The People Have Spoken: These are the Most Worthy Restaurants by State

Let’s face it: food is easily one of the best parts of life. And choosing the right place to eat is a big decision. So much so that it causes fights among friends, couples, and families (or is that just me?). But you get the point.

American food
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The list is based on Yelp reviews. Why Yelp? Because there are over 178 million people who use the site/app on a monthly basis. They’re there to help us make the best restaurants decisions. And since we established how important it is to choose wisely, this list will help.

So if you’re heading to another state, try one of these best-rated restaurants (by state) to make your next work trip, vacation, or road trip that much better. Yay, food!


Most Worthy: SAW’s Soul Kitchen

Review: 4.5 stars, 738 reviews

Location: 215 41st St S, Birmingham

SAW’s Soul Kitchen
Source: Sawsbbq

Type of Food: BBQ

This is a humble BBQ spot with pig decor that specializes in Southern soul food like pulled pork & banana pudding.


Most Worthy: Moose’s Tooth

Review: 4.5 stars, 2,092 reviews

Location: 3300 Old Seward Hwy, Anchorage

Moose’s Tooth
Source: Left: Trip Advisor/ Right: Foursquare

Type of food: Pizza

This spot has inventive pizzas & house-brewed beer – all served in a bustling, colorful hangout with psychedelic art!


Most Worthy: Little Miss BBQ

Review: 5 stars, 2,248 reviews

Location: 4301 E University Dr, Phoenix

Little Miss BBQ
Source: Left: Trips to Discover/ Right: Phoenix New Times

Type of food: BBQ

This restaurant is a functional eatery with a retro vibe that specializes in Central Texas-style BBQ & traditional sides.


Most Worthy: The Root Cafe

Review: 4.5 stars, 545 reviews

Location: 1500 S Main St, Little Rock

The Root Cafe
Source: Left: Arkansas Online/ Right: Trover

Type of food: Burgers

The Root Café is a chill cafe with a patio that offers sandwiches & salads and is made with locally sourced ingredients.


Most Worthy: Bestia

Review: 4.5 stars, 5,795 reviews

Location: 2121 E 7th Pl, Los Angeles

Source: Open Table

Type of food: Pizza

Yes, in all of California, this one’s most worth it. The trendy Italian restaurant belongs to an acclaimed husband-&-wife team that highlights creative seasonal fare.


Most Worthy: Root Down

Review: 4.5 stars, 3,207 reviews

Location: 1600 W 33rd Ave, Denver

Root Down
Source: Left: Eater Denver/ Right: Reddit

Type of food: American (and has great vegan options)

This restaurant is described as a converted filling station with an artful, high-energy venue for creative American (small) plates.


Most Worthy: Brick + Wood

Review: 4 stars, 413 reviews

Location: 1275 Post Rd, Fairfield

Brick + Wood
Source: Left: The Fairfield Mirror/ Right: Trip Advisor

Type of food: Italian

Brick + Wood is a contemporary eatery & wine bar that features Italian street food, wood-fired pizzas & handmade mozzarella.


Most Worthy: Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront

Review: 4 stars, 345 reviews

Location: 720 Justison St, Wilmington

Big Fish Grill
Source: Left: Trip Advisor/ Right: Big Fish Grill

Type of food: Seafood

Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront features hearty platters of seafood specialties served in a casual, family-friendly riverfront spot.


Most Worthy: The Bearded Pig

Review: 4.5 stars, 821 reviews

Location: 1224 Kings Ave, Jacksonville

The Bearded Pig
Source: Left: Yelp/ Right: Jax Restaurant Reviews

Type of food: BBQ

The Bearded Pig is described as a casual restaurant with traditional BBQ options & tap brews, plus there’s a patio with TVs.


Most Worthy: Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q

Review: 4.5 stars, 3,515 reviews

Location: 1238 Dekalb Ave Ne, Atlanta

Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q
Source: Left: Eater/ Right: Atlanta Magazine

Type of food: BBQ

The Texan brothers’ provide their slow-roast ribs, pulled pork & Southern sides in the informal space with a patio.


Most Worthy: Marukame Udon

Review: 4.5 stars, 9,087 reviews

Location: 2310 Kuhio Ave, Waikiki


Marukame Udon
Source: Left: Megavina/ Right: And You Creations

Type of food: Japanese

Guests of Marukame Udon can order at the counter at this casual Japanese restaurant that specializes in noodle soup.


Most Worthy: Fork

Review: 4 stars, 1,430 reviews

Location: 199 N 8th St, Boise

Fork restaurant
Source: Left: The Bald Gourmet/ Right: Boise Weekly

Type of food: American

Fork is a creative, farm-to-table American style restaurant that has dishes & craft cocktails served in a vibrant, brick-&-wood space.


