40 Pictures that will Make you want to Buy your Baby a Dog

All children want a pet. For some parents, this can be a really hard decision. Just the thought of taking care of another living thing, in addition to their children can be stressful. However, dogs are the perfect pet for all kids.

Dog and baby making a face
Source: Tumblr

Dogs are not only friendly and loyal, but they can teach a great deal of responsibility to your children starting at a young age. It will also give them a loyal furry friend to rely on. These pictures will make you want to buy your baby a puppy!

Doggy kisses

Even though the dog clearly loves this baby, the baby’s face is priceless! The baby doesn’t seem to like the licking in the picture, but of course, he loves that adorable dog!

Dog licking a baby
Source: Facebook

Even though the baby looks uncomfortable, the parents decided to take this awesome picture! It’s always good to get children used to pets early. After all, we know licking is how dogs show love.

Doggy Cuddles

When Laura’s parents went into the kitchen to make her some lunch, they returned and found her like this! This adorable dog is almost like a sibling, so Laura always has someone to play with.

Toddler leaning on dog
Source: Pinterest

Of course, her mom needed to take a picture of Laura adorably cuddling up with the dog. The dog obviously loves this child, and this picture proves it!


Halloween was my favorite holiday growing up! I spent weeks figuring out what to dress up as. However, this child did it better than all of us; she decided to dress up as her best friend.

Child win dog costume posing with a dog
Source: Pinterest

Ever since her parents adopted this dog, they were inseparable. So, when Halloween came around, it only made sense to twin it with her puppy!

Staying Out Of Trouble

As every parent knows, children like to make a mess! When pets are involved, it’s even worse! Of course, it’s not on purpose, they just want to have fun, but unfortunately, someone has to clean it up eventually.

Dog and child sitting in a mess
Source: Pinterest

Before cleaning up this mess, baby Sammy’s parents took this priceless picture to capture the moment. There is no way they got punished with those cute faces!

Thinking Alike

These two precious faces look very intrigued with whatever is going on outside that window. Based on their expressions, it looks like an ice cream just pulled up, and they are deciding which favors they want!

Dog and baby looking out the window
Source: Pinterest

Even though her dog shouldn’t have any, she probably sneaks him a few licks every once in a while. That’s why her furry friend is just as excited as she is!

Showing Some Love

Sometimes when a dog is dealing with some kind of infection, we need to ensure they don’t scratch or lick themselves. However, having his face in a cone can be really sad for the dog.

Dog and baby in the dog’s cone
Source: Pinterest

This pup’s human friend decided to cheer him up and go through the cone! Honestly, how can that face not cheer him up? Luckily, no cone is going to stop him from showing his best friend some love!

Don’t Leave Me

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs like to play and get super attached to their families. Sometimes they barely let their owners leave the house.

Dog sitting on a kid
Source: Pinterest

This boy was leaving the house for school when the dog threw a fit. He thought maybe sitting on the child will stop him from going. Of course, the boy had to go to school anyways, but at least his mom got this adorable picture first.

Spreading the Love

Valentine’s Day is a day of love. It’s usually associated with couples, but that doesn’t have to be the case. This girl’s father used Valentine’s Day as an excuse to buy his daughter a present.

Girl smiling holding a puppy
Source: Housediver

Nothing show’s love more than buying your child a puppy! The look on this girl’s face shows how excited she is about taking care of her new furry friend! Best Valentine’s Day present ever!

I Just Need a Hug

We all know that life can get rough sometimes. Sometimes we just want to feel loved and special, so having a dog to support you and cuddle with you is important when you’re feeling down.

Girl and her dog hugging on the floor
Source: Pinterest

Whenever little Suzy has a bad day, she furry best friend is there! Whether it was a bad day at school, or getting in some trouble at home; her dog is always there waiting for her with a hug!

Don’t Mess With my Human

Winter is the time of year that a lot of adults don’t even want to leave the house due to the cold weather. However, kids usually want to get dressed and play in the rain.

Girl and her dog outside in the cold
Source: Reddit

This little girl needed supervision and protection on the playground. While her parents were warming up inside, she got her personal bodyguard to watch her. Of course, her mother had to suffer the cold for a minute to take this precious picture.

