Bon Appetit. Weirdest Delicacies from Each State

“There Ain’t No Such Thing as Wrong Food”

It’s time to take a trip around the country and delve into all the most bizarre foods our kind of species like to chow down. The world is full of sumptuous dishes that would appease any food lover out there. However, how daring would you have to be when it comes to certain town delicacies that you couldn’t find on a menu at just any restaurant?

Octopus hot dog
The octopus hot dog at Brothers and Sisters (1770 Euclid St., NW). Photograph by Scott Suchman

Would you like to challenge your palate a bit? There is an entire country full of bizarre foods out there to sample. Here are some of the weirdest and most intriguing dishes from all corners of the country. Although they may not appear to be at all appealing, you’d be surprised at just how creative some of these dishes genuinely are. We’ve compiled a list of the 50 grossest or weirdest dishes from across the country that will really make you wonder.

Ambrosia Salad – Alabama

The word ‘ambrosia’ means delicious or fragrant. This dish contains the following: Heavy cream, sugar, sour cream, homemade mini marshmallows, clementine orange segments, fresh pineapple, coconut, toasted pecans, and maraschino cherries.

Ambrosia salad
Ambrosia Salad. Source: Pinterest

For a lot of Southerners, this ambrosia salad is a dish that’s often associated with holidays, grandmothers and aunts. Occasionally it gets a bad rap along with a fruitcake, but if prepared correctly, it can be light and delicious.

Akutaq – Alaska

Traditional Eskimo Ice-cream: Akutaq is made from reindeer, caribou, or moose fat (back fat), animal oil (seal, walrus, or whale), divided, 2 cups loose snow, berries (blueberries, cloudberries, cranberries, salmonberries, or blackberries)

Akutaq dessert
Akutaq. Source: Shutterstock

Modern Eskimo Ice-cream: solid vegetable shortening, sugar, water or berry juice or snow, berries (blueberries, cloudberries, cranberries, salmonberries, or blackberries). There you have it. No spices needed, no cooking what-so-ever, all raw. So if you’re into the whole raw food diet, this dish might be for you.

Sonoran Dog – Arizona

The Sonoran dog originated from the capital of the Mexican state of Sonora, hence the name, in the late 1980s. The ingredients are of a sausage wrapped in grilled bacon, bolillo bun, pinto beans, tomatoes, onions, and other condiments (mayonnaise, mustard, and jalapeño salsa)

Arizona – Sonoran hotdog
Sonoran Dog. Source: Pinterest

People from south Arizona seem to enjoy these hotdogs. You may find one of these Sonoran hotdogs at a stand on the side of a street. It’s nothing to fancy, but we’ve heard that it can be quite enjoyable. What are your thoughts on this one?

Fried Fruit Pies

The ingredients are dried apricots, white sugar, butter, ground cinnamon, pie crusts, vegetable oil, confectioners’ sugar, and water. These ingredients get deep-fried in the end.

Fried fruit pies
Fried Fruit Pie. Source: YouTube

This fried pie can occasionally be found next to a cash register at convenience stores. I won’t say that this is the healthiest dish for you, but if it has caught your interest, go for it and give it a try. Not only are the best of these delights fried in lard which is pig’s fat. The regular fried pie contains about 275 to 400 calories.

In-N-Out Burger – California

According to many, this burger joint isn’t on everyone’s ‘what should we eat’ option list. Apparently, whenever you don’t enjoy your meal, the burger tastes weird and the chips taste awful, their go-to response is ‘you ordered it wrong.’

In-N-Out burgers
In-N-Out Burger. Source: Pinterest

One thing I’m not quite sure I understand is if people refer to this franchise as “a cult that started back in 1948,” yet has so many chains around the country, could it be that awful? I’m a vegetarian, so I wouldn’t know. You go on and have a try, get back to us and let us know what you think.

