7 Uniquely Decorated Gowns Made by a Talented French Designer

Have you ever wondered if fairy tales do come true? Once in a blue moon, the real world collides with the wonders of the Neverland through things that we can barely imagine. In those rarities, our world is presented with specific persons that can transform fantasies into realities. One of these unique individuals is a French designer named Sylvie Facon. She is a true artist gifted with an exceptional mind and creative skills. Facon has amazed everyone in the fashion world and even impressed people without fashion interest by creating fairytale-evoking dresses. Below are the 7 uniquely decorated gowns that will make you believe that fairy tales really do come true.

Stunning Gown Adorned with Book Spines

Do you love books that even if they are old and tattered, you couldn’t let yourself throw them in the trash bin? If yes, then you’d probably mesmerized by this book spine inspired gown, made by Sylvie Facon. With the help of a costume designer, Morgane Grosdemange, Facon sewed this book spine detailed gown.

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Literary and book lovers will surely adore Facon’s gown. This long dress is created using the spines of old books. Facon took about 250 hours to finish this book-spine gown, and his efforts seem to have paid off when one sees her masterpiece. She assured everyone that she only utilized book spines that had already fallen off from dilapidated and old books.

Aquatic Enchantress Gown with Two Mystic Swans

This eye-teasing, distinctively handcrafted gown is next on our list of Facon’s creation. Seemingly inspired by an aquatic enchantress, this gown is made of turquoise shade silk tulle and lace. The dress is covered with detailed embroidery, which is pleasing to the eyes. With the intricate detailing of this gown, you’ll wonder if Facon uses fairy dust.

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Moving to the upper part of the dress, you’ll notice a pair of swans. In Celtic mythology, swans are known for its sovereign grace and gliding mystical exquisiteness, while in the world of symbolism, swans are considered signs of fidelity and devotion because they are monogamous. By just looking at the central part of Facon’s gown, you’ll be entering the gates of fantasy. Swans are indeed mystical!

Magical Rings of the Mushroom-Like Dress

The fairyland is incomplete with just an aquatic enchantress. Make way for a terrestrial nymph dress that depicts both malevolent and celestial magic. This gown is enthused by magical and mysterious mushrooms of the forest. The shades of brown and beige in circular design are projecting at the lower portion of this long dress.

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The gown looks like a typical costume of a supernatural character living in the depths of the forest. A fairy, a land deity, a wood nymph, an evil sorceress or a forest witch, it’s up to your imagination. This dress radiates a dual depiction of the mythical mushroom. In ancient Egypt, mushrooms are believed to be the sons of gods sent to earth by lightning, but in Lithuania, mushrooms are associated with the god of the dead.

A Gown That Carries a Knight

The knight holds the princess in his arm, and he protects her against the forces of evil – a usual excerpt from a fairytale story between a knight and a princess. If you love this kind of romantic, mythical story and you want a knight for yourself, check out this art-inspired gown.

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You can literally carry a knight with you when you wear this dress. This knight gown is an interpretation of artist Didier Graffet’s illustration. Facon might have been thinking about nature and legend when she’s making this gown because the autumn shade of the dress blends perfectly with the distinctive legendary knight.

Music Comes to Life

Fantasy isn’t the only thing that Facon loves to represent in her gowns. She’s definitely into music too. This dress has a violin illustrated on the bustier that clearly shows the artistic talent of Sylvie Facon. The gown is a perfect tribute to music with the top violin design and music scores flowing down from the waist to bottom.

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This dress is made of silk organza, and the lace finishes are signed Jean Bracq Caudry, one of the skillful partners of Sylvie Facon. The details of the fabric from the upper to the lower portion of the gown highlights the appearance of real scores — a true symphony of textile for not just violin enthusiasts but also for all music lovers.

Floral Nature Gown in Harmony

Landscape and the natural world profoundly affects many artists and writers. This floral garden dress is a perfect example of how nature shapes Facon’s imagination. If you notice in the previous gowns, the theme of nature slips gently into many of her unique dresses. It seems that nature plays a vital part in Facon’s designing technique of merging the real and fantasy world.

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The gown is ruled by the colors of golden yellow and green typical of the spring-summer season of the natural and fairy tale world. The perfect combination of the landscape shades and floral details give this dress a dreamy appearance – a mystical dress that would be best for a nature goddess.

The Historical Arras Gown

To complete our list of 7 uniquely decorated gowns of Sylvie Facon is the historical Arras dress. Arras is a French city with numerous historical monuments. In this gown, you’ll see every detail of the heritage of the town and its region. There are angels of the chapel of Saudemont (preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts Arras).

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Also, in this gown, you’ll see a scene that shows the figure of Saint Vaast, the city’s patron and his animal feature, the bear. Furthermore, the dress illustrates important monuments of the Pas de Calais, historic houses of the town squares, Mahaut d’Artois, and the lion of Arras. Every important part of Arras is visibly portrayed in the gown that you’ll wonder if you’re seeing a meticulous Arras map canvas.