Cozy Laundry

When this little boy’s mother went to check on her laundry, she found this adorable sight instead. Obviously, she immediately took a picture so that she can capture this moment forever!

A boy and two puppies sleeping in a laundry basket
Source: Pinterest

Apparently, the puppies found the warm, dry sheets to nap in. Shortly after little Tommy saw how comfy the puppies looked! He joined them, and they all took a nap together.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Most kids love puppies and smaller dogs. There is just a comforting and safe feeling when your dog is smaller than you. However, this brave girl little proves that size doesn’t matter.

A girl sitting next to a huge dog
Source: Pinterest

Great Danes are famous for being some of the biggest dogs in the world. This one actually looks like a normal-sized dog… until you notice how tiny the girl is next to him. He is just a loyal as other dogs, and she wouldn’t change her furry friend for all the puppies in the world!

Jumping Friends

If you ever spent time jumping on a trampoline, you know how much fun it is! Once you start jumping, you never want to stop. One morning, this girl wanted nothing more than to jump on her trampoline, but she didn’t want to go alone.

A girl and dog jumping on a trampoline
Source: Artfido

Sadly, none of her friends were around, but she quickly realized, her dog Billy would be the perfect companion. He joined her on the trampoline, and based on this perfectly timed photo; Billy seems to be enjoying himself!

New Best Friend

This adorable little boy is an only child. Although he has friends at school, he would sometimes get lonely and bored at home. His parents desperately wanted to find him a companion.

A boy and his dog laying on the bed
Source: Youtube

They were searching for weeks, but as soon as these two saw each other, it was love! They immediately knew there was something special between them! They knew it was meant to be and now this cute little boy has a new best friend!

Not a Scary Dog

Pit Bulls are known for being aggressive when it comes to dogs. Even though they are naturally tough, with a good upbringing, Pit bulls can become soft and friendly.

A girl taking a nap with a dog on the couch
Source: Pinterest

When Emily’s parents initially adopted the Pit Bull, she was so petrified of him! After a few weeks of warming up to him, they became inseparable! Now Emily can even cuddle up with him for a nap on the couch.

Grandpa’s Last Gift

Sadly, Jamie never got to meet his grandfather. He passed away just before Jamie was born. Although it was a hard time for the family, they got to inherit their grandfather’s best buddy.

A boy and his dog in a toy car outside
Source: Buzzfeed

The grandfather actually left Peach the Pomeranian in his will for Jamie. These two have been growing up together ever since! They even take the occasional joyride.

Can she kiss your Dog?

Most little kids are attracted to dogs and want to run over and pet them. One night, Rudy’s owners went out to dinner and decided to bring the dog along. When this little girl saw Rudy, her eyes lit up!

A girl kissing a dog
Source: Artfido

Her parents kindly asked the owners if she could pet their dog, and of course, they allowed. Everyone watched as this little girl went over to pet the dog. What they didn’t expect was for her to go in right for the kiss instead!

Learning Manners

It’s not always easy to teach your kids manners. Usually, children are too easily influenced by everything going on around them. Amy’s parents wanted her to learn to ask for food in a polite way.

A girl and dog sticking out their tongues
Source: Thedodo

Instead, Amy learned her manners from her furry best friend. She quickly picked up on his non-verbal cues; now when she’s hungry, she sticks out her tongue and begs like her adorable doggy.

Up to no Good

This kid probably thought it would be fun to bring Buster, the family dog into his parent’s room. I’m not sure why he brought the food with him, but he looks like he’s about to spill it and get in big trouble!

A boy holding a bowl of dogfood standing next to his dog
Source: Artfido

Although it seems innocent enough, the look on both of their faces say they are up to something. We don’t know what they were plotting, but the expressions in this picture are priceless.

Instant Friends

Driving far can be exhausting, especially when there are young children in the car. After driving all the way to the animal shelter, Jonny was so excited about his new pet Leela.

A boy sleeping in his car with a dog
Source: Youtube

Leela was full of energy and thrilled that she finally found a home. About 20 minutes later, Jonny’s mom took this picture. They were already sleeping on each other as if they have known each other for years!