Most Worthy: Girl & the Goat

Review: 4.5 stars, 8348 reviews

Location: 809 W Randolph St, Chicago

Girl & the Goat
Source: Left: Gastronomy Blog/ Right: Pinterest

Type of food: American

This is a hot spot where Chef Stephanie Izard serves up innovative yet small plates from a dramatic open kitchen.


Most Worthy: The Eagle

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,644 reviews

Location: 310 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis

The Eagle restaurant
Source: Left: Pinterest/ Right: Indianapolis Monthly

Type of food: American (Southern style)

The Eagle is rustic and chic; an eatery & beer hall that dishes up Southern classics in sprawling digs with a patio.


Most Worthy: Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Review: 4 stars, 1,203 reviews

Location: 300 E Grand Ave, Des Moines

Zombie Burger + Drink Lab
Source: Left: Trip Advisor/ Right: Pinterest

Type of food: Burgers

The Zombie Burger + Drink Lab is obviously (just by the name) a hip American eatery & cocktail bar. They have a humorous horror theme and both counter and table service.


Most Worthy: Doo-Dah Diner

Review: 4.5 stars, 684 reviews

Location: 206 E Kellogg, Wichita

Doo-Dah Diner
Source: Left: Trip Advisor/ Right: The Gold Cap Experience

Type of food: American Diner

The Doo-Dah Diner is a homey diner serving American breakfast & lunch classics from scratch, from pancakes to burgers.


Most Worthy: Hammerheads

Review: 4.5 stars, 1017 reviews

Location: 921 Swan St, Louisville

Hammerheads restaurant
Source: Left: Pinterest/ Right: Louisville Hammerheads

Type of food: American (Southern style)

Hammerheads is described as a little hot spot that serves up creative pub grub like duck fat fries, various beers, and all in a basement.


Most Worthy: Acme Oyster House

Review: 4 stars, 6,640 reviews

Location: 724 Iberville St, New Orleans

Acme Oyster House
Source: Left: Mike’s Travel Guide/ Right: Trip Advisor

Type of food: Seafood

They say life’s more fun with seafood. Acme Oyster House has authentic New Orleans style seafood as well as other classic Cajun and Creole dishes, and it’s all served with a side of fun.


Most Worthy: Eventide Oyster Company

Review: 4.5 stars, 2,793 reviews

Location: 86 Middle St, Portland

Eventide Oyster Company
Source: Left: Yin and Yolk/Right: Yankee Magazine

Type of food: Seafood

Eventide Oyster Company is considered a tiny, busy seafood joint with a “raw” bar, lobster rolls, and creative New England fare and cocktails.


Most Worthy: Thames Street Oyster House

Review: 4.5 stars, 2,281 reviews

Location: 1728 Thames St, Baltimore

Thames Street Oyster House
Source: Left: Baltimore Eats/Right: Imgur

Type of food: Seafood

Thames Street Oyster House is a brass-&-wood-trimmed restaurant offering a raw bar, Eastern coastal food, and upstairs harbor-view seating.


Most Worthy: Neptune Oyster

Review: 4.5 stars, 4,804 reviews

Location: 63 Salem St, Boston

Neptune Oyster
Source: Left: Eater/Right: Sometimes I Crave

Type of food: Seafood

Neptune Oyster is a hot spot. Lines form easily for the raw bar and warm, buttered lobster rolls at this small but high-end oyster bar.


Most Worthy: Dime Store

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,367 reviews

Location: 719 Griswold St, Detroit

Dime Store restaurant
Source: Left: Noms/Right: Trover

Type of food: Breakfast

The Dime Store is described as a hip, airy spot that serves up creative spins on brunch favorites, plus they have craft beer and classic cocktails.


Most Worthy: Butcher & the Boar

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,565 reviews

Location: 1121 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis

Butcher & the Boar
Source: Left: The Heavy Table/Right: Madison in MPLS

Type of food: American

The Butcher & the Boar is a bustling American eatery with a beer garden, which offers a meat-focused menu, craft brews, and bourbons.


Most Worthy: The Pig & Pint

Review: 4.5 stars, 692 reviews

Location: 3139 N State St, Jackson

The Pig & Pint
Source: Trip Advisor

Type of food: BBQ

The Pig & Pint features BBQ plates with global influences. They also offer a long craft beer list offered in hip and rustic surroundings.


Most Worthy: Q39 (Midtown)

Review: 4.5 stars, 3,696 reviews

Location: 1000 W 39th St, Kansas City

Q39 (Midtown) restaurant
Source: Left: Twitter/ Right: Q39

Type of food: BBQ

This is another hip and airy restaurant with beamed ceilings and exposed brick, serving smoked BBQ & wood-fired meats.


