The Unusual Shapes of These Fruits and Vegetables Make Them Look like Something Else

Just like humans, fruits and vegetables come in all different shapes and sizes. Whether its carrots, eggplants, or radishes, not all vegetables sprout perfectly. With the billions of fruits and vegetables that are produced every day, it’s not that surprising that some of these vegetables grow, looking like they have a genetic mutation. However, some of these “defects” can actually lead to hilarious shapes!

An eggplant that looks like it has a face / Carrots that look like they are hugging / A radish that looks like a foot
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Some of these weirdly shaped foods look so similar to animals or human beings. You will definitely want to start paying more attention when you’re in the vegetable aisle. Fruits and vegetables are a great source of nutrients, and you may be surprised at what you will find. Get ready to see which vegetable looks like an Angry Bird! Check out these hilarious looking foods. Plus, we also added some fruits and vegetable facts to keep you healthy and informed.

Tomato Ducky

Charley must have had a fun day picking tomatoes because look at what he found! This tomato literally looks like a duck, and it’s hilarious! I wonder if he picked it or let it grow. It looks like the size of a rubber ducky now, but it can always grow! It’s almost sad that someone will eventually pick it and ruin it.

A tomato that looks like a duck
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Rubber Duckies have been in pop culture for so long, that it has been reported that even Queen Elizabeth II may have had a royal rubber duck! Did you know that 28,000 rubber duckies were lost at sea over 25 years ago! These ducks are known as “friendly floaties” and are still washing up on shore today!

Running Radish

Okay, if this isn’t the funniest thing you have ever seen, I don’t believe you! This radish looks like he’s running away from the farm! He doesn’t want to be eaten! I don’t know, something about a radish with arms and legs cracks me up! The hair leaves make this picture even more perfect!

A funny looking radish
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Fun fact: Radishes come from the Brassicaceae (mustard or cabbage) family. Their roots are related to horseradish, cabbage broccoli, and a few other veggies! Radishes are also related to wasabi since it’s a particular type of horseradish. Radishes are also ideal for a children’s garden because they grow rapidly. At 19 calories a cup, radishes are also a healthy and delicious snack.


This strawberry looks like it can just flap its wings and fly! Not only does this look like a butterfly, but it looks like a delicious butterfly! The only problem is once you eat it, it’s gone forever. I mean, what are the chances you’re going to find another strawberry like that in your lifetime? Very low, if you ask me.

A strawberry that looks like a butterfly

Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet and live on an all-liquid diet? Since they need minerals, butterflies tend to drink from mud puddles. The behavior is called ‘puddling’ and usually more common in male butterflies, which integrates mud from the minerals into their sperm. Then while mating, these nutrients are transferred to the female, and it helps improve the viability of her eggs.


This hilarious strawberry looks like a duck! It also looks delicious! The best part about this strawberry is that it even grew a leaf beak. The average strawberry has about 200 seeds and seven pedals. This one seems to have an extra one! One acre of land grows about 50,000 strawberries. I wonder how many of them come out animal-shaped!

A strawberry that looks like a duck

Fun fact: Strawberries are the only fruit that have their seeds on the outside! However, strawberries aren’t actually berries because technically, berries have their seeds on the inside like blueberries. Grapes, on the other hand, are considered berries, and so are bananas. To get more technical, strawberries are actually considered flowers. They are part of the rose family.

Siamese carrots

Well, this is a pretty sight! It’s almost like these two carrots didn’t want to be split up, so they stuck to each other underground. Like Siamese twins. For some reason, it just makes my heart happy to see carrot siblings hug. What’s even funnier about this picture is that the bigger carrot looks like he is wearing headphones.

Carrots that look like they are hugging
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Fun fact: Did you know that carrots were first grown to be used as a medicine for various different ailments. It wasn’t initially grown as food. Carrots can be traced back to about 5,000 years ago through paintings and historical documents. It’s still hard to know exactly when they appeared because a lot of people mistook them for parsnips.

Potato Bear

What are the chances that a potato will come out of the grown looking like a bear? This is a pretty unique looking potato! It’s not even a scary-looking bear. It looks like a cute teddy bear and is the cutest potato I have ever seen in my entire life.

A potato shaped like a bear

Fun fact: There was something called the Great Famine, otherwise known as Irish Potato Famine. Basically, between 1845 and 1849, the potato crop wouldn’t grow in Ireland. The crop failure was due to a disease called late blight. The disease destroys both the edible roots and leaves of the potato plant. Luckily, potatoes are now growing in Ireland. It’s the only food that is delicious in every form. Can you imagine no French fries?

