? That’s right, in addition to an upper lid and a lower lid, they have another lid called the nictitating membrane – otherwise known as a “haw.” The reason for it is believed to keep the canine’s eyes moist and protected. Interesting.


As we’ve seen, most dogs do not like to wear pajamas. They usually don’t like to wear clothes in general, but especially not when they are sleeping. However, these two pooches look extremely happy in their onesies. They also look so happy together. This looks like the perfect relationship if you ask me.

Two bull terriers cozying up together wearing pajamas
Source: Instagram

Dogs hating mailmen isn’t something personal but something natural. As we know, dogs are loyal to their owners and want to protect their human families. When an unfamiliar person comes to the house with a box, dogs take it as a potential threat, and their survival instincts kick in. Experts say that if you act friendly around the mailman, your dog will feel safer around him.

That Little Face

I can’t get over this precious Yorkshire terrier and those adorable baby blue jammies. His little face in that hood melts my heart; all I want to do is hug him. And all the brown fur sticking out makes this dog even more lovable. Imagine cuddling with this guy every night? You’d never be sad again!

A Yorkshire Terrier wearing light blue pajamas
Source: Instagram

If you have a dog, you will have definitely noticed that they are scared of the rain. Don’t worry; it’s not just your dog. The reason why dogs don’t like the rain is that the amplified sound hurts their sensitive ears. That’s actually pretty sad because the sound of rain is like music to my ears. I know I’m not the only one who thinks it’s relaxing!

Holiday Jammies

Christmas pajamas are always a fun way to bring in the holiday season. What makes it even better is getting a onesie for your dog too! This puppy looks so cute with his Christmas light PJs, but he looks like he has had enough of pictures! If this were my dog, I wouldn’t stop taking pictures either.

A boxer dog wearing pajamas with Christmas ornaments on them
Source: Facebook

Here is an awesome dog fact. There is an interesting dog connection in the Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life.’ Paul McCartney revealed that he added a special frequency into the song that only dogs can hear. That’s so cool! Next time that song is playing, pay attention to your dog! Apparently, he can hear things that you can’t.

Happy Puppy

This dog is beautiful and probably the happiest looking dog I have ever seen. This charming Corgi doesn’t seem to mind his attire one bit. In fact, he looks pretty happy in those blue PJs. He looks like he wants to play before bedtime, and only a psychopath can say no to that face. Tell me that tongue sticking out doesn’t melt your heart!

A Corgi puppy wearing blue pajamas
Source: Instagram

Your pet dog is literally as smart as a two-year-old… That’s why toddlers around that age tend to get along with dogs. They have a special connection because they are basically the same age. Also, if your dog gets a little fussy, it’s likely for the same reason your two-year-old is: He needs a nap.

Off to Dreamworld

Okay, I cannot look at this picture without laughing at the cuteness. Something about his big head sticking out of his car pajamas cracks me up. The pupper does look like he had a long day, and he’s about to pass out. I’m sure he will be in a dreamland of trucks as soon as he falls asleep.

A puppy wearing pajamas with cars on them
Source: Pinterest

You know how dogs need to find the perfect spot before they do their business? There is actually a perfectly good explanation. Dogs would rather poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field. A study proved not only that but that they choose to relieve themselves in a north-south axis.

Hanging with my Pup

This is the cutest dog ever. Take a look at this Golden Retriever and tell me he isn’t the most precious thing you have ever seen. He literally looks like a baby in those orange striped pajamas and his doggy stuffed animal that looks just like him. This little guy looks like he is just chilling in bed, getting ready to go to sleep.

A Golden retriever wearing pajamas and cuddling with a stuffed dog
Source: Facebook

There are around 600 million dogs in the world right now. Apparently, 400 million of those canines are strays. That’s really sad, I mean, dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend. If I didn’t want to adopt a stray dog before, I certainly do now.

Not Bedtime Yet

Here is a dog who looks wide awake. If this was his bedtime, it’s not anymore. Have you ever seen a dog who looks like he wants to play more than this guy? I haven’t. Even though he isn’t ready to go to sleep, quite yet, he looks awfully delighted in his animal-printed jammies. And that tongue sticking out gets me every time.

A dog wearing pajamas while sticking his tongue out
Source: Pinterest

Historical dog facts: It is believed that the first-ever known dog lived 31,700 years ago. This prehistoric canine looked like a Siberian Husky. Spiked Collars are actually a fashion trend that originated in Greece. They were created to protect the dog’s throats from wolf attacks.

Winter PJs

This is Oatie, and he loves a good nap. Since he is a sleeping pro, his owners thought it would be fun to get him a pair of fleece pajamas for extra comfort. Hopefully, he isn’t too hot wearing that outfit outside. They are definitely perfect for the winter, though. I can’t wait to wear my fleecy pajamas in the winter.

Oatie standing in his fleece pajamas
Source: Instagram / @oatie_the_oatpup

As we know, dogs have an incredible sense of smell, but they also have exceptional hearing. Because of the ear muscles and ear positioning, they can pick up a bunch of sounds that humans can’t hear. In fact, scientists believe that the reason dogs tilt their heads is because they are trying to figure out where certain sounds are coming from.

Let Me Sleep Longer!

Look at this adorable pup! There is no way anyone can look at this pooch without wanting to snuggle. He looks so cozy in that blue polka dot onesie, and I’m not going to lie, I want the same exact one… but for humans, of course. She looks like someone woke her up a bit too early, though. She just wants one more hour of beauty rest.