Shredded Wheat – Colorado

Well, I have to say that shredded wheat is far from disturbing, there are definitely more bizarre dishes that could have taken this spot on our list, but this goes out to the person who decided to make a cereal made out of wheat, it tastes like cardboard, unfortunately.

Shredded Wheat
Shredded Wheat. Source:

Shredded wheat was invented by a lawyer back in 1890. His name was Henry Perky. In the beginning, a doctor said to use the ‘wheat pillows’ as soup croutons because it tasted like “eating a whisk broom.” Now, let’s just listen to the doctor; he knows what he’s talking about.

Steamed Cheeseburger – Connecticut

Now, I can’t think of one reason why a steamed cheeseburger should exist, but maybe this ‘creator’ had different ideas of his own, as to why this should be happening. The steamed burger is believed to have been invented in either the 1920s or the 1930s.

steamed cheeseburger
Steamed cheeseburger. Source:

There is a theory as to what sparked the lovely idea of a steamed burger in the 1920s. Steaming food was, of course, the healthier alternative to frying the burgers and steamed food was way easier to digest than fried foods.

Frozen Custard – Delaware

Frozen custard is a cold dessert. It appears to be very similar to ice-cream. The difference between the two is the custard is made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar. It’s kept at a warmer temperature compared to ice cream and has a denser consistency.

Frozen Custard

At a World Fair in 1933, in Chicago, a custard stand introduced a dessert to a broad audience. Following the fair, the dessert spread throughout the Midwest; Wisconsin and Milwaukee.

Boiled Peanuts – Florida

Now, I have nothing against peanuts at all. I like them roasted too. They can be quiet delicious. But here we have boiled peanuts? I honestly don’t think there is a single thing that could drive me to eat this.

Boiled Peanuts
Source: Pinterest

Eating boiled peanuts was discovered by enslaved people from West Africa. It was a delicacy. Boiled peanuts are now symbols of Southern culture and cuisine.

Peanuts in Coke – Georgia

How did this happen? Well, I would imagine that one day some guys were sitting at a bar after sipping on some drinks and peanuts and thought, “Why do we need to digest these two substances separately, why not just put them together?” Well, that’s just nuts.


Apparently, this trend originated in the 1920s. Workers had filthy hands. They didn’t want to touch the peanuts, so they improvised and simply tossed them in the coke. I guess that makes sense, but it became a food trend of the 1920s.

Spam Musubi – Hawaii

Spam musubi is a seemingly popular snack or lunch food in Hawaii. It’s composed of a slice of grilled Spam on top of rice, wrapped together with nori in the tradition of Japanese musubi.

Spam musubi
Source: Pinterest

If eating as a samurai has always been a secret desire of yours, consider the powerful musubi. I guess this is a weird subject; you either are intrigued by the idea of spam musubi or utterly repulsed. How do you feel about it?

Ice-cream Potato – Idaho

Well, first of all, the most important thing to know about this dessert is that there are actually no real potatoes involved in this dish. This is a stunt. It’s supposed to be creative and fun.

Ice-cream potato

Even though it’s not real and the ingredients sound good, the brain wins here. I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to eat this ‘potato look-a-like.’ The dish is ice-cream simply rolled in cocoa powder, topped with sour cream (it’s actually whipped cream), then it’s drowned in chocolate sauce.

Chicago Hot Dogs – Illinois

Being a vegetarian, I would like to add that if there was anything that could ever make me slip up, it would probably be for a hotdog. I absolutely love hotdogs!

Chicago Hotdogs
Source: Shutterstock

The Chicago hotdog is said to be “dragged through the garden” because of its many toppings. The Chicago hotdog was inspired by the “Depression Sandwich,” which says enough.

Brain Sandwiches – Indiana

Once upon a time before Mad Cow Disease changed ‘beef lovers’ lives as we know it, chefs prepared this brain dish using a cow’s brain. Now, they’ve been forced to find an alternative and switch to pig brains instead.