Big Foot

Well, this radish looks like a foot if I have ever seen one! It looks more like a foot than an actual foot. It’s complete with five toes and everything. It’s also quite large. Maybe its 12 inches like a real foot. I wonder if anyone is going to eat that. I guess they probably will because who keeps a foot-shaped radish around the house as decoration?

A radish that looks like a foot

Radishes are a root vegetable that has been cultivated in pre-Romanian times. They tend to vary in size, shape, and color. Radishes have a sharp, delicious taste and add a lot of flavor to some of your favorite dishes. Today, radishes are considered pretty standard. They are grown, distributed, and eaten all around the world.

Taking a Bath

I can’t look at this picture without laughing! We all love carrots in soup, but this takes the cake. It looks like a person just chilling in a Jacuzzi, and I love it! How does a carrot come out looking like that? I would think the chances are pretty low. However, if you look at the background, you can see more carrot people in the other bowls.

A carrot in a soup that looks like a person in the bath
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Fun fact: The guy who voices the Bugs Bunny cartoon, Mel Blanc, reportedly hated carrots, which is pretty ironic. We automatically assume carrots are orange, which they are. However, they can also be white, purple, red, and yellow. Carrots are 87% water but are also one of the most sugary vegetables in the world.

Rapper Carrot

Next time I buy carrots, I definitely need to check out its shape. They come in all shapes and sizes, which means I can find one looking like this. With all these cool looking carrots, I for sure bought one that has a funny shape. I was probably too hungry to take the time and notice it. Next time I buy carrots, I will definitely take a quick look before I start chopping!

A carrot that looks like it’s dancing
Source: Twitter

I mean, this little guy looks like he is rapping! He looks so cute. Did you know that American Cuisine didn’t approve of carrots for a long time? They became standard after World War I. Before the soldiers returned home, they were in constant contact with carrots.

Sexy Radish

This radish confuses me. Why does a radish look so attractive? I think the position that the radish is laying in makes this picture even better. Just leaning back on that decorative bowl like it’s nobody’s business. The leg position makes this ten times better. What this radish doesn’t know is that it will probably get chopped up and eaten soon.

A sexy looking radish
Source: Reddit

Radishes grow almost everywhere in the United States. However, the biggest crops in the United States are in Florida and California. Radishes grow so fast a rapidly, the scientific name for the fast-growing crops was Raphanus, which is Greek for “quickly appearing.” Before olive oil was created, ancient Egyptians used Radish oil. Radishes have many health benefits, including helping constipation.

Eggplant Face

It’s common for humans to find faces in many different physical objects. For example, many people look at cars and notice faces on them. They even interpret cars as being happy or angry based on the “emotion” that their “face gives off.” So finding a face in a vegetable isn’t that shocking. This eggplant, however, is a completely different story.

An eggplant with a big nose
Source: Reddit

This eggplant might as well be a person. In addition to having a big nose and perfectly placed eyes, he also has lips! It’s a bit creepy that it sprouted out looking that way. He even looks like he is going all out with that “hat” on his head. I don’t think I’d be able to eat that eggplant while he’s staring at me.

Owl Apple

I remember learning when I was a little kid that if I cut an apple in half horizontally, it will look like stars. What I didn’t know is that if you cut it the other way, it will look like an owl! It’s creepy how accurate it is. My real question, though, is how in the world did she just find an owl at the same time that she cut that apple? Does she have a pet owl? Is that a thing?

A cut apple that looks like an owl
Source: Pinterest

Fun facts: Owls are nocturnal, which means they are active at night. There are over 200 different types of owls, but they are pretty scary. They have very powerful claws to help them kill prey. Plus, they can turn their heads 270 degrees, which is terrifying!


These peppers look terrified! How can anyone cut up those peppers if they look so scared? I am definitely going to eat fewer vegetables after this! How can you eat something that is looking at you like that? I would feel too weird. Plus, these guys are scary themselves. Just look at those sharp-looking teeth they seem to have.

Cut peppers that look scared
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Did you know that peppers are natural pain killers? With the advancement of modern medicine, it’s become rarer to use old world remedies. However, Native Americans are were known to have used cayenne peppers as medicine for about 9000 years. Apparently, the capsaicin in peppers provides pain relief when applied to the skin. Today, Capsaicin can be found in creams used to treat arthritis, shingles, post-surgery pains, and plenty more ailments.

Dragon Stem

Okay, I need this pumpkin! Next time I go pumpkin picking, I know what I’m going to be looking for! There is nothing cooler than a pumpkin with a dragon stem! This is one way to make your Halloween carved a pumpkin the best ever! Did you know that back during ancient times, pumpkins were used as the pie crust instead of the pie filling?