A cute dog wearing a light blue and white polka-dotted fleece pajamas
Source: Instagram / @remyshep

Despite having a great sense of smell and hearing, dogs tasting abilities aren’t as strong as human beings. Dogs usually have around 1,700 taste buds. Although it may sound like a big number, a human being has approximately 9,000. Wow! That’s a huge difference.

Time to Chill

This pooch looks extremely tired; playing fetch all day can really take a toll on you. After a long day of fun, this little guy got his Netflix outfit on and is ready to chill. This guy knows the real definition of Netflix and chill. I would so much rather binge-watch a show in my pajamas with this guy than any of the men I’ve dated.

A boxer in elephant pajamas
Source: Instagram / @monkeytheboxer

Due to their underdeveloped taste buds, often-times, dogs have no problem looking through the garbage and eating food scraps the exact same way they would eat a chunk of steak. There isn’t much of a difference when it comes down to eating it. It also has to do with evolutionary instincts.

I’m Ready for Bed

It looks like Penny is just about ready for bedtime. She had dinner, took a bath, and got into those adorable but delicious-looking pajamas. Most dogs would rather wear their own fur than clothes, but not Penny. She loves her jammies just as much as she loves bacon… well, almost that much.

Penny wearing pink pajamas with bacon, eggs, and toast on them
Source: Instagram / @pennypotamus

Here is something interesting you probably didn’t know about dogs. Their noses are equivalent to a human fingerprint. Each dog has its own set of unique ridges and patterns. Speaking of dogs’ noses, have you ever wondered why they are always wet? That’s actually to help the animal absorb scents. It comes with their super sniffing powers.

Big Red Dog

I had to look at this picture twice to figure out exactly what is going on here. At first glance, I thought it was a child wearing a mask. I don’t know if it’s because of his giant head or the angle of the picture, but I realized this was actually a dog when I saw the paws. Either way, this guy doesn’t look very happy in his red and white striped PJs.

A Bull Terrier wearing red and white striped pajamas
Source: Instagram / @bullterriers_fantastic4

Did you know that dogs only mate twice a year? Dog breeders need to plan really carefully because unsprayed females usually only go into heat every six months. This can vary from dog to dog. Small breeds cycle more regularly than bigger ones.

Lazy Sunday

This little buddy looks like he is enjoying a lazy Sunday… and why not? After a long week of playtime, he deserves a day off. He’s definitely not getting out of those pajamas today; I’d be surprised if he even gets out of bed. As long as he has comfy pajamas and a teddy bear, it’s going to be a great day.

A pit bull wearing duck pajamas with a cute teddy bear sitting next to her on the bed
Source: Instagram / @coraline_the_pitbull

If you see your dog wagging its tail, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy to see you. According to one study, when dogs wag their tails to the right, it means they are happy or excited, and to the left when they are sad or scared. Wagging their tail low down means they are insecure. Body language applies to animals just like it does for humans.

Get Me Out of This

Mr. Toby looks so funny in his new polka dotted onesie. He literally looks like a grandma, and it cracks me up. However, I don’t think Mr. Toby looks very impressed. He looks like she wants to rip that thing right off. And who can blame him? He’s probably really hot. He already has a coat of fur, so fleece pajamas aren’t really necessary… but they are really cute.

A fluffy dog wearing a grey fleece with white polka dots
Source: Instagram / @mr_toby_the_cockapoo

The only place dogs have sweat glands, are their paws. Unlike humans, canines don’t really sweat to cool down. Although they do sweat through their paws, the main way for a dog to cool off is by panting. Can you imagine how smelly they would be if they had sweat glands all over their bodies?

Cuddle Time

This is my kind of dog! All he wants to do is snuggle and go to bed – the story of my life. His owner got him some comfy PJs and allowed him to sleep in his bed. Who doesn’t love a good cuddle buddy! I can’t think of a better way to fall asleep than with that ball of fluff.

Frankie the dog wearing red pajamas sitting on a bed and looking up with his eyes open
Source: Instagram / @frankierescueyou

Did you know that when puppies are first born, they are blind and deaf? Psychology Today reported that the eyes and ear canals are still closed as newborns. Apparently, it takes dogs about two weeks to respond to sounds and open their eyes. As we know, their hearing ability is excellent once the ear canal opens.

Dino Doggy

There is nothing Buddy loves more than nap time. He loves sleeping so much that he was dressed in pajamas for a picnic at the park. He should take advantage of his time outside and go play, but he would rather chill on the picnic blanket. I mean, if I had dinosaur pajamas, I would also wear them everywhere.

A cute dog wearing pajamas with dinosaurs on them
Source: Instagram / @baby.mijo

If you are a dog owner, you might have noticed that your dog has a sixth sense. A 2010 study showed that 67 percent of pet owners reported that their pets acted strangely before a storm. Forty-three percent said that their pets acted strangely before something bad happens. If you believe in ghosts and spirits, people believe their dogs can see those too. Obviously, there is no way for us to prove that.

Trained to Snuggle

What? Have you never seen a dog wearing duck pajamas before? Actually, you just did. However, the first dog we saw in ducky jammies was delighted to be wearing them. This pup, on the other hand, looks like he wants to get out of them as soon as he possibly can. That face says it all. Too bad, he doesn’t realize how cute he looks.

A cute pitbull wearing pajamas with ducks on them
Source: Instagram / lucky.the.pitbull

A dog’s yawn isn’t exactly the same as a human’s yawn. Yes, it can mean that they are tired, but dogs yawn for other reasons too. Canines tend to yawn to relax, so if they are yawning continuously, it may mean that they are feeling stressed out.