Brain sandwich

These sandwiches are found particularly in the South of Indiana in and close by Evansville to dine on some brain. Of course, you may add as many toppings as you please, but when you get that bite of something mushy, don’t be mistaken, it’s cerebrum.

Friend Butter – Iowa

This makes me think that someone was probably bored at home and thinking for ‘butter hacks,’ and this is where it manifested from. To me, this sounds disastrous, but friend butter isn’t a new concept.

Fried butter

You can simply prepare this extremely unhealthy dish by simply putting a stick in a block of butter, dipping it in cinnamon honey batter and then deep fry it. There you have it folks, a new sugary and extremely bad dessert for you.

Hamburger Casserole – Kansas

Kansas is a very unpopular state. If you don’t know where it is, you can simply follow the yellow brick road. Well, one thing is for certain, this is kind of like minced pasta, correct?

Hamburger casserole
Source: Pinterest

According to some who have tried this dish, they said it wasn’t so bad. It sounds a lot worse than what it really is. The dish contains skinny egg noodles, garlic, ground beef, butter, tomato sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, ricotta cheese/ cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, onion, green pepper, and cheddar cheese.

Lamb Fries – Kentucky

This is not for the faint-hearted. These would be good if they were fries, but they’re not. They are testicles. Yes, you read that right. There are certain parts of animals that probably shouldn’t be ingested.

Lamb testicles fries

This brings me little joy to describe, but here goes nothing. The ‘lamb fries’ are parboiled, sliced in half, and then submerged into boiling oil. (Taking a deep breath). After being boiled, they are served in a gravy. Apparently, this is a traditional dish.

Nutria – Louisiana

Bear with me here. If you couldn’t handle the previous dish, it’s probably best that you skip this one. This is nothing like eating frog legs or guinea pig. This is just a big ‘NO’ on many different levels.

Source: Pinterest

This is a gigantic, orange-toothed river rat. How do us humans get these kinds of ideas to eat so many different kinds of ‘roadkill species?’ Excuse me if that wasn’t a nice phrase, but it’s true.

Tomalley – Maine

If you think of the food Maine has bestowed upon many, you are most likely to know it’s mostly lobster. Let’s give a cold welcome to the Tomalley dish, lobster’s internal organs.

Source: Pinterest

If you would like to get technical about the details, it’s the liver and the pancreas of the lobster. Marine Resources indicated that there is a presence of high-level paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins in some of the tomalley dishes, caused by the lobsters.

Stuffed Ham – Maryland

I thought I would add something a little more subtle after the last two dishes. If you are wondering what stuffed ham is, you are not alone in your confusion, although it’s a very simple concept.

Stuffed ham

This meal is simply boiled hammock which is stuffed aggressively with cabbage and greens. The ham then gets wrapped in cheesecloth and broiled. People in Maryland seem to enjoy this dish.

Boston Baked Beans – Massachusetts

A long time ago, Native Americans used to make cornbread aside baked beans. At the Plymouth Colony, the pilgrims learned these recipes back in the 1620s. It is said that it was them to have discovered adding barley to cornmeal to invent brown bread.

Boston baked beans
Source: Pinterest

Anyway, I know baked beans are not considered to be too awful; it’s a very 50/50 situation. You either love it or hate it. In those days, molasses was added to their original baked bean recipe, with time, that becomes the new way to serve the meal, creating Boston Baked Beans.

Michigan Pasty – Michigan

To be honest, I have tried something of a sort in another country, of course, it is different, but it was delicious. This sounds terrible and flavorless. This dish was initially a good idea for a mine worker to take inside the mine for a 12-hour shift.

Michigan pasty
Source: Shutterstock

Unfortunately, not a lot of effort and creativity has gone into this pasty. However, this dish is with beef, potatoes, salt, and pepper. Maybe if they made the pastry crust a bit fluffier or added extra garnishing to the mix, it could be delicious.

