Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Every chef and restaurant owner wants to make sure that their business becomes the hottest place for their customers and turns into a huge commercial success. That’s why each restaurant strives to provide an experience so unique that it can set their prices into the most expensive in the world.

Many people do not mind paying a premium price to get premium food, especially when it’s prepared by one of the world’s top chefs. Most customers make their restaurant decisions based on some factors such as the prices on its menu, the quality and style of its cuisine, and its location. In most cases, money is not an issue, and some look for the best without compromise – especially not one based on the price.  Mind that we are not dealing with peanuts here: a meal at some of these restaurants will cost you half of your mortgage, so get ready for our list of the most expensive, extravagant, and luxurious restaurants in the world.

Masa- America’s Best Sushi

This restaurant was established back in 2004 and is currently owned by Masa Takayama. The Japanese international is also the head chef, specializing in Japanese and sushi cuisine. He won numerous awards, including three Michelin stars, and 5 out of 5 Mobil stars. The New York Times rated it 3 out of 4 stars in 2016 and recommended it as one of the best restaurants in America to have your special meals in.


Of course, those come at a special cost of $795 – beverages and tax not included. Chef Masa presents the menu himself, featuring Kobe beef flown directly from Japan and fresh fish. The restaurant offers a dining experience which many believe to be the best and the standard rate for executing cuisines. You can visit it in New York City, US or try its sister bar of the same quality in Las Vegas.  Here Masa delivers a mouth-watering menu made of tofu, sea urchins, and abalone to his customers.

Restaurant de L’Hotel de Ville – When Pedigree is Everything

Let’s fly over to Crissier, Switzerland, to visit the most expensive restaurant in the world. The Restaurant de Ville was founded by a couple – Benoit and Brigitte Violier.  After being the first ever to be awarded three Michelin stars, they handed their business over to Franck Giovanni, who made it the go-to place for sea scallops, wild turbot, and alpine goat.


The Restaurant de Ville is also known for its 40-page wine list, so much so that it is said to attract almost 30% of the restaurant customers. The French-inspired cuisine will cost you $750 for dinner, that’s without wine other exceptional dishes include lamb fillet and the famous saffron muscle. Its menu changes daily depending on the chef’s inspiration, and it’s usually made of has 11 courses.

Guy Savoy- The Brightest Light in Paris

You can find the Guy Savoy in the City of Light and Love – mais oui that’s Paris, France. It takes its name from its owner, who inaugurated it in 2015 and is now the head chef of the luxurious restaurant. The chef has won numerous awards, including multiple Michelin stars for his exemplary work. He is currently the most famous chef in France and a founder of many other luxury restaurants worldwide, including Las Vegas.


Dinner at the Guy Savoy will cost you $745 or more depending on what is on the menu. There is no lack of variety, but the real stars are a barbecued pigeon, monkfish, and oyster concasse. The Guy Savoy was the choice of many celebrities and politicians for their wedding receptions. None of the support chefs in this restaurant are allowed to wear perfume and flowers are banned from the building. The head chef believes that flowers and scents affect the food’s aromas.

Kitcho- Japanese Like no Other

The Kitcho was founded by Teiichi Yuki back in 1930, and it has been expanded ever since, with currently five companies and branches in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe. The place is a favorite destination for politicians and celebrities, and this is the main reason for its long-lasting fame. Their Japanese tea ceremony is one of the most amazing services on offer.


The restaurant’s head chef is award-winning Kunio Tokuoka, probably the world’s most experienced chef in traditional Japanese foods. Tokuoka is exceptionally proud of his culture and every dinner served to a customer must have an element of Japan. A meal in this restaurant will cost as much as $690 per person, which according to the chief chef is very cheap considering the services offered. Kunio Tokuoka uses local ingredients like abalone and tofu, giving the dining rooms a favorite unique smell.

Joel Robuchon- One tradition, Two Prices

This restaurant is proud of being the first American restaurant to be opened by the famous award-winning innovative French chef Joel Rubochon. Robuchon maintains the highest catering standards and is considered to be one of the most experienced chefs, able to prepare over 100 meals per day.