Most Worthy: The Burger Dive

Review: 4.5 stars, 345 reviews

Location: 114 N 27th St, Billings

The Burger Dive
Source: Paul Bellinger

Type of food: Burgers

The Burger Dive is said to be a quirky joint with checkered floors. They specialize in dishing up inventive burgers and hot dogs. Plus they have real milkshakes.


Most Worthy: Block 16

Review: 4.5 stars, 841 reviews

Location: 1611 Farnam St, Omaha

Block 16 restaurant
Source: Visit Omaha

Type of food: American

Block 16 is a sandwich shop with a garden-to-table philosophy. They serve casual lunches of gyros, burgers, and sides.


Most Worthy: Bacchanal Buffet

Review: 4 stars, 9,340 reviews

Location: 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas

Bacchanal Buffet
Source: Left: California Accent Lighting/Right: Yelp

Type of food: Buffet / Diverse

Bacchanal Buffet is described as a luxe, modern Caesars Palace buffet, offering 9 show kitchens, 500 daily dishes, and pool complex views.

New Hampshire

Most Worthy: Republic Cafe & Bistro

Review: 4.5 stars, 564 reviews

Location: 1069 Elm St, Manchester

Republic Cafe & Bistro
Source: Left: New Hampshire Homes/Right: Yelp

Type of food: Mediterranean

Republic Cafe & Bistro is another farm-to-table Mediterranean food spot, where they serve wine all day in relaxed quarters featuring local artwork.

New Jersey

Most Worthy: Tops Diner

Review: 4.5 stars, 2,564 reviews

Location: 500 Passaic Ave, East Newark

Tops Diner
Source: Left: Boozy Burbs/ Right:

Type of food: Breakfast diner

Tops Diner is a well-established restaurant with classic American diner eats, baked goods, and cocktails.

New Mexico

Most Worthy: Cocina Azul

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,214 reviews

Location: 1134 Mountain Rd NW, Albuquerque

Cocina Azul
Source: Left: Albuquerque Journal/ Right: Foodio54

Type of food: New Mexican

Apparently, the pictures don’t do justice for this place. People say the food is absolutely on point.

New York

Most Worthy: Burger & Lobster

Review: 4 stars, 5,222 reviews

Location: 39 W 19th St, New York

Burger & Lobster restaurant
Source: Left: Eat and Travel With us/Right: Trip Advisor

Type of food: Seafood and burgers

People say this is their go-to restaurant when craving burgers, even though most customers go there for the lobster.

North Carolina

Most Worthy: Midwood Smokehouse

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,681 reviews

Location: 1401 Central Ave, Charlotte

Midwood Smokehouse
Source: Trip Advisor

Type of food: BBQ

People say this is the best BBQ place in the state that has a great beer selection. Apparently, the large brisket with bacon-wrapped jalapeños is the best choice.

North Dakota

Most Worthy: Würst Bier Hall

Review: 4.5 stars, 294 reviews

Location: 630 1st Ave N, Fargo

Würst Bier Hall
Source: Left: Craft Beer /Right: Twitter

Type of food: German

The spot is said to have great food and great beer. The sweet potato fries have a marshmallow fluff, which seems strange but is a fantastic combo.


Most Worthy: Hot Chicken Takeover

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,187 reviews

Location: 59 Spruce St, Columbus

Hot Chicken Takeover
Source: Left: Culinary Cory/ Right: Wikipedia

Type of food: Chicken

Hot Chicken Takeover is an American casual fried chicken restaurant chain that specializes in Nashville hot chicken.


Most Worthy: Kitchen No. 324

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,094 reviews

Location: 324 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City

Kitchen No. 324
Source: Left: Open Table/ Right: Kitchen 234

Type of food: American

Kitchen No. 324 is seen as a wonderful place for brunch or any meal. People love the atmosphere, and the menu both elegant and amazing.


Most Worthy: Screen Door

Review: 4.5 stars, 6,734 reviews

Location: 2337 E Burnside St, Portland

Screen Door restaurant
Source: Left: Wikipedia/ Right: Pinterest

Type of food: American (Southern style)

Screen Door offers refined Southern specialties like buttermilk-fried chicken in a roomy space and also offers weekend brunch.


Most Worthy: Zahav

Review: 4.5 stars, 2,722 reviews

Location: 237 St James Pl, Philadelphia

Zahav restaurant
Source: Left: Pinterest/Right: Visit Philly

Type of food: Middle-Eastern

People are saying that the tasting menu is a go-to choice and for the amount and quality of food you get, the prices are very reasonable and fair.

Rhode Island

Most Worthy: Los Andes Restaurant

Review: 4.5 stars, 2,184 reviews

Location: 903 Chalkstone Ave, Providence

Los Andes Restaurant
Source: Left: The Wandering Chef/ Right: Yelp

Type of food: Latin-American, Peruvian

One reviewer on Yelp said: “Try this place, whether you eat meat or seafood, you can’t go wrong and will likely need a doggy bag. Just be sure to make a reservation!”