Hotdish – Minnesota

Well, well, what do we have here? This dish dates back to when farmwives would feed their family and congregation in the basement of Minnesota churches. Many families still serve this meal and apparently it goes well alongside a potato salad, coleslaw, and Jello salad.

short description of the photo’s content

This dish usually contains starch meat which is usually ground beef, and then you mix that with canned soup. The sought after soup for this dish is usually mushroom cream.

Koolickle – Mississippi

Down in the south of Mississippi, they created the Koolickle. Koolickle stands for a pickle soaked in Kool-Aid. It’s about time someone out there put their pickle inside Kool-Aid, and no, get your mind out of the gutter. Okay, we will elaborate a little bit more on this matter.


Look, I highly dislike pickles, so I am trying to refrain from having an opinion here. Would you like to make your own Koolickle? All you need is a gallon of dill pickles, two packets of Kool-Aid and about a pound of sugar. Of course, the flavor is entirely up to you.

Louis Pizza – Missouri

While many of us like to think of salmon or steaks as a delicacy, some consider this concoction a delicacy. We will let you read and see the ingredients below, you be the judge.

Louis Pizza
Source: Shutterstock

Take a Ritz cracker, apply sweet tomato sauce, add processed cheese, cut the pizza into squares (how could you fold crackers?), then you’re done. People seem to be pretty proud of this concoction.

Pemmican – Montana

The Pemmican dish is known as a concentrated mixture of protein and fat, which is used as a nutritious food. Well, that just sounds like a dish I wouldn’t dream of eating.

Source: Pinterest

The reasoning behind this creation was to provide fur traders and European explorers with a nutrient-rich snack. This was classed as a delicacy. Now history is cool, but it’s 2019?

Hot Beef Sundae – Nebraska

This dish I extremely simple, it’s made from mashed potatoes, you add beef and gravy on it, and there you have it, your dish is ready. Well, thoughts on this one?? It’s really simple, it doesn’t sound like the worst thing on earth, but it certainly shouldn’t be considered a dessert.

Hot beef sundae

I understand why they would refer to this dish as a sundae because the potatoes resemble the ice-cream, the roast beef as the chocolate, it’s topped with gravy which resembles the caramel and the cheery on top.

Buffets – Nevada

What is the greatest way to satisfy a group of drunk people? The best thing that’s known to man when you are in quite the fragile state? Yes, an all-you-can-eat buffet but then again, pretty much everything goes.

Source: Pinterest

So according to some, when you go to enjoy a nice buffet meal, they serve dishes that shouldn’t be served on the same plate. For example, caviar, which is right next to the noodle salad, which is next to mashed potatoes.

Boiled Dinner – New Hampshire

Okay, so here we have a state that really enjoys boiled food. From boiled cabbage to boiled ham, vegetables and anything else you can think of, yes it gets boiled. Let me emphasize a bit more on the name ‘boiled dinner.’

short description of the photo’s content

If you prepare all your food for the meal before you start cooking, naturally, you would start diving the different ingredients by cooking some in the oven, others in a pan or pot. But not in New Hampshire, they take all the ingredients in one pot and boil them together.

Pork Roll – New Jersey

Pork roll is also widely known as Taylor Ham, which is named after its creator, John Taylor, 1856. The pork roll is a very salty and fatty processed kind of meat roll, like bologna or even spam.

Pork roll

This dish is eaten mostly as a ‘balanced’ Jersey breakfast, eggs, fried pork roll with cheese on a hard roll bread, Kaiser. The roll is processed pork made with a mix of salt, spices, preservatives, and sugar cure that gets smoked before being packaged.

Green Chile Sundae

Depending on where you are from, everyone refers to chili peppers differently, chili pepper’, chili pepper, or chile pepper. Take your pick!

Green chili sundae

If you are not aware, New Mexicans absolutely love their green chilies, on everything. There are dishes green chilies should never touch. Ice-cream topped with chili, anyone?