The restaurant is located in Las Vegas, United States and offers more than 16 tasting menu for a price of $600 per head. As usual, wine is not included. The restaurant is known for seafood and other outstanding meals like roasted guinea hen and braised potatoes. This is also the first most restaurant to offer two separate menus for different prices, making it somewhat more affordable. The second menu goes for $120 per head, but it’s mostly reserved for functions like weddings. Joel was awarded three Michelin stars back in 2014 for its incredible skills.

Alinea- Catch it While You Can

This is the first establishment by Grant Achatz and probably the most expensive in Chicago. The restaurant started as an alternative for clients who wanted something unique other than seafood, which used to dominate most American restaurants.  Grant, who is among the most experienced chefs in the world, has trained the famous Thomas Keller and Charlie Trotter.

Source: Wikipedia

This restaurant specializes in simple meals like bass prepared with black pepper, lemon, and vanilla. What may sound like an old combination turns into a new experience on the plate. This creative chef was awarded three Michelin stars for coming up with the Alinea concept. If you’re considering going, this is the right time: the restaurant charges $600 per head, but according to the assistant chef and dormant partner Nick Kokonas, the prices could skyrocket in the future as they plan to revise the menu and invent different meals.

Le Meurice- The Historical Choice

This is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris and was established in 1815. The restaurant is owned by the Brunei Investment Agency, and since its establishment, it has hosted numerous top government functions. The five-star restaurant was awarded a Palace distinction back in 2011 by the French government.


Le Meurice’s current menu is brought to you by Alain Ducasse, and it will cost you $522 for dinner or $168 for lunch – without drinks. The restaurant specializes in seafood and other French traditional delicacies. Currently, it is owned and managed by the famous London-based Dorchester Collection. It takes a capable workforce to run this success: the current number of employees goes over 400.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant- Mother of Pearl

Location is everything. That’s why dinner at Ithaa means a fantastic meal 16ft below the sea level, in the restaurant also called as Mother of Pearls. It will take you a ticket to the Maldives and a smart dress code to be granted access. Its current owner is Conrad-restaurants and offers a variety of major leading seafood in the world.


The restaurant’s cuisine is described as   Maldivian-western foods, served to almost all its customers. Ithaa has won three Michelin stars for its creativity and commitment to taking the industry to the next level. Inside the restaurant, customers enjoy a 180 degrees view of the magnificent garden that surrounds the restaurant. Reef fish caviar is the leading dish in the restaurant, but if you don’t feel like seafood, there is an alternative of Black Angus beef. A meal in this undersea restaurant will cost you $500 per plate. Dinner is an affair for adults only, with no minors allowed inside

Mezzaluna- A Plate of Gold

This restaurant is located in Bangkok, Thailand and is known for serving the most expensive dinner in history. Very few people had heard of the Mezzaluna until 2007, year of the world II European meeting in Thailand.


The restaurant was considered the favorite to host the event considering its neutral location and lack of potential influence on the meeting. Each of the attendees was charged $30,000 per plate, making it the most expensive meal ever served. The Mezzaluna has won two Michelin stars among other local awards and is now one of the most expensive restaurants in the world. It is owned by Japanese Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, who is a three Michelin star winner and offers a variety of seafood depending on customer specifications. This restaurant will charge you $500 per plate – drinks excluded.

Jean Georges- Heavy Connections

This restaurant is located in the famous Trump tower and is owned by the renowned French chef Jean Georges. The Jean Georges was established in 1997, and since then it has been awarded two Michelin stars for its unique French meals. Amazingly, the experienced Chef is not the head chef in this restaurant but prefers to work in another four-star establishment at the New York Times.

Source: jean-georges

Mark LiPico is the Jean George restaurant’s head chef, with over 20 years of experience preparing French meals. The restaurant is one of the best for French meals in New York, and it will cost you $410 per person without including the wine. The restaurant’s wine list counts 20 pages, offering a wide selection for its customers. However, comments have been made that the meals are not up to standard and the price is influenced by the host tower.