A pumpkin stem that looks like a dragon
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Today pumpkin spice lattes’ are every body’s go-to fall drink. However, the word “pumpkin” was used for the first time in a fairy tale you may have heard of, called Cinderella. In 1584, they were called “gros melons,” which was translated into “pompions” in English. Historically, nobody called them pumpkins until the 17th century.

Angry Onion

This hilarious onion looks just like an angry bird. I mean, it is one thing to have an onion with eyes and a nose, but this one looks like it escaped my phone! Did you know back in ancient Egypt, many people worshipped onions? Because of their round shape, it was believed that they symbolize eternity. Onions were even placed on tombs because they were believed to bring prosperity in the afterlife.

An onion that looks like an angry bird

Even though onions are considered good luck in many cultures, don’t give them to your dog! Onions can actually be very dangerous for dogs as they weaken their red blood cells. Unfortunately, severe cases can lead to death. Just in case your dog eats some onions, symptoms of anemia include loss of appetite, vomiting, and weakness.

Let Me Out

Here is one pickle who wants to get out of the jar! He definitely does not look happy in there. If that were my jar of pickles, I would immediately let him out before he starts haunting me. The last thing I need in my life is for pickle ghosts to appear in my nightmares!

An angry-looking pickle
Source: Facebook

On average, each person consumes about nine pounds of pickles every year. When a huge amount of Jews immigrated to the United States in the late 19th century, they brought along the kosher dill pickle. It still remains the most popular pickle. Historically, it was believed that pickled help you stay beautiful. Apparently, Cleopatra used to use them to preserve her good looks.

Banana lemon

It’s extremely strange to see a lemon in such a bizarre shape. It looks like completely different food. Yes, it has the same shape and color as a banana, but it looks so weird because of the lemon peel. This could be a hybrid between a lemon and a banana. After all, lemons are a hybrid between sour and orange citron.

A lemon that looks like a banana

Fun fact: Did you know that both lemons and bananas are technically berries? Lemon trees can actually grow up to 20 feet tall and produce 600 pounds of the fruit in just one year. They used to be super rare, though. Kings used to give them to each other as gifts, and in 1849, miners paid huge amounts of money for just one lemon.

Sheep Potato

This potato resembles a sheep so much it’s hilarious. If I didn’t notice the peel, I would have thought that this potato was carved into a sheep. I hope this potato sheep stays in the light because keeping potatoes in the dark for too long can turn them poisonous. This is good to know, considering over a billion people eat at least one potato a day.

A potato that looks like a sheep

In 1974, an English man named Eric Jenkins produced 350 pounds of potatoes from one plant. This is the largest amount of potatoes anyone ever managed to get from just a single plant. Potatoes are the second most consumed food in America! The only thing that comes before is milk. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. Potatoes are just so delicious.

Giving the Finger

This broccoli knows just what to say before getting eating. He knows that there is turning back, so he gives the finger before being chewed away. As kids, most of us hated broccoli! However, once we grow up, we learn to love the nutritious vegetable. The vegetable has been around for over 2000 years and is a member of the cabbage family.

The broccoli is trying to say something
Source: Twitter

The word broccoli actually comes from the Italian word ‘broccoli,’ which means ‘the flowering crest of cabbage.’ When broccoli first came to England in the mid-18th century, it was known as the ‘Italian asparagus.’ It didn’t become popular in the United States until the 1920s. That sounds pretty recent. I thought parents were telling their children to eat broccoli for more than just 100 years.

Carrot Foot

I don’t know if this funny or terrifying. This strange-looking carrot looks like a diseased foot! I mean seriously, just look at the thing! The toes are all different weird sizes. It looks like some kind of animal! If you ask me, I say that foot belongs to a monster. Either way, can you believe a carrot came out of the ground looking like that?

A carrot-shaped just like a foot
Source: Twitter

The longest carrot to ever be measured was 5.839 meters (10 feet 7/8/ inches)! That is one tall carrot! The heaviest carrot was discovered in 1998 and weighed 8.61 kg! Wow. If I thought the foot-shaped carrots were monsters, I would change my mind. Giant carrots seem to be much more horrifying!


Batman fans are going to love this one! It’s always fun to cut open fruit and find a cool shape inside, but check out this Batman kiwi! It literally looks like a bat in the middle! I wonder how often people come across this. Kiwifruit is also referred to as Chinese gooseberry. Unlike strawberries, kiwifruit is technically a berry.

