10 Of America’s Must-Visit Restaurants

Fine Vegan Dining In New York

The numbers of vegans and vegetarians are steadily rising, and even if you’re not a vegan, you can find a lot to love about the masterful flavor fusions and ideas at Superiority Burger in New York City.

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The Big Apple is known for its burgers, and Superiority Burger is offering a fresh take on the formula by ensuring that all of its offerings are fully vegetarian, with most items on the menu actually being entirely vegan. The titular entry on the menu comes with Muenster cheese, dill pickle, tomato, and iceberg lettuce and is a real treat for the senses.

A World Of Flavors In One Location

As you gaze at the menu of Here’s Looking At You in Los Angeles, you could be forgiven for wondering exactly what sort of restaurant you just stepped into.

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Owned by chef Jonathan Whitener, who has never been one to shy away from creativity, HLAY doesn’t specialize in any one kind of cuisine. Everything from frog’s legs cooked with salsa negra to tandoori sea bream served with sourdough naan can be found on a menu that boasts influences from Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, and beyond. Lots of different flavors come together here, and they’ve all been selected with a lot of care.

2M Smokehouse Offers The Best Of Texas BBQ

You can barely walk a single step around the big cities of Texas without seeing a smokehouse or BBQ joint, but finding the best examples in this busy market can be quite a difficult task. Whether you’re looking for ribs, brisket, tacos, or the best borracho beans on this planet, San Antonio’s 2M Smokehouse is the place to be.

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Founded by local BBQ expert Joe Melig and pit master Esaul Ramos, this location serves up some stunning sides and rich, smoky, flavorful meats, as well as a delicious homemade tres leches cake with new flavors every single day.

Always Worth The Wait

Bad Saint in Washington DC is an exciting restaurant before you even step inside and take a seat. This joint operate on a no-reservations policy, letting word of mouth spread around the city and entice people to wait outside for literally hours on end just to get a spot at one of the 24 seats inside the restaurant itself.

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It’s the sort of idea that only works with world-class cooking. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Tom Cunanan can provide. Specializing in Filipino delicacies with some local influences, the menu often changes at Bad Saint but is always vibrant and outstanding.

The Best Of The Best

Arguably the best restaurant in the entire United States, Blue Hill at Stone Barns in Westchester County, NY, is a prime location for anyone looking to tantalize their taste buds and experience truly outstanding culinary delights. You don’t just eat and drink at Blue Hill; you experience the food in ways that so many other restaurants fail to provide.

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A typical meal can last several hours and involve moving around the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture to take in different settings and smells as you eat. One thing is for sure: when the meal is over, you’ll be fully satisfied in more ways than one.

Southern Sensations In The Emerald City

The windy and rainy streets of Seattle are hardly the place where one might expect to find some authentic, top class Southern-style cooking, but June Baby on Northwest 65th Street offers exactly that. And actually, the rainy Emerald City skyscape provides a nice contrasting backdrop for the warmth and comfort of this incredible food.

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June Baby’s menu fuses founder Edouardo Jordan’s southern upbringing with his African-American roots to offer a nice mixture of classic options with exciting new twists. The smoke chicken with white BBQ sauce sandwich is a real crowd-pleaser, while the pork rib plate is another timeless favorite.

Not For The Faint Of Heart

Spices and heat have to be handled with care, but Prince’s Hot Chicken in Nashville has really mastered the art. In recent years, this type of tongue-burning chicken has become synonymous with Music City, and nobody does Nashville-style chicken better than Prince’s.

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Offering a range of chicken pieces, including wings, tenders, and even whole chickens all saturated in spices from mild to XXX hot, this is the place to be if you want to put your taste buds to the test and see how far you can push yourself. Just don’t forget to order some water on the side.

Culinary Creativity And Edible Expression

Eating at Momofuku Ko in New York is an experience like no other. Many high-class restaurants make use of the finest ingredients like caviar and foie gras, but few of them do so with the same levels of technical mastery and creativity as the chefs at Ko. Meals, which can last around three hours in general, don’t come cheap here but are worth every single penny, with each dish being more delicious and exciting than the last.

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Even if you simply stop off at the walk-in bar for a brief snack, you won’t be disappointed by the likes of the duck pie with foie gras.

The Classiest Curries In America

Got a penchant for Pakistani cuisine? If so, check out Himalaya in Houston. Offering an exceptional range of Indian and Pakistani curries with meats like chicken, goat, lamb, and beef, along with a nice selection of seafood offerings, veggie-friendly selections, and delicious sides, this place has it all and also comes complete with some very attractive, affordable price tags.

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Dishes like the Hunter’s Beef Plate add a little American twist to some Asian classics, while the Chicken Hara Masala and Goat Karhai are simply unmissable at this location.

Creole Cuisine You’ll Never Forget

New Orleans is well-known as one of the best food cities in North America, with a distinctive blend of culinary influences coming together in one big melting pot to produce some unique dishes that just aren’t as good anywhere else. Brennan’s on Royal Street is one of the best eateries in the city.

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Operating since 1946, this award-winning restaurant does some of the best gumbo, bisque, and seafood in all of Louisiana, offering up some deliciously roasted pheasant and grilled venison too. To start, order a New Orleans BBQ Lobster with Creole spiced butter.