Top 10 Fitness Tips for Beginners to Get You Ready for Summer

The summers are here, and fitness enthusiasts are starting to chirp up louder than ever. Everyone is looking to shed some extra pounds that have been labeled as “holiday weight” from quite a while now. We decided to present a list of tips gathered out of several studies which will help you get a healthy body.

There Are No Shortcuts to Success

Every once in a while we hear this phrase. Still, we all are falling for the same trap, in one way or the other, especially when it comes to fitness.  Remember how your parents would tell you to eat carrots for a better vision? Well, that was just big propaganda floated by British and Nazis to cover up their radars.  It is only one simple example. The studies have even busted the myths like, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and “Milk is best for a body.” This proves the point that there are no shortcuts to success. If you want something unique, you got to do something special.

Turn To HIIT For Better Results

As per a study, a three day per week routine of HIIT (High-intensity interval training) is enough to improve aerobic capacity and sugar scores. Many professional athletes including the big stars have turned to HIIT to enhance their stamina and overall performance. The high-intensity workout’s primary and most famous feature is, you will not need any equipment but will only be using your bodyweight. Another plus on the HIIT side is that one can perform it anywhere and anytime and it doesn’t take much of your time.

Get Enough Sleep

This may sound nostalgic but think about January first, you are all pumped up to hit the gym, and you are going to fulfill the resolution now. However, what happens next we all know, you go to the gym for a week and then vanishes in the thin air. Weak will and sleep deprivation are two primary reasons behind it. As per an observation conducted by the American Sleep Association as many as 50-70 million Americans are suffering from sleep-related disorders. Yes you are pumped up, yes you want to get that body soon, but sleep is even more important than the exercise itself. Proper rest helps the muscles to heal faster to get gains.

Don’t be Shy of Lifting Some Weights

Most of the people when think about shedding fats make a safe distance from gyming/lifting weights, which is incredibly wrong. Lifting weights will provide your body with much-needed strength, which may help you, keep up your workout routine. Lifting is also closely related to increasing metabolism, which is the critical factor of melting fat off the human body. Gyming is also known for boosting confidence and increasing motivation in individuals which is always required to keep on exercising.

No Energy Drinks

The gyms and parks full with people holding energy drink bottles in their hands. These people may do eight reps or run for five minutes and would drink a gallon of energy drink like they have broken some world record. You cannot be one of those people; those people do not know what they are doing to their bodies. Unless you are a professional athlete or player, you won’t need to drink any energy drink. As per a study was done by National Institute of Health overconsumption of energy drinks can lead to various mental problems.

Don’t Starve Yourself, Follow the Diet

For some people losing weight is all about eating closing to none, which is practically starving to death. Yes, one must follow a rigorous diet to get the desired body, but not eating anything at all is not going to help here. You need to consume more fiber, less fat and a balanced amount of protein in your diet. If you are hitting the gym or are doing the HIIT, balanced diet becomes even more critical. Eating salads will help you lean down too, but your taste buds may want you to try something else for a change also. For every cheat meal don’t forget putting extra work in on the next day.

Replace Machines with Weight Training

There are a zillion machines in a gym, and not all of them are suitable for you, some are too broad some are too short. Best way to dodge the flimsy machines of your gym is replacing them with bodyweight training. All you need to worry about now is your form, and you are good to go. Gym machines are okay for warm up and are okay to teach a new kid in the gym the form for a new exercise, but you cannot rely on them, for long.

Drink Plenty Water

Yes, summer is the season of drinks. However, the one you must be focusing on is CO2 (water). Water helps our muscles to recover fast. Hunger more often than not is cloaked as thirst, so when you are drinking much water, you will be saving yourself from food intake. Divide your body weight into pounds by two and drink equivalent ounces of water per day. This method is known as the perfect calculator of “water intake one requires.” Water also increases energy metabolism according to this recent study done by The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

Stretch, Stretch, Stretch, Stretch

Like Rihana’s Song work, you need to stretch your muscles vividly. Stretching will not only help you warm up and get the tissues ready for a workout but will also help you lose weight. Stretching helps in improving motion in joints, relieving muscle tension, increasing blood circulation and improving flexibility. Nonetheless, the professional’s advice us to warm the muscles up for at least 10 minutes before starting the stretching routine. Sliding the stretching routine between your warm up and workout routine could do wonders on metabolism too, as it will prepare the muscles for exercise.

Click Many Pictures

While you may like it a lot of may not like it at all having photographic evidence of how you looked like when you were not working out is always handy. When you are going to watch how drastically your body has changed once you started working out, it will motivate you to do even better.