13 Photos That Describe Every Foodie’s Worst Nightmare, and Then, the Picture’s That’ll Soothe Their Soul

Cos not everything can be caviar and south patch!

Food lovers are always excited to try new dishes and expand their palate. However, what we have today is every foodie’s worst nightmare. In this post, we have compiled 13 stomach-churning pictures of food that’ll gross you out. The worst part – these dishes actually existed at some point – for real!

But on the bright side, we’ve also added pictures of some lip-smacking foods to soothe your soul and to ensure that you don’t lose your appetite altogether.

Dig in – You might as well enjoy exploring this post.

1. Did anyone order a Popsicle?

Oh! Did we mention the flavor? Well, today’s special includes frozen pork, beans, and ketchup popsicle. We for sure wouldn’t dare to taste this not-so-yummy popsicle even on the hottest summer day. And, we believe you too would prefer getting dehydrating to taking a bite of this meat and ketchup popsicle.


However, it doesn’t stop us from wondering who would have come up with this uniquely disturbing flavor. We are pretty sure he doesn’t like popsicles one bit, and this was his strategy to ruin them for all the others.

2. Birthday Cake Freezer Pops

On the other hand, these divine cake pops are just the kind of sweet indulgence that we fancy.


These cake popsicles are not just delicious looking, but taste really rich, creamy and pure goodness. Plus, these delights are just perfect for a hot summer day.

3. Not-so-comforting Mac and Cheese

Macaroni and cheese is a match made in heaven. A classic comfort food which is easy to make, even for someone who’s not quite skilled in cooking. This soul-warming comfort food is something we’ve all had growing up and will always crave when feeling nostalgic, low or lazy. We never thought anyone could ruin Mac and cheese. Well, at least not until we came across this photo.


Who so ever is serving this Mac and Cheese should most definitely shut down their restaurant and quit cooking, while there’s still time. Who knows how an angry food lover who is served this pathetic excuse for mac and cheese will react.

4. But this perfect sunny-side-up eggs.

The angels of haven bless the cooks for making such a soothing eye omelet. It looks like two orange eyes filled with joy looking at us and eliminating the effect the weird Mac and cheese dish had on our brains.


We never even though of such perfection that too in an omelet.  It can easily make anyone feel hungry, and I bet even a vegetarian can’t resist this dish.

5. Uh oh! Spaghetti-Os and Weiners

Chefs always try to experiment with different flavors to create new delicacies. But the chef who invented this recipe called Retro Spaghetti-O Jello didn’t realize that the combination isn’t exactly harmonious. The recipe calls for unflavoured gelatine, water, condensed tomato soup and of course spaghetti O’s and Vienna sausages.


Do you know what’s interesting? Apparently, the recipe was quite popular among the kids back in the day and briefly witnessed a resurgence in 2017 when it was rediscovered, and the internet made it viral. We are pretty sure no one wants to try this recipe. Literally NO ONE.

6. The rise of the spaghetti O’s

We all can criticize the Spaghetti O’s for the weird yet famous combo, or we can enjoy this tasty dish from the same source. The spaghetti dipped in red sauce and sprinkled cheese can easily fill anyone’s mouth with water, and heart with the desire to eat it.


The only regret after seeing these O’s is that someone else got this perfect bowl of spaghetti, but we will keep on looking for it. It’s worth every effort.

7. Ham and Bananas Hollandaise

Here’s another disturbing concoction no one would ever want to try. The picture below is of bananas dressed in ham slices and hollandaise sauce.


What we think is if it cannot please your eyes, it most definitely will not delight your taste buds. If you still wish to make/eat this, the recipe is quite simple.

8. Chicken Cordon With Ham

The same ham that ruined our day is back to calm our mind. Rich and juicy meat wrapped between layers of ham and garnished with spices are something we can’t resist. We believe this combo was designed in heaven to prevent a human from the wrath of banana ham disaster.


Each layer of this dish is arranged as if it was made to fill our mouths with water. Don’t know who made this dish but we wish, we find it soon so, that we can also get this piece of cooking art for ourselves.

9. Let’s start with Bologna Cake.

Care for a slice of this presumably not-so-delicious cake? If only it had some more cream cheese, ranch dressing, and Bologna.


Well, we for sure like our cake to be sweet and this Bologna cake just seems like a really cruel trick to fool someone with a sweet tooth.

10. Crush it with Cookies

These lift-me-up delights are for sure to win anyone’s heart even if you are not a sweet lover. Aren’t they just perfect to spread some good cheer?


A sweet treat for eyes and taste buds isn’t it. The biscuit with a layer of cream doesn’t need any explanation. It’s the combo that will make our day with its eye-pleasing and mouth-filling, textures.

11. Burger and Spaghetti Anyone?

Hungryyy!!! Oh, there’s some leftover spaghetti from last night, but it won’t be enough for four. Wait, I know let’s use the buns I brought last Sunday and combine the two.


Yes, we are pretty sure this is precisely how this unfortunate ruin of two classic dishes came to pass. But we found relief in the fact that like Ramen burger went viral and became a legend among foodies, this spaghetti burger only made it to our list and no further.

12. Speaking of Ramen Burger

These ramen burgers look quite tempting, don’t they? Perfectly round and crisp ramen buns filled with a delicious patty, garnishing, and sauce. Now, that’s an interesting twist to a classic recipe.