Hertog Jan- For Those who Think that Salads are Boring

The restaurant was established in July 2014 and was the first restaurant ever in Bruges. De Mangleleer and Joachim Boudens are the original owners and the head chefs at this expensive restaurant. In 2015, the Hertog Jan was considered one of the most expensive restaurants in the world because of its unique food inspired by the Belgian tradition.


The restaurant has been awarded three Michelin stars, and it’s the third restaurant in Belgium to get an honorable recognition. Other than traditional meals, you will be able to taste ‘home-made water.’ It is also famous for its unique salad that is amazingly made of 40 individual ingredients. Comparatively cheap, a meal here will only cost you $388 without drinks. Currently, the restaurant offers four tasting menus. The Hertog Jan is a favorite destination for celebrities, politicians, and government high profile meetings. It’s not easy to book a reservation in this exclusive location and customers have to wait up to a month, depending on the number of guests expected.

Misoguigawa- The Old and the New

This restaurant was established in 1981 in Kyoto, and it’s famous for its kaiseki-style food, a rare Japanese cuisine. The restaurant is a cultural center for the Japanese people as it has preserved almost all traditional Japanese cooking practices, even after its introduction of French food. Currently, those who visit the restaurant are mostly interested in the French cuisine, a rare opportunity in Japan.


The Misoguigawa- offers an eight-course menu and must be booked in advance. It will only cost you $270 drinks excluded. Its master chef and owner Teruo Inoue is a three Michelin stars award winner and one of the longest-serving chefs in Japan. The place is a perfect destination for people with allergies and those with unique preferences. Reservations are mandatory even for lunch, which must be booked one day in advance.

Aragawa- When You Say Homemade

The Aragawa is the mandatory stops for high-end beef lovers in Tokyo, Japan One of the most amazing things about this restaurant is that it raises its cattle for beef and there are very high selection criteria to decide which cattle are fit for Sandra beef. This is because beef in Japan is usually costly, especially considering its general low quality in the country. It will only cost you $370 for a meal, and those who have visited the restaurant feel that the price is fair considering the nature of services offered and the premium standards.


The restaurant was established in 1986 by Norimasa Nishida, and it has ever since been the perfect destination for meat lovers from all over the world. Its founder and current owner Nishida is also the head chef and has won among other awards three Michelin stars for his remarkable skills in preparing beef. No need to worry if you can’t travel to Tokyo, the restaurant has other sister branches in the United States, South Korea, and a few more in Japan.

Per Se- The American French Laundry

The Per Se restaurant is located in New York, United States of America and is famous for its blue decorated doors. The main entrance earned it the name of French Laundry since it looks like a replica of the famous Napa Valley restaurant. Thomas Keller is the owner and the head chief with 30 years’ experience in the restaurant industry.


The American chef has won three Michelin stars and is known for his unique expertise in the delicacies of both French and American foods. Oysters and pearls are Thomas Keller’s signature and are renown anywhere within the industry. He is believed to be among the few chefs in the world who can make one dish eight times without using the same ingredients twice. $325 is the price tag if you want a taste of either of their two menus which change daily. Even with the exclusive price, it is hard to book a reservation here.

Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee- French Heavyweight Chef

Alain Ducasse decided to stable this restaurant in Paris back in 2014. Initially, the idea was to focus on healthy and environmentally friendly foods which mostly consisted of vegetables, fish, and cereals. These foundations remain, but pastry chef Jessica Prealpato and head chef Romain Meder came in to make the dishes even more outstanding. Their unique skills in preparing fish and cereals have convinced the French people to start thinking of fish, cereals, and vegetable in a whole new way.


Each of the two chefs has won three Michelin stars. It will only cost you $603 to enjoy a full meal with accommodation in this French restaurant – no drinks included. This price is split into three parts, with $52 meant for dessert and $228 for entrée. The rest of the cost goes for accommodation, but it must be paid in advance. Securing a reservation for dining only can be an arduous feat.

