You Haven’t Lived Until You’ve Tried These Foods: 15 Foods You Need To Eat Before You Die

Of all our senses, the sense of taste is one of our most delightful. Our taste buds can differentiate between sweet and salty as well as sour and bitter. We can explore so much food with our taste buds but these 15 literally “take the cake!”

22-Scoop Sundae

This ice-cream sundae is the biggest sundae you will ever have the pleasure of devouring. Keep in mind that it needs to be shared with friends as it is way too big for one person!

You will find this delightful sundae as “Mo & Moshi” in Bangkok. In it you will find six mini waffles, vanilla soft serve, a giant layer of cake, vanilla & raspberry parfait, 3 packages of strawberry Pocky sticks and fresh strawberry slices. Dig in!!

Giant Beef Ribs

Wow, these beef ribs are the biggest beef ribs you will ever see. Now it’s not always that easy to find beef ribs as a lot of places only offer the pork version but here you will get a full serving of beef.


These giant ribs hail from none other than “Terry Black’s Barbecue” in Austin Texas. Cooked to perfection these ribs will leave you satisfied long after consumption.

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Junior’s Cheesecake

Now of all the cakes one might have a preference for, cheesecake often comes out tops – and the ironic thing is most times it’s not even cooked with cheese!

Found at Junior’s in New York City, you cannot visit without trying a slice of delectable cheesecake covered with strawberry or even plain. Your taste buds will never be the same.

Pineapple Split Filled With Pineapple Soft Serve

Capturing the spirit of Hawaii, this giant pineapple split will probably be the most tropical thing you will ever eat. It looks like sunshine and covered literally with cherries on the top.


It is found in Honolulu, Hawaii and is perfect for the kids or even just a romantic dessert. At the end of the day, it just looks like a whole lot of fun served in a pineapple.

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2-Foot-Long Pizza Slice

Pizza is pizza is pizza, right? Wrong! This pizza slice is 2 feet long and you can either eat it by yourself or share it.

It’s found at Pizza Barn, Yonkers, New York, and their pizza toppings include favorite’s mac-n-cheese as well as lasagna and more!

New York’s Best Fried Pickles

Pickles are enjoyed in all corners of the planet. There are so many varieties including sweet-n’-sour and dill. Now just imagine taking a pickle, making it into a kebab and frying it!

Well, in New York, now you can.  At Pickle Me Pete you will be able to pick up one of these delicious delicacies and enjoy to your heart’s content. It’s serious street food!

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“Stretchy” Ice Cream

Imagine ice cream that has the texture of playdough which you can stretch and tastes absolutely delicious. With this ice cream, you get to be a kid again!


Found at Republic of Booza in Brooklyn New York, you will find familiar favorites like Vanilla and Pistachio as well as blackberry and salted caramel.

Smoked Watermelon

These days so many people are going vegan that more and more inventive recipes using fruit and vegetables are popping up – just like smoked watermelon!

Found at Duck’s Eatery in New York City people are going crazy over this unique dish that looks more like roast beef than any type of fruit we know.

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Ostrich-Egg Brunch Plate

People are crazy about eggs. They form the staple of most of our diets. From scrambles to poached and fried – you can do so much with eggs.

Now imagine adding a giant fried ostrich egg to a plate full of sausages, vegetables, bacon and bread to make the perfect brunch. Well, you can stop imagining. This is all found at “Provisional Kitchen”, San Diego.

Tableside Shawarma

Shawarmas are very Mediterranean-based food. Usually, you can get it from places in the Mediterranean where you just need to stuff meat into a jam-packed pita full of hummus and vegetables.

At “Au Za’atar”, New York City, you will have all the power as a “mini-shawarma” is brought to your table on its own spit and you can add loads of side dishes to it.

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Wild-Flavored Donuts

Donuts sometimes are the perfect thing to consume when you need something to hit your “sugar-spot”. A perfect combination of carbs and sugar, they are absolutely delicious!

At “Beiler’s Donuts” in Philadelphia, you will find a huge selection of donuts ranging from “Fruity Pebbles Chocolate” to “Elvis Delight” (filled with peanut butter crème & topped with banana & sprinkled with bacon) and more!

Sushi Taco

Sushi is amazing and wonderful and comes with a variety of ingredients. Why have a typical salmon rainbow rolled when you can have so much more?

At “Tail & Fin” in Las Vegas, you will be able to order sushi tacos and more. Their sushi tacos are the perfect blend of sushi and tacos and you can totally customize your own sushi taco creations.

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The Perfect Bagel

Sometimes you can bite into the perfect-tasting bagel and all your worries melt away. The perfect bagel has the right texture, taste and just looks heavenly.


At “Rockland Bakery”, found in Nanuet, New York you will find just that. The perfect bagel baked to absolute perfection. Just add some smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers and your taste buds will reach heaven!

An Exquisite Loaf of Bread

Believe it or not, making (or baking) the perfect loaf of bread is one of the hardest culinary tasks you can take upon yourself.


At “Great Harvest Bread Co.” in Anchorage, Alaska, their mission is to give you the best-tasting, highest quality bread on the planet and you will find just that.

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Pasta Pizza

Talk about an absolute carbohydrate overload, mixing pasta with pizza is the dream of many carb lovers and the nightmare of health freaks.

At “Rocky’s Pizzeria” in New York City you will find really cheesy, really gooey, hip expanding pasta pizza that is popular amongst the city dwellers. They even have ravioli piled on pizza – now that’s something to be shared among many – so bring friends.