We’ve given some serious thought to trying this delicious ramen burger. What about you?

13. When A Chicken Hater Start To Prepare It

Remember, your old friend who was a great chicken lover, but then all of a sudden decided to avoid it. Well, maybe he encountered something like this chicken burger.


There is no wonder that anyone who sees this half cooked chicken will have a hard time getting it out of the head. It’s not just about the meat the vegetable leaf under it is also playing a considerable part in making this burger a total nightmare.

14. Eggs to The Rescue

The person who arranged these eggs deserves an award for his great social. It’s like he knew that we all are going to encounter the disastrous chicken and will need something to soothe our eyes after it.


The symmetry and delicate texture of eggs are excellent, but the arrangement is something unimaginable. They are not arranged according to tints or shades, but still, they look perfect. It seems like the person who did have some serious skills in color theory.

15. The Recipe for Nightmares

Someone either hated someone with this face or is a fan of cannibalism. I mean, the cakes look like the face of a dead person with a weird smile, how can anyone within his senses eat it.


The worst thing about this dish is the confusion about whether we should feel sorry for the person whose face is on this cake or feel angry that someone ever thought of this idea.

16. A Relief From Horror

The reign of scare faces ends with the entry of this waffle delight. It has color, contracts, smooth layers, and everything that will take you to a journey of joy and taste or at least get a break from the scary faces.


Even a person who doesn’t like sweet dish cannot resist these delights. If you ever get an opportunity to eat such a thing or see it in real life, consider yourself blessed.

17. Taco Experiment Gone Wrong

A kid was trying to make corn tacos, but they popped, and this is what we got. Well, the good thing is it’s not entirely disgusting or at least won’t scare you in dreams.


The first thing that comes in mind after seeing this thing is whose creativity is this. We don’t know why someone did it but thanks to this person now we know that popcorn and taco roles are never a good combination.

18. Taco’s Life Before Popcorns Tragedy

This set of taco roles is a lot better and soothing than the popcorn tacos with sauce. They look so good and relaxing together that it’s hard to decide whether we should pick one from this set or not.


These roles would form a delicious dish with hot sauce and vegetables. There is no telling how many types of flavors and stuffing are possible in this role, but we wish to find it out.

19. Healthy Sandwich For Eye Torture

Our friend was looking for a healthy diet to lose weight, but it seems like he found a recipe for starvation. There is just no way that any of us is ever eating, this masterpiece of failed dishes.


Don’t know about you but we would like to see where these types of sandwiches are made and whose creativity is it. We would also like to know, the inspiration behind it, and if possible, remove that inspiration from the world, forever.

20. Picasso Of The Bread World

Jigsaw puzzles are interesting, but this one is more interesting than we can ever define. We don’t know who made it, but we salute his creativity and skills. It is something we all would like to see on our plate when we go out with friends.


Apart from the fact that this bread puzzle helped us to deal with the peas and corn sandwich, we appreciate this puzzle for its accuracy and precise making.

21. The Recipe For Revenge

When your friend always asks for a party, but you are financially broken, this dish is the best rescue for you. There no way that he will ever ask for a treat from anyone ever again, after eating this masterpiece of revenge.


This dish should be fired to space and then erased from every file and website. It is not just disgusting, it’s confusing. There is no way that anyone except the cook who made this dish, can tell about its ingredients.

22. A sweet delight

There is just one word for this dish, wow.  These trays and bowls are like an icepack for eyes, which are in deep pain due to the recipe of revenge. This is something we all expect from our friend when we ask for a treat.


We have a deep respect for the photographer who took this photo because it takes a lot of self-control to click pictures of this tray rather than eat it.

23. A Steak to Remember

It seems like the maker took deep pride in this so-called steak. It looks as if someone dropped a cup of flour into a pan of milk or something that looks likes it.  His extra effort in garnishing the dish is also visible.


It’s great that the picture had a caption mentioning “steak” with it. There is no way that we could have guessed the actual name of this even in a whole lifetime.

24. Slice of Relief And Joy

Brown roasted chicken with partial black rings, and the juicy, pink interior is something we all will appreciate, especially after the weird milk streak. Although the streak is missing the colorful garnishing, we think it will do great, for a nice little meal.


This streak is worth every effort. We all can wait in a long queue for half of my weekend for this dish and that too without any second thought in my mind, don’t we?

25. End Of Line For Pizza Love

A canvas with random spots of paint got wet under a heavy shower of rain, and that became the inspiration for this pizza. Well, the good thing is, dominos and pizza hut didn’t come up with this variant.


Imagine, going out with friends and getting something like this served to your table. Well, luckily you will have an option, in this case, run away from the place as fast as you can and never return to it.

26. Mouth Watering Pepperoni Pizza

Crispy round bread with a layer of cheese and evenly distributed pepperoni slices, slightly make up for the damage done by the canvas pizza. It seems like there are still some people who are interested in garnishing pizza rather than painting it.


They say never judge something by looks but in this case, it best that we do it. There is absolutely no way that this delicious looking pizza can have any flaw in taste.

At the end of the day, food is not just the source of energy it is the other name of love at least for foodies.

Most of us love to try new flavors and dishes, but these pictures prove that not every one of them is pleasant. So the next time you visit a new place think twice before you order something.