10 Celebrities Who Don’t Eat Meat

For Brad Pitt, Eating Meat Is Not An Option

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Brad Pitt, one of the most successful movie stars of all time, is also a vegetarian. The star, who has appeared in movies like Ocean’s Eleven, Fight Club, and World War Z, has been quite outspoken in his support of vegetarianism. Allegedly, when he was married to Angelina Jolie, the couple argued over meat-eating as Jolie does eat meat and wanted her kids to eat it too, but Pitt didn’t agree. The good-looking actor once stated that he saw a cow being butchered for meat and was shocked by the violence and brutality of the act.

For Russell Brand, Animal Rights Are No Laughing Matter

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British comedian Russell Brand made a name for himself for his kooky outlook on life and quick-witted stand-up comedy performances, as well as his starring roles in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Get Him To The Greek, but the long-haired star is also a major animal lover. He’s been a vegetarian since the age of just 14 and was convinced to make the switch after watching a documentary called Forks Over Knives. Brand has repeatedly urged his fans to consider making the switch and even gave out free vegan cookies at one of his comedy shows.

A Personal Loss Inspired Miley Cyrus To Quit Meat

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Miley Cyrus, one of the world’s best-known singers and actresses, only recently decided to become a vegetarian. She’d eaten meat for years, but when she lost a beloved pet dog named Floyd. In 2014, she started to think more deeply about animal rights. The singer was on tour at the time and was deeply affected by the loss of her pet. By the time her concert tour had finished, she’d decided to make a switch to veganism and has promoted animal rights and the benefits of a vegan diet ever since.

Kristen Wiig Chooses Vegetarianism For Health Reasons

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Kristen Wiig, popular Saturday Night Live comedian, and star of such films as The Martian, Ghostbusters, The Diary of a Teenage Girl, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, is another big star who has chosen to forego meat and most animal products. Wiig has repeatedly stressed that her vegetarian diet is a big factor in her overall physical and mental well-being, with the actress making significant efforts to include tofu, soy, and fresh fruit juices in her daily diet. She has been named as one of the sexiest vegetarians on Earth by animal charity PETA.

Jared Leto Is A Vegan… Most Of The Time

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Jared Leto is no stranger to a vegan lifestyle and has even won PETA’s exclusive ‘Sexiest Male Vegan’ award in the past. The star, who has appeared in movies like Fight Club, Suicide Squad, and Dallas Buyers Club, is a big animal lover and has spoken out in favor of animal rights causes on several occasions. He’s also a vegan but has said he does ‘cheat’ from time to time and will eat treats that might be non-vegan if someone else gives them to him or he knows that they’ve come from good places.

Carrie Underwood Says No To Meat

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Country music sensation and American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is also a long-term vegetarian. In interviews, she revealed that she made the switch to vegetarianism at the age of 13 when she looked at her pets and realized the value of animal life. Carrie said she wouldn’t eat one of her animals, so she didn’t want to eat any others either. She once also said that she’d prefer never to sing again than never be able to spend time with animals again. In short, the singer of songs like Inside Your Heaven and Cowboy Casanova is a major friend to animals.

An Oscar Winning Vegan

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Natalie Portman, who has won an Academy Award and appeared in several high profile, very successful films like Thor, The Other Boleyn Girl, the Star Wars prequels, and Black Swan, actually became a vegetarian at the age of just eight and then became a vegan later in life after reading a book called ‘Eating Animals’ which revealed some of the horrors of factory farming in the United States. Portman has even launched her vegan footwear brand and refuses to be associated with any brand that would use or sell animal products.

Animal-Lover Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande, one of the world’s most beloved pop star singing sensations, has been a vegan since 2013. She, like many people, made the switch to veganism for several reasons. She said that she did it both to improve her health and also out of love for animals. Grande has been a lifelong lover of furry and feathered friends and even said that she prefers animals to most people. She firmly believes that being a vegan has helped to keep her energy levels high and her life happy.

Tough Man Mike Tyson Eats A Veggie Diet

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Some people tend to mistakenly believe that vegan or vegetarian diets aren’t compatible with an athletic lifestyle, but the truth is very different. Many muscular and athletic sports stars and celebrities eat no meat, and perhaps there’s no better example than ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson himself. The former champion struggled with alcohol and drugs years ago, so decided to make a big change to his lifestyle to get his health back on track. He decided to become a vegan and has seen some big benefits as well as retaining the tough look and big muscles that defined his reign as a boxing king.

Vegan Venus Williams Is A Tennis Icon

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If anyone needed proof that veganism can work for world-class athletes, look no further than Venus Williams. The tennis legend, who is the sister of Serena Williams, was the former World No. 1 in women’s tennis and has won multiple Grand Slam titles over an astonishing career. Back in 2011, she was sadly diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that limited her capacity to move around or play any tennis at all. She decided to take drastic action, switching to a vegan diet and has never looked back since then. She says that becoming a vegan helped her get back on the court.