SubliMotion- Sci-Fi Cuisine

SubliMotion is the brightest star of Ibiza, Spain and is owned by Paco Roncero who is also the head chef. The restaurant was established in 2014, and it only consists of 12 seats. It offers a 20-course dinner which goes for $2380.


The restaurant becomes even more exclusive when you think that it just opens for the summer season between June 1 and September 30. The Michelin 2-starred chef is among the few chefs in the world who applies molecular gastronomy in preparing meals. After its establishment in 2014, the restaurant was prized as the most innovative restaurant in the world. It offers a series of services to its clients, ranging from culinary entertainment which includes projection mapping and virtual element reality, and laser lights shows. The restaurant is well known for preparing seafood cooked in shells. Another unique feature of the SubliMotionis that guests pick their vegetables, which appear to be growing out of the table.

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal- With the People in Mind

This is one of the most expensive restaurants in London, established in 1996 still one of the most outstanding restaurants in the world. Founder Heston Blumenthal wanted to give ordinary families an exciting experience that many British restaurants did not offer back then.


This restaurant can serve you dinner or lunch irrespective of where you are on the British isle. Huston partnered with Ashley Palmer, who was also a very experienced chef and drafted a unique menu. The primary target for their long menu was to transform the restaurant industry into a better experience for the working class. The two chefs have won various awards including three Michelin stars and recognition from the national restaurant award back in 2016. The restaurant can accommodate all kinds of palates and will only charge $380 per head or $670 for a couple.

Maison Pic- The Taste of Memories

This is one of the oldest restaurants in this list and yet remain one of the best and most expensive in the world. The Maison Pic, located in Valence, Drôme, France, has a long history that started with its establishment back in 1889 by Sophie and Eugene. Ever since it has won three Michelin stars. Currently, the restaurant is owned by Anne Sophie. She’s an impressive woman, one of the only six female chefs to hold and run a five-star restaurant in the whole world.


The restaurant is located in Drome, France, and it will cost you $375 to taste its menu, which comprises of seafood and vegetables. Sophie is known for the emotional quality of her meals, evoking childhood memories, like the pairing of orange blossom and carrots. She gained a long experience traveling across the world, and her services are merely a combination of what she feels is right for her clients. The restaurant offers accommodation and has king beds in well-designed rooms.

Ultraviolet- High Tech Haute Cuisine

This the story of what happens when high-end skills strive for perfection. The Ultraviolet restaurant is located in Shanghai, China and is the world’s best high tech cuisine of all times. It is a favorite for celebrities to hang around and hosts more VIPs in China than any other place.


The restaurant serves a minimum of ten dinners per night with its guests enjoying unique entertainment, scents, simulations, music, and videos depending on their table of choice. Paul Pairet, the head chef, and the restaurant owner have a ten-year experience in the industry but currently, hold no awards. Unlike other restaurants in this list, the Ultraviolet is not characterized by its unique food but rather by the spectacular view of the high tech inside the restaurant. More than 95% of the restaurant’s customer come with the specific purpose of enjoying being in this unique place rather than its good meals. Nevertheless, a dinner in this restaurant goes for as much as $360 per head.

Restaurant Le Meurice-Sisters in the Kitchen

Sister to Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, the restaurant is located in Paris, France and is among (if not the) most expensive restaurants in France. The property is owned by Alain Ducasse and offers one of a kind meals to its clients. Alain Ducasse is also the head chef and has won three Michelin stars for his exemplary work. He is famous for having changed the way French people enjoy fish, cereals, and vegetables. His assistant chefs have also won three Michelin stars.


It will cost you $445 to enjoy a full meal at this French restaurant with no drinks included. If you are not into fish and vegetables, you can enjoy the most beautiful French delicacies, namely cheese, and desserts. This is probably the only difference with her sister restaurant. There are no restrictions on bookings reservations, but it can be hard to secure a spot because of its popularity.

Leijontornet- the Swedish Secret

If you want the most excellent dinner in Sweden, we suggest you try the Leijontornet -This restaurant was established in 2010, and head chef Mikael Einarsson makes sure to serve executive guests personally and prepares the restaurant menu.