Love heals all Wounds

When this adorable dog got home from the vet, he was lucky enough to have a friend waiting to care for him. We know pet therapy helps humans heal, but little Jackson proves that humans affection can help dogs heal.

A boy holding a dog’s paw
Source: Pinterest

While healing can be a long process, knowing someone is there for you while you wait, is very reassuring. Seeing his best friend after the vet was enough to the dog’s energy up. We hope he gets better soon.

Why don’t we look like Him?

A lot of the time, couples adopt pets. Once they see that they can take care of animals, they feel more comfortable having kids. That’s what this couple did before having baby Toby.

Two dogs looking at a baby in his crib
Source: Mcm7

Although Toby was born to two amazing parents, he’s going to have to have to get used to being raised dogs! The family had two dogs before having their first child. It will be an adjustment for everyone. Good luck, mom and dad!

Dogs are the Cure

Sometimes when people get sick, there is nothing they can do. They just have to wait for the illness to pass naturally. However, snuggling with puppies is a secret form of treatment guaranteed to make you feel better!

Two dogs laying on a girl
Source: Reddit

It worked for this little girl who was stuck home with a fever. Even though she couldn’t leave the house, her two doggy friends laid on her. The love and comfort helped her make a speedy recovery.

Learning to Hug

Hugs are a universal gesture known to all species. One mother posted this charming picture of her song, and their dog warmly hugging each other. She confessed that her son has “always been a hugger,” but that wasn’t always the case for the dog.

A boy and dog hugging
Source: Mcm7

Unusual for a dog, Scruffy was never the affectionate type. The mother went on to explain that the dog wasn’t comfortable expressing love. Eventually, after being around a very loving boy the dog came around.

Dog Saves the Day

Dogs want to feel loved, so it’s not unusual for them to cry out for attention. As the most loyal pet, they know how to return the favor. Most parents will agree that when one of their kids are upset, the dog will try to help.

Dog snuggling up to baby
Source: Littlethings

It’s not surprising that a “man’s best friend” can sense the feelings of the humans around them. This baby, for example, stopped crying as soon as the dog went over to comfort him. The mother wrote, “Even when my son so much as cries, he rushes in to save his life.”

Loving Over Fighting

When you’re fighting over toys, it’s easy for it to get a little aggressive very fast. This Golden retriever is much bigger than little Max. He could have easily dragged the boy and just taken the toy.

Child playing with his dog
Source: Littlethings

Instead, this friendly pet would rather make Max feel happy than win a game of tug of war. The boy and dog are both happy and lovingly playing, as you can see from this picture.

Get a Dog before a Baby

Dogs and babies have a lot in common. Both like playing and putting whatever they can find in their mouth. These two cuties look very preoccupied with their chew toys.

A baby and a dog chewing on their toys
Source: Littlethings

They say that getting a dog is good practice for a kid, and this is a perfect example of that. I can’t wait to see what other tricks this baby learns from her dog!

Peace and Love

Everyone knows the abundant amount of energy children have. So two children together can be a lot to handle. When it comes to siblings, fights break out over everything such as Toys, Snacks, and T.V.

A brother and sister hugging their dog
Source: Thefashionball

Although these siblings fight sometimes, it’s all love and laughter when their pup is around. They just want the dog to be happy, so they put their differences aside to play with their dog. We’re sure this makes their parents happy too.

Comfort and Innocence

There is truly something amazing about the innocence of a baby. With such pure emotions in their sincere smiles, it can be quite hard not to smile back. Just take this baby, for example.

A baby laying on the back of her dog
Source: Imgur

This little newborn baby made his way to the back of his fluffy friend. The family Labrador doesn’t seem to mind, and the baby’s face shows he is happier than ever! These two are going to have some fun growing up together!

24 Hour Entertainment

Sometimes people tend to forget how similar babies and dogs are. They both just want food, attention, and to play! This makes a dog the perfect companion for any child!

Boy and dog playing in sprinklers
Source: Thebuildingproject

These parents can probably just relax because their dog and toddler are almost always entertained by each other. If they aren’t making a mess, these two can be seen playing in the sprinklers! Luckily they both love water

Secret Language

Obviously, babies can’t talk, but this one seems to have a secret language going on with the dog. Since dogs can’t talk either, we’ll have a tough time proving this theory but look at the faces on these two!

