How to Get Back in Shape After Pregnancy

The arrival of a baby comes with unwanted baby weight, and many ladies push themselves beyond their limit to get back their shape after pregnancy. However, at times this proves to be difficult despite having a variety of options on how to regain their original shape.

The thought of gaining weight is a nightmare that many pregnant women never want to imagine of. The schemes of how to regain their shape start even before delivery. Much of such focus is on their tummy and the recovery process to shed off that extra weight that makes them look like they are still six months pregnant. With the help of experienced mothers from diverse backgrounds, we have compiled the best top ten ways on how mothers can regain their shape after pregnancy.

Engage in Regular Exercise

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This is a continuous process, and you will have to be patient when you choose to go for it. You can start by doing simple exercise as early as four weeks after delivery. There are several ways of doing this such as engaging in Yoga or ball exercise which will help you lose your tummy. Others include aerobic exercises, running, and biking but these require you to heal first. Depending on the individual’s body weight, these exercises can result in 10-20 pounds (5-10 kg) loss of body weight. Caution should be taken for mothers who delivered through the cesarean session as some of these exercises are very vigorous.

Revise Your Diet Philosophy

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It is apparent that you did not put much emphasis on your diet during pregnancy, but this has to change after delivery. There should be new strategies and rules related to your dietary with an objective of improving your metabolic rate. This will help to spread your calories round the clock as well as giving you a perfect track on what you’re feeding on. The right diet has a 55%-80% success rate in helping you to regain your shape. Sometimes the doctor may prescribe something different, and in such a case, you should stick your doctor’s advice.

Start walking – A Perfect Way of Burning Calories

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Getting your body moving should be the attitude of every new mother as long as they have clearance from their doctor. This is the most active way to burn calories. Walking can start as early as the third day after delivery, but it should be gradual. One can begin by walking for 300 meters a day to even a kilometer as healing continues. This is a handy way of losing weight for a 30-minute daily walk burns approximately 150 calories. Body fitness experts say that a woman can lose up to 75% of the weight they had gained during pregnancy by just walking. Those who experience severe complications during delivery are advised to heal first before engaging in more than 1.2 miles walk.

Take Naps – Helps to Keep Bad Cravings in Check

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Sleeping helps mothers to stay away from taking high calories and is a proven way to manage needs. Sleeping should, however, be voluntary for the body to lose weight and but should not go beyond six months after delivery. Women who do not get enough sleep after delivery end up retaining up to 18% of body weight gained during pregnancy. Sleeping can also increase body weight and, therefore, essential to access the effect it has on you as time passes by. Explore another way of losing weight if sleeping is increasing your body weight.


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Breastfeeding burns up to 600 calories daily but this goes hand-in-hand with maintaining a balanced diet and taking exercises. It is required to breastfeed for six months for the sake of the child’s immunity, but one can breastfeed up to two years. Women who breastfeed report to lose up to 90% of body weight gained during pregnancy.  Depending on an individual’s body weight, breastfeeding alone can lead to a weight loss of up to 1-6.6 pounds (0.3-3kg) during the first month of breastfeeding. There is, however, no more weight loss after 6months resulting from breastfeeding. It is not advisable to breastfeed if one is HIV positive or has a breast-related illness.

Watch Calories and Fats – Avoid Empty Calorie Foods

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It is advisable to ensure that you take a balanced diet by trying to avoid making as much as empty-calorie foods as possible. Focus more on diets rich in lean proteins, vegetables, whole grain, and fresh fruits. To get back to your shape as soon as possible, it is good to stick to a diet immediately after birth. Diet helps the body to heal faster and repair itself. Experts suggest that sticking to a balanced diet can help to reduce up to 80% of body weight gained during pregnancy. This can have a long-lasting solution to gaining back body shape after pregnancy.

Lift Weights – Speeds Your Metabolism

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Weight lifting helps in speeding your metabolism. It is not necessary to attend a gym but even involving your baby into your daily routine can serve the same purpose. If you choose to go for weight-lifting, then it is essential to consult a certified trainer. Weight lifting can start as early as two weeks after delivery and can help to lose up to 60% of weight loss gained during pregnancy. Weight lifting will help you lose 11 pounds (5kgs) in a period of three months on a 30minute session at least four times for every seven days. Mothers who give birth through a caesarian session should not engage in weight-lifting unless cleared by a doctor.

Give Your Body Enough Time to Recuperate

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It is good to prioritize your health and not gaining your shape back. At times taking time to heal before engaging in exercising can help your body to adjust faster when you start focusing on regaining form. Your body needs time to recover after birth and exposing it to additional exercises can cause more harm. This, however, depends on complications you experienced during delivery. For standard delivery without complication(s), you can the process of regaining your pre-pregnancy shape as soon as three weeks after birth.

Hear From Other Mothers

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If you’re a first timer, then it means you need moral support from other experienced mothers. Each mother has a story to share about how they approached their weight after delivery, and this can help you to choose the best way which suits you. Choosing the right way to regain your shape can result in 100% success rate. It is good to hear from a person who has experienced what you are going through. This is most advisable if you have failed to get back your shape as others will tell you to move on with your new shape. It is also good to take exercises with other mothers since that will encourage you to be more committed than when doing it alone.