The latest version of his menu is characterized by lobster, pigeon, sweetbread, gruyere, and white sturgeon among other first-class specialties. The restaurant is owned by Stockholm Parr, who is also a famous chef and a three Michelin starred owner. He currently holds other business, but this is the most precious stone in his crown. The Leijontornet charges over $300 per head, or higher if you ask for special services. The restaurant owns two Michelin stars despite its high costs. It is one of the easiest in this list to book a reservation for, with a minimum wait of only one week.

The Fat Duck- A fat Cheque

Don’t let the odd name fool you: The Fat Duck is the highest-rated restaurant in Britain and naturally most expensive too. Huston Blumenthal and Jonny Lake are the head chefs and the owners of this luxurious restaurant which has set new standards for the industry in the UK.


It was established in 1995 and awarded three Michelin stars because of its unique dishes. The most impressive thing about Huston is that he learned everything by himself, unlike other chefs who are mentored before flying solo. A good meal in this prestigious restaurant will cost you $300 without including wine prices.

Schloss Schauenstein- Dine Like a King

This unique restaurant of national heritage is located in Fuerstenau, Switzerland and is the most expensive restaurant in the country. The Swiss castle offers different meals with a precise focus on ingredients.


Andreas Caminada is the head chef with over 25 years of experience in the kitchen. His choice of elements combined with his vibrant passion is what makes his meals so outstanding that they earned him six Michelin stars. A plate in this historical scenario will cost you a minimum of $267. The main course includes goat cheese and the famous Swiss sweet maize. The restaurant owner and the head chef Andreas Caminada stated in 2013 that he had shown so much commitment in managing the restaurant because of his respect for the local culture.

Michel Bras Toya- World Class Panoramic Views

The restaurant is located in Hokkaido, Japan and is owned by Michel Bras who is also the head chef of this famous coastal restaurant. The creative chef has been hugely successful in his career winning various medals that include three Michelin stars and other local awards.


His style is described by many as ‘creative’ because of his innovation and imagination in preparing food. He is the first international chef in the world to be associated with edible flowers and herbs. Among other known cosmopolitan recipes, he is known for his biscuits coated with chocolates which probably marked the beginning of his career. The chef also fuses French and Japanese culture to make fabulous meals. A place in his restaurant will cost you $287.

Le Pre Catelan- This Spot

This traditional restaurant was established in 1905 in Paris, France. The restaurant offers a la carte options which have earned it its credit on this list, rather than a ratings-based position. Le Pre Catelan provides three main meals, each charged differently; one is duck foie gras the cheapest of for $117; if you feel like seafood, the lobster with French taste goes for $170; surprisingly, the most expensive plate is dessert, the famous small tart-like lemon that goes for $97.


On average, a whole meal will cost you $265. Frederic Anton is the head chef and founder of the restaurant with over 25 years’ experience in the restaurant industry. He has won local awards and three Michelin stars. The restaurant is also known for its unique interior design, a combination of French and Roman culture.

The French Laundry- The Original Laundry

The restaurant was established in 1978 by Thomas Keller in Yountville, California. This was the first restaurant in the world to enforce a dressing code for customers, requiring all male customers to be in a jacket: should you not show up with the one you will not be granted access. This restaurant was the first significant establishment for Thomas Keller who later established Per Se as a sister restaurant in New York.


Three stars winner Thomas Keller has been the head chef since the beginning, aided by an entourage of experienced chefs. This restaurant specializes in French meals with American influence. The restaurant menu surprises its patrons with daily and seasonal changes, based on both the customers and chef’s requirements. The principal assistant chef David Breeden is also a three Michelin stars award winner and his presence in the restaurant has attracted as many customers as Thomas Keller’s. A plate of French dishes in this restaurant will cost you not less than $250 – no drinks or tax included.

Urasawa – In for a Bargain

Urasawa was established in 2003 in the exclusive location of Beverly Hills, California, by Hiroyuki Urasawa who is also the head chef of the famous restaurant. Urasawa is a highly experienced chef and was also a former understudy for Masa Takayama who is also a prominent chef.