Boy and dog staring at the camera
Source: Buzzfeed

The baby’s mother even said that “When I join them, they stare at me like I interrupted their conversation. Apparently, I’ve become a third wheel in my own home.” She then snapped a picture to commemorate the moment

Dog Chair

The thought of adding a dog to a family filled with kids can be stressful. Even though it seems like a lot of work, dogs could be a more convenient addition to the family than you think. You have a live toy to play with your children at all times and, help them release their energy!

Babysitting on a dog
Source: Thedodo

In addition to entertaining your kids, you can save money on chairs! Check out adorable baby Emma using her lab as a chair! The best part is that he doesn’t seem to mind.

Waiting for Daddy

Every morning, after dad leaves for work, his dog and baby both await his arrival. After playing for a while, the mother noticed this and needed to capture the moment. These two cuties were just looking out the window.

Baby and dog looking out the window
Source: Facebook

Of course, they are eagerly waiting for their dad to come home, but the fact that the baby’s head doesn’t even reach the window makes this picture so much funnier. I hope their dad is ready for hugs and licks when he gets home!

Good Impression

First impressions usually involve a lot of pressure. A good first impression can be very important when it comes to job interviews or even friendships. Luckily, this isn’t always the case with family.

Baby and dog staring at each other
Source: Cafemom

My first impression while meeting my little brother is that he cries a lot. My face was very similar to the look on this babies face- not very impressed. Since my brother and I grew up to be best friends, I’m sure these two will hit off just fine!

Spooning doggy

Everyone needs a good cuddle once in a while. It’s a safe and comfortable feeling, especially for a baby. Well, this baby has the best cuddle buddy ever!

Baby and dog cuddling
Source: Reddit

Timmy’s mother went into the other room to get him a change of clothes, she left him on the bed to play with their fluffy pet and, returned to find them like this! Of course, Timmy’s mom snapped an adorable picture of her dog spooning her baby!

Dog’s got your Back

Everyone child needs to be protected. After all, they are fragile little people who can’t take care of themselves. Usually, the parents are the caretakers, but older siblings tend to have their back and protect them at school and activities when the parents aren’t around.

Baby and dog sitting outside
Source: Pinterest

Although little Jakey didn’t have any siblings, his parents did have a dog before he was born. Spike was basically like an older brother. As the most loyal animal, Spike always has Jakey’s back!

Best Friend

Almost every child grows up wanting a dog. If you think about it, dogs are actually the perfect pet for a kid! They are fluffy, playful, loyal, and fun! Growing up with a dog creates a special bond, and your child will always have a friend to play with.

Baby playing in a sandbox with dog
Source: Cafemom

Aiden’s mom works full time. After an exhausting day at work, she lets Aiden play outside with their dog. This is very helpful for the single mom because she can cook dinner and clean the house, while Aiden still has a friend to play with.

“Mommy, can I Have a Pony?”

At some point, every kid asks their parent for a pony. Most of the time, the parents will just end up settling for a dog. This cute little toddler got the best of both worlds.

Baby standing next to a big dog
Source: Pinterest

This boy’s dog literally looks like a horse next to his pint-sized body. Eventually, Jesse will grow to be taller than the dog, but his parents took this picture while he was the perfect height!

I Love You Already

Do you ever get home after a long day, and just want to just lay down on the first comfortable thing you see? Well, that’s what happened with this newborn baby! She just fell asleep on her loveable dog.

Baby laying on a big dog
Source: Cafemom

The dog seems very aware that a baby is on top of him; he looks scared to move, and accidentally drop her! He loves this baby already! Her parents snapped a picture so they can capture this bonding moment forever.


They say ‘people look like their dogs.’ This is definitely true when it comes to this adorable chubby baby next to his Shar-Pei. From the pouty face to the cute chub rolls, these two are looking very similar!

Baby posing next to a dog
Source: Pinterest

When Mike grows out of his chub, and he won’t look as similar to his dog. However, before that happens, the parents got this amazing picture. Now they can always keep the memory of the days when these two were twinning.