Get in Touch With Your Inner Guru – The Most Motivational and Inspirational Fitness Accounts on Instagram

These days, social media app Instagram is full of fitness accounts, but which ones are actually worth following? The number of different trainers, athletes, and instructors who promise incredible results can be overwhelming, so we’ve researched and selected what we believe to be the best, most motivational and inspirational fitness accounts Instagram has to offer.

Noam Tamir: Secrets of Staying in Shape

Concentrating on mobility exercised and strength training, Noam is a professional trainer based in New York City with a following of 2,800 people and counting.

Source: Instagram

On his Instagram page, he shares the exercise routines he does with his clients, along with secrets of how he stays in top shape.

Jess Movold: Winning More Than Just Races

Jess certainly knows how to win races and promote her clients’ progress, and her 4,500 followers clearly want to follow in her footsteps.

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It’s hard to look at her Instagram fitness account and not feel inspired to run a few miles! Originally from Missouri, she’s now based in New York City and works as a trainer.

Rachel Mariotti: Mastering Fitness with the Mind

Rachel Mariotti has some hard-core workout videos and promotes a four-week body program that includes 20 intense workouts in just 30 days.

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But fitness requires a stable mind as much as it does a healthy body, and Rachel, with her Master’s degree in Psychology, recognizes this, talking about it often in posts directed to her 6,200 followers.

Hannah Davis: Mini Workouts for Big Changes

Whether it’s a sandbag circuit or cardio conditioning, Hannah – whose Instagram handle is “bodybyhannah” – offers her 7,100 followers a variety of mini workouts.

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She also asks her followers questions (such as about their struggles and daily routines) and provides helpful insight and healthy lifestyle tips in return.

Bree Branker: Finding the Way to People’s Hearts

This trainer, fitness model, and workout instructor shares fun, energetic posts to her 14,800 followers about her life in New York City — including pictures of her fitness community and videos of workouts that can be done at home.

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To make it even better, her adorable puppy makes frequent appearances, as does her fiancé – together, they were named top power couple of 2018 by Women’s Health and Men’s Health.

Morit Summers: The Full Story

Pretty much all of Morit’s Instagram posts feature a full-on body workout, complete with videos of all the reps and sets that she completes.

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But that’s not all she shares with her 18,200 followers – also, she documents her own personal journey with fitness in the hope of inspiring and encouraging others.

Bespoke Treatments: Specializing in Avoiding Injury

Bespoke Treatments Physical Therapy is an account that aims to teach its followers how to improve their movement and consequently avoid injury. The two workers are professional physical therapists and trainers.

Source: Instagram

A total of 21,100 followers check them out for specialized strength moves for runners, foam rolling techniques, and muscle activation drills, among others.

Sara Haley: The Real Advice on Pregnancy

Bases in Los Angeles, USA, this mother, and personal trainer shares routines and challenges for her 27,700 followers, giving extra advice for pregnant and post-natal women.

Source: Instagram

Also sharing the many struggles and successes of parenthood, she is a “real” social media figure that many feel they can relate to. She’s a great person to follow if you’re looking to stay active pre-, during or post-pregnancy.

Charlee Atkins: Putting Soul into Workouts

Based in New York City, Charlee has a total of 37,100 loyal followers that keep up to date with her fitness advice and workout tips.

Source: Instagram

The professional trainer and SoulCycle instructor specialize in workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime – basically, quick moves that can be squeezed into everyday life – and exercises to help recovery from injury.

Holly Rilinger: City-Style Fitness

Based in New York City, Holly offers her 38,000 followers regular workout advice and inspiration, including quick and easy routines, and exercise and lifestyle suggestions.

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In true city style, she keeps it real, too, discussing her near-death experience on an assault bike and the lessons she learned in 2018 – and this is part of what makes her so popular on social media.

Roz the Diva: Combining Fitness and Laughter

Roz – the self-titled “diva” – has accumulated an impressive 38,600 followers on Instagram through a combination of demonstrating lifting and pole exercises, and a lot of humor.

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Her posts are guaranteed to make anyone smile – and maybe even inspire them to start lifting and/or take a pole dancing class (not an easy feat, by the way!).

Rebecca Kennedy: Tying Adventure and Fitness

This Peloton instructor often shares the workouts she created for the Peloton app with her 38,800 loyal followers. Besides, Rebecca offers insight into the exercises she does on her own.

Source: Instagram

This includes how she stays active on vacation. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, but here’s a hint: it doesn’t include the gym – rather, a lot of adventuring.

Joe Holder: Naomi’s Technical Trainer

Joe gives a lot of technical training advice to his 76,300 followers, demonstrating the best ways to train core muscles, how to reach full athletic potential and the importance of “smarter” workouts.

Source: Instagram

And here’s one fun fact about Joe: he trains world-renowned model Naomi Campbell! Now if that’s not something to shout about, we don’t know what is.

Idalis Velazquez: Strength Over the Scale

“Strength over the scale” is Idalis’ approach to fitness, and it comes across in the workouts she shares with her 80,100 followers.

