Most Hilarious Kitchen Fails Ever

Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

One of the most annoying things about cooking is making sure nothing burns, melts or sticks together, right?

This is definitely one of the funniest images of kitchen accidents. Let’s pray the couple will remain married after this incident.

Spectacular Bread

A “baker” lost his spectacles while baking bread. Guess where he found them?

You thought you heard it all? Guess what, this is some spectacular baking with extra spectacles.

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Nuclear Chocolate Cup Bomb

Hot Cocoa anyone? Hope this happened at work so you can run away and never look back.

The saddest thing is that most bachelors would come home and actually drink it.

Sweetie, Dinner’s Gonna Be Late

This pressure cooker couldn’t handle the pressure and it exploded all over the entire kitchen. Guess someone took the most expensive shower of his life.

Honey, dinner’s gonna be late. Sorry about that.

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Who Hasn’t Been In This Situation Before?

Shout-out to all you bachelo’s out there. Who hasn’t found himself struggling with a basic heating leftovers situation before?



We know it’s hard to find a nice apartment with an actual stove or microwave, but have no fear, we have the perfect solution for you. Iron your leftovers! Tell all your friends!

Baby Shower Will Never Be The Same

Meatloaf baby can definitely cause a scene at your baby shower party. Hope this dish will never end up at one of yours.

This disturbing dish is made of meatloaf and bacon for the diapers and garlic eyes. A real creepy and eatable Chucky doll.

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Burned Is The New Black

This poor guy tried cooking a happy meal but ended up with burned food. I hope his neighbors are not going to call Ronald McDonald on him.

And all he wanted was a main course and ended up with brownies. What a life.

Kitchen Breakdown

When life gives you lemons, throw them on the floor and cry. And then call your cat to come to clean the floor so at least one of you isn’t hungry.

Cooking isn’t for everyone. Focus on things you are good at. Like ordering in.

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Angry Birds

These little chickens seem so angry, like at first they were crowded and now they are furious.

Don’t mess with these angry birds.

Pizza Volcano

It looks like this pizza was joining forces with the aliens from the 1st floor and created a nuclear pizza cheese situation in your oven.

Would you like a Nuca-Cola with that?

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The Invasion from Mars

This is seriously disturbing. Can you guess what just happened here? Someone got a bit too excited with the tomato sauce and will need to give some serious explanations.

Not sure that diamonds are going to cut it this time dude.

Tennis Racket Finally Getting Back Its Money’s Worth

If you ever get tired of washing pasta in a conventional way, you can always spice things up with a tennis racket.


Finally, get your money’s worth and use that racket!

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Easter will never be the same with Scary Mr. Bunny

Your kids will never forget that Easter when you brought a scary Mr. Bunny and have them look for his eyeballs.

Someone will sleep with one eye open tonight.

It’s Just us too and ET for breakfast

Want to make sure your kids will never eat eggs again? Try the ET omelet that will make them believe that X’s files was real.

ET call home, please.

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Stormy Kitchen 

This couple exaggerated a bit with the dry ice in the sink. Now the kitchen looks the house ghost is back.

Great solution for Halloween everyone.