40 Shades of Gray: The Members of Hollywood’s Silver Fox Club

Gray is the new black! These gentlemen of Hollywood are keeping it “au natural” with their salt and pepper hair. Folks, I think it’s time to turn our eyes away from Ryan Gosling and Chris Hemsworth for a second or two, and give the older men of Hollywood some appreciation for staying natural in a world that has an inherent fear of aging. Let it be stated here that older men can be just as attractive as their younger counterparts.

Matt Leblanc, John Stamos, Pierce Brosnan, and Kevin Costner
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Something about their gray locks (and the confidence it takes to wear it well) give them a certain amount of swagger that just works. While you already know of ever-gray silver foxes like Richard Gere and Sean Connery, there are new additions to list, like Steve Carell, who is one of the latest celebs to join the silver fox club. See who else is strutting their newly gray hair and the other older men who continue to sprinkle salt and pepper on the streets and red carpets of Hollywood.

Steve Carell

Welcome to the acclaimed silver fox club, Steve! When the actor (now 57) stepped out in London a few years ago to promote the hilarious movie, Despicable Me 3, he looked better than ever. And it’s because he decided to sport a new aged yet refined look: he had a brand new gray-haired look that made many onlookers turn heads. Twitter went wild, and even Steve himself weighed in on all the attention his hair was getting online.

Steve Carell and Nancy Carell 'Vice' film premiere, Arrivals, Los Angeles, USA - 11 Dec 2018
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“I am so sick of people just looking at me for my physical attributes,” he said sarcastically in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. He added that he has no control over his gray locks: “It’s just genetic. There’s nothing I can do.” But, Steve was appreciative that he was being given a warm welcome into the silver fox club. He said, “I’m bursting with pride. That’s very nice.”

Matt LeBlanc

For each and every Friends fan, it’s bittersweet to see Joey go gray. While we’re happy for his continued success, it’s also a little bit sad to know that he (and all of us) have gotten that much older! I think that we can all agree that Joey stole our hearts. And it’s hard to see LeBlanc as anyone other than Joey!

Matt LeBlanc at the CBS TV Studios Summer Soiree TCA Party
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Matt LeBlanc always had that adorable boy-next-door thing about him where you knew you could depend on him for a laugh. But no one’s laughing at his new salt and pepper locks. He’s still a stud at the age of 52. But LeBlanc had started going gray a long time ago, even while he was starring in Friends. “I think it was the second season of Friends, way back then, that I started getting gray hair on the sides, so they started to dye it,” he explained on The Late Late Show.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who looks shockingly similar to Javier Bardem, has been in shows like Supernatural, The Good Wife, and Gray’s Anatomy. You’ve also seen him in films like Watchmen, Red Dawn, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But his role as Negan on The Walking Dead is what brings him to supernatural status.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan at the
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He married actress Anya Longwell in 1992, but they got divorced in 2003. He was then engaged to another actress, Mary Louise Parker, for a while in 2007, but that didn’t work out either. In 2009, he started dating actress Hilarie Burton and had a son with her (Augustus “Gus” Morgan). He’s now a father of two. He is also close friends with fellow actor and cutie, Paul Rudd.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is more like the man that straight men might secretly see themselves going for if they “played for the other team.” Anyways, Daniel Craig is a rugged, type-A kind of guy (at least he seems like it in all of his James Bond roles). Craig isn’t necessarily a conventionally handsome guy, but his ice-blue eyes and bad**s swagger definitely makes up for it.

Daniel Craig attends James Bond Spectre film premiere
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Daniel Craig is the type of silver fox that would hang out at a martini bar in real life, just like his character that he plays so well. Daniel Craig is also going to be the first James Bond to embrace his gray mane in No Time To Die. The 51-year-old is going to change the role of James Bond as we know it. And maybe it’s about time?

Idris Elba

Idris Elba a name that just keeps coming up and a face that keeps popping up on our screens. And no one is complaining, either! His very short hair isn’t very gray yet, but his beard has some salt and pepper going on. Some of his best work has been on shows such as Luther and The Wire. He’s in the films Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, American Gangster, Thor, Prometheus, and Molly’s Game.