Source: Instagram

Idalis posts a mixture of routines on her Instagram: cardio, circuit workouts, bodyweight strength training, and HIIT, among others. It’s safe to say there really is something for everyone, which is probably part of the reason Idalis is so successful.

Shauna Harrison, Ph.D.: Today We Get to Try Again

Shauna is a Johns Hopkins professor that performs yoga moves in various locations, adding uplifting captions to each picture or video she posts.

Source: Instagram

Her 85,400 followers are treated to motivational messages such as this one: “We get to try again. It doesn’t matter what happened last year, last month, last week or yesterday. Today we get to try again.”

Alex Silver-Fagan: Killing the Kettlebell

With a whopping 98,300 followers, Alex Silver-Fagan contrasts fierce kettlebell workouts with photos of yoga poses in beautiful locations around the world, but that’s not all.

Source: Instagram

Alex’s posts are accompanied with thoughtful captions about mental health and balance, many of which relate to her own struggles with food and weight. They’re great reminders that no one’s alone in the ups and downs of fitness – or life.

Anna Kaiser: All-Round Positivity

It’s difficult to find a personal trainer with more energy than Anna – her smile and fierce but cheerful attitude are contagious. That’s probably why she’s managed to accumulate a huge following totaling 140,700!

Source: Instagram

Along with positive affirmations, Anna regularly posts exercise and eating tips to promote an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Kirsty Godso: HIITing the Goals

As she’s a Nike Master Trainer, Kirsty’s 156,400 followers consider her to be their go-to HIIT trainer – and she certainly lives up to expectations.

Source: Instagram

She showcases intense combination exercise routines to try at home, sometimes involving bodyweight or cardio equipment such as a rower or a bike.

Robin Arzon: Training Like a “Badass”

Another Peloton instructor, Robin leads her 196,800 followers through bike rides, and treadmill runs via high-energy videos shared on her Instagram page.

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It’s not just all about fitness and exercise, though – she often offers words of wisdom and motivational quotes, too, such as this one: “You woke up today. Might as well be a badass.”

Simone De La Rue: From CEO to Mother

Owner and CEO of workout brand Body by Simone, this new mother has recently started posting multiple pregnancy-friendly workouts for her 235,500 followers.

Source: Instagram

However, if you’re not pregnant, don’t fear – we bet you’ll find her effective moves and positive energy captivating enough to follow her anyway.

Kira Stokes: Something for Everyone

Kira often shows advanced exercises on her Instagram account, but her focus on form and motivational words help her 276,700 followers mimic her movements without injury.

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She also does her workouts in a variety of locations – from home, on vacation, and in the gym, to name a few – so her followers have plenty of material to choose from, no matter where they’re looking to train.

Achieve Fitness: Boston’s Injury Preventers

Active Fitness is based in Boston, USA, and the form-focused Instagram account is run by Lauren and Jason Pack. With 365,700 followers, it’s safe to say it’s doing well.

Source: Instagram

Don’t know how to nail a deadlift? Feeling pain in your lower back when doing squats? This account will teach you how to do everything correctly, so you see results — not injuries.

Jeannette Jenkins: Half a Mil in Hollywood

Jeannette has really hit her jackpot with her Instagram fitness account, which now has over half a million followers. It’s not hard to see why – her creative moves are fun as well as inspiring.


This Hollywood trainer provides it all: partner workouts, cool moves, smoothie recipes, and confidence boosts.

Kaisa Keranan: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Kasia’s really causing a storm in the world of social media fitness accounts, with the number of followers skyrocketing to 837,000. And it’s not hard to see why.

Source: Instagram

Kasia is a force to be reckoned with, showing off a variety of workouts that mix the use of equipment such as barbells, resistance bands, chairs, and even toilet paper! Not only that, she makes each one look easy.

Anna Victoria: An App for a Fit Body

What’s the secret to accumulating a grand total of 1.3 million followers? Well, judging by Anna, it’s infectious positive energy and an Instagram page filled with various workouts for just about every body part.

Source: Instagram

She also shares inspiring before and after photos from women who have used her Fit Body App program, along with her own transformation photos.

Kelsey Wells: Flexing the Muscles

Six-pack abs and chiseled arms might draw you to Kelsey’s page – it’s certainly worked for the mind-blowing 1.8 million people that currently follow her on Instagram!

Source: Instagram

Luckily for these followers, Kasey reveals a lot of effective workout moves and routines that can be easily performed at home – so looking like her might be easier than you think.

Emily Skye: No-Nonsense Training

Emily is a no-nonsense Aussie trainer who isn’t afraid to get real with her followers – and there’s a whopping 2.4 million of them! She created the FIT Program and personally followed it to get stronger post-pregnancy.

Source: Instagram

She’s known for being honest about her ups and downs during her fitness journey —and those down-to-earth posts, plus her fit tips, are undoubtedly favorite.

CrossFit: Showcasing Members’ Successes

CrossFit might be a big company, but this Instagram page with 2.7 million followers has to get a mention in this article because it’s genuinely inspiring. It’s about giving credit when it’s due.

Source: Instagram

It’s not fixated on heavy lifts or cardio workouts – the posts focus on sharing members’ successes, showcasing a range of ages, sizes, and races, and consequently promoting equality.