10 Makeup and Beauty Tips for Older Women

From our tutorials, we all can confirm that makeup can transform. This makes one wonder if it can make you look younger. I would say yes if done with the right tools and the right tips. You do not need to be an expert to pull this off as there are a few things that would make you look 10 years younger.

1. Stop the Use of Powder

The use of powder is to coat and mattify our faces. This is why powder is best for people who have oily faces. However, as we grow older, the rate of oil production reduces drastically. Adding powder to an oil-less face makes it dry and dusty look which in turn makes one look older rather than younger.

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It is advisable to use a setting spray in place of powder. A setting spray will help keep your makeup intact. An important tip is to add an extra layer of moisturizers on dry parts of your skin before applying makeup. This would help eliminate fine lines on your face. Also use liquid foundation, cream brushes, and bronzers.

2. Use Translucent Powder Lashes

Now that you have decided to stop using powder on your face do not be quick to throw it away as it is still useful. You can apply a loose powder on your lashes before adding mascara. This way, your lashes get to appear thicker. If what you have is a pressed powder, you can loosen it up with a clean mascara wand.

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Dust the powder on your lashes with the wand. Then, apply 2 coats of mascara using the wand to wiggle the roots of your lashes. With the help, a very clean brush, make sure you remove any excess powder.

3. Fast Removal of Eye bags and Lip Lines.

Taking care of your wrinkles is essential. The older we get, the more the wrinkles …which is why older women should pay more attention to them. Find out how 2 sisters proved experts wrong and how you also can.

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Anna and Samantha are 2 sisters who were featured on Shark Tank for their great discovery. They discovered a simple trick and made history through their that has been used by Hollywood celebrities for years.

4. Baby Oil Makeup Remover

One of the side effects of getting old is eyelash loss and thinning. However, you can get to slow this down by removing the mascara on your face at night before you sleep. Also, make sure condition your lashes. To do this, get some baby oil.

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Be careful not to let the oil spill into your eyes. You can do this by putting a few drops on cotton wool. Close your eyes and gently move the wool to and fro. Turn the wool to the other side and apply one drop. Use this to clean up any remaining smear.

5. Try This instead of Fake Lashes

It is advised to do away with applying layers of mascara or messy fake lashes every day. They consume a lot of time and tend to give you that artificial and unnatural look which is unattractive. There are many eyelash enhancers in the market, and this even makes it difficult to know what works and what doesn’t.

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You have no need to worry as one of our readers named Jessica learned a trick that would make stylists unhappy. She laid her hands on when she read a beauty article. A secret kept and used by Victoria Secret supermodels for years. The good thing is, you can also try it.

6. Find the Lip Color That Suits You Best

You have to work with what you have. If you are the type that pays attention to your lip color and does not want to try different shades of color, you can try experimenting on your own.

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Use a bobby pin to scrape some of the powder out. Mix the powder with either a lip balm or petroleum jelly on a clean surface. Add enough pigment till the color is thick enough. It comes out too thick, add more lotion. Take total control.

7. Make Use of Lipstick Cream Blush

Avoid dry formulas because they stick in crevices and make your wrinkles conspicuous. Cream formulas are the way to go. They last longer than powders. The good thing is that you don’t need to buy a new product always.

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You can experiment using a pink, peach or red lipstick as blush. If the lipstick is very bright, you just need a dot or 2. Place it away from your nose and blend it well with your fingers. Finish it off by fine blending it with a brush.

8. The Business Card Trick

You might find it funny but do you know that business cards, credit cards, and key cards are all beauty tools. They are instrumental in making neat makeup. Place the card at an angle close to the outer corner of your eye. This way, you can apply shadow and liner and not worry about going too low.

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You can also use this trick when you are applying mascara. Hold the card against your eyelid and ask it any way you like. Whenever you remove the card, there will be no mess.

9. DIY Tinted Moisturizer

The fact that you are older doesn’t mean you should cake foundation on your face every now and then. A fresh and moisturized skin would leave you looking younger than you have imagined. It is advised to mix your favorite moisturizer with your foundation. This way, you have perfect and not heavy makeup.

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Depending on the day, you can adjust the ratio of the moisturizer to the foundation. This is the best solution during winter to lighten your summer foundation. Also, remember to apply SPF underneath anytime you wear makeup.

10. Do Not Forget the Concealer Lip Contour

Around your mouth, there are subtle shadows caused by lines. To make the most of your lips, apply concealer around your lip area to hide these lines. This gives your lips a glorious and confident look. You can do this after applying lipstick to avoid mistakes.

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Concealer can also be used to make your lips appear voluminous. After blotting lipstick, apply the concealer to create 4 small dots at the center of your mouth. Then use a neat brush to blend it together. This would definitely do the trick.