A kiwi that looks like batman
Source: Pinterest

Fun facts: Kiwi’s contain more vitamin C than oranges do. They also contain vitamin E, and K. compare to different fruits, kiwis and avocados are known to have more vitamins and fibers! However, avocados hold 2 grams of saturated fat while kiwis are fat-free. They are healthy and delicious, making them the perfect snack!

To the Carrot and, Beyond

This carrot is even cooler than the ones that look like people because it looks like a specific character! I can’t look at this picture without seeing Buzz Lightyear. The green on the top looks like his helmet, and the arms are spot on! I am amazed! All we need is a woody looking radish! If you’re a Toy Story fan, you’re welcome!

A carrot shaped like Buzz Lightyear
Source: Pinterest

Fun fact: Carrots giving you orange skin is not a myth. If you eat too many carrots, it may lead to a condition called ‘carotenemia,’ which gives your skin an orange-yellow tint. It is rare, but it can happen. Apparently, if you eat 10 carrots a day for two weeks, you should develop carotenemia… in case you were wondering.

Potato Heart

Even the potato has more love in its life than me. Just kidding… kind of. It’s pretty cool that potato came out of the ground in the shape of the heart. If you forgot to buy your girlfriend Valentine’s Day present, take her potato picking. You never know, maybe you will find a heart-shaped potato! They are obviously out there. But maybe just take her to dinner instead.

A potato shaped like a heart
Source: Pinterest

For the number of potatoes Americans eat, they are grown in each of the 50 states. Idaho and Washington, however, produce the most. Speaking of potatoes, Mr. Potatohead was the first toy to be advertised on a TV commercial back in 1952. The toy was so successful that Mrs. Potatohead came out soon after.

Say Cheese

I guess not all peppers look scared! This one has the perfect smiley face inside! Who would want to eat such a happy looking pepper? I don’t know if it would still be smiling if it knew it was about to become somebody’s dinner. At least he will go down, smiling!

A smiley face inside a pepper
Source: Imgur

Fun fact: Did you know that peppers and chocolate are a culinary delight? Who would have thought that spicy food would go so well with a sweet snack? Both ingredients bring out each other’s rich flavors! Chile peppers will enhance the taste of the chocolate! Yum! I don’t know if I’m convinced but, next time I make a chocolate cake, I’m adding peppers! I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Squash Ducky

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a squash that looks like this! It looks like an actual duck! I mean the shape and the beaks aside, isn’t squash supposed to be orange? The fact that it’s yellow and looks like a duck makes it so much better! It’s like a giant rubber ducky!

Squash that looks like ducks
Source: Facebook

Did you know that pumpkins are grown in every continent other than Antarctica? This makes sense considering the weather over there. On the other hand, over 1.5 billion pumpkins are produced in the United States each year. The top states for producing pumpkins are Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, California, and Pennsylvania. Morton, Illinois, actually refers to themselves as the “Pumpkin Capital of the World.”

Radish legs

Okay, what is with these radishes showing off their legs all seductively? This literally looks like the bottom of a Barbie doll’s body. How does a radish sprout looking like half a Barbie? Maybe there’s a radish out there that looks like the top half of a Barbie!

Another sexy looking radish
Source: Twitter

Barbie’s official birthday is on March 9th, 1959 (making her a Pisces). She was created by an engineer who actually worked for the pentagon. He even named the doll after his daughter, Margaret Roberts. What you may not know about this children’s doll is that it’s based on an R-Rated German doll. Unfortunately, many controversies have been surrounding Barbie thanks to her unrealistic body. Body image issues have come to light in recent years, so this makes sense.

Cucumber Ducky

This cucumber really looks like a duck! At least I think it’s a cucumber; it might be zucchini, but who knows? Either way, it doesn’t look like anyone should be eating that. It doesn’t look right. It sort of looks like a duck, but the reflection in the water looks even more like a duck!

A cucumber shaped like a duck
Source: Pinterest

A cucumber is 96% water, which means it doesn’t contain as many nutrients as other vegetables such as squash. Still, cucumbers are low fat, sodium, and calories. Because of the high amount of water that cucumbers contain, eating them will help you stay hydrated. Did you know that cucumbers come from the same family as watermelons? Watermelons are also filled with 92% water! That’s a lot, but cucumbers still have more.


We already saw some scared-looking peppers, but these two look like they are trying to scare me! What is that face, and since when do peppers look like this when you cut them open? I thought it was just a one-time thing, but I guess not. I just wish they would close their mouths because I think those teeth are what scares me the most.