Rochester Garbage Plate – New York

You probably know that New York encompasses Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan, but there is another section up at the tip of New York, Rochester. Upstate New York is basically very different from what you have in mind about NYC.

Rochester garbage plate
Source: Pinterest

This garbage plate consists of a pile of meat, baked beans, fries, Italian meats, and so on. Apparently, it started when a college student came to Nick Tahou Hots and said, “I would like a plate with all the garbage on it.” He got exactly what he asked for, cheeseburger, grilled cheese, eggs, home fries, black beans and I’m sure there was more.

Livermush – North Carolina

Well, the name itself kind of steers you away from this delicacy. As weird as it sounds, it is becoming a popular dish which can be served for breakfast lunch and supper. It has also made its way into different meals preparation ingredients.

Source: Pinterest

This meal is composed of pig liver, brain parts, and cornmeal. This meal can be spiced with pepper and sage. This dish isn’t exactly like liver pudding; livermush is much coarser in texture.

Lutefisk – North Dakota

When it comes to survival in life, there are things you need to be aware of, there are things you don’t ever touch, and we know that it’s just common sense. If you soaked fish in lye for a whole week, you probably should avoid eating it afterward.

Source: Shutterstock

As you can see in the picture above, the consistency of this dish is jelly, but there isn’t jelly, it’s just fish. This is the gelatinous end product of white fish. I’m sorry but this just makes me go to the land of unicorns and butterflies in my mind. Breath in, breath out.

Cincinnati Chili – Ohio

Well, when you hear the name of this dish and have a look at the picture, this sounds and looks great, it reminds me of my grandmothers famous ‘Val’s Spaghetti,’ but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Cincinnati Chili - Ohio
Source: Imgur

The Cincinnati chili is liquid meat that’s been soaked in cinnamon and thrown over noodles, topped with a mountain of cheese. Cinnamon mince on noodles? I don’t know folks, what do you think?

Fried Okra – Oklahoma

Well, I feel that so many people have such a strong opinion on this topic of food, no matter what you do to Okra to make it edible, so many people reject the idea!

short description of the photo’s content

I’m sorry for those of you who actually like it, but there are a lot of us that can’t bring ourselves to understand the good in okras. But let’s be honest for a second, doesn’t okra look like something you would give to someone you’d like to punish?

Savory Ice-cream – Oregon

Well, well, what do we have here? Meet the savory ice-cream, which could probably make your jaw hit the floor in 0.01 seconds. It’s not as innocent as it looks and sounds.

Savory ice-cream

The ice-cream is made from ham flavored soft serve, bone marrow milkshake, tomato water, olive oil sherbet and last but not least, ice-cream with turkey brittle. The only way I see anyone eating this dish is while listening to the song, ‘I’m on a highway to hell.’

Primanti Brothers Sandwiches – Pennsylvania

Pennsylvanians pride themselves in their sandwiches. The idea of throwing fries on a sandwich sounds a bit odd, but throwing fries on a burger works well, really well in fact, but something went wrong here.

Primanti Brothers Sandwiches
Source: Shutterstock

According to many, having warm chips in a salad-sandwich then cling wrapped isn’t the most appealing meal to dive into. Well, I can kind of get that. I won’t be rushing to enjoy a chip salad sandwich.

Stuffed Quahogs – Rhode Island

Stuffed clams don’t sound like the most dreadful thing in the world, but this one is dedicated to what we see. They say you eat with your eyes, correct?

Stuffed Quahogs
Source: Pinterest

I can sort of smell the food from looking at this picture. Stuffed clams seem to be quite popular in Rode Island. The clam consists of breadcrumbs and a minced clam mixture that gets baked. There are many different ingredients you can add to this meal.

Fried Pig Ears – South Carolina

I think it’s no secret that Americans love pork. People enjoy many parts of a pig that can be turned into a dish. My question is, who looked at a pig’s ears and thought, well those look tasty?

Fried pig ears

We truly want to love South Carolina, we do, they gave us shrimp and grits, but this kind of takes things too far. That’s just not right.