Idris Elba attends the 'Yardie' press conference during the 68th Berlinale International Film Festival
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The British actor has a son named Winston with his ex-girlfriend, Naiyana Garth, and got married to Sabrina Dhowre this year. Fun fact: Discovery Channel made a documentary called Idris Elba: Fighter, which showcased his kickboxing and mixed martial arts training, as well as his first professional kickboxing fight (and win) against Lionel Graves.

Patrick Dempsey

How can a doctor play a doctor on TV and not be hot as hell? Whether or not you ever got on the Gray’s Anatomy train, we can all agree that this guy has the looks. And any fan of the show could only think about McDreamy. His role was Dr. Derek Shepard, and it put him on the map as our fantasy doctor.

Tag Heuer Celebrates 50 Years Of The Iconic Monaco Timepiece With Patrick Dempseys
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He was the doctor we secretly wished was the man in the white coat at our next doctor’s check-up. The now 53-year-old had an 11-year run on the show, and fans were crushed when McDreamy was killed off. After that, the salt and pepper stud went back to his hometown of Maine for a more relaxed lifestyle.

John Slattery

Anyone who has ever watched Mad Men knows how hard it is to look away from Rodger Sterling when he’s in a shot. John Slattery is so dashing that he steals the scene – even from a hottie like Jon Hamm! He is the dapper gentleman in the 3-piece suit walking around the office with a glass of whiskey and hitting on women half his age.

John Slattery at the
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And you know what? He gets away with it! The 57-year-old all-white fox has the swagger of a much younger Ryan Gosling. And it keeps us on our toes. His charisma and vintage fashion stands out in the crowded town of Hollywood. His swagger even borderlines the edge of arrogance, but again – he gets away with it!

Russell Crowe

When Gladiator came out in 2000, even grandma Sue was sweating over this guy. Even though Russell Crowe, now 55 years old, seems to be embracing his dad bod for the last few years, he still cleans up well. He is another example of a man who has the confidence to be who he is. His roles in movies have changed, though, with his age.

Russell Crowe making selfies at The Nice Guys' photocall
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He went from being the leading man to playing the wise older dude behind the leading man. But either way, Russell still has it going on. Not only has he proven his silver fox status, but he has Oscars to prove his talent. On top of the gray hairdo, he also has an Australian accent.

Viggo Mortensen

When the Lord of the Rings trilogy was the talk of the town, it was Elijah Wood who stole everyone’s thunder. But let’s not kid ourselves. It was the Danish, Aragon, who we tuned into. Not only is Viggo a gray-haired actor, he’s also an author, musician, photographer, and painter! Basically, he’s an all-around talented man.

Viggo Mortensen at the ational Board of Review Awards Gala
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This 61-year-old (though he looks barely 50) played the ultimate silver fox in the film, Eastern Promises, as a ruthless and mysterious Russian mob boss. He was nominated for an Oscar for that role. And while Viggo isn’t fond of posing for photoshoots, when he does, it’s on one condition: that his photos aren’t retouched. He has said it’s “ultimately self-defeating to hide the truth about our bodies.”

John Stamos

I think even people born after 2000 know who Uncle Jesse is. And you didn’t have to grow up watching Full House to know how much of a stud John Stamos was. Stamos, kind of like Rob Lowe, seems to be immune to aging. At 56 years old, he can still pass for being in his late 30s.

Actor John Stamos visits the Dannon Oikos Tent on Park Avenue
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The term silver fox doesn’t apply to him as much as salt and pepper does. But still, how could I make a list of handsome older gentleman without including this heartthrob? Though Full House was pretty cheesy and Fuller House is even worse, this man was the only reason you needed to tune in. By the way, he’s a producer, musician, comedian, and singer, too.

Gerard Butler

The 50-year-old Scottish actor landed his breakout hit in 2006’s film, 300. Before that, you might have seen him in Phantom of the Opera. In 300, he was half-naked most of the time and had an aggressive edge as the King Leonidas of the Spartans. His roles since that movie make you easily forget that he is over 40.