Terrified looking peppers
Source: Imgur

Everyone has seen yellow, green, and red bell peppers because they are the most common. However, you can also find white, brown, lavender, and dark purple peppers. Bell peppers have a ton of health benefits. It can help reduce cholesterol, boost your immune system, relieve pain, and so much more! Peppers are perfect if you’re looking for a delicious crunchy snack!

E.T Phone Home

This sweet potato kind of looks like an ordinary sweet potato when it comes to its shape. However, the way this guy positioned it makes it look scarily like a finger. Especially with an actual human finger right next to it. It even has a gross looking fingernail. I was going to have a sweet potato for dinner, but after seeing this, I think I’ll go with pizza.

A sweet potato that looks just like a finger
Source: Pinterest

Sweet potatoes are delicious, cheap, and easy to grow. They are also filled with nutrients and can satisfy your sweet tooth without eating white sugar. With all these diet crazes in America, specifically, the South Beach Diet and Atkins Diet are so restrictive but still allow sweet potato as a treat!

Teletubbies Sun Baby!

I can’t be the only one who sees the Teletubbies baby sun in this strawberry. It looks just like him! I mean, it’s complete with the sunrays and everything. Why didn’t I ever think to look at the shapes when I cut open my strawberries! Maybe I’ll get a Teletubbies sun or even something cooler!

The inside of this strawberry looks like the Teletubbies sun baby
Source: Playbuzz

Do you ever have a bowl of strawberries and can’t help but smell them? They just smell delicious! This makes sense considering they are part of the rose family. Ancient Romans believed that the fruit had medicinal powers! They used strawberries to treat everything, including sore throats, fever, and even depression! Native American’s were one of the firsts ever to try this delicious fruit.

Sweet Snake

This is actually terrifying. If I worked on this farm, I would have run in the other direction. I definitely would have thought it was a snake. The shape and length make it look so much like an actual snake! I don’t know; I guess sweet potatoes just grow in weird shapes, and sometimes, you get this frightening result.

A long sweet potato shaped like a snake
Source: Pinterest

Did you know that if you keep the skin on sweet potatoes, you will get many additional vitamins and fibers? During the revolutionary war, sweet potatoes were the main source of nutrients. George Washington even grew sweet potatoes on his farm in Virginia. Today, Sweet potatoes are considered to be the official vegetable of North Carolina. Sweet potatoes are just so delicious!

Carrot Top

Look how cute this little guy is! He’s just strutting around the counter like it’s nobody’s business. Am I the only one whose carrots don’t come with legs or arms? I’ve been seeing a lot of them all day, but mine are usually just a boring straight line.

A carrot that looks like it’s walking
Source: Imgur

Fun facts: Just one teaspoon of carrots can hold up to 2000 carrot seeds. Carrots were also the first canned food. Apparently, eating one carrot gives you the energy to walk one mile.

Contrary to popular belief, wild rabbits won’t eat wild carrots. Carrots also contain natural sweet sugar that can be destined for alcohol. They are also very high in sugar. In fact, they are one of the most sugary vegetables in the world. The only vegetable that has more is beets.

Thumbs Up

I’ve seen some strawberries that came out a little demented. However, I never saw one giving me a thumbs up! It’s funny because it actually looks like little red fingers! In California, 23,000 acres of strawberries are planted each year! I wonder how many of them come out looking like this.

a strawberry giving a thumbs up
Source: Pinterest

Fun fruit facts: Here is a fun science experiment for you. If you put grapes in the microwave, they will explode! Just make sure you ask your parents before you try this at home! Like strawberries, apples, peaches, and raspberries are all part of the rose family! Although they are all delicious, the tomato is the most popular fruit in the world! No matter what they tell you, cucumbers are also fruits!

Ostrich Seed

This grapefruit seed looks just like a mini ostrich! Did you know that ostriches have three stomachs? They are not only the largest bird but the fastest. Their wings can span about 2 meters and are used in mating displays. Ostriches are very protective, and when threatened, their long necks can be used as a weapon. Their powerful necks can even kill humans.

A grapefruit that looks like an ostrich
Source: Twitter

February is the official National Grapefruit Month! Their trees can reach 30 feet tall, and a single grapefruit tree produces more than 1500 pounds of fruit. Today, most of the grapefruit around the world is grown either in Florida or in one specific region of Texas. The climates there are essential for grapefruit to grow and thrive.

Potato Heart

I told you there are more out there! I always thought that potatoes are supposed to come out shaped like an oval. However, there are a few that grow to look like a heart! I wish I can buy a bag of potatoes and one of them is shaped like a heart.