Chislic – South Dakota

This is about the simplicity of this dish. There isn’t much wrong or weird about this dish, just that it’s a very simple wish which is considered a delicacy.


I’m guessing the kabab was a little too ethnic, so they made this meal, super greasy dice sized chunks of mean on toothpicks. No judgment, I guess its different strokes for different folks.

Chitterlings – Tennessee

If you are tongue-tied, you pronounce the word as ‘chitlins.’ I hope you are ready for this next dish, brace yourself. By looking at the picture, can you tell what that is?

Source: Pinterest

Look, it isn’t a crime to eat intestines considering we enjoy hotdogs. But there is something so uncomforting about seeing a dish that contains actual intestines which are still intact. I mean, at least disguise the intestines! I’m guessing this meal doesn’t receive a lot of Instagram credit.

Frito Pie – Texas

This pie has a few names, such as Texas straw hat, walking taco and stomach grenade. This meal is affordable, heart-filled and pretty unhealthy for you.

Frito Pie
Source: Shutterstock

This Frito Pie consists of bold chilies, very crunchy corn chips, thick creamy cheese, and bracing onions. This dish started out as a ‘high school sports meal’ and now has turned into a delicacy throughout Texas.

Jell-O Salad – Utah

If you have ever dreamed about going back in time to the past, all you need to do is make your way Utah. People from Utah absolutely love Jell-O, they love gelatinous deserts so much, and they even have a Jell-O themed week in the year.

Jell-O salad
Source: Pinterest

Utah culture is tied to Mormon culture with a whopping 62% of the state’s population who are members of the Church. What a good way to save money by making Jell-O dishes that feed all the churchgoers.

Raw Milk – Vermont

Drinking raw milk stems from everyone’s childhood, of course. A lot of people do indeed judge quite harshly on the idea of grownups drinking raw milk. I have to admit; I actually enjoy a warm glass of milk from time to time; it helps me sleep well.

Raw milk
Source: Pinterest

Milk is a highly nutritious food that provides proteins, minerals, vitamins, and fatty acids. However, there have been ongoing studies regarding the consumption of milk. Many believe that all the healthy nutrients in the milk are eliminated when going through the pasteurization process.

Brunswick Stew – Virginia

Well, this is basically a bowl of shredded chicken and overcooked veggies drowning in broth. The original dish had squirrel instead of chicken. Isn’t that a treat? Have I caught your interest one this one?

Brunswick stew
Source: Pinterest / WhatWe’reEating

In the past, people had to resort to the ingredients they had available to them, hence the squirrel stew. I guess old habits die hard. You can take a hunter out the bush but you can’t take the bush out of the hunter.

Green Tea and Pea Soup – Washington

Well, I think you get the idea of how weird this meal is. I mean, pea soup is something people are familiar with, right? Many people might enjoy it. Well DC decided to add a twist to it.

Green tea and pea soup

Dc’s specialty is green tea and pea soup combined together, doesn’t that sound awful? Why would anyone do something like that? I wouldn’t eat that even if I was paid to.

Fried Squirrel – West Virginia

There isn’t much to say about this. This dish of a fried squirrel is served for breakfast, lunch, and supper. ‘Wonderful and wide,’ she says sarcastically.

Fried squirrel
Source: Pinterest

Can you just imagine opening your eyes in the morning, taking that first deep breath of fresh air, sitting down at the table for breakfast and then you are served squirrel for breakfast? What would you like that with, a cup of coffee or a shot of tequila?

Beer Cheese Soup – Wisconsin

Well, without a doubt, this sounds really nasty. According to many, chefs around the world have tried to work on this recipe and turn it into something, but it’s not so great.

Beer Cheese Soup
Source: Pinterest

Oh and it gets a bit worse with this meal, it’s a beer and cheese soup! Cheese is questionable when it comes to being in soup. I wouldn’t recommend this dish, ever.