Gerard Butler
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Originally, Gerard’s plan was to be a lawyer before choosing to start a career in acting instead. So, he is one of the more educated of the silver foxes. After what he himself described as having “the luck of the devil” and having gotten fired from his job in Scotland, he came over to America. It’s here in this country that Gerard made a name for himself and found success as an actor.

Vincent Cassel

What can we do? There’s just something about the French that makes an average-looking man that much more appealing. Add the gray hair and voila! You get Vincent Cassel, the 53-year-old actor who was starring in indie and arthouse movies before making into Hollywood. Vincent’s bone structure and edgy persona make him an unconventional silver fox.

French actor Vincent Cassel arrives for the Closing Awards Ceremony of the 72nd annual Cannes Film Festival
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He used to be married to Monica Bellucci, whom he met on the set of the film, Irreversible. He’s now married to a French woman named Tina Kunakey. His role as Natalie Portman’s ballet instructor in Black Swan made everyone look at ballet in a different light. Whoever thought that ballet could be so masculine and sexy? He also starred alongside fellow silver fox Viggo Mortensen in Eastern Promises.

Taylor Kinney

It looks like Taylor Kinney might just be the youngest handsome gray-haired man on our list. At the young age of 38, he can’t really be called an older guy, but his premature gray hair means he’s technically a silver fox. Technically. So, what’s so captivating about him? His charm is that he likes like a humble guy.

Taylor Kinney attends the 2017 NBCUniversal Upfront
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His breakout role was as Mason Lockwood in Vampire Diaries. He was close to being Lady Gaga’s husband, but she must be kicking herself in the butt after a failed one-year engagement with this guy. Watching him put out fires on Chicago Fire makes many women want to set fire on their own homes if that means Taylor will be coming to the rescue.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe played the bad-boy eye candy role throughout the ’80s in classic films like St. Elmo’s Fire, About Last Night and the Outsiders. Remember him as Soda Pop? Yeah, you do. He, along with other actors at the time (Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, and Anthony Michael Hall), became known as the “brat pack” who starred in interchangeable roles in movies.

Rob Lowe attends 'The Tree Of Life' premiere
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It seems unfair how much his looks just haven’t changed. His face is pretty much the same, even though his hair has been upgraded to the silver fox club. Other than his past and current funny roles, he has suited up to play political roles in the West Wing and Killing Kennedy on the National Geographic Channel. Time might have matured him and his roles, but it hasn’t aged him.

Eric Dane

If Gray’s Anatomy needed another heartthrob, Eric Dane fits the part. We already have a McDreamy, but now there’s a McSteamy. Although his hair was dark on the show, Twitter blew up with feeds the second he showed up at the 2015 SAG Awards with Emmy Rossum. There was something quite different about him that time around.

Photo by Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic/Getty Images

That’s right – it was his new gray hair that we hadn’t seen before. And the gray hair didn’t stop women from fawning over him. But he was having some personal struggles. His role on The Last Ship was postponed because of his struggle with depression. But I’m sure more than just a few fans (women and men alike) would be more than willing to cheer him up.

Dermot Mulroney

Ever since he starred alongside Julia Roberts in My Best Friend’s Wedding (from 1994), Dermot Mulroney has been playing the charming jerk that you can’t help but be attracted to. Remember his role as Rachel’s coworker, Gavin, on Friends? He was also Fiona Gallagher’s boss-turned-fiancé in the show Shameless. His aloofness and crooked smile leaves us all waiting for some sarcastic comment.

Dermot Mulroney arrives for the 'Jane' Los Angeles Premiere
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Aside from being an actor, the 56-year-old is an accomplished cello player and musician. He plays in a band called Cranky George. Which only makes me wonder who George is. But anyway, let it be known that Dermot was born in Virginia, and was discovered at Northwestern University by a talent agent 28 years ago. He’s since been in over 70 films.

Richard Gere

Richard Gere has been part of the club now since the 80s. He’s one of those actors whom we’ve seen more with gray hair than without. The 70-year-old fox is known to embrace his gray status for many years and has no intention of dying his hair, even though he’s admitted that it makes him look older.