Urasawa has won three Michelin stars and offers an impressive 30-course menu. This restaurant was once the second most expensive restaurants in the world at charging $1,111 per meal, but due to the industry’s fierce competition, its prices have gone down to only $395 per head without drinks. In 2014, the restaurant was praised by the New York Times as the best Japanese restaurant in California, but the race is brutal. The restaurant preserves Japanese culture, and many refer to it as a Japanese shrine because of the feeling one experiences when inside.

Varvary -Russian Quality

This restaurant was established by Anatoly Komm, who has been the head chef ever since. He established this restaurant as a way of fulfilling his passion for cooking even if he was not a professional cook. He later hired qualified chefs who trained him for the business, and now despite his a geophysics education, he is also an internationally recognized chef. This is the best and most expensive restaurant in Moscow and among the most costly in the world.


If quality is what you’re after, no place in Russia can offer better food than the Varvary. The restaurant was awarded three Michelin stars in 2016 and boasts other local awards. This exceptional meal will cost you $270 excluding wine and drinks. The restaurant also offers one of the most extensive wine lists in the world. Amazingly, the menu includes a variety of meals and has no specific offer for its customers. If you want to visit this restaurant, kindly book at least two weeks ahead.

The restaurant at Meadowood- Born in the USA

Head chef Chris Kostow was behind the foundation of the Meadowood. The restaurant is located at St. Helena in California and is famous for its state of the art kitchen equipment which has become an attraction for many. It is known for its excellent counter that accommodates five chefs.


The Meadowood is highly in demand and does not allow reservations for more than two people, which should be made two weeks prior. The restaurant offers purely American dishes, but special requests can be placed during reservations. The price is set at $225 per head without including drinks, a fair bill for sharing the spot with celebrities and new couples in town – the main portion of its customers. It is also considered to be a perfect place for those who want to have a real American dining experience.

De Librije- Dutch Love

This restaurant was established in 1992 and is owned by fantastic couple Jonnie and Therese.  Husband Jonnie is the chief chef with ten-year experience in the restaurant industry under his belt, and his wife Therese if the host.


You can find them in Zwolle, Netherlands and theirs is the most expensive restaurant in the country and among the best and most expensive luxury restaurant experiences in the world. The couple has managed to earn three Michelin stars on top of various local awards and accolades. They will only charge you $225 per meal without drinks. Bookings have to be made at least two weeks prior for dinner and at least a day before for lunch. It offers sweetbreads, cheese, and pigeon among other unique meals for its customers.

Restaurant Paul Bocuse- Rumors Have It

This is a three Michelin star-rated restaurant and one of the oldest in France. The restaurant was established in 1965 by Paul Bocuse who was the chief chef until January 2018, when he, unfortunately, passed away.


The restaurant does well in seafood, as it would be expected in France. Since his death, Jerome Bocuse’s brother took over as the chief chef. The restaurant charges $210 per plate without wine. Some critics feel that the restaurant is overrated and even that Paul Bocuse used to favor and date some patrons to receive outstanding reviews. This allegation, however, has never been made public by any seriously concerned party.

Lotte Restaurant- Fusion Cuisine in the Heart of Moscow

This restaurant is located in Moscow, Russia and is owned by a South Korean Lotte Restaurants and Resort investment group. The restaurant was established in 2010 and ever since it has elevated to a five-star restaurant.


The restaurant specializes in French and Japanese food, and that is what makes it unique. It is one of the very few restaurants in Russia to prepare seafood also thanks to the presence of foreign chefs. The restaurants chief chef Chen Kenichi well-equipped in preparing Japanese and French meals and is also able to multitask: he takes orders and serves the quest himself. Dinner here will cost you $200 for a plate without drinks. The restaurant has other unique facilities that make it comfortable for guests who wish to spend the night in Moscow. It is a popular destination for foreigners, especially from the Middle East.

Restaurant Pic- The Beauty of Simplicity

This restaurant is owned and managed by female chef Sophie Anne, who got her traditional training from her grandmother more than 20 years ago. She is among the few ladies in the world with three Michelin stars and owners of such big establishments.