A heart-shaped potato

French fries are arguably the best food you can make using potatoes. Apparently, they were used as a substitute for fish back in 1600. In Belgium, the locals usually fried fish, but when the river was frozen in the winter, they substituted the fish with frying potatoes. Nobody can agree where exactly French fries were created for the first time. Here is a hint, they probably weren’t first created in France.

Strawberry Lovin’

As we’ve seen, strawberry’s come in many different shapes and sizes. This delicious food is also the most romantic! What’s better than a date night with chocolate-covered strawberries? Chocolate covered heart-shaped strawberries, that’s what! This heart-shaped strawberry is the perfect romantic date food.

A strawberry shaped like a perfect heart
Source: Pinterest

Fun fruit facts: Contrary to popular belief, oranges don’t even reach the top ten when it comes to Vitamin C levels in food. Also, the color orange is named after the fruit, not the other way around. Before that, the color orange was called geoluread (yellow-red). Did you know that there is also a tree called fruit salad tree? They sprout between three to seven different fruits on just one single tree! So cool!

Onion Face

Well, this onion doesn’t look very happy. Onions are commonly used to add flavor to different types of food. This onion looks like he knows exactly what’s going on. That face says it all. He knows he is about to get chopped up, and sadly, there is nothing he can do about it.

An onion looking unamused
Source: Pinterest

Fun Fruits and Veggie Facts: Many people think that fruits and vegetables die as soon as they are harvested, but this is incorrect. They continue to respond to the environment for days! Tomatoes have more genes than human beings! Think about that for a second! Humans also share 50% of their DNA with bananas. Wow, I guess humans and fruit aren’t that different after all.

Eggplant Man

This is another eggplant that looks like a man! It seems that every eggplant that has a face has a big nose. None of them grow with a normal size nose. I like that they all look like they’re wearing hate, though. Did you know that just like blueberries (and unlike strawberries), eggplants are considered a berry?

An eggplant that looks like it’s wearing a hat
Source: Twitter

Fruity Facts: In the United States, when you buy an apple at the store, he can be up to a year old. Coffee beans aren’t actually beans; they are technically fruit pits! Did you know that square watermelons exist? They are grown by Japanese farmers because they are easier to store and stack (the same reason why pizza boxes are square).

Buddha’s Hand

Buddha’s hand fruit is also known as citron. However, this one clearly looks more like Buddha’s hand, and it is freaking me out! Citron is a fragrant citrus fruit. Its skin is very thick, but it smells incredible. Apparently, this fruit is native to India. Alexander the Great and his armies carried citron fruits to the Mediterranean back in 300 BC.

A fruit that looks like a creepy hand
Source: Imgur

Fun facts: The study of fruits is called Pomology. Pineapples are another fruit that is considered a berry, and strawberries contain more vitamin C than oranges. Have you ever tried a miracle fruit? Did you know that for two hours after eating one, sour foods will taste sweet? This is a fun thing to know! I definitely have to try this!

Funny Eggplant

I can’t get enough of these big nose eggplant men! This one looks just like Pinocchio! Why don’t my eggplants ever come with a nose? Once again, the hat makes this eggplant look even funnier. Eggplants are considered fruit and are usually egg-shaped. They come in a variety of colors, including dark purple, pink, yellow, red, white, and sometimes even striped!

An eggplant that looks like Pinocchio

Fun facts: This is a good one to know! Did you know that the stickers that come on fruits and veggies are actually edible! Each year, 7.8 million premature deaths in the world can be avoided if people ate ten portions of fruits and vegetables a day. Iceland has the largest banana plantation in all of Europe!

Mickey Berry

I thought the heart-shaped strawberry was cute, but this is even more adorable! This strawberry grew in the shape of Mickey Mouse! How cute! Before Walt Disney dropped out of school, he actually played peter pan in his school play! Initially, Walt Disney was going to sell vacuum cleaners for a living. Luckily, he changed career paths, and not only did he create Mickey Mouse, but he voiced him too.

A strawberry that looks like Mickey Mouse
Source: Twitter

Fruity facts: There is a fruit called the Durian fruit. You probably don’t even want to try it because it is considered the world’s smelliest food. When I say smelly, I mean that in Asia the fruit isn’t allowed on buses or hotels! That’s how bad the odor is!

Tomato Mouse

This tomato looks like a cute little mouse! How does a tomato sprout with those two little ears? With over 7500 variations of different tomatoes out there, one was bound to come out looking like a mouse at some point. Tomatoes are usually grown in glasshouses (greenhouses) in cooler climates. Because tomatoes seeds are on the inside, they are technically a fruit.