Richard Gere attends the National Board of Review Awards
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Gere has explained that for movies, he has sometimes gone a shade or two darker than his white hair, but he’s never tempted to keep the look after filming is over. He has the same attitude when it comes to surgery, seeing no need to even worrying himself with the idea of getting a facelift. He has maintained heartthrob status for decades, which isn’t an easy fit in the over-judgmental film industry.

George Clooney

While I am fully aware that George Clooney is THE face of salt and pepper sexiness, and is an obvious member of the club, I am still forced to include him on the list. Because otherwise, it would be an injustice. Anyways, the gray hair kind of hit him in the face, so to speak.

George Clooney attends the 'Money Monster' photocall
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For his movie Up in the Air from 2009, Clooney opted for the close crop and the ten-day beard. And when he was 48, he finally felt old. “I was watching Up in the Air , and I thought, ‘Jesus, who’s the old, gray-haired guy?’ And it was me.” Believe it or not, the man is now 58 and no longer a bachelor as most of us had to accept. He’s married to Amal Clooney.

Alec Baldwin

The now 61 year old more funny than serious actor has been donning the gray locks for a number of years now. He’s not fully gray, but he’s got the salt and pepper label on him if he needed one. Between Alec’s frequent appearances on SNL and his hilarious performance as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, I would play a game of Boggle with him any day.

Alec Baldwin attends 2016 Fragrance Foundation Awards
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Did you know that in 2018, Alec appeared in a New York court for a misdemeanor charge of “third-degree attempted assault and second-degree harassment violation” due to a parking dispute in Manhattan’s West Village? Yeah, Baldwin told the officer, “He’s an a$$. He stole my spot. I did push him.” On January 23, 2019, Alec pleaded guilty to the harassment and agreed to go to a one-day anger management class.

Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper is literally a silver fox. His actual nickname is “the Silver Fox,” so it only makes sense that he’s appearing on this list. But the now 52-year-old doesn’t like his silver hair. While he’s almost as well-known for his hair as he is for being a reporter and news anchor, he would rather be a brunette.

CNN journalist and om-air personality, Anderson Cooper
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“I don’t really like my gray hair. I wish I still had brown hair. It’s not my thing,” Cooper told Kelly Ripa on Live! With Kelly. “If I could, I would probably color my hair, but I couldn’t imagine sitting in a salon with tin foil in my hair reading old issues of Rosie for hours. At this point, it’s too late — the cow has left the barn.”

Aidan Quinn

The 60-year-old with his silver locks and pale blue eyes makes heads turn. Aidan Quinn’s roles in shows like Weeds and Prime Suspect is what keeps our eyes glued to our screens. Quinn, who co-starred in all 7 seasons of Elementary, has just signed on to star in Spiked, a drama inspired by the real-life events of Arizona-based newspaper publisher Joseph Soldwedel.

Photo by Tristan Fewings/WireImage/Getty Images

Quinn is American/Irish, and he made his film debut in Reckless. He starred in more than 80 feature films, including Desperately Seeking Susan, The Mission, Avalon, Stakeout, Benny & Joon, and Legends of the Fall. There was also Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Michael Collins, Song for a Raggy Boy, and Unknown. He’s nowhere near done his Hollywood career.

Jon Stewart

Half the reason America is obsessed with Jon Stewart is because of his spot-on persona on The Daily Show. But the other half is because of how cute he is when he delivers his clever jokes. The 57-year-old is one funny silver-ish fox. In years past, he was a brunette, but he had those streaks of gray on the sides. Now, he’s more gray than brunette.

Jon Stewart, New York Red Carpet Premiere of Academy Award-Winning Director, Louie Psihoyos' 'The Game Changers', USA - 09 Sep 2019
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He was born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz Stewart and grew up in the Vietnam War era, and he saw the Watergate scandal develop in front of his eyes. Apparently, it inspired in him “a healthy skepticism towards official reports.” His first job? Working with his brother at a Woolworth’s store. He jokingly says that being fired by Lawrence was one of the most “scarring events” of his youth.

Sean Connery

Similar to having George Clooney on this list, what would a silver fox club be like without the likes of Mr. Bond himself? At the age of 89, Sean Connery is still foxy. Once “the sexiest man alive,” Connery has always been loved by women. His second wife, Micheline Roquebrune, managed to tame her fierce silver fox. The two got married in 1975 and have been together ever since.