The hostel was established by Sophie Anne and her husband, who designed the beautiful interiors the luxurious restaurant charges around $190 for a plate without wine and tax. Sophie Anne is the main chef and serves meals directly to her customers. Initially, the restaurant was known for mushroom soup, coffee, and other spiced meals, but after revamping its menu, it now includes more sophisticated meals like seafood. Nevertheless, you will not find complicated menus here like elsewhere on this list: Sophie Anne loves simple meals like tomato dish which is one of her customers’ favorite.   The restaurant was established in 1994 and ever since it has remained to be one of the most expensive restaurants in France.

Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester- In For the Wine

Joyce Herland is the executive head chef in this restaurant; a position gained thanks to her level of experience and creativity in the food industry. The restaurant is a sister to the more expensive Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athenee in Paris.


The restaurant attracts equal attention and respect like though, thanks to its founder and three Michelin stars award-winner Alain Ducasse. The restaurant offers six different seasonal tasting menus with each going for over $180 per head. This cost is not inclusive of tax and drinks, which can be pricey here. The restaurant offers the best wine pairing in the whole of Paris and is an ideal destination for wine lovers, famous especially among celebrities. It is also known for Dorset crabs and confit duck foie gras. Joyce Herland has been awarded three Michelin stars among other continental and local awards for her work.

Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare- Keyword: Secrecy

This seafood palace was established in 2009 in New York City, United States. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 18 guests and is one of the busiest restaurants in New York. It majors in seafood-centric which is a rare delicacy, especially among big restaurants.


The restaurant has three Michelin stars, and it was the first ever to receive them outside Manhattan. The founder and chief chef of the restaurant Cesar Ramirez is among the best when it comes to seafood. Initially, the restaurant did not allow its guests to take notes, pictures, or receiving phones calls while inside. This drew much attention to the authorities, and the restrictions were dropped. The restaurant now charges a minimum of $39,436 for a table of 20 people and an extra $60 for wine. The main food in the restaurant is shellfish and other leading seafood. Up until 2017, customers had to wait for up to 6 weeks to be able to book a reservation. Regulars say that the food is unique especially considering the use of Japanese ingredients.

Beige- How do you say ‘Chanel’ in Japanese?

This is the latest establishments of Alain Ducasse which sees a fusion between Japanese and French styles. The restaurant is located in Tokyo, Japan and it is among the few international restaurants to feature French-Japanese foods. The dishes are prepared using Japanese ingredients but French cooking methods.


Kei Kojima is the head chef and a three Michelin stars award-winner, highly experienced in both Japanese and French food. The most commonly prepared meals in this restaurant include pan-fried black truffle, mushrooms and other Japanese and French cuisines. It will only cost you $190. The restaurant is a collaboration between Alain and Chanel, but Alain owns more than 60% shares as the establisher of the restaurant. Nevertheless, the restaurant logo belongs to Chanel.

Restaurant Gordon Ramsay- The TV Star

This is one of the busiest and most famous restaurants in London and requires you to make a three-month booking. The restaurant was established by Gordon Ramsay in 1998, and he still works here as one of the assistant chefs. Matt Abe is the chief chef and a professional in French cuisine which is the restaurant’s favorite. It has a sitting capacity of 45 and only accepts customers who are dressed in smart business code.


The celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, famous for many reality shows in Britain and abroad, is the owner of the restaurant and was the first Scottish chef to win three Michelin stars in 2001. Other than French meals the restaurant also offers lobster. The restaurant has received criticism and praise at equal measures with its most prominent critic being its closest competitor Hardens restaurant. A plate in this restaurant will cost you not less than $180, drinks and tax are not included.

La Pergola- The Best in Italy

It may surprise you, but this is the only restaurant in Rome that can boast three Michelin stars. The Italian restaurant is the most suitable for foreigners because of its accommodating menu which features seafood and other internationally celebrated meals like cheese.