A tomato that looks like a mouse

More facts: Here is a fun hack for you! If you add salt to pineapple, it will actually reduce the bitterness of the fruit, causing it to taste sweeter. The scent of watermelon is very difficult to replicate because their aldehydes, which are responsible for the smell of the fruit, are unstable. So if you have anything that smells like watermelon, a lot of work went into it!

Twisty Carrot

This is a funny looking carrot! I’m still trying to figure out if its two carrots intertwined, or just one weird shaped carrot. Looking at it reminds me of those ‘peel n’ pull’ Twizzlers! Yum! Those were so good! Sadly, I doubt this carrot will taste like candy.

An intertwisted looking carrot
Source: Pinterest

Fun facts: For most adults, coffee is a standard way to start the day. However, eating an apple in the morning is a much more reliable method of staying awake than drinking a coffee. Apples are also 25% air, so they will float if you put them in water. Red-colored fruits, in general, help keep your heart strong. On the other hand, orange-colored fruit is good for your eyes and vision.


We’ve seen a lot of eggplants with big noses but not many strawberries! This hilarious looking strawberry has a nose and some hair! It does look a bit soggy, though. I don’t think I would eat that one. On average, a strawberry is covered in about 200 seeds (making them the only fruit with the seeds on the outside). Pomegranates, on the other hand, are filled with more than 1000 seeds!

A strawberry that looks like it has a big nose

Fun facts: An art professor created a tree that can produce up to 40 different fruits! Some of these fruits include peaches, cherries, and apricots. Yum! And I thought the fruit salad tree was cool! Try not to peel your fruits and veggies whenever you can. The peels tend to have more nutritional value than the fruit itself.

Onion Man

It took this guy a while to notice that his onion has a face in it! You can tell because he already cut it. Goes to show how many of us probably had some cool shapes in our foods but chopped them up without notice. Well, that smirk looks kind of evil, so maybe this onion should just be chopped up and eaten.

An evil-looking smiley face inside an onion
Source: Imgur

Fun fact: Did you know that you can dye your hair with beats? It’s a great way to add a temporary reddish tint to your hair without using hair damaging chemicals. Remember, erasable pens? I wonder if those are still around. If not, don’t worry! If you need to get rid of pen ink, you can use the outside of cucumber as an eraser.

Carrot Boot

Clearly, carrots come in many shapes and sizes! This one even grew, looking like a cute little cowboy boot! This looks like a carrot that came from the south! Carrots indeed help your eyes and vision, but eating too much will eventually turn your skin orange, so be careful!

A carrot that looks like a cowboy boot
Source: Twitter

Veggie facts: Mushrooms have their own immune system! That is pretty interesting, considering they are a fungus. If you want to avoid crying while cutting onions, this trick is sure to work. Simply hold a slice of bread in your mouth and no tears. Try it! Because of the amount of potassium that bananas contain, they are slightly radioactive. This is minor, however. Nobody ever developed any kind of radiation sickness from eating too many bananas.

It Has a Face!

This potato looks like a tree with a carved face in it. How does that even happen! In 1996, potato plants were taken into space with the space shuttle Columbia, making them to first food to ever be grown in space. Yum! I can definitely eat potatoes all day! I knew I should have been an astronaut. I could use a nice bowl of mashed potatoes right about now!

A potato that looks like it has a face

More facts: I don’t know why this is funny to me, but corn is a member of the grass family. Does that mean popcorn is considered grass? The city of Chicago actually named after garlic. It comes from the Italian word for wild garlic, which is “Chicagaoua.” That’s something I didn’t know.

Sunny Day

There is nothing better than a nice cold glass of refreshing lemonade on a hot summer day! However, humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy summer vacations. This lemon couldn’t be happier with those shades. I think I’ll go for water and let the lemon enjoy himself before I squeeze its juice out.

A lemon wearing sunglasses
Source: Pinterest

Science project: There is a cool science experiment that many people get to do in schools. You basically attach electrodes to a lemon and use it as a battery to power a light! The electricity that this generates is strong enough to power a small motor. Oh, the things you can do with a lemon. I never got to test out this cool experiment when I was in high school.

Pepper Face

We already saw that many bell peppers look like terrifying monsters when you cut them open. This seems to be true with little peppers as well. This is a miniature version of a little pepper man! He has the same eyes and opened mouth! Luckily, we can’t see any of those sharp teeth in there! Well, I love peppers, so I’m going to try and forget what they look like on the inside.

A pepper that does not look happy
Source: Pinterest

Fun facts: In Italy, eggplant is known as “crazy apple” because it is believed that a lot of eggplants can lead to madness. Well, this explains a lot, I for one love eating eggplant. In ancient Egypt, radishes were used as payment for the workers who were building the pyramids.