Sean Connery arriving at Cineworld for his 'Reel Life' talk and to receive a BAFTA Scotland Lifetime Achievement Award. Today is his 76th birthday
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Although Connery and Roquebrune didn’t have any children together (she had three of her own from a previous marriage), he is a proud father to them. He also has a son, Jason, with his first wife, Diane Cliento. Jason Conner, by the way, is also a famous actor. Like father, like son, I guess!

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is one of those men that just never lose their appeal. He’s 77 now and still knows how to make heads turn! For most of his roles, like Han Solo, Indian Jones, and Rick Deckard, he always seems to make himself an iconic character. It’s no surprise that Ford has had his fair share of ladies in his life.

Harrison Ford, 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' film premiere, Arrivals, TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 16 Dec 2019
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Ford has three sons with his first wife, Mary Marquardt, then two more kids with his second wife Melissa Mathison, and a sixth child, a boy, with Calista Flockhart, whom he married in 2010. So far, they’ve maintained a happy marriage. Calista adopted her son, Liam, months before she started dating Ford. Did you know that Ford is also an aviator and environmental activist?

Pierce Brosnan

Watch out George; Pierce takes salt and pepper to another level. The 66-year-old has fully embraced his gray hair. The man most famous for his role as James Bond would frequently dye his hair dark, but now he’s gone au natural. The Irishman finally decided to embrace the color gray. He has some new film projects coming up, including The King’s Daughter, the Misfits, and False Positive.

Pierce Brosnan Fashion For Relief, Arrivals, Spring Summer 2020, London Fashion Week, UK - 14 Sep 2019
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Did you know that in 2015, Brosnan’s $18 million mansion in Malibu caught fire, costing him $1 million in damages? It took 30 minutes for firefighters to extinguish the fire, while the flames destroyed the garage, including his 2002 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. It also spread to a bedroom above, though no one was harmed thankfully! Poor Martin, though. The car.

Clint Eastwood

The Hollywood legend is still alive and kicking at the age of 89. He’s less silver than he is white now, but we don’t mind. No matter what his age, he will always be able to pull off the sexy eye squint. And his list of relationships is as long as his career. Funny thing is, no one is really sure just how many kids he really has.

Clint Eastwood, 'Richard Jewell' film gala screening, Arrivals, AFI Fest, TCL Chinese Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 20 Nov 2019
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Apart from having children that are obviously his (that look like him) and those who aren’t so obvious, he was also only legally married twice. Clint was last linked to a restaurant hostess by the name of Christina Sandera, 33 years younger than him. Their relationship went public at the 2015 Oscars.

Kevin Costner

64-year-old Kevin Michael Costner is the youngest son from a modest family based in Compton, California. Costner grew up to be not only an A-list actor in Hollywood but something of a ladies man. His days in college were just the beginning of a love life saga that spanned decades.

Kevin Costner, Paramount Network 'Yellowstone' TV show panel, TCA Winter Press Tour, Los Angeles, USA - 15 Jan 2018
Photo by David Buchan/Variety/Shutterstock

As he shot to fame, the path he embarked on with his first wife went off course, and it wasn’t long before he gained a reputation as being a “womanizer.” His list of wives, girlfriends, ladies on the side, and flings is long. Really long.

If you want to see the full list of all the women Kevin Costner has dated, you can check it out * here * NOTE https://www.freshedits.com/spotlight/kevin-costner-finds-true-love-after-leading-the-bachelor-life-for-decades/?br_t=ch

Esai Morales

Esai Morales might not be the most famous actor on this list, but he’s been in a bunch of things and he also pulls off the salt ‘n’ pepper hairdo very well. Where have you seen his face? On American Family, Resurrection Blvd, NYPD Blue, Caprica, and most recently on Ozark. Off-screen, he’s a devout vegetarian and describes himself as an “actorvist,” having founded the National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts.