South Carolina

Most Worthy: Poogan’s Porch

Review: 4 stars, 2,781 reviews

Location: 72 Queen St, Charleston

Poogan’s Porch
Source: Left: Charleston City Paper/ Right: Food Network

Type of food: American (Southern style)

Poogan’s Porch offers a traditional Southern cooking cuisine served in a Victorian townhouse with porches and a massive wine cellar.

South Dakota

Most Worthy: Taphouse 41

Review: 4.5 stars, 239 reviews

Location: 2101 W 41st St, Sioux Falls

Taphouse 41
Source: Left: Only in Your State/ Right:

Type of food: Burgers

People are saying that if you happen to be looking for the best burger in Sioux Falls, this is the place. Especially, the egg burger!


Most Worthy: Hattie B’s Chicken

Review: 4.5 stars, 4,997 reviews

Location: 112 19th Ave S, Nashville

Hattie B’s Chicken
Source: Left: Atlanta IN Town Paper/Right: Lawyers, Guns, and Money

Type of food: Chicken

A Yelp reviewer wrote this: “Everything is delicious. If you like spicy but want the kick and flavor of this juicy chicken, get medium. But if you don’t care for spicy but want a light kick, pick mild.”


Most Worthy: The Breakfast Klub

Review: 4.5 stars, 4,122 reviews

Location: 3711 Travis St, Houston

The Breakfast Klub
Source: Left: Visit Houston Texas/ Right: The Breakfast Klub

Type of food: Breakfast

This is a definite must for breakfast in Houston. The wings and waffles are considered to be the best and the meat falls right off the bone.


Most Worthy: Red Iguana

Review: 4.5 stars, 3,419 reviews

Location: 736 W N Temple, Salt Lake City

Red Iguana
Source: Left: Pinterest /Right: SLC Menu

Type of food: Mexican

Red Iguana is said to be the best Mexican food in Salt Lake City. One Yelp reviewer said she recommends the mole Amarillo enchiladas, tacos don Ramon, and anything with Chile Verde in it.


Most Worthy: The Farmhouse Tap & Grill

Review: 4 stars, 1,402 reviews

Location: 160 Bank St, Burlington

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill
Source: Left: The Farmhouse Tap & Grill /Right: Trip Advisor

Type of food: Burgers

The Farmhouse Tap & Grill is a farm-to-table gastropub that offers a great seasonal beer garden showcasing burgers and craft brews.


Most Worthy: The Bee and the Biscuit

Review: 4.5 stars, 563 reviews

Location: 1785 Princess Anne Rd, Virginia Beach

The Bee and the Biscuit
Source: Left: Trip Advisor/ Right: Dear Barbz

Type of food: Breakfast

It’s a charming cottage restaurant with New American breakfast and lunch dishes featuring local produce. People say the biscuits are enormous and fluffy – a proper southern biscuit.


Most Worthy: Pike Place Chowder

Review: 4.5 stars, 6,920 reviews

Location: 1530 Post Aly, Seattle

Pike Place Chowder
Source: Left: With Shayda /Right: Pike Place Chowder

Type of food: Seafood, American

The local seafood place serves traditional and specialty chowders in a counter-serve setting. And people are saying that their Salmon Smoked Chowder lives up to the hype.

West Virginia

Most Worthy: Pies & Pints

Review: 4.5 stars, 631 reviews

Location: 222 Capitol St, Charleston

Pies & Pints
Source: Left: Trip Advisor/ Right: WV Living Magazine

Type of food: Pizza

A Yelp reviewer said this: “Delicious. Plenty of unique options for the adventurous and classic staples for the purist. If you like lots of sauce, make sure you order extra.”


Most Worthy: Blue’s Egg – Milwaukee

Review: 4.5 stars, 1,473 reviews

Location: 317 N 76th St, Milwaukee

Blue’s Egg – Milwaukee
Source: Left: The Everywhereist/ Right: Female Foodie

Type of food: Breakfast

Blue’s Egg is a globally inspired American breakfast and lunch spot that offers carry-out coffee and pastries in an art deco atmosphere. People say that you have to order the Monkey Bread because it’s “divine.”


Most Worthy: Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House

Review: 4 stars, 493 reviews

Location: 400 W Lincoln way, Cheyenne

Wyoming’s Rib & Chop House
Source: Left: Wyomom/ Right: Yelp

Type of food: Seafood and Steak

A Yelp reviewer said: “Two words describe the food: hot and delicious! My husband ordered gumbo and the ribs with a loaded baked potato. I ordered the house salad and BBQ shrimp. No wonder they’ve been voted the best chophouse in Wyoming.”