This strawberry mouse is much cuter than the other one. What’s strange about this is that it almost looks like a regular strawberry. The only thing that really makes it look like a mouse are those ears! But what are those things even? It’s funny how those spiky little plants coming out make a delicious looking strawberry, completely unappetizing.

A strawberry that resembles a cute little mouse

Fun facts: Pumpkin seeds are a great source of nutrients. They contain more protein than an equal amount of ground beef. Broccoli even has more protein per calorie than steak does! I guess we should stop asking vegetarians and vegans where they get their protein from. As long as they are eating pumpkin seeds or broccoli, they are probably getting enough protein.


Wow, this is one cool strawberry! Imagine if they all grew in that incredible star shape. It looks just like a flower, which makes sense since strawberries come from the rose family. I need to start paying more attention to my fruits and vegetables. With all these strange-looking foods, I have to find something with a cool shape.

A strawberry-shaped as a star
Source: Pinterest

Fun fact: Vanilla beans come from the only fruit-producing orchid in the world, The Vanilla Planifolia. That’s right. Vanilla is a fruit… well, technically.

Similarly to strawberries, they are fruit from the flower family. There are over 150 different types of vanilla plants. No two vanilla beans are exactly the same; they vary in color flavor and aroma.

Peachy Bear

This peach looks just like a bear! Do be fair; it’s mostly drawn on, so it’s not as impressive. It did grow with that weird looking bump growing out of the side, which makes it easier to pull off this bear look that the peach seems to be going for. The nickname for the state of Georgia is ‘The Peach State.’

A peach that looks like a bear
Source: Pinterest

Fruity facts: Did you know cranberries are bouncy? John “Peg Leg” Webb discovered that cranberries bounce back in 1880 when he dropped some down the stairs. The reason why they bounce is that they contain little air pockets. They also float because of this reason. Apparently, the higher it bounces, the better the cranberry is. If you’re ever in need of a bouncy ball, grab a cranberry.

Angry Bird

This one is also cheating! The drawn eyes make it look just like an angry bird! However, even without those eyes, that is one odd-looking tomato. They definitely got it right because that thing popping out definitely looks like an Angry Bird’s nose. However, I have never seen a tomato that looks like this. What is that? And do you think it’s edible?

A tomato that looks like an angry bird

Interesting facts: Here is a fact you would probably never know if I wasn’t here to tell you. People who are allergic to latex have a higher chance of being allergic to mangoes and kiwis. I wonder what the connection is. Almonds are also technically a fruit. They aren’t actually a nut but a member of the peach family.

Happy tomato

The smiley face in the middle of that tomato is perfect. I would love to cut up fruit and see it smiling back at me. Sadly, my tomatoes tend not to have cool shapes inside. If you eat yellow tomatoes, they help prevent sickness. Green foods, on the other hand, help make your teeth and bones extra strong! Purple foods, such as eggplant, enhance memory.

A tomato with a smiley face inside

Fun facts: Today, tomatoes are the most popular fruit in the world; however, there was a time where they were considered poisonous. Tomatoes weren’t the only food that was considered deathly. Other foods that were thought to be poisonous were eggplants, peppers, and potatoes! Can you imagine a world without potatoes? I sure can’t.

Cucumber Panda Face

Well, all you panda lovers might have some trouble eating cucumber slices after this. At least these because they look like cute innocent little pandas. Pandas are born pink and are only 15 cm! Awww, that’s the size of a pencil. Pandas are also born blind; it takes about six to eight weeks for them to open their eyes.

cut up cucumber pieces that6 look like little pandas

The term “cool as a cucumber” is a real thing. Cucumbers literally can cool the temperature of the blood. When applied topically, cucumbers can also cool the blood and also reduce facial swelling. This is why cucumbers are popular during facials. I was always told that cucumbers on the eyes don’t actually do anything. I guess everyone is wrong about that one.

Blending in

This eggplant looks like it would blend perfectly with some kind of Christmas décor. I might just be saying that because of the red and green, or because I love Christmas decorations! If it was surrounded by a couple of Santa’s and some bells, you wouldn’t even notice it’s an eggplant. Seriously. If you find a big-nosed eggplant, you can make some DIY Christmas décor.

An eggplant that looks like a lady

Interesting fact: This is something you could probably go your whole life without knowing, but vegetables were used as the first-ever tampons. Ummm… I will no longer be complaining about that time of the month. We seem to have it quite easy these days. At times vegetable fibers got left behind after removing the “tampon.”