Esai Morales, 'Miss Bala' Film Premiere, Roaming Arrivals, Regal L.A. Live, Los Angeles, USA - 30 Jan 2019
Photo by Rob Latour/Variety/Shutterstock

When it comes to looks, Esai is one good looking silver fox. He has a daughter, Mariana Oliveira, with his girlfriend, Elvimar Silva. Here’s a random fun fact: his name has been used as a crossword answer more than 100 times. Why? Because of its unique and short spelling!

Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel’s early career included appearances on TV shows like Murder, She Wrote and The Wonder Years. In the 90s, though, he started showing up more and more in films like G.I. Jane, The Thin Red Line, Pay It Forward, and I Am David. But you probably know him best from his role as Jesus Christ himself in The Passion of the Christ.

'When The Game Stands Tall' film premiere, Los Angeles, America - 04 Aug 2014
Photo by Stewart Cook/Shutterstock

Jim Caviezel, now 51, has been married since 1996 to Kerri Browitt, a high school English teacher. The couple have three adopted children from China who had cancer. He and his family are Catholic, and out of respect for his wife, he won’t do any risqué scenes in a movie. He and Jennifer Lopez were wearing shirts during their love scene in the movie, Angel Eyes, for example.

Timothy Olyphant

Timothy Olyphant is a 51-year-old member of the silver fox club. For some reason, he made a name for himself as the bad guy in most of his roles in TV and movies. I guess he’s just super skilled at bringing villains to life. Some examples include his work in Scream 2, The Girl Next Door, Damages, Justified, Deadwood, Live Free or Die Hard, and Santa Clarita Diet.

Timothy Olyphant, 'Deadwood' film premiere, Arrivals, Cinerama Dome, Los Angeles, USA - 14 May 2019
Photo by Rob Latour/Shutterstock

Olyphant is married to his college sweetheart, Alexis Knief, since 1991. The couple has three kids together: Grace Katherine, Henry, and Vivian. And while we loved watching him in thrillers, we also really like to stare at him when he’s on-screen. Maybe it’s his piercing eyes? Whatever it is, I’ll have it.

Barack Obama

During his presidency, you may have noticed that Barack Obama’s hair went from brown to about 50 shades of gray. And he noticed, too. At one point, the former president remarked on his changing look while he was in office, embracing the grays that were sprouting on his head: “When I came into office I had no gray hair and now I have a lot . . . I don’t dye my hair and a lot of my fellow leaders do. I won’t say who. But their barbers know their hairdressers.”

Barack Obama, Nordic Business Forum, Helsinki, Finland - 27 Sep 2018
Photo by Jussi Nukari/Shutterstock

It only makes sense that a job as hectic and difficult as running the United States of America is going to age you and your hair – whether you like it or not. But for Obama, and every gentleman on this list, the whole point is that going gray made him look even better! And distinguished!

Daniel Day-Lewis

Oh, Daniel, how talented you are. This is one of my personal favorite actors who I can’t decide if the fact that we don’t see him often is a good or bad thing. I think his portrayal as Daniel Plainview in There Will be Blood is one of the best there ever was. But anyway, the actor who has claimed to have retired from the profession is officially a member of this club.

Daniel Day-Lewis,
Photo by Annapurna Pictures/Kobal/Shutterstock

Two years ago, at the age of 60, Lewis issued a statement through his agent saying he “will no longer be working as an actor.” He stated that it was a “private decision,” and he was “immensely grateful to all of his collaborators and audiences.” I must say that I am disappointed but hey if it makes him happy and all…

Jeff Goldblum

One of the silver linings of getting older is the potential to do so like a fine wine. And Jeff Goldblum is basically like a vineyard. Goldblum understands the concept of “friluftsliv,” the abstract Norwegian concept one should aspire to embody if he is seeking out true foxiness. Jeffrey Lynn Goldblum is tall, stylish, and peculiar.

Jeff Goldblum, 'This Morning' TV show, London, UK - 12 Nov 2019
Photo by Steve Meddle/ITV/Shutterstock

Jeff embodies the whole silver fox lifestyle – you know, the kind of luxurious life of the men on this list who get the privilege of taking the time in his life to have fun. Jeff is an example of what it means to be a glorious weirdo. He wears the suits and the funky the glasses, and his way of speaking all adds up to his strange yet lovable demeanor.