It is the most expensive restaurant in Italy and has over 60 wine choices for its customers which also happens to be the broadest wine choice offered in Rome. The restaurant charges up to $180 depending on the customer’s choice. La Pergola was established in 1998, and Heinz Beck is its current chef. Despite being experienced in seafood, Heinz Beck is a creative professional and award winner of three Michelin stars. He is experienced in ingredient selection, Mediterranean traditional, as well as Italian flavors.

Lorenz Adlon- A Taste of Berlin

This restaurant was established by Lorenz Aldon and is located in Germany’s capital, Berlin. Its main chef is Hendrik Otto who is one of Europe’s finest chefs and probably the most experienced.


The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin stars and is known for its fine European cuisines which makes it the best restaurant in Germany. It is a popular destination among celebrities and high profile politicians in Germany. Just like any other restaurant on this list, Lorenz Adlon crafts outstanding, incredible meals for its customers. Top of its menu is pork, and wild rice followed by glazed Roscoff onions and salted lime caramel. This restaurant charges $179 per plate without wine. The restaurant is part of the Kempinski group and the best to be owned by the group.

The Twelve Apostles- A Meal With a View

This restaurant is located in Cape Town, South Africa and is one of the best restaurants in Africa. The meals are handled by Chinese chef Kwon Cheung who entertains his guests with a variety of meals ranging from classic Chinese meals to seafood.


The restaurant offers the best view of the Indian Ocean, and many believe a visit to South Africa is not complete until you spend a night in this five-star restaurant. The restaurant’s panoramic view is what attracts customers to this luxurious location, but the meals are also unique. The Twelve Apostles will charge you $176 per meal without counting wine. The restaurant also offers African dishes, and you can be provided with a full English breakfast if that is what you desire.

Coi- A Visit Into the Past

Sourcing and choice of ingredients are probably what makes Coi an expensive destination for its customers. This is San Francisco’s most exceptional and among the most expensive restaurants in the word. Daniel Paterson is the head chef with over 15 years of experience and two Michelin stars.


The restaurant accommodates casual patrons and the business class separately. This restaurant will remind you of the old days because of its interior design which makes its customers enjoy an evocative experience. The restaurant charges $165 per person for a taste of its 12 courses. Seafood like lobster and meaty crab are top of the menu.

Krug Room- A Chinese Secret Room

Uwe Opocensky is the man running the show as the chief chef and establisher of this Chinese restaurant. The restaurant is located in Hong Kong, China and is famous for its ingredients which have earned it its reputation worldwide. Uwe was awarded three Michelin stars in 2014 for his confidence in working with different ingredients.


The restaurant focuses on Chinese food and uses common ingredients like tomato, tinned, and Hamachi among others. This restaurant will charge you $160 per meal with drinks and tax not included. The restaurant can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests at a time, and you will have to pass through another restaurant for you to access Krug Room.

Beefsteak Kawamura – Everything Tastes Better With a Touch of Kindness

This is one of the few multiple award-winning restaurants in Japan and is famous for Kobe beef. It is located in Tokyo, Japan and is a paradise for beef lovers especially those who consider quality as a priority.

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In 2016, it was recognized as one of the best restaurants in the world. This restaurant is praised by many for having the most polite staff you can imagine, who have a real passion for their work. The staff takes the guest through the restaurant menu as the chief chef Yikomisha prepares the meals. Tasting its menu will cost you $160 without drinks.

RyuGin- Proudly Japanese

This is the most beautiful restaurant in Hong Kong and among the most expensive in the world. The restaurant name means Japanese cuisine, and it is not a mystery that it specializes in Japanese foods. The restaurant menu continually changes even up to three times a day, depending on the season.


The RyuGin was established in 2003 by Nihonryori, who applied the cutting-edge techniques of the time in for what concerns design. Yamamoto who is the main chef was trained by Hirohisa Koyama and later awarded two Michelin stars for his exemplary work. Seafood and other French delicacies are the specialties of this restaurant menu. A good seafood meal in this restaurant will cost you $150, and it is a perfect destination for celebrities and politicians who visit Hong Kong.