Kurt Russell

As Kurt Russell gets older, and he’s now 68, the only question left is: why isn’t he in more movies? His swagger was put to use in Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 Death Proof and also starred in his film, The Hateful Eight. But it wouldn’t hurt to see him a bit more often. And not just as a Santa Claus with his long-time partner Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus.

Kurt Russell, 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2' - UK Special Screening - arrivals, London, UK - 24 Apr 2017
Photo by Anthony Harvey/Shutterstock

Did you know that Russell is a hunter and supporter of gun rights? He has said that gun control won’t reduce terrorism. He’s also an FAA-licensed private pilot and is an Honorary Council Member of the humanitarian aviation organization called Wings of Hope. There’s something you won’t see on Buzzfeed!

Mark Ruffalo

Mark Ruffalo is one of those indie film favorites that have been around long before taking the famous role of Bruce Banner, which was done by Edward Norton before him. Sadly, he has been dealing with his health lately. After completing the film The Last Castle, he was diagnosed with a vestibular schwannoma, which is a type of brain tumor known as an acoustic neuroma.

Mark Ruffalo, 4th Annual Patron of the Artists Awards, Arrivals, Wallis Annenberg Center for Performing Arts, Los Angeles, USA - 07 Nov 2019
Photo by Matt Baron/Shutterstock

The tumor was luckily found to be benign; yet, he had to do surgery and the way it was done left him with partial facial paralysis that also affected his hearing. The paralysis went away after a year, but Ruffalo is now deaf in his left ear. It’s a shame, but honestly, that’s a blessing compared to what could have happened.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has always had floppy brown hair, which was one of his trademark features. He was the “It Guy” in the 90s for being in pretty much every romantic comedy that came out in theaters. A few years ago, the British actor fully embraced his graying hair and looks like it was the right call.

Photo by Juan Naharro Gimenez/WireImage/Getty Images

Let’s face it; not everyone likes Hugh Grant. I personally am not the biggest fan. Something about him is just cocky and his squinting kind of bothers me, but hey, many people (mostly women) like him. And for that reason, he’s on this list. Here’s a quote of his: “The only reason my work seems to be eclectic up to a certain period is because I was a failure as an actor.” Hey, he said it…

Ted Danson

I think most of us like Ted Danson and we appreciate all he’s done on the big and small screen. Similar to how People Magazine lists the sexiest men alive, Salon.com did a version of their own and they named Mr. Danson as their honorary member. That’s right; Salon named Ted as one of its Sexiest Men Living.

Ted Danson, 71st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Arrivals, Microsoft Theatre, Los Angeles, USA - 22 Sep 2019
Photo by WWD/Shutterstock

They called him “TV’s silver fox.” Ted has been awesome on the shows Curb Your Enthusiasm, Damages, and Bored to Death. Salon even called him “this year’s Alec Baldwin.” I think I loved him best on Curb. But anyway, since Baldwin is also on this list, they don’t have to compete as to who is a better silver fox. They both have the title.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie has been a crush of many House fans. Even L’Oreal announced the British actor as the face of their Men Expert products. Far from his preppy days as a former Cambridge student, he made his way to Hollywood and showed up in his own appealing way, with those eyes that just become bluer.

Hugh Laurie as Eldon Chance
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He transformed into a 60-year-old silver fox. He was surprised at his new ambassador role, saying how “At first I thought it was a mistake, but then I realized that L’Oreal wasn’t looking for models but for people with strong personalities, who are worth it…” And after seeing those advertising shots, yes, I would have to say that he is worth it.

Ben Stiller

Funnyman Ben Stiller, now 54 years old, and mostly appeared in comedy films throughout his career. He is an Emmy Award winner for directing, producing, and writing his television show, The Ben Stiller Show. But while he’s funny and all, the man has gone through some serious health issues.

Ben Stiller
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Did you know that Stiller was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2010? He said how he thinks that he contracted the illness when he was visiting Nantucket, Massachusetts. He was also diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014. The great news is that following surgery; he received the cancer-free status in September of that year. So luckily for us, we get to have more gray-haired fun with him in the upcoming years.